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How to install a .txd and a .dff into GTA SA

From - Posted: Nov 19, 2006 - 43,837 viewsGame | How to install a .txd and a .dff into GTA SA | How to install a .txd and a .dff into GTA SA
How to install a .txd and a .dff into GTA SA
How to install a .txd and a .dff into GTA SA
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Alright, due to YouTube copyright crap, I had Led Zeppelin as the song. I slected a random song, sorry for the CRAPPY music. ***PLEASE READ*** If you're having problems after installing the mod with this tool. A great example is - your game is freezing half way. You're running the game on version 1.01 or 2.0, I have a solution for you! Please download this(**I did not make this patch, nor take any part in making this patch. It is entirely the creation of MTA.**): This is a tutorial, on how to install txd and dff files into any GTA game, I used IMG Tool 2.0. And gta3.img from GTA: SA.

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hello! Jeray's here! i wanna show you about a tutorial to change skin in GTA SAits really easy! just follow the step! 1.first, you gotta have pikachu mod. link bellow 2.then,insert chara.cs in your cleo folder 3.after that, search a skin you want. mine is Kiba inuzuka :D replace (example) 4.Kiba.txd and kiba.dff into yomi.txd and yomi.dff. 5.nsert yomi.txd and yomi.dff into gta.3 with image editor. works on every IMGeditor. 6.get in the game, press TAB+G, and bam! youre kiba :DPRO: you can change your skin in SAMP also! i tried it,and it works!no animation broken. as you can see i can walk and use other on every .txd and .dff skins!!!!!!!!CON: it decreses your muscles if you activate it.axit a building will change you back into cj.but if you hold for a moment,it'll change back sorry,i actually use voice tutorial but the music is too loud xDto activate the skin,simply hold TAB and G together (Action button + gang forward) so, this is the link to pikachu mod. http:www.gtagaming.comdownloadsgta-san-andreascleo-mods3518 get your own skin at gta garage os somthing else. Please Subcribe! also Like!!!!Screen recorder used: Microsoft Expression Encoder Music: dick figures: Bath Rhymes.
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nakakainggit no?
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this is how to put weapon mods into gta san andreas......heres the link for img tool 2.0 http:www.thegtaplace.comdownloadsf552-img-tool-2-0 and if u didnt get the video read this...... open up ur img tool 2.0 and then above click file then click open, then look for ur gta san andreas file open it up and open models folder and click gta3.img then if u cant find ur mod (mine was silence.dff and silence.txd) click edit up above the click find,right ur mods file name (example:silence.dff or silence.txd)my file names were silence.dff and silence.txd,so i wrote down silence.dff in the search bar and clicked find next,then when i found it i clicked commands up above and clicked replace.then when i pressed replace a box pops up,i had to find the silence.dff file.(i had both dff and txd file in my desktop) then i scrolled down to find it then i found the dff file that i downloaded and replaced it with the old dff file.once u clicked ok in the bottom it will say file replaced,then replace the old txd file with the new TXD file...then once uve done that click commands and click rebuild archive......... then wait till its done....once its done exit the img tool go to ur game and ENJOY!!!! please rate,comment,and suscribe thanks for watching!!!!
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