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how to make amy on furrymaker

From - Posted: Feb 17, 2010 - 859,199 viewsGame | how to make amy on furrymaker | how to make amy on furrymaker
how to make amy on furrymaker
how to make amy on furrymaker
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me making amy on fury maker and yes i know i messesd up on the ears soo.........coment and subsceibe

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READ UP TO THE ROW OF ASTERISKSSTARS FOR MY OPINION ON THIS ABOMINATION, AS WELL AS THE STORY BEHIND IT. It's not as simple as "oh lol imma maek sanik gangnam style cuz imma fad follower hurrhurr and I luv gangnam style the dance is awesome whee" Haha, nice try, viewers. Read on.I don't even like Gangnam Style (the song, dance, and everything associated with it)...I feel that this is my worst MMD project to date, despite being the most popular. I'm much more pleased with my other videos, and have put into way more effort into them. This one, however, was really rushed.READ THIS : I was 'challenged' by a friend to do a MMD of Sonic and gang dancing to Gangnam Style when the song became popular at that time. Though, I was really reluctant to do so, as I'm not one who follows fads easilyquickly. But I eventually fell into the 'first one to do so' trap, so ah well. :(This is the only MMD video I've made where I genuinely dislike the song used. I usually make MMDs only if I love the song or dance moves.My opinion still stands though: I dislike Gangnam Style and everything associated with it, despite being this video's creator.The only thing I put much effort into was the camera motion :P**********************************************************************By the way, as with all Sonic MMD models (or any model of the same sizeheight) , the danceactions that involve movement near the floor with get screwed up. You know what I mean?READ THE DANG DESCRIPTION! ESPECIALLY UPDATE 2!!! You commentors are overboard!! Any more comments like "Why not ___X____" or "Where's Knuckles and Tails?" and I'll disable further comments. Read UPDATE 2, that'll answer some of your questions.Sonic model by dec0rum & Liquidhalo on deviantART. The other models are by StarrukaHedgehog on deviantART. Motion Data by MotionMakerDiva on Youtube here: Camera Motion by me (Jemiloke97). Song: Gangnam StyleUPDATE 1: This was featured on Sonic Retro! And it was on my birthday too! 5 October 2012 (at the bottom of this article) http:www.sonicretro.org201210new-sonic-jump-coming-to-mobile-devices-soonUPADTE 2: Copied and pasted from my own comments. These should answer some of your questions:1) No, I don't support shipping or any couple stuff. I just made each male hedgehog dance with whatever female character whom they interact with most in the games. So that's my logic on why they are paired like this in the video. I try to stick with the games' canon, you know.2) Where is Taaaaaaaaaails!!! And Knuckleeeeeees!!! Well, I couldn't find a suitable female partner for Knux, so I left him out :P I wanted him to go with Rouge actually, but I paired her with Shadow instead, to complete the 'hedgehog trio' thingy. As for Tails, I wanted him to pair up with Cream, but I'll probably faint if I see him and Cream doing the part at 1:55 @_@ Seems unfitting somehow :3) I am strongly against couples and shipping in the Sonic series. And don't ask me about the characters in the comics (like Sally, e.t.c) because I follow the game canon only. I don't read the comics.
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Celebrating the release of the amazing game Portal 2 with a tribute to the most overrated couple in the Sonic fandom! Listen, I didn't mean to offend anybody, EXCEPT for a very infamous kind of Sonamy fan. The Sally hater. The kind of Sonamy fan that draws silly, immature kill art of Sally just because she is in a relationship with Sonic while Amy isn't. The tribute is mainly Anti-Sonamy though. I have been harassed just for liking and drawing Sally Acorn. I usually got EXTREMELY rude comments saying Sonamy was better even through Sally was alone on the picture. They made my HATE Sonamy and this is my "Thank you!" to all of these kind of fans! Thank you for ruining the fandom! See you soon! ^.^
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NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS!NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! NO I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS!--- Before you go on about how bad it looks and what's wrong with it, check the upload date. The video is 3 years old. Then, go and look at how I draw now instead. No point in complaining about a video that is 3 years old. ---yes, i can draw aswell. just so you know the picture bellongs to me and so does the character but the music doesn't. Also sorry, i don't take requests as it is now. maybe later on tho. i'm sorry that i'm not that good at drawingWhat program I use and what the song is called is in the anotations. All questions about that will be ignored.
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Here's a video that might help you make sonic characters. And yes I know I forgot about sally and sonia and it's to late to edit it but I will do another video with them and now enjoy! :3 Wrong shoes for tails I know! ^^" _____________________________________________ EDIT Alright! So you have decided to read it? Good. 1. This video is old like......I don't even know how old is but it's older than you think 2. I was pretty dumb 3. I forgot about some of the characters 4. You CANNOT make characters like Silver because he has those little spikes on his head that make everything impossible 5. I went blank for a second but now I have realized who Nazo is. I didn't know who Nazo was back then, so how was I supposed to know about him 6. I'm disabling the comments. That's my final word. I have enough of this nonsense. Can't you read what others said before you so you don't repeat yourself. I'm sorry to the people that have nice things to say but some people decide to repeat the same comments like million times. If you want to show me that you like it then..I don't know..give a like or something I will still appreciate it. And thank you for 104,890 views. It means a lot! And I thank you for all of the likes and dislikes.....I don't mind the dislikes....I deserve them. This video is terrible in my opinion. Well, thanks for reading all of this! eve
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Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Figure Skating Pairs Gameplay. Sonic and Amy Figure Skating.Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Olympic Event Minigame "Figure Skating Pairs" Gameplay Walkthrough. Sonic and Amy "Sonamy" Figure Skating in Iceberg Skating Palace.Playlist: http:goo.gl4E5Q1H Subscribe: the game: Developer: Sega Sports R&D Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Nintendo Wii U
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Amy Rose Gives YOU Advice On How To Get Sonic The Hedgehog To Be Your Friend Or Boyfriend. Let's Just Say Amy Is Not All Right In The Head And Should Seek Medical Attention. Like Seriously, She's Like 12 Years Old And Wants To Get Married!? CAST SonicShadow The Hedgehog: TheDragonSuperman Amy Rose: amyrose123fan1 Knuckles The Echidna: EchidnaPower Miles "Tails" Prower: walkerman2001
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