Game | How to train chop in gta 5 | How to train chop in gta

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How to train chop in gta 5

From - Posted: Oct 12, 2013 - 371 viewsGame | How to train chop in gta 5 | How to train chop in gta 5
How to train chop in gta 5
How to train chop in gta 5
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Please watch: "DEVILS SHARE w Facecam - Knock It Off Devil Worshippers! - Scary Horror Game" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Hey guys! Today we are taking a look at the iPhone app " iFruit" which accompanies the game Grand Theft Auto 5. More specifically we are taking at look at the section called Chop The Dog where we get to interact with Chop. What we do in the app will effect his behaviour in the game. Pretty freaking cool right!? Instagram : http:www.instagram.comheartben Twitter : http:www.twitter.comtheheartben iOS App : Android App :
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Chop is brought along by Lamar to help kidnap a Ballas member named D. When D crashes his motorcycle and escapes on foot, Lamar and Franklin use Chop's sense of smell to uncover him. The player can take control of Chop while he seaches for D. Chop is able to subdue D, allowing Lamar and Franklin to get him into the van. However, the two are forced to free D when Lamar risks revealing their location (Chop). Later on in the story, Lamar asks Franklin to take care of Chop for a while, allowing the player walk Chop and train him via the iFruit app.Chop later appears in the mission Hood Safari, in which he accompanies Franklin, Lamar and Trevor as they do a deal with some Ballas on Grove Street. The deal goes wrong and becomes a war zone. Franklin orders Chop to go back home, to which Chop quickly flees the scene.He appears once again in the mission Predator, he chases the O'Neil Brothers with Franklin and helps him locate Elwood O'Neil in the woods and take him out before he destroys Trevor's chopper with a RPG. The player can control Chop in this mission again, while he tries to find Elwood. tag: gta 4 cheats,gta 5 cheats ps3,gta 5 online,gta 5 release date,gta 5 gameplay,gta 5 cheats xbox,gta 5cheats xbox 360,gta 5 trailer,grand theft auto4,grand theft auto san andreas,gta 5 ps3,gta games,gta 5 xbox 360,cheats for gta 4,grand theft auto iv,grand theft auto online,gta 5 cars,gta 5 download,cheats for gta 5,grand theft auto 5 cheats ps3gta 5,gta 5 cheat codes,gta 5 money cheat,gta 5 pc release date,gta 5 soundtrack,cheats for gta 5 ps3,gta 5 forum,gta 5 multiplayer,gta 5 vehicles,grand theft auto 3,gta v ps3,cheat codes for gta 5,gta 5 for pc,gta 5 secrets,gta 5 xbox 360 cheats,gta 5 youtube,gta v xbox 360,when does gta 5 come out,download gta 5,grand theft auto 5 online,grand theft auto games,gta 5 cheat,gta 5 cheat codes ps3,gta 5 missions,gta 5 wallpaper,gta cheat codes,gta game,ps3 gta 5 cheats,cheat codes for gta 5 ps3,cheats for gta 5 xbox 360,gta 4 ps3,gta 5 car list,gta 5 characters,gta 5 cheats for ps3,gta 5 money cheats xbox 360,gta 5 screenshots,gta 5 update,gta 5 videos,gta 5 xbox,gta 5 xbox cheats,grand theft auto 5 cheat codes,grand theft auto 5 ps3,gta 5 money cheat ps3,gta 5 price,gta 5 release date pc,grand theft auto 1,grand theft auto 5 xbox 360,gta 4 xbox 3605 codes,gta 5 free download,gta 5 game,gta 5 leaked,gta 5 weapons,gta san andreas xbox 360,ps3 gta 5,cheat codes for grand theft auto 5,cheat codes gta 5,grand theft auto download,gta 5 cheats for xbox 360,gta 5 forums,gta 5 helicopter cheat,gta 5 release date ps3,gta cheats xbox,gta online game,rockstar gta 5,youtube gta 5,grand theft auto 5 walkthrough,gta 5 cheat codes xbox 3605 leak,gta 5 mods,gta 5 music,gta 5 pc requirements,gta v cheat codes ps3,gta v xbox,new grand theft auto,play grand theft auto,skate 3 xbox 360,when is gta 5 coming out,gta 5,cheat code gta 5,cheat codes for gta 5 xbox 360
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4,302 views | Jun 04, 2014

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Grand Theft Auto V is played in third-person and combines driving and action gameplay in an open world environment, allowing the player to interact with the game world at their leisure. The game is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on Southern California, affording the player free roam over the world's countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos, which is based on Los Angeles. The single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists whom the player switches between—Michael, Trevor and Franklin—and the story follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heists to accrue wealth for themselves. An online multiplayer mode is included, allowing up to sixteen players to engage in both co-operative and competitive gameplay in a recreation of the single-player setting.gta 5 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA5 GTAV
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Video was made to show how and teach of the effects of the mobile app ifruit.
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Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.comgtchy1230 Today we discuss the possibility of working a part time job in GTA 5, such as at a Burger Shot, gold course, etc. What do you think of the possibility? ➜ Follow my livestreams on Twitch: http:twitch.tvgtchy1230➜ Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comgtchy1230➜ Subscribe to join me on the road to 200k subscribers! regularly upload GTA V glitches, tutorials, gameplay commentaries, funny moments, DLC info, epic events, and more in Grand Theft Auto V!Remember to rate the video! Let's see if we can get over 1,000 likes!★ GTA 5 Online - Hauling Cars In Semi Trucks! How To!★ GTA 5 Online - High Life DLC Release Date CONFIRMED✔ Get a free $5 in Leaptrade credit, just for signing up! Leaptrade is the best way to trade your video games with people all over the US and get new games in your hands! Check it out! http:www.leaptrade.compageshomeshowregister:1referrer:Gtchy1230
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How To Rob Security Vans & Make Money Fast In GTA 5! ► GTA 5 Videos Playlist --► http:full.sc1gA1J4D ► Subscribe For More Videos! --► http:full.scOJyiVW ► Follow Me On Twitter! --► http:full.sc16k6rBsThis is a full guide of how to rob the security trucks in GTA 5 with the full details to steal large amounts of money from them and all the locations and timings you can do this.►Map Of Security Truck Locations --► http:full.sc1abg6tJ► FACEBOOK PAGE --► http:full.sc182kRJn ► TWITCH --► http:full.sc17U1te6 ► STEAM GROUP --► http:full.sc15BlIMg ► INSTAGRAM --► http:full.sc1nGG4k9 ► GOOGLE+ --► http:full.sc18589Zc ►The Capture card I use to record! (US) --► http:full.sc17YKs1r►The Capture card I use to record! (UK) --► http:full.sc17f70wY►Get 10% off Some Kontrol Freeks! --► http:full.sc12Msdcn►Intro Song: --► http:full.scWWB0bx►Outro Song: --► http:full.sc1NLLeE8► For business enquiries ONLY! ► [email protected]
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iFruit Hacking on Android for Chop.

Here I'll show you a quick video on how to get 1000 credits and raise Chop's happiness by simply editing a DAT file inside the "com.rockstargames.ifruit" folder. Now this is probably nowt new but I only discovered this myself earlier without even checking on the net if iFruit can be hacked to achieve things on GTA V.You MUST have a rooted android device with Root Browser installed which you can grab from the Play Store, if you don't know how to root your device then please google it! There's plenty of tutorials all over the web covering rooting for various Android devices.(Skip step 1 in the video, that was just to show that I have next to nothing on credits and Chop is unhappy).Step 2: Launch Root Browser, if you haven't already granted it Root permissions do so when prompted.Step 3: Tap on Data then Data again, then scroll all the way down to "com.rockstargames.ifruit".Step 4: Tap on "files" then "29395824.dat" this file may have a different number, I'm not entirely sure on that but if you have a DAT file in there open it up with RB Text Editor.Step 5: Once loaded you will have a mess of various configurations for Chop on iFruit, you only want to mess with "happiness", "credits", and if you wish to change the scores on the mini games then edit the values beside "CHOP_HIGHSCORE_ZONE_X" (X being the number at the end of it. Then just Save the file once done and close Root browser completely.Step 6: Re-launch iFruit app and check credits and Chop's happiness, and if successful then feel free to buy all tricks and collars :) Then Run GTA V on your console either PS3 or Xbox 360.Thanks for watching!(Part two will contain GTA Online mods!)
1,090 views | Nov 08, 2013
game | Teach Chop the Dog New Tricks GTA V 5

Teach Chop the Dog New Tricks GTA V 5

Let's Get Crazy! Gameplay Action, Hints, Funny, and Insane Moments - Rockstar Games Best! GTA V Gameplay and Great Moment from the Game. Grand Theft Auto 5 in Los Santos..! See More at: http:www.YouTube.comBlackOops2 See More at: http:www.YouTube.comSoNowYouveSeenThis - #GTA5 #GTAV #xboxone
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game | How to Train Chop offline in Gta 5!!

How to Train Chop offline in Gta 5!!

Save editor direct download link- http:gtafiles.gtainside.comdownloadsftph1431504795_GTA%20V%20Save%20Editor.rarJust paste this and go it will start downloading Plz Guys hit a like if it worked for You
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game | GTA V How to Find Collectables Using Chop

GTA V How to Find Collectables Using Chop

Apparently you have to be using the iFruit app to get this. Wasn't aware of that because the app made no mention of getting this useful trick as a result. There's a feature in Grand Theft Auto Five that seemed to be a secret. Using Chops the dog to find collectables such as weapons, armor, and letters. So if you're having trouble trying to do the collection missions, this is a great way to pinpoint them!
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