Game | How to train chop in gta 5 | How to train chop in gta

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How to train chop in gta 5

From - Posted: Oct 12, 2013 - 341 viewsGame | How to train chop in gta 5 | How to train chop in gta 5
How to train chop in gta 5
How to train chop in gta 5
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Gta 5 funny videos:Once Franklin and Chop went for a walk: online 'Movin On up' hanging around with Chop!Chop Tricks: 1. Sitting (iFruit) 2. fist Bump (iFruit) 3. Begging (iFruit) 4. Hunt for packages 5. Attack enemies & people who you aim atTo teach Chop Sit, giving paw, & begging you will need iFruit app.Thanks for watching, Like comment & subscribe :)
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Here I'll show you a quick video on how to get 1000 credits and raise Chop's happiness by simply editing a DAT file inside the "com.rockstargames.ifruit" folder. Now this is probably nowt new but I only discovered this myself earlier without even checking on the net if iFruit can be hacked to achieve things on GTA V.You MUST have a rooted android device with Root Browser installed which you can grab from the Play Store, if you don't know how to root your device then please google it! There's plenty of tutorials all over the web covering rooting for various Android devices.(Skip step 1 in the video, that was just to show that I have next to nothing on credits and Chop is unhappy).Step 2: Launch Root Browser, if you haven't already granted it Root permissions do so when prompted.Step 3: Tap on Data then Data again, then scroll all the way down to "com.rockstargames.ifruit".Step 4: Tap on "files" then "29395824.dat" this file may have a different number, I'm not entirely sure on that but if you have a DAT file in there open it up with RB Text Editor.Step 5: Once loaded you will have a mess of various configurations for Chop on iFruit, you only want to mess with "happiness", "credits", and if you wish to change the scores on the mini games then edit the values beside "CHOP_HIGHSCORE_ZONE_X" (X being the number at the end of it. Then just Save the file once done and close Root browser completely.Step 6: Re-launch iFruit app and check credits and Chop's happiness, and if successful then feel free to buy all tricks and collars :) Then Run GTA V on your console either PS3 or Xbox 360.Thanks for watching!(Part two will contain GTA Online mods!)
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GTA5 Franklin and Chop dog Tricks

Thank you for much comment. This is a game to the last. It is an R-rated game.PS3HDPVR2 iPhoneiPad app CHOP THE DOG
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GTA 5 Teach Chop Tricks Walkthrough

We show you how to teach Chop the dog tricks in GTA 5. It's easier than you may think.
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GTA V Quality Time with Franklin Chop

...and Moon Gravity, another good friend of theirs
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