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Indonesia Spectacular Herbalife 2014...

From - Posted: Jan 18, 2014 - 9,329 viewsGame | Indonesia Spectacular Herbalife 2014... | Indonesia Spectacular Herbalife 2014...
Indonesia Spectacular Herbalife 2014...
Indonesia Spectacular Herbalife 2014...
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Suasana Indonesia Spectacular 2014 di SICC Sentul 18-19 Jan. Yg dihadiri total 12.000 distributor dan para Leader Herbalife dari seluruh Indonesia... Luar Biasa Semangatnya dan Luar biasa Sharingnya dari para Leader Indonesia dan Manca Negara...

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Cell U Loss Eliminate Fat If you would like to buy herbalife product click follow link Receive 10% off your order using coupon code:2244, with $100 or more purchase at my online store or signup to get membership (25%-35-42)discount) Choose Country Of Residence. Sponsor's Herbalife ID: 100818108. First 3 letters Sponsor's last name RAK In box: Have you already purchased an Herbalife Member Pack select No.for more info call 646-2706258 or e-mail [email protected] Wellness coach show how cell u loss absorb and eliminate fat I show you how to lose weight use Herbalife program . If you have any questions about the program of just Herbalife for weight loss, Herbalife 24 for athletes, or if interesting in herbalife business opportunity please apply online More videos here Lose Weight Quickstart Herbalife program Lose Weight Advanced Herbalife program Lose Weight Ultimate Herbalife program Lose weight 3-day trial program
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Herbalife Formula 1 je govno, a ostali Herbalife proizvodi su ostala govna.
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WOW! shooting this video was a little emotional. out of pain comes growth if you are looking to become a better person. Reaching 20k Presidents wasn't easy by any means but the journey was more than worth it because not only does it represent change in my life but it represents change in so many others lives all over the world. Im SUPER grateful to Herbalife and the opportunity to become the best version of yourself, I'm SUPER grateful to my team and the leadership they exude in achieving their own dreams, AHHHHHH I'm just grateful. THIS IS THE BEST LIFE EVER!!! and i GET to share that with people i truly care about. This is only the beginning!!!!! PERSONAL GROWTH and achievement is for everyone i can't wait until we all share the same quality of life. You guys have my word.. Every time i step on stage i will put everything I've got into everything i have to make sure than you know everything i know #StartedFromTheBottomNowWeHerep.s. if you or someone you know is looking to improve your quality of life then email at [email protected]
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Hundreds of thousands turned out to support #WorldWorkout. March 7, 2015 saw one of the most exciting moments in Herbalife history. Herbalife raised global awareness about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle; #WorldWorkout grabbed attention on every continent and inspired people to exercise more and make healthy food decisions.World Record Workout kicked off bright and early in Auckland, New Zealand at 9am local time on March 7 2015. As the sun rose in every region of the globe, thousands gathered and the #WorldWorkout commenced. From Australia to Russia, Spain to Panama, high intensity workouts took place on beaches, in parks, in gyms and in hotel ballrooms across more than 80 countries – in groups ranging from ten to over a thousand. Social media lit up with #WorldWorkout photos from everywhere; Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, Italy, England, Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States! Wherever a #WorldWorkout took place, it was shown online and people were proud to be part of an event that swept around the world from sunrise to sunrise. Herbalife World Record Workout has truly been a worldwide experience. People all over the world completed a single workout devised by Herbalife Fitness Expert, Samantha Clayton. Regardless of the local weather, people were keen to show their support and take part in the high intensity interval training routine. Many enjoyed their 45minute workout in local parks and some completed #WorldWorkout in over a foot of snow or on sun-drenched sandy beaches. All these thousands and thousands of people united by Herbalife and a healthy, active life.This exercise event was one of a kind where participants all over the world gathered together and delivered a unified message by demonstrating the power of a healthy, active lifestyle. In Los Angeles alone, a Guinness World Record was set when 4,000 people filled the LA Live Plaza, this was the highest number of people gathered together in one location to conduct a High Intensity Interval Training Workout.The World Record Workout also served as a benefit to raise funds for the Herbalife Family Foundation, which provides good nutrition to more than 121,000 underserved children around the globe every day. For more information about this activity visit*most participants in a High Intensity Interval Training in 24 hours in multiple venues
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