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Insert Coins Video Game Arcade Bar Tour Las Vegas

From - Posted: Jun 02, 2012 - 8,133 viewsGame | Insert Coins Video Game Arcade Bar Tour Las Vegas | Insert Coins Video Game Arcade Bar Tour Las Vegas
Insert Coins Video Game Arcade Bar Tour Las Vegas
Insert Coins Video Game Arcade Bar Tour Las Vegas
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Check out how I made my own custom arcade cabinet to run retro games on a Raspberry Pi! Subscribe to my channel: http:bit.ly1k8msFrPlans for this cabinet are available at http:www.iliketomakestuff.comproductarcade-cabinet-digital-planMORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS http:www.iliketomakestuff.comHERE'S WHAT I USED: http:www.iliketomakestuff.comproductarcade-cabinet-digital-plan - Arcade Cabinet - Digital plans http:amzn.to1NCVmAb - SawStop cabinet saw http:amzn.to1LZGmJS - Skil circular saw http:amzn.to1nAb7Q6 - Speed square http:amzn.to1SP44ii - 54" Drywall T-Square http:amzn.to1GMrfGL - Dewalt 20v drill driver combo http:amzn.to1GMjjoW - Dewalt compound miter saw http:amzn.to1WXMCJ4 - Dremel Tool http:amzn.to1HdQuwD - Grizzly G0555LANV Bandsaw http:amzn.to1GyGjbg - Grizzly Drill Press (WAAAAY overpriced (3x) on Amazon, buy from Grizzly directly.) http:amzn.to1GMpZn3 - Kreg Rip Cut (circular saw guide) http:amzn.to1GyGp2v - Kreg R3 pocket hole jig http:amzn.to1WjF7Q4 - clamp http:amzn.to1nzWRXs - 12" Overlay Face Frame concealed hinges http:amzn.to1nzX3Gb - 48" Piano Hinge http:amzn.to1nAbj1O - 11" Digital Protractor http:amzn.to1nAbs5g - Digital Angle gauge http:amzn.to1WXMM2Z - Classic steel ruler (cork back) http:amzn.to1WXNjlo - 24" Soft-close drawer slides http:amzn.to1nAbzOh - 27" LCD Monitor - X-Carve http:amzn.to20fPAeN - Silhouette Portrait (vinyl cutter) http:amzn.to1WXN368 - 3" Speaker grilles http:amzn.to1WXN89P - Logitech computer speakersWant to support ILTMS? Get early viewing, exclusive content and more... http:www.iliketomakestuff.compatreonBUY A SHIRT, STICKER, PENCILS and MORE!! http:www.iliketomakestuff.comstoreFOLLOW: http:twitter.comiliketomakestuf http:instagram.comiliketomakestuff http:facebook.comiltmsIt's been a L-O-N-G time coming (probably longer than you know) but I'm so happy to finally present part 1 of my arcade cabinet build! In case you haven't seen it, be sure to watch my older video all about setting up the Raspberry Pi (using RetroPie) and the controls. If you've got that system all up and running, putting it in something is the next step! I've been working on the plans for this system for a long time, rethinking them over and over to include all of the stuff I wanted my cabinet to have. This was especially important to me, since my wife gave me the OK for this to go in our living room. In my mind, that means that it HAD to be as practical as possible (even though it's completely impractical by nature.)The biggest difference in my cabinet and the vintage cabinets, is the fact that the modern electronics can literally fit in your pocket, so the majority of the cabinet is empty. I wanted to take advantage of that with my design... I decided to keep all of the electronics inaround the controls and monitor. This left the area below the controls, and behind the monitor open, so I made them into storage. Underneath the controls is a simple bookshelf with two doors. Behind the monitor was harder to get to, so I designed the cabinet so that one side panel could actually swing open, revealing six drawers, each 24" deep. Being able to swing open the side panel COMPLETELY changed the structure, in comparison to most cabinets, but I totally think it was worthwhile. Second channel: bit.lyiltms-2
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Top 15 Arcade Games of the 1980s

RE-UPLOADED due to an issue with the credits music. I apologize in advance.So, how do I follow up my BIGGEST COUNTDOWN EVER? Well, since this is February, the month of love, let's talk about something *I* love...arcade games. Specifically, old-school arcade games. These games were simple, addictive, and just plain fun...well, the good ones were, anyway. so here's my list of what I think are the best arcade games of the 1980's.Also, I tested out a new transition and number text style. Let me know if I should stick with it.All games, media, and characters shown are property of the original copyright owners. No infringement is intended.**FAIR USE: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as CRITICISM, COMMENT, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. NON-PROFIT, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Segment from Hak5 1x04 - Sick of those n00b arcades at the local pizza shop? Wess builds a MAME bar-top arcade cabinet for under 100 dollars.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bash Bunny Primer - Hak5 2225" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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This was from 2014 - Here's A BRAND NEW TOP 10 from May 2015! 3 long weeks in Sin City reviewing over 50+ shows & visiting 30+ restaurants we feel qualified to offer our thoughts on Sin City for 2014!Las Vegas is full of the breath taking, the amazing, the brilliant, the OK and the 'that's 90 minutes of my life I will never get back'.We don't want you to waste your time and good earned money, so......Here's Alex Belfield's Exclusive Las Vegas Top 10 List 2014 by Celebrity Radio:Hear 100's of Exclusive interviews and reviews with Alex Belfield at
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Wanted to see the Pawn Stars but not willing to stand in 110 degree heat for hours to get in and probably they wouldn't even be there so we took a tour around Vegas. music by Kammerer 06 - My urban soul and 05 - Blue Monday Jet
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This gourmet buffet is one of the cheapest in Las Vegas and, if you like 'gourmet-style' food, this is the buffet to come to, especially considering the LOW price. DETAILS ON, where you can read about the Best, the Cheapest and all the other Buffets in Las Vegas, as well as other tips and tricks for Vegas visitors.
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This is an overview of the bar top arcade machine I built in high school shop class. The buttons and joystick sound loud in the video, but they are actually pretty
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