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iPad arcade machine

From - Posted: Aug 06, 2011 - 42,756 viewsGame | iPad arcade machine | iPad arcade machine
iPad arcade machine
iPad arcade machine
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A MAME arcade machine using an iPad 2 and imame4all Constructed in an afternoon.

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iCADE Arcade Cabinet review - Want to play classic Arcade games on your iPad or iPad2 the way the were supposed to be played? Like a prebuilt DIY MAME Cabinet, yeah, you're going to want to take a look at this.You can get the iCade from ThinkGeek here; http:www.thinkgeek.comelectronicsretro-gaminge762To play emulated Arcade games on your iPad you'll need to jailbreak and then install iMame4all arcade emulator, which is a version of the popular MAME emulator rebuilt for iOS and Android. Do not ask me how to jailbreak, or where to get ROMs from, that's what Google is for dumbass.
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Nottingham Hackspace member Michael Erskine has built an arcade machine to run his favourite game from his teens - Defender.http:www.facebook.comcomputerphile https:twitter.comcomputer_phileThis video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.Computerphile is a project by Brady Haran. See the full list of Brady's video projects at: http:periodicvideos.blogspot.com20...
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SUBSCRIBE! http:bit.lysubjoystickWatch MY Most Popular Uploads Playlist —› http:bit.lyTopJoystickVidsFOLLOW my crazy adventures through all my Social Media! INSTAGRAM: https:www.Instagram.comwill_leinart TWITTER: https:www.Twitter.comleinart_will FACEBOOK: https:www.Facebook.comzap.arcade SNAPCHAT: https:www.snapchat.comaddthewilster2Visit my Arcades! ZAP Arcade- Superstition Mall- 6555 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85206 ZAP Arcade- Arrowhead Mall- 7700 W Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale, AZ 85308About Joystick: Welcome to the official Joystick YouTube channel! Wild arcade adventures, big wins, giveaways and an obsession with beating the claw machine. Subscribe for weekly videos!Key Master Tablet WIN!!! | JOYSTICK https:youtube.comwatch?v=1polr6YD-T0JOYSTICK
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Mini arcade casero echo con madera de 5 mm botones arcades comprados en aliexpress por unos 28€ y conectado a la Tablet a través de un cable OTG..pronto subiere más vídeos cuando la termine esta en face todavía...el emulador que uso se llama happy chick
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A quick video showing my home made mini arcade cabinet, housing my Galaxy Note 10.1I used a Wii arcade joystick for the controls, but I hacked in a mini Bluetooth keyboard instead of using the Wiimote, so it can be used as a wireless, chargeable joystick. I used an old Ipod speaker dock for the sound, 10mm white gloss marine ply for the cabinet and I made the screen bezel so it attaches in the cabinet on 2 hooks for easy removal installation of the tablet which just slides in the back of the bezel. Its a little rough in places (I'm not the greatest at woodwork!), but I think it turned out good for a first attempt. Just need to put in a proper marquee, possibly with a backlight if I get round to it, then it'll be finished! p.s. I'm not actually that rubbish at Goldenaxe, I just had stage fright! ;)
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PAC MAN Mini Arcade Machine for info about this arcade machine . With almost 400 GAMES. GAME LIST: 1942, 1943, 1943 Kai, Springer, Zig Zag, 800 Fathoms, Ajax, Ali Baba and 40 Thieves, Amidar, Anteater, Arabian, Arkanoid, Armored Car, Astro Blaster, Astro Fighter, Astro Invader, Battle Lane!, Battle-Road, Beastie Feastie, Big Kong, Bio Attack, Black Hole, Blades of Steel, Block Gal, Blue Print, Bomb Bee, Bomb Jack, Bongo, Bump 'n' Jump, Burger Time, Cavelon, Centipede, Cheeky Mouse, Circus Charlie, Commando, Congo Bongo, Crazy Kong, Crazy Rally, Crush Roller, Cutie Q, Darwin 4078, Defend the Terra Attack--UFO, Devil Fish, Devil Zone, Dig Dug, Dig Dug II, Dingo, Disco No.1, Dock Man, Dog Fight (Thunderbolt), Dommy Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Junior, Dorodon, Dr. Micro, Dr. Toppel's Adventure, Dream Shopper, Eagle, Eggor, Eight Ball Action, Enigma 2, Exciting Soccer, Exerion, Eyes, Fantasy, Fantazia, Fighting Roller, Finalizer - Super Transformation, Fire Battle, Fire Trap, Fly-Boy, Free Kick, Frog, Frogger, Funky Bee, Funky Fish, Funny Mouse, Future Spy, Galaga, Galaga 3, Galaxian, Galaxian Part X, Galaxian Turbo, Galaxy Wars, Gaplus, Gardia, Ghostmuncher Galaxian, Gigas, Go Go Mr. Yamaguchi, Gomoku Narabe Renju, Gorkans, Grobda, Gun Dealer, Gun Smoke Guzzler, Gyrodine, Gyruss, Hangly-Man, Hero in the Castle of Doom, High Way Race, Hoccer, Hopper Robo, Intrepid, Jack the Giantkiller, Jackal, Joinem, Jolly Jogger, Joyman, Jr. Pac-Man, Jump Coaster, Jumping Jack, Jungler, Juno First, Kangaroo, Kaos, Kicker, King & Balloon, Korosuke Roller, Labyrinth Runner, Lady Bug, Lasso, Lock'n'Chase, Loco-Motion, Looping, Lunar Rescue, Mad Alien, Mappy, Mighty Guy Mighty Monkey, Mikie, Millipede, Minky Monkey, Mission 660, Mister Viking, Money Money, Monkey Donkey, Monster Bash, Moon Alien, Moon Alien Part 2, Moon Cresta, Moonwar, Motos, Mouser, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mr. Jong, Mr. Kougar, Mr. TNT, Ms. Pac Attack, Ms. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man (speedup), Ms. Pac-Man Plus, Mysterious Stones, Naughty Boy, Naughty Mouse, Navarone, Net Wars, New Puck-X, New Sinbad 7, New York New York, Nibbler, Ninja Emaki, Nunchackun, Oli-Boo-Chu, Omega Fighter Special, Ozma Wars, Pac & Pal, Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pandora's Palace, Pengo, Perestroika Girls Phozon, Pickin', Pinball Action, Pinbo, Pioneer Balloon, Piranha, Pisces, Pit, The, Pleiads, Polaris, Pooyan, Pop Flamer, Popper, Power Surge, PuckMan, PuckMan (speedup), Radar Scope, Rafflesia, Regulus, Return of the Invaders, Baseball Skill Tryout, Road Fighter, Roc'n Rope, Round-Up, Rug Rats, S.R.D. Mission, Samurai Nihon-ichi, Satan of Saturn, Saturn, Scorpion, Scramble, Scrambled Egg, Seicross, Senjyo Shao-Lin's Road, Shot Rider, Sindbad Mystery, Sky Base, Son of Phoenix, Space Firebird, Space Force, Space Invaders Part II, Space King 2, Space Panic, Space Panic (harder), Space Pilot, Space Raider, Space Thunderbird, Speak & Rescue, Speed Ball, Star Force, Star Jacker, Stinger, Strata Bowling, Streaking, Super Bagman, Super Basketball, Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Super Doubles Tennis, Super Galaxians Super Invaders, Super Mouse, Super Pac-Man, Super Qix, SuperSpaceInvaders '91, Super Zaxxon, Swarm, SWAT, Syusse Oozumou, Tactician, Tank Battalion, The End, Time Pilot, Toki no Senshi, Top Roller, Tower of Druaga, Traverse USA , Triple Punch, Turpin Tutankham, UniWar S, Vanguard, Van-Van Car, Vastar, Video Hustler, VS Gong Fight, VulgusWanted, Warp & Warp, Water SkiWiping, Wiz, Woodpecker, Xevious, Yamato, Zaxxon, Zodiack, Zzyzzyxx
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game | Temple Run iCade Support

Temple Run iCade Support

Temple Run played on an iCade arcade stick.Get it now: Temple Run v1.4 or higher 2) iCade Arcade Stick - http:www.thinkgeek.comelectronicsretro-gaminge762Controls:Tilt Turn - Joystick Left Right Jump - Joystick Up or any top button other than the white buttons Slide - Joystick Down or any bottom button other than the white buttons New Game Pause - White buttons
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Charming Wind Chimes Rain Storm 60 Minutes

Get CD Quality Mp3's at Charming SoundS of Wind Chimes In a Light Rain Storm with the sound of flowing water in the background. Very relaxing Nature sounds recording blending beautifully with the crisp sounds of wind chimes breaking through the Hypnotic sounds of rain and a gentle running stream.Great music to listen to for studying, chilling out or laying your head back and getting into an ultra deep state of blissful, peaceful sleep. Relax and Enjoy!D.N.Sons envoûtants de Wind Chimes Dans une tempête de pluie légère avec le bruit de l'eau qui coule dans le fond. Nature très relaxant sons enregistrement mélange à merveille avec les sons croquants de carillons éoliens de rupture à travers les sons hypnotiques de pluie et un courant de fonctionnement en douceur. Grande musique à écouter pour étudier, se détendre ou la pose de votre tête en arrière et entrer dans un état ​​de profonde ultra des heureux, sommeil paisible. Détendez-vous et appréciez! D.N.Sonidos encantadores de Wind Chimes en una tormenta de lluvia de luz con el sonido del agua que fluye en el fondo. Naturaleza Muy relajante suena la grabación de mezcla a la perfección con los sonidos nítidos de las campanas de viento rompen a través de los sonidos hipnóticos de lluvia y un arroyo suave. La buena música para escuchar para estudiar, relajarse o poner su cabeza hacia atrás y entrar en un estado profundo de ultra del pacífico sueño feliz. Relájese y disfrute! D.N.Charmante Klänge von Wind Chimes In einer Regen-Sturm mit dem Klang des fließenden Wassers in den Hintergrund. Sehr entspannend Naturgeräusche Aufnahme Mischen schön mit den klaren Klängen der Windspiele durch die hypnotische Klänge der regen und einem sanften Bachlauf zu brechen. Tolle Musik, um zu studieren, Chillen oder legt den Kopf zurück und den Einstieg in ein ultra tiefen Zustand der glückseligen, ruhigen Schlaf zu hören. Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie! D. N.風鈴的聲音舒適在一個晴朗風暴,在後台流水的聲音。 非常輕鬆自然的聲音錄製風鈴通過雨水的催眠聲,一個溫柔的運行流斷裂的聲音清脆美妙融合。 偉大的音樂來聽學習,冷了或鋪設你的後腦勺,並進入幸福,寧靜的睡眠空間的超深州。 放鬆和享受! D.N.バックグラウンドで流れる水の音と光の雨嵐の中の風チャイムの魅力的に聞こえる。 非常にリラックスし自然は雨の催眠音と穏やかなランニングストリームを突破風鈴のさわやかな音で美しくブレンド記録聞こえる。 勉強なごむまたは背面に頭を敷設し、至福、平和的な睡眠の超深度状態に入るために耳を傾ける素晴らしい音楽。 リラックスしてお楽しみください! D.N.Charmant Sounds Of Wind Chimes In een lichte regen Storm met het geluid van stromend water op de achtergrond. Zeer ontspannend Natuur geluiden opnemen mengen prachtig met de heldere klanken van windgong doorbreken van de Hypnotic geluiden van regen en een zacht stromend beekje. Geweldige muziek om naar te luisteren voor het bestuderen, chillen of het leggen van uw hoofd naar achteren en krijgen in een ultra diepe staat van gelukzalige, rustige slaap. Ontspan en geniet! D.N. SUBSCRIBE Everyone can benefit from the relaxing sounds of Rain as well as other Nature sounds and soothing Relaxation Music. When these Powerful sounds are combined they relax your body and Mind so you can Study Better, practice your Meditation, Relax More or Help you sleep.So , sit down Relax and unwind . Let the relaxing sounds of nature take you deep into your own world of inner peace.Listening to the soothing hypnotic sounds of Meditation, Relaxation and Sleep Music are a perfect way to unwind and de- stress from all your worldly cares.With a wide variety of beautiful Nature sounds covering , Rain, Wind, Fire and Water and some really fantastic Relaxation and Deep Zen Meditation Music, you are sure to find the right music and relaxing sounds to help you find total peace and relaxation. Follow Us On Twitter https:twitter.comRainRelaxSounds Follow Us On Twitter https:twitter.comRainRelaxSounds Massive Thunder Storm Heavy Rain Sounds 2 Hours Magical Piano Guitar And Flute Relaxation Music with 3 Hours Beautiful Soft Piano Melodies
1,882 views | Nov 08, 2013
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