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iPad iCade Review iPad Arcade Cabinet iMame4all Gameplay

From - Posted: Jul 16, 2011 - 65,897 viewsGame | iPad iCade Review iPad Arcade Cabinet iMame4all Gameplay | iPad iCade Review iPad Arcade Cabinet iMame4all Gameplay
iPad iCade Review iPad Arcade Cabinet iMame4all Gameplay
iPad iCade Review iPad Arcade Cabinet iMame4all Gameplay
Game Trailer Duration: 14 minutes 59 seconds 
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http:www.dascheap.comipad-icade-joystick-and-mini-cabinet.html The awesome new Ion iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad & iPad2 gets unboxed, reviewed, and used with a jailbroken iPad playing iMame4all thanks to Old Skool Fool of

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iCADE Arcade Cabinet review - Want to play classic Arcade games on your iPad or iPad2 the way the were supposed to be played? Like a prebuilt DIY MAME Cabinet, yeah, you're going to want to take a look at this.You can get the iCade from ThinkGeek here; http:www.thinkgeek.comelectronicsretro-gaminge762To play emulated Arcade games on your iPad you'll need to jailbreak and then install iMame4all arcade emulator, which is a version of the popular MAME emulator rebuilt for iOS and Android. Do not ask me how to jailbreak, or where to get ROMs from, that's what Google is for dumbass.
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旻品企業有限公司-新開發迷你遊戲機台概念:1、20餘年大型遊戲機台電子零件銷售經驗2、高質感自行開發零組件3、提供iOS、Android平台藍芽連接4、在家即可享受街機操作快感5、支援連線對戰遊戲註:本開發案處概念發想階段,暫以ION iCade機台做實體呈現。我司將用自行開發零組件優化機台外型,結合藍芽技術,預期與國內App遊戲軟體大廠授權合作,提供遊戲玩家介於電視遊樂器與掌上型遊樂器的新選擇。 部分影片來自
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So I finally get a chance to visit home so you know what time it is! It's time to visit some future projects I've been collecting parts for. This time I go through the components that will make up a raspberry pi retropie arcade tabletop cabinet that I've always wanted to build. I've already got the perfect lcd, speakers, amplifier, raspberry pi, ion ipad icade cabinet, joystick, buttons, and beefy power supply. The next break I get I will put everything together, wiring and get started on the artwork.I've posted a link for Ebay purchase referrals. Full disclosure: I'm trying out something new, if you use the link below then I get a small kickback from your purchase (it will cost you nothing, I just get paid for referring customers). http:rover.ebay.comrover1711-53200-19255-01?ff3=4&pub=5575215675&toolid=10001&campid=5337943740&customid=& other news I've become an ICStation affiliate so every time you guys use the following link with your purchases I can earn a commission that I will use towards future videos, enjoy! Affiliate Link: http:www.icstation.comindex.php?aid=212Special thanks to Eric Skiff for freely providing the music used in this video off his album Resistor Anthems. His music can be found at http:ericskiff.commusicVisit my site: Patreon: www.patreon.comsjm4306
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This is a video of my first arcade cabinet that I actually purchased. This is what inpsired me to build 2 more cabinets. This has the "iCade" 60-1 Multi-game board and it works beautifully. The 2nd part of this video goes through all the games to show you quickly the name of the game and a couple second preview of each game. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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Try out my new mobile game at http:bit.lyChimpyPopYTYes, it's real! Follow me! https:twitter.comintentfollow?screen_name=RatherQuite Facebook it! http:on.fb.meFacebookWaterTrickShare it on Twitter! http:bit.lymOHUl4An amusing trick you can perform with water! Show this video to your friends! I highly encourage you to try this trick yourself!If you like the music, you can find it here: http:incompetech.commcroyalty-freeindex.html?genre=Jazz The title is "Faster Does It."It has come to my attention that many comments on this video claim the trick to be fraudulent and possibly homosexual. I have come the conclusion that the authors of such comments are nothing but a bunch of trolls trying to steal my internets and will be promptly ignored.
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SUBSCRIBE & LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comellyawesome A review and demonstration of the iCade Arcade machine tablet for iPad. It's totally awesome! Twitter: http:www.Twitter.comAppChatOfficial @AppChatOfficial GooglePlus: http:www.gplus.toappchat Facebook: http:www.facebook.comellyawesome My instagram username: EllyAwesome My website: AppChat Shirts (I don't make money from selling them, just there incase you want one! :D) http:www.appchat.spreadshirt.comOutro music (dancing music): Ambitions by Hankijord http:www.soundcloud.comhankijord Background music by: Pixel girl logo and extra awesome by: iCade compatible games: Commodore 64 Hard Lines Super Crossfire HD AirAttack HD Pix'n Love Rush DX Super Crate Box Forget-Me-Not Gridrunner Caverns of Minos GoatUp Minotron: 2112 Minotaur Rescue Atari's Greatest Hits Silverfish MAX Match Panic Mos Speedrun Arcade Jumper Velocispider No Gravity Warblade HD EnbornX Muffin Knight Sideways Racing Super Mega Worm Super Mega Worm Vs. Santa (Free) Compression HD IronStar Arena Emerald Mine Space Inversion Space Inversion 2 HD Space Inversion Puzzle Puzzle Bot Blast Freeesh HungryMaster ElectroMaster PLUM CRAZY TorpedoRun Hummingz EVO HD The Exterminator Baby Monkey (iPhone only) Flashback (iPhone only) Frogger Decades League of Evil League of Evil 2 Bob's Action Racing iBlackjack HD Spectaculator, ZX Spectrum Emulator Dingo (ZX Spectrum)(Free) Dynamite Dan II (ZX Spectrum) Starstrike II (ZX Spectrum) Diversion Diversion HD Zombie Diversion Haunted Hallway Retroid EnbornX INC Super Drill Panic Stardash Meganoid Neoteria Katana Jack! Box Cat Fruity the Snake HD ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD Retro Dust HD PAC-MAN for iPad An Alien Annihilation (Pro) Saucelifter! Heavy Disc Interstellar Force Influx Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Terra Noctis Rock Crush Jungool Quixotic Donkey Jump MagMaze Dynastunts Smash Toons Wizard Ops Dark Incursion Bomber Cat Final Run Don't Run with a Plasma Sword Paper Monsters Phoenix HD RPG Quest Cave Shooter HD Cave Shooter 2 Shogun Monkey Labour Aemula Oldies (DOS emulator) Ice Rage Cavorite Cavorite 2Video Info: Camera: Canon t3i aka 600d with the 18-55m kit lens Edited in Final Cut Pro X Filming took around 5 hours and editing took about 5 hours 880MB and 6 hours to upload :( haha Footage was NOT colour corrected :)Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the quality of this product or any concern relating to this product. If you choose to purchase this product and are in some way unhappy with them please take your concerns to the company. I am in no way affiliated with the company that sells these products I am just reviewing one of their products.
4,781 views | Apr 22, 2012
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Icade Jr.

My brothers icade jr cabcontroller running the gridlee app through his iPhone 4S. It works great once you go into the gridlee app and set up the controls for each game like you would with mame(input this game option) also remember to turn on the icade option as your external controller in the gridlee app. Hope this helps someone.
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TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME!!!!Today The Curator unveils one of the latest exhibits at the Museum - the Amazing Multicade 230 made by Soundlogic XT. This incredible miniature electronic marvel is a FULLY WORKING arcade cabinet, no more than 6 inches high! And more than that - it has 230 GAMES crammed inside, ready to play on its tiny built-in colour LCD screen!This truly is an incredible working miniature - but don't take our word for it: Come take a look for yourself, in today's Video!FAQ QUESTION: "WHERE DO I BUY ONE OF THESE??"- The Curator usually finds the exhibits via eBay or similar sites. They're not easy to find sometimes, but they're out there. Be patient and you might be lucky!FAQ QUESTION: "WHY DOESN'T THE CURATOR TALK??"- Unfortunately, The Curator isn't able to talk in the videos - its just not possible. Actually, its a good thing - stops us listening to his nasally, whiney British accent.FAQ QUESTION: "CAN I HAVE ONE OF THE EXHIBITS??"- Sadly no. If we did that, there'd be nothing in the collection! BUT, we do hold competitions from time to time, so stay tuned!FAQ QUESTION: “WHAT SCALE ARE THE MINIATURES??” - They’re usually not describe by scale (Eg 112th, 16th etc) - but Colin usually appears with every one in the videos, and he is 4 inches 10cm tall.SHARE, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to keep the videos coming out of The Museum!Check out our blog at for more info, or you can follow us on: Facebook http:www.facebook.comWorkingMiniatures Twitter http:www.twitter.comMoWM_CuratorGoogle+ - green screen effects videos used in this video are via freely available online sources and were downloaded in good faith, being understood as free to use clips.Electro Cabello by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https:creativecommons.orglicensesby4.0) Source: http:incompetech.commusicroyalty-freeindex.html?isrc=USUAN1400048 Artist:
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Arcade Adventures Episode 18More claw machine action from Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.All Arcade Adventure Episodes ► http:bit.lyArcadeAdventures Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.ly302RELLFacebook ► http:bit.ly302RELLfans Twitter ► https:twitter.com302RELLPlease Thumbs up, Share & Comment!DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE:
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Classic Game Room iCADE arcade joystick and cabinet review

Ion Audio iCade review. Classic Game Room reviews the iCADE arcade joystick and cabinet for the iPad! Ion Audio iCade works with your iPad to bring arcade style gaming with real arcade controls into supported iPad games like Atari's Greatest Hits collection, Air Attack HD and Frogger 30th Anniversary Edition. Available at, the iCade connects to your iPad with BlueTooth (so there aren't any wires) and has a good joystick and eight buttons.
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Mini arcade with Raspberry Pi and 5.6 TFT

mini arcade cabinet build with a Raspberry Pi, a 5.6 inch TFT and an Arcadi iPAD Mini enclosure (you don't need an CNC machine or enhanced skills to copy it) - more infos: http:www.hwhardsoft.deenglishprojectsraspberry-pi-mini-cab
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Play Any Retro Game on iPhone or iPad Without a Jailbreak!

Download Mojo on Mobile Safari ⬇️ - http:snazzy.fmemulate Follow me on Twitter  - http:twitter.comsnazzyq Follow me on Instagram  - http:instagram.comsnazzyq Follow me on Snapchat  - @SnazzyQApple doesn't allow emulators into the App Store. Why? Nobody really knows because Google has permitted several into the Android Play Store. Up until recently, it was required of iPhone and iPad iOS users to jailbreak in order to run emulators but not anymore! I show how to run Super Nintendo, NES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PSP, Nintendo DS, GameBoy, MAME, and Sega Genesis games on your iPhone or iPad-all without a jailbreak!
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This video shows Ryan Frawley's Wii Controller IME Android app in operation. Using this app - which is available now on the Android Market for $3.99 - you can connect up to four Nintendo Wii Remotes to your Android phone. This allows for perfect control in the many retro game emulators currently available for Android, including Nesoid, SNesoid, Gensoid, Gearoid, Game Boid and GBCoid.The developer says Classic Controller support is planned for a future release, which will make this app even more attractive to retro gamers.Check out all the latest Nintendo-related news at
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