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Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984

From - Posted: Aug 11, 2009 - 142,433 viewsGame | Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984 | Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
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Demo reel from the Japan Computer Graphics Lab circa 1984. Quite a few flying logos, along with segments from the Lensman animated movie.

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Japan Computer Graphics Lab demo reel 1983

Early demo reel (1983) of the Japan Computer Graphics Lab, Inc. The audio has been muted by YouTube as it apparently matches some WMG content. Sorry about that, just hum the Blade Runner theme while watching this.
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game | Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1985

Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1985

Third demo reel from the Japan Computer Graphics Lab circa 1985.
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Panasonic Glider 1981

Robert Abel and Associates commercial for panasonic with music tat sounds a lot like the love theme from the Superman movies
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game | Making of the Genesis Sequence from Star Trek II

Making of the Genesis Sequence from Star Trek II

A brief "behind the scenes" commentary on the making of the Genesis effect from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Created in 1982 by the Lucasfilm computer graphics division (later to become Pixar). I apologize for the two brief gaps in the wireframe segment; tape is damaged.
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game | Snoot and Muttly 1984

Snoot and Muttly 1984

Early computer animation produced at Ohio State University. This has appeared in a number of computer graphics compilations, sometimes shortened andor with different music. Here it is in its pristine entirety. Trivia: the music here was created by John Berton Jr., who went on to become an accomplished computer animator in his own right, including a stint at ILM, and has served as effects supervisor for a number of high-profile movies since then.
3,649 views | Aug 11, 2009
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Sullivan Marks graphics demo reel 1978

Everything here was shot on 35mm using backlit animation multi-pass techniques. Sullivan & Marks was lead by the godfather of computer animation Harry Marks, and the team was made up of David Moore, Jeff Doud, Kenny Mirman, and Dale Herigstad.
3,985 views | Aug 01, 2012
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