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Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984

From - Posted: Aug 11, 2009 - 132,110 viewsGame | Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984 | Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
Japan Computer Graphics Lab 1984
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Demo reel from the Japan Computer Graphics Lab circa 1984. Quite a few flying logos, along with segments from the Lensman animated movie.

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A retrospective of the work of Robert Abel and Associates, a pioneering commercial computer graphics company that created some of the most iconic early computer-generated imagery. Included here are over 40 commercial spots, ranging from 30-second commercials and commercial logos, to their 1984 animated short "High Fidelity".To put Abel and Associate's work in perspective: By the time Pixar's first short "André and Wally B." debuted in 1984, Abel's company had been producing computer animation for 13 years. Unfortunately, Abel & Associates closed in 1987 following an ill-fated merger with now-defunct Omnibus Computer Graphics, Inc. For more information, consult: https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiRobert_Abel_and_AssociatesSource: "Visual Pioneers" series Laserdisc.
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Background visuals from the hybrid laserdiscCG arcade game "Star Rider." This is the source footage, without the telemetry, rear-view display or game graphics overlaid.A few folks have written to ask about the soundtrack, specifically the part around 0:45 to 2:45. Kudos to viewer J4DR4N, who was able to identify this as Brian Scott Bennett's 1978 record "Voyage (a Journey Into Discoid Funk)," which unfortunately now is quite rare and expensive!
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Galactic Patrol Lensman The Anime Series Not Even on the Lost Media Wi...

Quick overview on the Lost media Lensman Anime Series so bad ee smith's estate didn't want you to see it, as well as the streamline pictures Movie from the 1980's. If starwars had a Retro Anime, this would be it.
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game | John Whitney Matrix III 1972

John Whitney Matrix III 1972

graphics programming by Dean Anschultz music by Terry Riley
2,025 views | Nov 26, 2008
game | Panasonic Glider 1981

Panasonic Glider 1981

Robert Abel and Associates commercial for panasonic with music tat sounds a lot like the love theme from the Superman movies
2,599 views | Dec 16, 2007
game | Computer Animation Magic 1986 VHS RIP XViD CG

Computer Animation Magic 1986 VHS RIP XViD CG

"A trip through strange and magical worlds where anything can be created—swirling electronic logos, chrome dinosaurs, a melancholy night club piano player, and some of the finest electronic sequences in film history! 58 minutes.Ripped from VHS tape." https:archive.orgdetailscomputeranimationmagicvhs"Director: Geoffrey de Valois Writers: Donna Cohen, Geoffrey de Valois"
2,707 views | Jan 26, 2015

game | Early CGI Tomorrow s World Brit Lab BBC

Early CGI Tomorrow s World Brit Lab BBC

From 1982, Tomorrow's World takes a look at the beginning of computer generated images.Subscribe for more awesome science -
4,911 views | Mar 02, 2015
game | Japan Computer Graphics Lab demo reel 1983

Japan Computer Graphics Lab demo reel 1983

Early demo reel (1983) of the Japan Computer Graphics Lab, Inc. The audio has been muted by YouTube as it apparently matches some WMG content. Sorry about that, just hum the Blade Runner theme while watching this.
3,941 views | Aug 07, 2009
game | Robert Abel Associates 1984 Demo Reel

Robert Abel Associates 1984 Demo Reel

A subsequent demo reel (1984) from Robert Abel & Associates, showcasing their (at the time) rich & distinctive visual style. Mostly TRW & Corvette commercials and a few flying logos. I apologize for the lack of sound in the last segment; intentionally muted this as it contained music from a Warner-owned soundtrack, which would otherwise cause YouTube to mute the entire thing.
3,505 views | Aug 11, 2009

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