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Japanese Arcade Claw Game UFOキャチャー勝ち方

From - Posted: Aug 16, 2012 - 21,472 viewsGame | Japanese Arcade Claw Game UFOキャチャー勝ち方 | Japanese Arcade Claw Game UFOキャチャー勝ち方
Japanese Arcade Claw Game UFOキャチャー勝ち方
Japanese Arcade Claw Game UFOキャチャー勝ち方
Game Trailer Duration: 2 minutes 55 seconds 
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Watch my friend Anthony (AntoneX6) and Alex (subtokyo) play to win at an arcade in Akihabara. The game centre person gave us some help when we got stuck. In the end Anthony got to win the OnePiece mermaid figure he wanted. The mermaid wasn't available at stores at the time so it was worth it to win it at the arcade! Thanks to Anthony: http:www.youtubeAntoneX6Thanks to Subtokyo: Music Channel: UnEdited Random Japan Channel: out my blog on Japan: http:ozzy78onlyinjapan.blogspot.comAlso, follow me on twitter: http:twitter.comcoconutozFacebook page: http:www.facebook.comOzzy78JapanIntro song by Jericho Knopp"New Friendly" by Kevin MacLeod "( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0"

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game | 73 WINNING at the claw machine!

73 WINNING at the claw machine!

Follow us!! https:instagram.comcruzinon22s SUBSCRIBE!!! Send us stuff Po Box 21 Mosinee WI 54455.
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game | Huge Japanese Shopping Mall! Game Center, Toy Store, Old Candy Shop

Huge Japanese Shopping Mall! Game Center, Toy Store, Old Candy Shop

Explored a giant shopping mall with Shine today, it was pretty awesome!! And we got stuff from the UFO catcher~ wooooo :D EINSHINE MY MAIN CHANNEL HOW I LEARNED JAPANESE https:goo.glO3FlVM HOW TO STUDY IN JAPAN https:goo.gllDvRwM EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE https:goo.glvYkpVM♥︎ Help Support My Channel ▶︎ https:goo.glbd9juMSUBMITTING SUBTITLES Want to help subtitle my videos? I really appreciate subtitles that you guys contribute in ANY languages! English captions are also very much appreciated, thank you so much for your help. Check this link for how you can contribute subtitles: https:goo.glwd8KUp Please let me know in the comments if you have submitted subtitles for this video so I can credit you! FOLLOW ME ▶︎ FACEBOOK http:facebook.comjyuusankaidan ▶︎ TWITTER http:twitter.comannyeongsharla ▶︎ INSTAGRAM http:www.instagram.comannyeongsharla▶︎ MAILING ADDRESS *currently closed may re-open in the future*I film with this camera▷ http:goo.glfKnheP I Edit with Final Cut Pro XIf you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up or share it with your friends - it really helps me out ❤︎Thank you for watching!! xx
2,140 views | Jan 15, 2016
game | ミニアルパカを「なだれ」させて合計32個ゲットです(UFOキャッチャー) Claw Machine Play

ミニアルパカを「なだれ」させて合計32個ゲットです(UFOキャッチャー) Claw Machine Play

ミニミニアルパカのストラップを32アルパカもゲットしてきました。 失敗したのはカットしているので、実際は900円使っています。それにしても大量に取れたので、これ使って別の動画でも作りたいと思っています。アルパカのブログ http:blog.livedoor.jpuodon
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Wait for it...... :)
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67 WINNING at the claw machine!

Follow us!! https:instagram.comcruzinon22s Send us stuff Po Box 21 Mosinee Wi 54455. A great video from a Walmart not close to us. We traveled just for our viewers! SUBSCRIBE!
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My P.O. Box! Will Leinart P.O. Box 14 Gilbert, AZ 85299 SUBSCRIBE! http:bit.lysubjoystickWatch MY Most Popular Uploads Playlist —› http:bit.lyTopJoystickVidsFOLLOW my crazy adventures through all my Social Media! INSTAGRAM: https:www.Instagram.comwill_leinart TWITTER: https:www.Twitter.comleinart_will FACEBOOK: https:www.Facebook.comzap.arcade SNAPCHAT: https:www.snapchat.comaddthewilster2Visit my Arcades! ZAP Arcade- Superstition Mall- 6555 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85206 ZAP Arcade- Arrowhead Mall- 7700 W Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale, AZ 85308About Joystick: Welcome to the official Joystick YouTube channel! Wild arcade adventures, big wins, giveaways and an obsession with beating the claw machine. Subscribe for weekly videos!iPhone 5s CLAW MACHINE WIN! | JOYSTICK https:youtube.comwatch?v=Z4DKzsIEkAYJOYSTICK
2,692 views | Jan 22, 2014
game | UFO Catcher Japan NEW Pokemon Black White Plush 52 WINS!!!

UFO Catcher Japan NEW Pokemon Black White Plush 52 WINS!!!

Get your own Pikachu plush on Amazon: http:amzn.to2le8geH Want to see more UFO Catcher & Claw Machine videos? Check out my channel, follow my social links, and subscribe! Youtube ▶ Website ▶ http:ryguy1050.wix.comforfunforlife Instagram ▶ http:instagram.comryguy1050 Google+ ▶ total, I won: 2 Scraggy Plush 1 Pikachu Mini Plush 3 Scraggy Mini Plush 1 Blitzle Mini Plush 1 Zekrom Keychain 1 Reshiram Keychain 3 Tepig Keychains 2 Emboar Keychains 1 Axew Plush 1 Samurott Plush (Given from employee for free) 1 Hydreigon Mini Plush 1 Klang Mini Plush 1 Klingklang Mini Plush 1 Oshawott Plush 1 Oshawott Mini Plush 2 Tepig Mega Plush 1 Emboar Mega Plush (Sold) 1 Snivy Mini Plush 1 Stitch Mini Plush 1 Hello Kitty Mini Plush (Gave away to little girl) 2 Victini Mini Plush 1 Servine Mini Plush 1 Trubbish Mini Plush 1 Petilil Mini Plush 1 Victini Plush 1 Tepig Mini Plush 1 Jellicent Mini Plush 2 Dwebble Mini Plush 5 Oshawott Keychains 1 Samurott Keychain 1 Serperior Keychain 2 Zorua Keychains 1 Disney Chip & Dale Keychain 1 Panour Mini Plush 1 Zekrom Mini Plush 1 Tirtouga Mini Plush 2 Solar Powered Flower Bobblers Phew, I won a lot! (Also spent a lot :P) These are all the wins I caught on video, I also have some on my attempts. The UFO Catchers in Japan have much better merchandise, cheaper, and are less rigged. HERE'S A TIP FOR WINNING UFO CATCHERS IN JAPAN: Ask workers to move around the plush or put it in a spot you like it in, surprisingly, they don't mind (as long as you're not greedy and asking them a thousand times, or they might get annoyed) THIS HELPS! If you can't speak Japanese, just say "su-mi-ma-sen" and motion them to move around the plush.
3,501 views | Jul 15, 2011
game | Neko Atsume CLAW MACHINE The Quest for the Bag Cat

Neko Atsume CLAW MACHINE The Quest for the Bag Cat

Most Breathtaking Place in Japan: Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine's 10,000 Gates → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-We tried our luck at the Neko Atsume claw machine!! (They're called UFO catcher in Japanese) I listed all the game centers that we were at down below if you want to check them out! ▶︎ MORE videos about me, Japan, Travel & more on my SECOND CHANNEL SHARMANDER CENTER LOCATIONS (in order of appearance) - Adores in Nakano Broadway - Namco in Nakano Broadway - Sega in Ikebukuro - Round One in Ikebukuro CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS! Kelly Emily Kim▶︎ Other popular videos: HOW I LEARNED JAPANESE JAPANESE INTERNET SLANG JAPAN'S CAT ISLAND CULTURE SHOCK IN JAPAN IS JAPAN SAFE? SUBTITLES My channel is now eligible for fan submitted subtitles through YouTube! This should make it much easier. You can watch the explanation video on how you can contribute subtitles here: English - Me Japanese - Me Spanish (Latin America) Swedish - RotebroTobias Vietnamese - Lumicorn ♥︎ Help Support My Channel ▶︎ https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_donations&business=sharlainjapan%40gmail%2ecom&lc=CA&item_name=Sharla%20in%20Japan¤cy_code=CAD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHostedFOLLOW ME ▶︎ FACEBOOK http:facebook.comjyuusankaidan ▶︎ TWITTER http:twitter.comsharlainjapan ▶︎ INSTAGRAM sharlainjapan ▶︎ BLOG♫Music Digital Math - Joystick: https:youtu.belpJxSsb10jII film with this camera▷ I Edit with Final Cut Pro XThanks for watching (and for reading the description box because no one ever does that so I love youuuu)!!! :)Sharla xx
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game | アンパンマンの乗り物発見 クレーンゲーム Pretty fun rides Anpanman Crane Game of Japan

アンパンマンの乗り物発見 クレーンゲーム Pretty fun rides Anpanman Crane Game of Japan

アンパンマンのパワフルショベルカー (アンパンマンの乗り物シリーズ) アンパンマンと一緒に、ショベルカーを使った仕事を体験できるよ。 運転席の前に配置されたショベルカーで、ボールをすくってトラックの荷台へと運んでね。「アンパンマン」と一緒に、ショベルカーを使った仕事を疑似体験できる、定置式ライド。 コインを投入するとライドが動き出し、座席前にある盤面(プレイフィールド内)のショベルカーを操縦する事ができます。 動作中にフィールド内に配置されたボールをすくってトラックの荷台へと運び、 設定されたプレイ時間を迎えるとゲーム終了となります。 ゲームの結果に応じて成績が3段階で評価され、プレイ終了後には専用のカードがもらえます。 アームはレバーを動かすだけの簡単操作となっており、小さな子供でも難なく操縦することができる。 プレイ中にボタンを押すと「アンパンマン」と「ばいきんまん」が音声で応援してくれます。プチライド「SLマン」 -プチライドシリーズ- 乗り物楽しい世界観を演出するプチライドシリーズの最新作。 困っている人のためならどこへでも走って行く蒸気機関車「S.Lマン」をモチーフにした定置式乗り物。 従来よりも座席が広くなり、子供2人が座れるスペースを確保。 コインを投入すると、キャラクターの音声案内とともにボタンが点滅し、 ボタンを押すと音声にあわせて左右に揺れながら動き出します。 プレイ中にボタンを押すと、キャラクターの音声が流れます。 プレイ終了後には、専用景品「きゃらえっぐアンパンマン」が1個もらえます。 しょくぱんまんごうでパトロールアンパンマンの人気キャラクター・しょくぱんまんを採用した定置式乗物。 コインを投入すると同時に、乗物が振動を開始。 ハンドル操作で画面上の車を動かす事ができる。 ゲーム中は楽しいイベントがランダムに発生します。 筐体にはモニター画面が付いており、楽しさも倍増です。 ゲーム終了後には、おみやげとしてきゃらえっぐが必ず1個もらえます。Powerful shovel Anpanman Claw MachineWith Anpanman, I can experience the work with shovels. In excavator car that was placed in front of the driver's seat, I carry to the back of the truck and scooped up the ball.Puchiraido "SL Man" - Petit Ride series - vehicleIt's vehicle steam locomotive run down anywhere if for those who are in need of "SL Man". It begins to move while swinging from side to side to match the voice when the button is pressed.Patrol in the mango breadYou'll be able to run the car on the screen handle operation. I can be full of fun during the game.
2,186 views | Oct 21, 2013
game | Giant Claw Machine Win More Games At Rehoboth Beach

Giant Claw Machine Win More Games At Rehoboth Beach

Arcade Adventures - Episode 4 | See what prizes are won at one of a few arcade stops along the Rehoboth beach boardwalk.What games should wedo next? Recommend a new game or method of winning in the comment section. We respond to all viewer comments and messages! Thanks for watching!All Arcade Adventure Episodes ► http:bit.lyArcadeAdventures Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.ly302RELLFacebook ► http:bit.ly302RELLfans Twitter ► https:twitter.com302RELLPlease Thumbs up, Share & Comment!DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE:
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game | The Claw Machine Arcade Game Shopkins, My Little Pony, Moshi Monsters

The Claw Machine Arcade Game Shopkins, My Little Pony, Moshi Monsters

I opened and reviewed "The Claw" machine. I thought this would be a great thing to store some of my blind bag toys. Please watch this video and see if it worked or not. I definitely had fun playing with it.Please check out my playlists!Blind Bag Madness Playlist: Little Pony Playlist: & Fashems Playlist: Playlist: you for watching! Please comment, like and subscribe.Song: Payday by Jason Farnham From YouTube Library
4,510 views | Aug 15, 2014

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