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Japanese Arcade Game Center

From - Posted: Feb 25, 2012 - 5,945 viewsGame | Japanese Arcade Game Center | Japanese Arcade Game Center
Japanese Arcade Game Center
Japanese Arcade Game Center
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Lots of fun! Footage from a day hanging out with Mathieu, the other foreign student (Quebec, Canada) who goes to my school. Mathieu's channel: My email: [email protected] My blog:

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Japanese Children ... Kawawiiiii Abroad in Japan Vlog

The story of a brave one, supporting international communication through his speaking to a blue-eyed one.
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Blog: http:hsa-japan.ciee.orgjustin-Ehringhaus Directed by Christopher Nolan. ------- This is the movie that my homeroom class made. Unfortunately, I had arrived to Japan near the end of school festival preparations, so only was able to help out a little. Try to see if you can find me! (It's really not that hard, Mr.Mrs. Detective). Anyway, this video includes everyone in my homeroom, meaning most of my classmates as well. Everyone had a lot of fun and put in a lot of time after-school in order to make this compilation video. Overall. I rate this year's bunkasai a 1010! Not that I've seen, or will see another one anytime soon. Cheers to my homeroom, the best! -Juchaeh
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Crane Game Secrets Revealed Japan s UFO Catcher Academy ★ ONLY in JAPA...

It's time to head to a Japanese Game Center dedicated to UFO CATCHERS also known as the CRANE GAME. Glass boxes with pinchers you can control to win all sorts of treasure – if you have the skills and experience to do it. In this episode of ONLY in JAPAN, John Daub travels to Saitama with Bob Werley from Pirates of Tokyo Bay and Alan Welch, producer of MY LIFE JAPAN to earn a diploma in CRANE GAME TECHNIQUES 101 from the Official Japan Crane Game Association. It's the intro course at Game Center Everyday which also is the Guinness World Record holder for having the most crane games in one location. That's right! This place is the center of Japan (and the world's) crane game insanity! Not only can you win a lot of stuff, you can take their course. Crane Game Skills (or Cheats) learned in this episode: ★ The Niagara Falls Method ★ The Triangle Method ★ The Overturned Table Method ★ The Hole Hook Method and many more (* if you watch closely).About the Japan Crane Game Association Certification Diploma: There are 3 levels available for certification. Level 3 (Bachelors) 5,000 yen 2 hours Max. 10 People Level 2 (Masters) 10,000 yen 2 hours Max. 10 People Level 1 (Doctorate) 25,000 yen We finished Level 3 in this episode which taught us 12 tips skills in total with instruction and trial with a professional. URL: Everyday UFO Catcher Amusement Game Center, Gyoda, Saitama Address: 埼玉県行田市下忍644ー1 Telephone: 048-598-8649 Nearest Station: Fukiage Station (JR Takasaki Line from Ueno)  Take a taxi (1000 yen) for 5-10 minutes to the game center. Google Map from Train Station to "Sekai Ichi no Game Center EVERYDAY" : https:goo.glmaps2aJUeKH1BttPirates of Tokyo Bay The best Bilingual Comedy Group in Tokyo! Website: On YouTube: Life Japan Directed and Produced by Alan Welch Website: JAPAN CRANE GAME ASSOCIATION URL: (Japanese only) * Info on certification, scheduling and machines in JapanMusic: Thank you to the super talented TEKNOAXE show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan's International Channel.
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I decided to instll tear drop american style joysticks on my Jaleco Pony Mark IV Cabinet.Intro song "Prismatic Stars" ...Composition & Arrangement by Takayuki IwaiCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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Japanese High School Graduation

Japanese word of the day: 卒業式 そつぎょうしき (sotsugyoushiki) Graduation ceremony --- In this video you shall see a very brief moment of the graduation at my high school on March 3, 2012. Otherwise, I'm just rambling!
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The other events put on by Nippon Sport Science University (日本体育大学): Synchronized Walking - 集団行動 Shorinji Kempo - 少林寺拳法 Rhythmic Gymnastics - 新体操 Gymnastics - 体操
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Short visit of a Game center in Tokyo, Shinjuku, in Japan. You can see Taken, Dance Dance Revolution, something like DJ Heroes and much much more !! Geek girls inside ! Japanese girls !
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japanese arcade HEY game center in Tokyo, Japan

One of the few arcades that I know about; it's a place called HEY, located in Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan). "HEY" is an acronym for Hirose Entertainment Yard. It does sport some Taito branding as well. If you like shoot 'em ups shmups shooters, or fighting games, this will be like heaven (^_^)
4,504 views | Apr 09, 2013
game | Tokyo Joyopolis Mount Fuji Kyoto Osaka Universal Studios Kinging It Japan Vlog Ep. 6

Tokyo Joyopolis Mount Fuji Kyoto Osaka Universal Studios Kinging It Ja...

Vlog Ep. 6 - Japan! SUBSCRIBE - http:bit.ly1P91Uss NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY! ✩ Instagram - https:www.instagram.comwearekingingit ✩ ✩ Twitter - https:twitter.comkingingit100 ✩ Our Equipment: http:bit.ly1NnK7by ✩$30 off your first Air Bnb Trip - http:bit.ly2a9hngRWe spent 10 days travelling from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, then heading to Kyoto and then Osaka. We also went to Joyopolis in Tokyo and Universal Studios in Osaka which was IMMENSE! :) Check it out! Also a few DJI Phantom 2 shots in for good measure ;)Our Top 10 Travel Essentials: J Pillow - http:amzn.to2bg6fP5 SuitcaseLocker Lock: http:amzn.to2bg73Ud Mosquito Net: http:amzn.to2bg57em Mosquito Deet Spray: http:amzn.to2bhwb91 After Bite: http:amzn.to2aLU0JF Bite Zapper: http:amzn.to2bhxHb0 Portable Speak - http:amzn.to2bg7kGw Travel Adapter - http:amzn.to2bg7Dl0 Battery Pack - http:amzn.to2bhxEMw Diarrhoea RehydrationDioralyte - http:amzn.to2bg70I8 Hard Drive - http:amzn.to2b7pTu6 Our Equipment: Drone: http:amzn.to2bO3PYW Canon S120 - http:amzn.to2bhv1KM GoPro Hero 4 Black (Best one!): http:amzn.to2aLSGpS GoPro Silver (with Screen): http:amzn.to2bkseVi GoPro Session: http:amzn.to2bhv9tB Fuji X100s: http:amzn.to2b7p3NV (Newer) Fuji X100T: http:amzn.to2bhw2Cs
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game | A walk through Akihabara and Club Sega arcades in Tokyo

A walk through Akihabara and Club Sega arcades in Tokyo

Join me on my small walk through Akihabara to find the best of Club Sega :DThere are actually three Club Sega arcades in Akihabara, but they're all very different. I show you my favorite of the three. This is definitely a pilgrimage that all Sega fans should make!
2,166 views | Dec 29, 2013
game | PSH 2014 Japan Trip VLog Day 1 JAPAN BOUND

PSH 2014 Japan Trip VLog Day 1 JAPAN BOUND

Every two years Parkway South's Japanese program organizes summer trip to Japan. This is the third of the summer trips and my second time going on a summer school trip to Japan. Our trip consisted of a homestay in a city called Suwa in the Nagano prefecture of Japan for ten days. Then we went Kyoto and stayed for 2 nights at a traditional Japanese hotel. Then we stayed 8 days in Tokyo to finish up our 20 day trip.Our group consisted of the Japanese teacher, another adult chaperone, and 8 students from Parkway South. Of these students 6 were seniors who graduated two weeks before the trip.It was a fun and enjoyable experience and I hope that I can return to Japan at some point.
4,474 views | Jun 23, 2014
game | 字幕付き Japanese Arcade ゲームセンターで遊んでました

字幕付き Japanese Arcade ゲームセンターで遊んでました

フェースブックFacebook: http:www.facebook.comciaela ツイッターTwitter: http:www.twitter.comciaela 最近更新したブログ(Updated!) Blog: Because of the Typhoon that is passing through Japan this weekend, Ryuhei and I decided to spend all day indoors at an Amusement Center called Round One. Round One buildings are found all across Japan, check their website for information about a Round One near you. It was way too loud in the amusement centre, so I couldn't record much voice. Sorry about that. 昨日台風のせいで天気が悪くて、近くのラウンドワンへいって一日遊びました。もちろんゲームの他にたくさんしましたが、やっぱり日本のゲームを愛する外国人がたくさんいるっていうわけで、今日の動画はその方へ向けています。 ラウンドワンに行ったことありますか?-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Make Japanese Nabe | カレー鍋を作ってみた" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Can gaijin eat natto?That is the question.
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Japanese Arcade Rhythm Games

Groover Coaster, Jubeat, and MaiMai at an arcade in Kumamoto, Japan.
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game | Sports Day 運動会 and Farewell Speech Abroad in Japan

Sports Day 運動会 and Farewell Speech Abroad in Japan

Hello audience, it has been awhile! My last month in Japan has been busier than ever, but the time has finally come to say goodbye. I leave and arrive back to the US on May 10, 2012.This footage was taken on May 1, during the "undoukai" or Sports Day. It's an event held annually at most Japanese high schools in order to promote health and school spirit!The clip at the end is my speech to the school, in front of the ghastly amount of 1,200 students and 200 guests or so.Speech:こんにちは。3年の3組のジャスティンです。アメリカから留学していました。 Hello, this is grade three, class three Justin speaking. I came from the United States to study abroad in Japan.7ヶ月半前、付属高校に来た時に、私は皆さんの前に立って自己紹介をしました。 Seven and a half months ago, when I first came to Gakufu, I stood in front of you all to introduce myself.その時は、日本語をほとんど知らなかったので十分自己紹介ができませんでした。 I hardly knew any Japanese at that time, and so couldn't properly say much about myself.7ヶ月半経った今、また皆さんの前に立って、私は自己紹介をする代わりに、さよならを言う事になりました。 Now seven and a half months have passed, and once again I stand before you all—this time instead of being here to introduce myself, I am now here to say goodbye.アメリカを発って日本に向かった時には、私の家族、友達たち、先生たち、そして彼女にさようならを言わなければなりませんでした。 When I left America, I had to say goodbye to my family, friends, teachers, and girlfriend.私は、とても悲しかったです。でも、日本に滞在した間、日本の家族、たくさんの新しい友達、そして偉い先生たちと会いました。 This was a very sad time for me. However, throughout my stay in Japan I have made a new family, many new friends, and met many great teachers.でも、とても残善な事に、日本の彼女ができませんでした。だご残念です! A very upsetting point, however, is that I did not get a Japanese girlfriend. It's a shame, huh?... (this is when people merrily laugh at the gaijin's joke. And yes, it was a joke Maddie!!!!)付属高校が大好きでした。最初の1週間は、混乱した時がいっぱいありました。 I have come to love Gakufu. Although there were many moments of confusion during my first week at school,でも、すぐにたくさんの生徒や先生から手伝ってもらいました。 I soon received much help and guidance from students and teachers.いろんな部活をやって見たり、友達とたくさん話をしました。 While participating and trying out a variety of extracurriculars, I talked with many people who eventually became good friends.毎日、学校に行くのが楽しみで、楽しい事がたくさんありました。 Everyday, I wake up looking forward to going to school.さようならを言わなければならないのが、とても辛いです。 It has come time, however, to say goodbye. でも、いつかまた会えるのを楽しみにしています。皆さんの事は、決して忘れません。 Someday, I know we will meet again, and I'm looking forward to that day. I will never forget this year.ありがとうございました。 Thank you.
1,674 views | May 07, 2012

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