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Japanese Arcade Game Center

From - Posted: Feb 25, 2012 - 5,933 viewsGame | Japanese Arcade Game Center | Japanese Arcade Game Center
Japanese Arcade Game Center
Japanese Arcade Game Center
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Lots of fun! Footage from a day hanging out with Mathieu, the other foreign student (Quebec, Canada) who goes to my school. Mathieu's channel: My email: [email protected] My blog:

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Crane Game Secrets Revealed Japan s UFO Catcher Academy ★ ONLY in JAPA...

It's time to head to a Japanese Game Center dedicated to UFO CATCHERS also known as the CRANE GAME. Glass boxes with pinchers you can control to win all sorts of treasure – if you have the skills and experience to do it. In this episode of ONLY in JAPAN, John Daub travels to Saitama with Bob Werley from Pirates of Tokyo Bay and Alan Welch, producer of MY LIFE JAPAN to earn a diploma in CRANE GAME TECHNIQUES 101 from the Official Japan Crane Game Association. It's the intro course at Game Center Everyday which also is the Guinness World Record holder for having the most crane games in one location. That's right! This place is the center of Japan (and the world's) crane game insanity! Not only can you win a lot of stuff, you can take their course. Crane Game Skills (or Cheats) learned in this episode: ★ The Niagara Falls Method ★ The Triangle Method ★ The Overturned Table Method ★ The Hole Hook Method and many more (* if you watch closely).About the Japan Crane Game Association Certification Diploma: There are 3 levels available for certification. Level 3 (Bachelors) 5,000 yen 2 hours Max. 10 People Level 2 (Masters) 10,000 yen 2 hours Max. 10 People Level 1 (Doctorate) 25,000 yen We finished Level 3 in this episode which taught us 12 tips skills in total with instruction and trial with a professional. URL: Everyday UFO Catcher Amusement Game Center, Gyoda, Saitama Address: 埼玉県行田市下忍644ー1 Telephone: 048-598-8649 Nearest Station: Fukiage Station (JR Takasaki Line from Ueno)  Take a taxi (1000 yen) for 5-10 minutes to the game center. Google Map from Train Station to "Sekai Ichi no Game Center EVERYDAY" : https:goo.glmaps2aJUeKH1BttPirates of Tokyo Bay The best Bilingual Comedy Group in Tokyo! Website: On YouTube: Life Japan Directed and Produced by Alan Welch Website: JAPAN CRANE GAME ASSOCIATION URL: (Japanese only) * Info on certification, scheduling and machines in JapanMusic: Thank you to the super talented TEKNOAXE show has been created and produced by John Daub ジョン・ドーブ. He's been living and working in Japan for over 18 years and regularly reports on TV for Japan's International Channel.
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The story of a brave one, supporting international communication through his speaking to a blue-eyed one.
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Ayúdame en Patreon a seguir haciendo contenido: https:www.patreon.comCraker Mi Blog: Mi Twitter: https:twitter.comCrakerMc Mi Facebook: http:www.facebook.comCrakerBlog
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game | CAT CAFE AND POKEMON CENTER!!!! Japan Trip Day 4 Damien and Kimmi

CAT CAFE AND POKEMON CENTER!!!! Japan Trip Day 4 Damien and Kimmi

Sorry this video is a little late! We haven't had much Internet the last couple of days :( Make sure to "like" our facebook page! We post pictures there everyday :D http:www.facebook.comdamienandkimmiWe'll be uploading as much as we can, whenever we have wifi. So if the videos are a little irregular, sorry :P _____________________________ OUR INFO:Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comDamienAndKimmiKIMMI Music Channel: -Twitter: http:www.twitter.comKimmiSmiles (@KimmiSmiles) -Instagram: http:www.instagram.comTheKimmiSmiles (@TheKimmiSmiles) -Tumblr: http:www.KimmiSmiles.tumblr.comDAMIEN -Twitter: http:www.twitter.comDaym_0h -Instagram: http:www.instagram.comDaym_0h _____________________________FRIEND'S INFO!Kei Twitter: http:www.twitter.comitskei27 (@itskei27)
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Japanese Arcade Tour 4 Club SEGA in Akihabara

In the heart of Akihabara, 7 floors of pure arcade goodness. Enjoy.
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Good afternoon everyone! (HD and Subtitles Available)Recently, I visited Tokyo with Lisa!!! Very exciting because it's Lisa's first time in Japan!! We both did not sleep a wink on the first night in Japan... We met up with our friend, Wilson, in Shinjuku and explored Tokyo at night on our first night. Wilson is currently staying in Japan and teaches English at a school. Senseiiii^^ Also did some shopping at the 24hr department store Donkihote.My Tokyo Vacation 2015 Part 2:****************************************************Welcome to my channel everyone!! My name is Jamie and I love Japanese fashion and makeup. You will find makeup tutorials, product reviews, travel vlogs, and outfit videos here. I also enjoy doing fun challenges videos! If you have any video suggestions, fill free to let me know in the comments. I will try my best to do them!!****************************************************Enjoy the video and check out my channel for more: my latest makeup video: Instagram: @thepetitepanda
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Os Game Centers do Japão são bastante populares e, apesar de terem poucos arcades no formato que conhecíamos antes, ainda conseguem trazer grandes títulos para os aficionados em games. Nesse vídeo conheceremos um pouco mais sobre essas lojas, o que divide espaço com os games e várias máquinas de corrida, jogos musicais e de card game.Clique para se Inscrever → http:goo.glZlIzSz Assista nossas Lives - http:www.twitch.tvvelberan Bom de Garfo - Quer apoiar o canal → http:apoia.sevelberanTwitter: http:www.twitter.comvelberan Instagram: http:www.instagram.comvelberanGameplay do Card Game de Arcade Pokémon Tretta no Canal Secundário: http:youtu.beKT14uwsLQpEVídeo dos Jogos Musicais do História Revista: http:youtu.be93qTbdYrPC4Outros vídeos usados aqui - Ufo Catcher Ninja - http:youtu.beC4L_W913e6wCabines Fotográficas (Purikura) - http:youtu.beZ7VJu_qeIEgKingyo Sukui no Gemu - http:youtu.beZm_nZpi2a0sMario Party Kurukuru Carnival - http:youtu.bewLnyhNjI6I4Mario Kart Arcade GP DX - http:youtu.besmvClapGG6QInitial D - http:youtu.bei6mdKoqPHAs http:youtu.be413kkj4jSsECardgames - http:youtu.beFe38zSpUnKQ http:youtu.beUTOh40gk0dY http:youtu.bezHS1KIo-F_kTaiko Drum Master - http:youtu.be7nQIC2ZkRJIApresentação de Taiko - http:youtu.beBl61_a1-a_sGroove Coaster - http:youtu.beb9RiQQkfShY http:youtu.beYBAdRPJYAs4MaiMai http:youtu.be52mw3XLayQg http:youtu.beBRXWkh3nzx4 http:youtu.beDFgKL403N38
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game | The G Files Weird Arcade Games

The G Files Weird Arcade Games

Japan makes some really weird stuff... Follow me on FaceBook and Twitter for exclusive videos, updates, and announcements! http:www.facebook.comPeanutButterGamer http:twitter.comPeanutButterGmr Live Stream: http:www.twitch.tvpeanutbuttergamer
3,438 views | Aug 16, 2011
game | Japanese Crystal Ball Performer Contact Juggling

Japanese Crystal Ball Performer Contact Juggling

This guy was hanging out in Yoyogi park in Harajuku, Tokyo, on a Sunday afternoon. He has clearly practiced a lot! I loved the music he played during his performance. My friends and I were completely mesmerized. He has a very expressive face too, with a charming smile... it really sells the show in the end. Made me feel like a little kid.UPDATE: This video has been up for a while now and I have some information that some of my viewers will appreciate. First, the juggler's name is Okotanpe - and yes he's amazing - one of my favorite memories of Japan! Second, the song that he uses in his final act is called ソレイユ (soreiyu, spelled using katakana, meaning sun, is the Japanese pronunciation of the French word "soleil", also meaning sun). It is sung by Yoshie Nakano 中納良恵. Here's a link to the video: The beginning of the song is by UA (ううあ) and it comes from an old Japanese folk song: Here are the traditional lyrics: http:bcl.rpen.uszerowikiindex.php?title=Hiraita,_Hiraita I don't know exactly what size ball Okotanpe uses in this video (other users have suggested that it is 95mm - 100mm), but you're welcome to ask him. Here's his youtube page: Also, here's his official webpage: Here's where you can buy a crystal ball pouch like Pakkun: http:welovegreen.ocnk.netproduct-list20 If you're interested in contact juggling, check out this online community: Hope this info helps! Keep asking if you're confused about anything! :)A special thank you to: chermanzoo20, Atroskelis, KaySan666Braskass, TimRavec, GorthanD, pedrofrq and Logitrick for helping me tag this video in Spanish, Romanian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Danish!
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Blog: http:hsa-japan.ciee.orgjustin-Ehringhaus Directed by Christopher Nolan. ------- This is the movie that my homeroom class made. Unfortunately, I had arrived to Japan near the end of school festival preparations, so only was able to help out a little. Try to see if you can find me! (It's really not that hard, Mr.Mrs. Detective). Anyway, this video includes everyone in my homeroom, meaning most of my classmates as well. Everyone had a lot of fun and put in a lot of time after-school in order to make this compilation video. Overall. I rate this year's bunkasai a 1010! Not that I've seen, or will see another one anytime soon. Cheers to my homeroom, the best! -Juchaeh
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Vlog Ep. 6 - Japan! SUBSCRIBE - http:bit.ly1P91Uss NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY! ✩ Instagram - https:www.instagram.comwearekingingit ✩ ✩ Twitter - https:twitter.comkingingit100 ✩ Our Equipment: http:bit.ly1NnK7by ✩$30 off your first Air Bnb Trip - http:bit.ly2a9hngRWe spent 10 days travelling from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, then heading to Kyoto and then Osaka. We also went to Joyopolis in Tokyo and Universal Studios in Osaka which was IMMENSE! :) Check it out! Also a few DJI Phantom 2 shots in for good measure ;)Our Top 10 Travel Essentials: J Pillow - http:amzn.to2bg6fP5 SuitcaseLocker Lock: http:amzn.to2bg73Ud Mosquito Net: http:amzn.to2bg57em Mosquito Deet Spray: http:amzn.to2bhwb91 After Bite: http:amzn.to2aLU0JF Bite Zapper: http:amzn.to2bhxHb0 Portable Speak - http:amzn.to2bg7kGw Travel Adapter - http:amzn.to2bg7Dl0 Battery Pack - http:amzn.to2bhxEMw Diarrhoea RehydrationDioralyte - http:amzn.to2bg70I8 Hard Drive - http:amzn.to2b7pTu6 Our Equipment: Drone: http:amzn.to2bO3PYW Canon S120 - http:amzn.to2bhv1KM GoPro Hero 4 Black (Best one!): http:amzn.to2aLSGpS GoPro Silver (with Screen): http:amzn.to2bkseVi GoPro Session: http:amzn.to2bhv9tB Fuji X100s: http:amzn.to2b7p3NV (Newer) Fuji X100T: http:amzn.to2bhw2Cs
1,135 views | Nov 01, 2014
game | Japan Fascinating Diversity Oishii The Magnificent Flavors of Tohoku

Japan Fascinating Diversity Oishii The Magnificent Flavors of Tohoku

Oishii: The Magnificent Flavors of Tohoku Japan: Fascinating Diversity (MOFA Japan) http:www.mofa.go.jpjapan_fascinating_diversityindex.html
3,011 views | Mar 04, 2012

game | How To Solve 5 Rubik s 1 minute! Record Breaker

How To Solve 5 Rubik s 1 minute! Record Breaker

Each week we bring you some of the craziest records being broken in Japan. Get ready... IT'S GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS JAPAN SHOW!The fastest time to solve 5 Rubik's cubes using one hand is 1 min 52.46 sec and was achieved by Yumu Tabuchi (Japan) on the set of Bikkuri Chojin Special #3 (Fuji TV) in Tokyo, Japan, on 15 March 2010.LIKE us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comGuinnessWorldRecordsFOLLOW us on Twitter: #GWR #GuinnessWorldRecords #worldrecord
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game | Crazy Awesome games at Japanese sports center! 外国人グループでラウンドワン

Crazy Awesome games at Japanese sports center! 外国人グループでラウンドワン

Craziest slash most awesome games EVER at Round1. AKA what happens when foreigners go to a Japanese sports and arcade center.Day 2 of our Nagoya Meetup, at Round1!Day 1: who appeared: Shane: Kaz: Regan: Emily: André: Aala: Charles: Tim: subtitles thanks to: Swooshpragler German subtitles thanks to: Swooshpragler & Ruby L. French subtitles thanks to: MrsKaotella Polish subtitles thanks to: lolpl0000 Hebrew subtitles thanks to: עמית משיח Dutch subtitles thanks to: Uchiha Madara Spanish subtitles thanks to: Andrea Cobo Romanian subtitles thanks to: Ioana Caraman Portuguese (Brazil) subtitles thanks to: Gabriel Paulino Hungarian subtitles thanks to: Andrea Polacsek Swedish subtitles thanks to: FeMiWiWant to help subtitle our videos? http:rachelandjun.blogspot.jp201401r-video-transcripts.html【You can also find us:】 ×Gaming channel: ×Extra videos: ×Jun's Kitchen: ×Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvrachelandjunprofile ×Facebook: https:www.facebook.comRachelAndJun ×Twitter: https:twitter.comRachelAndJun ×Instagram: http:instagram.comrachelandjun ×Our blog: http:rachelandjun.blogspot.comThe song is by R o e l i n, just for us! :D
2,688 views | Nov 20, 2014
game | PSH 2014 Japan Trip VLog Day 1 JAPAN BOUND

PSH 2014 Japan Trip VLog Day 1 JAPAN BOUND

Every two years Parkway South's Japanese program organizes summer trip to Japan. This is the third of the summer trips and my second time going on a summer school trip to Japan. Our trip consisted of a homestay in a city called Suwa in the Nagano prefecture of Japan for ten days. Then we went Kyoto and stayed for 2 nights at a traditional Japanese hotel. Then we stayed 8 days in Tokyo to finish up our 20 day trip.Our group consisted of the Japanese teacher, another adult chaperone, and 8 students from Parkway South. Of these students 6 were seniors who graduated two weeks before the trip.It was a fun and enjoyable experience and I hope that I can return to Japan at some point.
3,614 views | Jun 23, 2014

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