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Japanese Toy Stores!!

From - Posted: Nov 16, 2009 - 367,881 viewsGame | Japanese Toy Stores!! | Japanese Toy Stores!!
Japanese Toy Stores!!
Japanese Toy Stores!!
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A visit to 3 Japanese toy stores in the Osu Kannon shopping district of Nagoya, Japan.

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Yea..... self indulgence at its best I am just a big KID MAP!!!!,137.971051&sspn=0.007788,0.021007&gl=jp&brcurrent=3,0x60188e9e5f4cc7ab:0x4a37d1b195df6042,0&ie=UTF8&hq=ueno&hnear=&ll=35.711505,139.77541&spn=0.000105,0.000656&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=35.711506,139.77541&panoid=c_DHGt6-d-7wZqOBxtGYag&cbp=11,212.62,,0,-11.93 A toy store like this can be a real adventure for a gaijin who loves action figures or any anime related paraphernalia. There are also limited edition movie and classic anime items never seen back home. Some of this stuff can catch a high price on ebay or auctions if you have the right skills. Getting stuff to the states can be difficult due to the fact that a lot of Japanese internet stores and retailers do not ship to the US. The language barrier is also a problem there. Need stuff shipped to outside Japan? Try this site!! http:www.tenso.comendannyindex.html?ad_code1=danny1
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