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Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta

From - Posted: Jul 19, 2013 - 906 viewsGame | Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta | Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
Trailer Duration: 19 minutes 55 seconds 
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como cada viernes una nueva creepypasta :D no olviden darle pulgar arriba si les gusta y suscribirse para más :D

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jeff the killer movie trailer

my project for my film class, special thanks to corey and my teacher mrs. smith, also thanks to MrBettyKrueger for the voice of jeff the killer, and the music is alice madness returns, intro theme
2,680 views | Nov 07, 2013

Jeff VS Slenderman Light Em Up by Fall Out Boy MV

EDIT: Alright, I'm getting spammed by people asking the same questions over and over again.Did JeffSlendermanthe girl die? No. You can find more here: http:p4percake.deviantart.comartBlue-Pact-Book-1-Chapter-2-Page-10-428732876Why is Jeff upset at Slenderman throwing him into that gravestone and subsequently making him angry? That is is brother, Liu's gravestone. if you read the original story like I asked, you wouldn't be asking this question. Srsly.Who is this demon girlannoying chick? More on her here: http:p4percake.deviantart.comartBlue-Pact-Book-1-Chapter-1-Page-1-425582637Is she (the girl) Jane the Killer? ......are you even fucking kidding me?The girl would look good with ZalgoSlenderman (not a question, I just found this entertaining Honestly...I never even thought about that. It's funny to see my OC paired with anyone, actually. Especially a creepypasta character. But...not gonna happen. There is however a dynamic between her, Slenderman and Jeff, which if you follow the manga the links go to, you will see very soon. (It's still in progress.)Jeff The Killer versus The Slenderman Pause to see details of the text in the video, and see if you can spot the references!!! Also, this is not meant to infringe the copyright of Fall Out Boy, and was designed to be a fan-made animated video that they will hopefully see and appreciate. The original artist is a HUGE fan. Subscribe to the Kluster! Email us at: Based on the original Custom Pasta: http:creepypasta.wikia.comwikiJeff_the_Killer_versus_Slenderman Contuation here: http:p4percake.deviantart.comartBlue-Pact-Book-1-Chapter-1-Page-1-425582637Main artist: Featured artists: http:kofeyshka.deviantart.comartSlenderman-309032389 http:kumn.deviantart.comartJeff-the-Killer-at-the-death-door-351727574 Songs: Light 'Em Up (My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark) by Fall Out Boy Bad Apple!! Music Box Ver by Touhou Project
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Creepypasta Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman Terror Psicologico

Hola Amigos de Youtube Gracias por Pasar ! Si te gusto el Video Dale Like y Suscribete
212 views | Mar 09, 2014

jeff the killer vs jack sin ojos

creepypsta ,no olviden suscrivirse, manito arriba si les gusto mi face:https:www.facebook.comrockerooscuro?ref=tn_tnmn
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SLENDER MAN Angry Birds Shorts 18

Can You Guess Who The Slenderman Was? Comment Below!
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Gta Sa Slenderman VS Jeff the killer loquendo

hoy slenderman pelea contra jeff para ganar el concurso.Face:https:www.facebook.comLoquendoXfacux
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jeff the killer criminal

ola loquit@s hoy les traigo a mi novio""" jeff the killer y se lo que estan pensando que soy una loquita jaja..........................jaja........................que importa es sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
417,257 views | Aug 05, 2013

jeff the kille vete a dormir parte 1

hola amigos amantes de lo paranormal y las historias de terror hoy les traigo una historia, muy famosa jeff the kille espero les guste
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TMNT 2014 Raphael vs Shredder HQ

Property of paramount pictures, mirage studios , nickelodeon movies For entertainment purposes only. Tmnt movie scene
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habbo parte 2 haora si soy jeff the killer D

jeffthekiller19 ese es mi correo de habbo
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The Sandman Creepypasta

Guess whose Birthday it is today? If you said CreepsMcPasta you'd be right! If you said MrCreepyPasta you'd ALSO be right... strange huh.Patreon- http:www.patreon.comCreepsMcPastaAnyway I haven't had a story requested this much in such a long time! So here you are-Too scared? Check out my side channel- by Tam Lin- http:creepypasta.wikia.comwikiThe_SandmanCreepsMcPasta stuff- http:creepsmcpasta.spreadshirt.comJoin our Creepy Pasta forum- http:creepypastanetwork.comforumsFollow me on- http:www.facebook.comCreepsMcPasta https:twitter.comCreeps_McPastaMusic and SFX- you have a Creepy Pasta you want me to read, send them to- creepypasta is for entertainment purposes only-
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slenderman vs jeff the killer batalla final

es la ultima batalla en la que verán quien es el mejor
3,227 views | Nov 16, 2013

Jeff the Killer fan made Trailer

not mine but this. is. EPIC,
565 views | Mar 04, 2013

Slenderman VS Jeff The Killer parte Final

espero que les guste creador del video
733 views | Jan 23, 2014

Jeff the killer el origen creepypasta

bueno esta creepypasta me ah costado bastante subirla,editarla y demas. aunq tengo un fail muy grande ya que al hacer el video, por alguna razón dura 32 minutos el video : pero bien acaba en el minut
146 views | Jul 05, 2013

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