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Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta

From - Posted: Jul 19, 2013 - 914 viewsGame | Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta | Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
Jeff the killer vs Slenderman Creepypasta
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como cada viernes una nueva creepypasta :D no olviden darle pulgar arriba si les gusta y suscribirse para más :D

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Si te ha gustado, puntúa el vídeo con Me gusta FAVORITOS y suscríbete para ver mucho más ;) Graciasss!!Sígueme por Twitter -- http:www.twitter.comWiller104Canal -- e-mail --
633 views | Apr 15, 2013

Slenderman vs Jeff the killer Animación

YA HAY SUBTITULOS EN INGLES¡¡ si no se ven favor de presioner la tecla subtitulos bueno, saludos a todos este creepypasta era otro que queria animar me gusto mas esta version ya que es la mas corta tambien me gusta la otra pero ya ven, problemas con el programa jejeje disfruten
921,251 views | Mar 28, 2013

Jeff The Killer Vs Slender Man Gta Sa

Update: Wow! I can't bealive I got So Many Views! It was not really meant to get all these views! thank you all :)Artist:The Enigma TNG Song: Unofficial SSJ3 Broly themeLink To The Song:
1,126,223 views | Sep 09, 2013


Hola gente de Youtube aqui SuperLuis180 en AudioSurf trayendo a dos grandes Creppypastas Jeff Tje Killer y Slenderman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progama que grabo FRAPSProgama que Edito: Camatasia Studio 8Skype:daivdbote180 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----ADVENRTENCIA NO ROBO CANCIONES LOS AUTORES LAS HACEN PARA QUE PODAMOS TOCARLASLike,Comenta Y Suscribite para mas de mis VIDEOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canales de los representantesDeigamer: Keyblade:
767 views | Dec 07, 2013

LOQUENDO Gta San Andreas Jeff The Killer VS Slenderman Ep1

¡ANTES QUE NADA,SI ME VAS A PEDIR QUE TE DE PERMISO DE USAR MI VIDEO EN TU PAGINA CONSULTA MI FACEBOOK¡ https:www.facebook.compablo.esponda.Suscribite YA QUE HE TENIDO VARIAS OPCIONES QUE ME ROBAN VIDEOS Y DICEN QUE HAN PEDIDO MI PERMISO Y NO ES VERDAD, YA VARIOS ME HAN ROBADO EL VIDEO Y DICHO QUE TUBO MI PERMISO AL USARLO.. Gracias.Hola,les traigo 1 nuevo video de batallas Legendarias,El link de las animsSkin Jeff + Animaciones De Correr: http:www.mediafire.comdownload9dwcra4r4k70wu8Skin+De+Jeff+The+Killer+y+anims.rarMi Facebook ^^ : https:www.facebook.compablo.esponda.Suscribite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2013® Pa blo Producciones® █║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ │║║█║ τσdσs lσs Dεяεcнσs яεsεяvαdσs
39,288 views | Nov 04, 2013

Jeff The Killer VS Slenderman

Hola Gente, Perdon Por Subirlo Tarde D: AQUI ESTOY Despues De Tantos Dias (? Hoy Les Traigo Jeff The Killer Vs Slenderman Espero Que Les Guste Deja Tu Manito Arriba, Comenta, Y Compartilo Aqui Te Dejo Los Links Para Que Me Sigas En Las Redes Sociales https:www.facebook.compagesMechayjulian233800866729552 https:twitter.comMechaYJulian http:ask.fmLuniittaaa ------------------------------------------------- HASTA EL PROXIMO VIDEO :D
1,410 views | Feb 03, 2013

Creepypasta Jeff the killer VS Slenderman

Esta es mi nueva creepypasta pronto subire la de Espejito Espejito saludos a Nubecita Editions
2,681 views | Oct 05, 2013

Minecraft Mods CRAZY CREEPERS! Elemental Creepers Mod Showcase

Minecraft Mods- Elemental Creepers Mod - Which was your favorite new creeper?? Let's smash 2000 likes for this Minecraft Mod! +Subscribe : http:bit.ly12cbTHcELEMENTAL CREEPERS MOD : http:www.minecraftforum.nettopic498342-151-elemental-creepers-v321-daawwwwwww ------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook : http:www.facebook.comLittleLizardG Twitter : https:twitter.comLittleLizardG Google+ : -----------------------------------------------------------------
906,944 views | Feb 26, 2014

Jeff The Killer Original Creepy Pasta Story

A Perfect way for a creepy night in! If I could please get suggestions for my Halloween Special, that would be really helpful! :D Follow me on Twitter! https:twitter.commarko4760 Original story can be found here: http:creepypasta.wikia.comwikiJeff_the_Killer
7,387 views | Oct 04, 2013

Minecraft Animation 2 Slenderman VS Jeff The Killer

Historia: Carlitos estaba aburrido , así que invocó a Slenderman y a Jeff The Killer para que peleen, por un momento la pelea se sale de control , pero Carlitos logra controlarlos, se dan el golpe final , y se decide el ganador... Instrumental:
241,351 views | Sep 24, 2013

Creepypasta Battle Royale Jeff The Killer VS Sonic.Exe VS Slenderman V...

A battle between the most famous creepy pastas out there ! Which one is your favorite ? =)Requested by Bat-Giosuè-NerdMods of Super Smash Bros Brawl Playlist: I accept requests for fights between hacked fighters !Credits: Slender Man by Iwvi Jeff the Killer Chibi by Lunoz with credit to PikMusic: Haven (PlayStation 2)
338,294 views | Apr 27, 2014

psicosis creepypasta loquendo

FACEBOOK:https:www.facebook.comMrx90007?ref=hl TWITTER:https:twitter.comMRX90007amigos no olviden suscribirse,comentar y darle me gusta quiero agradecer a volaverunt0pus666
6,627 views | Jan 21, 2013

jeff the killer movie trailer

my project for my film class, special thanks to corey and my teacher mrs. smith, also thanks to MrBettyKrueger for the voice of jeff the killer, and the music is alice madness returns, intro theme
2,766 views | Nov 07, 2013

SlenderMan Movie

Who is the "Slenderman"?: He is a man without a face that follows his victims, untill he takes them. Nobody knows what he does to them, but they never show again. The victims are most of the times kids, but he also follows older people that have experience something horrible in their lives.http:theslenderman.wikia.comwikiSlender_ManMost of you saw this episode coming, but here it is anyways! And don´t worry, guys! Mafia Wars wasn´t the ending to the Lyosacks. It was the beginning of a journey.Audio file(s) provided by http:www.audiomicro.comVoice Actors:Alec Lynch: Vince Ackerman: Ray Osbourne: Emmy Ackerman: Music: Slender Audio: Creepy Old Dude: the tags: "Mafia Wars (Video Game)" The Code New Episode Titanic 3D Romance Vengeance Action Nazi Zombies Call of Duty World at War Black Ops COD Nazism Zombie Film Scary Halloween "The Zombies" Jason Freddy Nightmare Gore Thriller Living Dead "Halloween (franchise)" Lyosacks Elm Friday 13th Evil Street Slasher "Dawn Of The Dead" Modern Trailer The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Saw Dark Knight Rises Star "Call Duty" Rocky Mw2 Rob Cod4 "Action (physics)" Animation Anime Slenderman (will the senderman take you?)For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http:ChannelPages.comTheLyosacks
656,323 views | Jan 22, 2013

Little Big Planet JEFF THE KILLER The Derp Crew

The Derp crew is supreme! THE DERP CREW WILL SHENANIGANS. THE DERP CREW WILL PLAY LBP!!!! Leave a rating please :)You can Subscribe by clicking this link! Thank you! Derp Crew and I take a dive into the Co op world of little big planet...and we discover that complete bullshitery would occur if we ever lived here x.xEnjoy the Co op fun and excitementThanks for watching, this has been...CHILLEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CHAOSDerp's Channel me on the Internets! http:www.twitter.comChilledChaos http:www.facebook.comTheChilledChaos http:www.twitch.tvChilledChaos
1,222,063 views | Aug 25, 2013

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