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Juego Del Ataque de los Titanes Online Super Bueno!

From - Posted: Jul 11, 2013 - 3,685 viewsGame | Juego Del Ataque de los Titanes Online Super Bueno! | Juego Del Ataque de los Titanes Online Super Bueno!
Juego Del Ataque de los Titanes Online Super Bueno!
Juego Del Ataque de los Titanes Online Super Bueno!
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*****************Suscribir**************** Link http:adf.lyRuO0e Entran a la pagina esperan 5seg y dan en saltar publicidad despues se van a descargar el programa que te recomienda la pagina para poderlo jugar se llama Unity web player solo dan click y descargar y lo instalan y listo Espero les guste jeje ...Pagina web

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recuerden darle a like y suscribirse XD (si quereis por supuesto).hola que tal atodos espero que se lo pasen de lo mejor ,con el vídeo y después de verlo darle me gusta, suscribiros y por supuesto comentar ,lo que les ha parecido el vídeo del juego: http:fenglee.comgameaog
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pasenla-super xD jugandolo pero recuerden darle al like antes XD gracias de del super juego: http:fenglee.comgameaog
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Hola que tal amigos, en este vídeo les muestro un juego del tan famoso anime Shingeki no Kyojin- el ataque de los titanes el cual lo podran descargar en el siguiente link (como siempre, en mega):!ec4zXRbD!D5DK_jdNkMOb7VJnk5Yfex88KP58kHCsl47rgYjpwxM Ojala que te guste el video y disfrutes mucho del juego ya que es entretenido estar un rato matando titanes. Recuerda comentar y suscribirte. Una descripción de los personajes:Personajes:-Mikasa-Levi-Jean-Armin-Marco (creo que lo pusieron por lastima)Habilidades: -Mikasa :un golpe hacia abajo con las dos espadas -Levi:un corte giratorio muy chevere -Jean: se escapa cuando los titanes te agarran (es el unico suertudo que se salva) -Marco:llama la atencion de los titanes (por eso murio) para que otro jugador le pegue en la nuca y lo mate. -Armin: hace reir a los titanes con un baile medio gay pero en ese monento cuando losellos se rien tu puedes matarlos o escapar como un marika.
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Hey! TinyTark here, I was thinking about what to do for a video, after some time I remembered, I saw a armoured titan skin on AOTskins (I will be doing more custom fights like this) and decided I would have a look at doing this, I did a few test runs (by that I mean 20) both I and Demonzspawn9014 had planned to do this, unfortunately he couldn't make it, in this video it is my solo attempt, next video will be a joint commentary with me and Demonzspawn9014 taking on the Armoured titan with 4k HP. A sub is appreciated but not needed, it's nice when I see there is another sub because it motivates me to carry on making videos, either way, I hope you enjoy(ed) the video.Shadowblades: TinyTark Skysthelimit Flipwillo MintyShark Demonzspawn9014 (Returning)I do not own any of the songs in the video the credit goes to the rightful ownersSupport Guedin's Attack on Titan and the titan Dave (I am calling it Dave, support it) https:www.facebook.comguedinaot?fref=tsPlay the game here! http:fenglee.comgameaogDemonzspawn9014 will be rejoining attack on titan because he cannot make up his mind on whether to leave, now he will be returning and doing joint commentary soon. Also there will be yet another one of these "Armoured Titan" battles, I will have him with me. And along with that, Shadowblade will consist of 3 unless FlipWillo and Skysthelimit contact me, I haven't spoken with them in a few months and presume they have moved on, the remaining members will be: TinyTark (obviously) Demonzspawn9014 MintySharkIf you would like to join, meet me in-game or meet one of the others and ask them if you can meet me, if you do happen to find me and I think you are good enough, I will extend a one-time-only offer to join, you will need Skype so we can contact you if we need to.If you think I am trying to get views, I am not, I just make videos for fun and want something to dedicate my spare time to. This is a custom boss fight so please, do not complain about it not being a real boss.*Note* if you noticed I set it to normal and wonder why, it's because I expect the armoured titan to be strong but slow, so I had it on normal because he reacts slower and doesn't get up as fast as if he is heavyIf you want to find any songs in this video, check the comments first, I have probably answered it already. Thanks!
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hola que tal a espero te a halla gustado my video y si pues ya que quisas otro ,igual lo haga XD pero bueno te invito a darle me gusta para ayudarme, a saber si lo que hago les divierte o no .link del juego aquí: http:fenglee.comgameaog
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En este video explico algunas cosas que he vivido en cuanta propia sobre como jugar en estado online el juego que a todos nosotros nos encanta, si ese mismo attack of titan.}:3 recuerden dejar su like y suscribirse si son nuevos, chaito....
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ALL CRACKS: https:goo.glnJuW3KVOTE 4 NEXT VIDEO HERE: http:animecrack.orgchoose-next-videoSONGLIST:00:00 Dr.Dre - I Need A Doctor00:13 Yello - Oh Yeah00:24 Tim Wilson - Booty Song00:31 Disturbed - Down with The Sicknest00:38 LOCALCON?O by Trazzto - Parodia Anuncio Desigual00:46 Hot Chocolate - I Belive In Miracles00:52 Amazing Horse -Song00:56 System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B. (Instrumental) 01:11 JAWS 1975 - Main Title01:16 Tiny Tim - Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlight01:21 Gunther - Ding Dong01:32 He man song (HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA)01:39 Suck My Dick- Dj Valentino01:43 SMF - Hahaha01:49 LORY MONEY - Cafe con leche01:52 Bossa Nova, Instrumental, The Girl From Ipanema02:00 Ying Yang Twins - Wait02:07 Titanic (OST)02:15 Chop Suey - System of a Down02:18 Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Get Low02:24 The Pedo Bear Song02:35 Right Said Fred - I`m Too Sexy02:47 Eminem - Just Lose It02:51 (?)03:03 Titanic (OST) 03:16 Yello - Oh Yeah03:19 Austin & Ally - I Think About03:28 YG feat. Nipsey Hussle - You Broke03:32 N.W.A.-Fuck Tha Police03:37 Skyrim Theme Song03:50 Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy03:52 Outlandish - Guantanamo04:00 yello - oh yeah04:10 Rosi Golan - Shine 04:20 Zack Hemsey - "Mind Heist: Evolution"05:00 Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round05:07 Ludacris - Move Bitch05:25 Henry Mancini - Baby Elephant Walk05:29 Dope - Dirty World05:35 Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song05:48 Shingeki no kyojin sad ost "Marco"06:11 Privatehellproductions - Haunted House Story06:16 The Potato Song06:41 Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball07:01 White Gangster - OMG07:03 emmure area 64-6607:11 Kevin MacLeod - Look Busy07:21 Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You07:36 Public Service Announcement -S3RL07:50 N1nt3nd0 -Mama I'm a criminal07:56 Nyan Cat08:02 Tono Rosario Que Lo Que Pasa Aki dj Tony morris edit08:27 Snoop Dogg - Smoke Weed Everyday08:38 The WTF Singalong08:42 Electric Six - Gay Bar08:52 Bossa Nova, Instrumental, The Girl From Ipanema09:19 Chasis - Atlantis ME:PATREON https:www.patreon.comDEFITWITTER https:twitter.comDEFIBRILATUSFACEBOOK https:facebook.comDefibrilatusVK http:vk.comdefi.brilator
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AHSS Montage Attack On Titan Tribute Game 巨人の獵手 Zekkai

AHSS Montage - Attack On Titan Tribute Game - 巨人の獵手 - Zekkai Subscribe Abonne toi : http:bit.lySushiRainbow Facebook : http:bit.lyFBSushiRainbow GAME LINK : http:fenglee.comgameaog FORUM : http:fenglee.comforumindex.php Reddit : https:www.reddit.comrattackontitangame game based on the popular anime Attack on TitanShingeki no KyojinSong : Phantom Power Music - Double Agent Dos Brains - The Greater Realm Prelude Pusher (Choir) Hans Zimmer - Time - (Instrumental Core Remix)Character : AHSS Username : Zekkai Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
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SPEED RACER Attack on Titan Fangame

This Attack on Titan fangame is hugely impressive! I FEEL SO BOUNCYDying Light ►►Twitter : https:twitter.comJack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: http:instagram.comjacksepticeye ►Facebook : https:facebook.comofficialjacksepticeye ►Merchandise: http:jacksepticeye.fanfiber.comGame Link: http:gamejolt.comgamesguedin-s-attack-on-titan-fan-game117610Outro animation created by the talented Cranbersher: Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
4,235 views | Jan 24, 2016
game | Levi GOD Mode vs Titan Attack On Titan No Regrets Episode 2 OVA Shingeki no Kyojin

Levi GOD Mode vs Titan Attack On Titan No Regrets Episode 2 OVA Shinge...

After seeing Isabel and Farlan dead, Captain Levi goes GOD Mode vs Titan - Attack On Titan No Regrets Episode 2 OVA Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 For More videos go to: https:www.facebook.comHonestAnime ***Click "SHOW MORE" for links***Join the Otaku community: http:bit.lyAnimeSubscribeAdd Me As Friend! ► http:facebook.comAnimeLiveReactionsFollow My Page! ► http:facebook.comHonestAnimeTweet Me! ► http:twitter.comHonestAnimeJoin My Circles! ►
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game | ATTACK ON TITAN • Foreign Import Gameplay

ATTACK ON TITAN • Foreign Import Gameplay

SPOILER: IT GETS DARK REAL FAST 🐮🔪 Subscribe: http:bit.ly1RQtfNf Cow Chop Merch: http:bit.ly1U8HCxD Twitter: http:bit.ly1XU3JgS Discuss: http:bit.ly1qvrlLDBeat Boxing Pro: http:bit.ly1NdSvRO Music: http:bit.ly28TvlSTSometimes the best things are found overseas and so we would like to explore that concept with Foreign Import. We will find the most random games from the distant lands and try our best to not be ignorant while we play them (no guarantees tho). Today we have ourselves Attack on Titan, a very well known anime when it comes to the states but the game is an arm and a leg away from being ported over to the western area. Fear not, the magic of importing has allowed us to explore that lore that is Attack on Titan. 🐮🔪The following is for those multicultural.Wat is dit oor anime en leersaamhede wat hand aan hand gaan? Anime kan selfs die sagste van mans gaan hard en leersaamhede skep so 'n belang dat dit ook kan maak mense kry swaar. Saam die combo skep sappige vloeistowwe wat net kan tevrede wees met reël 34.Una tragica storia di due pastelli, uno si abitua ogni giorno da un bambino che ama il colore , l'altro , non viene mai utilizzato. Perché è che alcuni pastelli semplicemente non vengono mai usati? Sono brutti colori? Se è così perché esistono? Questi pastelli poveri devono lunga attesa fino al giorno in cui sono utilizzati, che è ingiusto! Lotta per le matite!Thank You 🐮🔪
2,424 views | Jun 23, 2016

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