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Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough

From - Posted: Aug 08, 2008 - 167,686 viewsGame | Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough | Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough
Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough
Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough
Game Trailer Duration: 15 minutes 44 seconds 
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game | The Lost World Jurassic Park Arcade Game Full Playthrough Sega Arcade Classic

The Lost World Jurassic Park Arcade Game Full Playthrough Sega Arcade ...

This is a playthrough of the Arcade Classic, The Lost World: Jurassic Park from Sega. I hope that you all enjoy the video and if you do, give it a thumbs up or leave a comment down below. This video is mainly, if not all in widescreen 720p.If your interested in knowing my computer specs that I have to run this game. Here they are:Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BitIntel Core i7 2600K 3.40 GHzEVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD SuperClocked 1280MB 797MHzCorsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHzCooler Master Haf 932 Full Advanced ATX CaseCorsair Hydro Series H60 CPU CoolerAsus P8Z68-V Pro MotherboardSeagate Barracuda 1TB HDDOCZ 60GB SSD SATA 3Razer Blackwidow Ultimate KeyboardRazer DeathAdder MouseIMPORTANT!!!Supermodel 0.3 SVN Build 260:32-Bit Version: (Just extract the files and cut & paste them into your supermodel 0.3 SVN folder)64-Bit Version: (Just extract the files and cut & paste them into your supermodel 0.3 SVN folder)Supermodel 0.3 GUI (For those who don't want to use Command Prompt) (Just extract the files and cut & paste them into your supermodel 0.3 SVN folder)Happy Gaming everyone
2,893 views | Mar 11, 2012
game | The Lost World Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough

The Lost World Jurassic Park Arcade Playthrough

Jurassic Park: The Lost World from 1997 for the Sega Model 3 Arcade System. Im god awful at this game i know.
4,951 views | Jul 13, 2012
game | Jurassic Park ARCADE 1994

Jurassic Park ARCADE 1994

If you enjoyed this video, please consider checking out my channel for more content.This is a subtitled LP of Jurassic Park: ARCADE. - Alongside the playthrough will be subtitles accompanying the gameplay, with various facts and things about the game.If you are interested in watching the same playthrough without the subtitles: https:youtu.beap_qoB8SgkYPromotional flyer (Japanese): http:s.emuparadise.orgMAMEflyersjpark.pngGame Soundtrack
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game | ドキワク恐竜アドベンチャー! SEGA JURASSIC PARK

ドキワク恐竜アドベンチャー! SEGA JURASSIC PARK

いこう!君も未知なる”失われた世界”へ! 高画質16:9版更新!☛ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 評価説明発売年:1993開発/発売元:セガジャンル:アクションシューティングコントローラ:操縦桿型コントローラー(1ボタン付)システムボード:セガ システム32CPU構成[V60, Z80 (2)] 音源チップ[YM3438 (2), RF5C68]同名の大ヒット映画をガンシューティング化したもの。 映画の後日談という設定で、島に残された恐竜達を捕獲し、島のシステムを復旧することが目的。 こちら側の攻撃は麻酔銃一種類のみと非常にシンプルではあるが弾数に限りが無く、連射も可能。 だが恐竜の攻撃が激しく、回復アイテムが少ないために難易度は高い。 また、筐体は実際に搭乗するタイプで、シチュエーションに応じて座席が揺れ、 高い臨場感を味わうことが出来る。: 1993 Release YearSega Publisher: Development Genre: Action ShootingController: The controller 桿型 control (with a button)System board: Sega System 32Configuration CPU [V60, Z80 (2)] sound chip [YM3438 (2), RF5C68]Gun was shooting over the blockbuster film of the same name. Set in a movie sequel, our objective is to capture the dinosaur was left on the island, to recover the system of the island. As long as there is no ammo, but can also fire is very simple attack on this side is only one type of tranquilizer gun. Degree of difficulty is high but for violently attacking dinosaur, a small recovery items. In addition, the body is actually type boarding, seat swing, depending on the situation, Can appreciate the high sense of realism.
1,178 views | Aug 10, 2012
game | Jurassic Park Arcade 2015 No Damage

Jurassic Park Arcade 2015 No Damage

Jurassic Park: The Arcade is imported to Thailand in 30th of January, 2016. I recorded this playthrough on 20th of March 2016 at Echo Game & Karaoke (an arcade provider), Major Ciniplex Ratchayothin, Bangkok. Jurassic Park: the Arcade is traditional rail-shooting game, which is a player can't control a character movement, also known as a shooting gallery. Not only when attacked by dinosaur and bug, a player also take damage when shoot at a manwoman. Damn! How rude!!! The score counting system is a little bit weird. Basically, you gain score when shoot :+ a Jurassic creature (est. 25-500), + a breakable object (500), + a collectible item (2,000), + a critical target (normal: 300, lucky day: 1000) and + save a friend (est. 500-1,000). You also gain additional points (25 per hit) when you have high 'Streak'. The streak will be turned into score when continuity and progress are matched. For example, in the beginning of 'Cliffs of Thunder', streak cut-off point is zero that's means all hits are score. When the giant Pteranodon appear, streak will be turned into score if your streak is greater than 40. That's how you need more than 400-500 streak to gain extra point after passing the collapsed wooden observation tower and beginning the triceratops pursuit. The weird thing is sometimes the streak cut-off point is 200, which means you can get to 180,000 easily. Thus, it depends on you luck too. What a weird game.If you ask for my current High-scores, here they are: https:www.facebook.comphoto.php?fbid=1369322536427471
4,341 views | Mar 20, 2016
game | Jurassic Park III Area 1 complete

Jurassic Park III Area 1 complete

Video was recorded with Canon Ixus70, audio was recorded separately and then overlayed in Moviemaker in WMV format.* This is not MAME. This is Konami MG941-PWB Viper hardware. * Any moir or stripe phenomenons are due to filming a CRT. * Any audio lag or badly synced audio is due to possibly sloppy editing. * Any tearing in picture is due to the video being saved as WMV * Game runs at a stable 30 fps with no tearing. * Game was not played in one round, I had to record each Area at the time.Guns used are Happ brand with the newer "Universal Optical Gun Board".
1,218 views | Oct 16, 2012

game | AKUMA S WRATH Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter Cyber Akuma Destroys All

AKUMA S WRATH Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter Cyber Akuma Destro...

► Subscribe ► Click that LIKE button ► Twitter http:twitter.comAcidGlowxSo in this video we check out Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and play with the boss version of akuma known as "Cyber Akuma". AKUMA'S WRATH: Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter - Cyber Akuma Destroys AllAny donations will get shoutouts on a monthly video. https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NFVJZEJVDDRL4Fightcade Playlist Steam Multiplayer Playlist Instinct Season 3 Playlist Playlist News, Paranormal, History, Conspiracies XRay Attacks on Goro Mortal Kombat XL Combo on All Characters Mortal Kombat XL Fatalities Kombat XL All X-Ray Super Move Attacks Instinct Season 3 All Intros and Ultra Combo Finishers Super Move and Fatalities Playlist
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game | Jurassic Park Arcade COMPLETED!!! FULL PLAYTHROUGH


Here is a complete play through of every single mission of the awesome arcade shooter Jurassic Park. It features 9 missions and captures of all three dinosaurs T-Rex, Spino and Tricera.Check Out A Bunch of Completed Arcade Shooters here: Hundreds of Arcade Games Here: Hundreds of Arcade Driving Games Here: Out These FULL ARCADE GAME PLAY THROUGHS!BIG BUCK HD WILD Arcade DOE OF THE DEAD COMPLETED!! https:youtu.bec8ENNMQXWMQSega's House of the Dead 4 ARCADE COMPLETED! https:youtu.bebsFOLm-_PocSEGA Operation G.H.O.S.T. ARCADE COMPLETED! https:youtu.be4g48kc0A8KQTransformers Human Alliance COMPLETED! ALL MISSIONS! https:youtu.be_YKDVkanMuMLET'S GO ISLAND Arcade Game COMPLETED! https:youtu.begLwVcUPaaOMTransformers Human Alliance Arcade COMPLETED! https:youtu.belmgdK9H5zqEMonster Eye Arcade Game COMPLETED! https:youtu.beStqKp90bw1ELET'S GO JUNGLE Arcade Shooter COMPLETED! https:youtu.bennKfTR4CGmYDeadStorm Pirates Special Edition COMPLETED! https:youtu.beRUR_aCUGNKMLost Land Adventure COMPLETED! https:youtu.bekVSM2B9mmAkCheck out my Interactive Arcade Video where you can choose to see any game played (just about) in a video game arcade video! (Does that make sense?) https:youtu.beR0FjhqQslRQSee More Arcade Games Here! A GamezInvaders Subscriber! us on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comprofile.php?id=100009894751849Join us on Twitter: https:twitter.comGamezInvaders
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game | Jurassic Park Arcade Arcade Video Game

Jurassic Park Arcade Arcade Video Game

We just stepped into a whole new world full of prehistoric creatures. This is the new Jurassic Park Arcade video game! Once we sat down to play, it felt like we were face to face with dinosaurs. Crystal took on triceratops and Angel went head to head with T-rex! The graphics and game-play are very engaging and we sure had a good time playing this game. Maybe next time we will actually beat those dinosaurs!!! Jurassic Park has not seen the last of us.What is your favorite dinosaur?^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Our Vlog Channel ► Facebook ► https:www.facebook.complushtimewins Instagram ► http:instagram.complushtimewins Twitter ► https:twitter.complushtimewinsLike, comment, share, and subscribe for future arcade video game videos!Do you have fan art that you would like to send us? If so, you can email digital fan art to: [email protected] you can mail it to: Plush Time Wins PO Box 1322 Winter Haven, FL 33882 United States
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game | Tadd and Chris Play Jurassic Park Arcade Game T R

Tadd and Chris Play Jurassic Park Arcade Game T R

CHECK OUT OUR BEST VIDEO:'s Ranch Blasted Crust Pizza Rolls Revie: Hulapeño Pizza LIMITED EDITION :
1,274 views | Jun 23, 2015
game | Arcade Longplay 001 Jurassic Park

Arcade Longplay 001 Jurassic Park Played by Ironclaw Great Arcade classic!. I only played it two times, first time half the game to see if it worked correctly and stuff, second time I recorded the whole game. I used up 3 lives, would have been 2, but the game has graphic glitches and in some parts the collision detection were off and I couldn't shoot the stuff properly. I had about a half second delay on the cursor movement, no setting in the emulator made it better... wasn't so annoying anyway. At 13:15 the game has a big "hick-up", it happened during the recording and causes a slight sound delay in the rest of the movie. Whenever I lose a life, the game will have a quick "hick-up", it's just the "press start to continue" screen I cutted away. A temporary link to the original file just so you can see what it really should look like: http:www.fileshost.comenfile46776Jurassic-Park-mp4.html
2,090 views | Apr 19, 2008
game | Jurassic Park Arcade Game 2 Player Closed Booth Style Gun Game Kids Playing Multiple Missions

Jurassic Park Arcade Game 2 Player Closed Booth Style Gun Game Kids Pl...

Jurassic Park The Lost World Sega Game 2 Player Closed Booth Style Gun Game At Dave & Buster's Arcade was just the type of gun battle the kids were looking for and it was the first game they wanted to play when they entered the Gaming Center. Jurassic Park did not disappoint today. Why? Because, we all agreed either we forgot what the sounds graphics looked like with this game, or THIS particular Arcade Gaming Center receives an updated booth. The SOUND was incredible and the graphics seemed even more vibrant than what we felt and saw the last time we played this arcade game. Not sure, can't say one way or the other but the kids enjoyed fighting all the dinosaurs and prefer this Jurassic Park Arcade version far more than the Jurassic Park Los World version. We highly suggest the former over the latter if you could only play one or the other. ARCADE GAME PLAYED? Jurassic Park Arcade GameRECOMMENDED ARCADE GAME? Doc: "Recommended Arcade Game" E.L.: "Recommended Arcade Game" Rocky: "Recommended Arcade Game" Piper: "Recommended Arcade Game" The Maestro: "Recommended Arcade Game" M&M: "Recommended Arcade Game"Instagram Toy Hunting Gamers Toy & Game Photos: https:www.instagram.comtoyhuntinggamersArcade Games, Ticket Games, Claw Machine & Coin Pusher Videos Playlist: To This Youtube Channel:
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game | Jurassic Park 3 Toy Movie

Jurassic Park 3 Toy Movie

I own no rights to Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic Park, The Lost World Jurassic Park, or Michael Crichton. This video is a combination of Hasbro (formerly Kenner) and True Heroes action figure movement paired with related movie audio. It has been combined and cut in order to create a fluid and entertaining film. Certain pieces of film and audio were cut andor revised due to difficulty filming andor avoiding having long drawn out scenes. I am hoping that this video is both entertaining and inspiring for those that have a true appreciation and understanding for this type of creation. The film follows scenes and audio from Jurassic Park 3. Please enjoy, like, and share!
4,756 views | Oct 01, 2014
game | Mega Drive Longplay 094 Jurassic Park

Mega Drive Longplay 094 Jurassic Park Played by: BimmyLee83 A game that tortured my childhood. The controls are well-nigh broken and the framerate drags at certain points, making quite an infuriating and confounding gameplay experience. I chose to play as Grant since his control scheme doesn't seem to suck as much as the raptor's and I prefer a nice arsenal of weapons to play with. If you must play a Jurassic Park game on the Genesis, go with Rampage Edition. It rectifies these problems and is a blast to play overall.
4,949 views | Aug 03, 2010
game | Jurassic Park Arcade Full Play Through Actual PCB

Jurassic Park Arcade Full Play Through Actual PCB

Well, here it is. probably some of the worst gameplay ever but wanted to try out the controls after getting everything painted up so here goes nothing...really :(
1,995 views | Sep 12, 2011

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