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Jurassic Park Arcade Game MAME Part 1

From - Posted: Dec 30, 2010 - 16,730 viewsGame | Jurassic Park Arcade Game MAME Part 1 | Jurassic Park Arcade Game MAME Part 1
Jurassic Park Arcade Game MAME Part 1
Jurassic Park Arcade Game MAME Part 1
Game Trailer Duration: 8 minutes 35 seconds 
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Jurassic Park Arcade Game Play Through Part 1

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Well, here it is. probably some of the worst gameplay ever but wanted to try out the controls after getting everything painted up so here goes nothing...really :(
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UPDATE: This channel is no longer in use! Please subscribe to my new one. 33 "awesomes" I show you my Jurassic Park collection. Like I mentioned in the video here are links to my old Jurassic Park 4 script: http:www.scribd.comdoc74767800Jurassic-Park-IVLink to my second JP collection video!
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