Game | JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say?

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JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say?

From - Posted: Nov 10, 2013 - 13,351,502 viewsGame | JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say? | JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say?
JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say?
JUST DANCE 2014 Ylvis The Fox What Does the Fox Say?
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FANMDE! (MADE by me) JUST DANCE 2014 FANMADE DLC Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) original dance c: DANCER : ME :'D please like,comment and share fanmade gameplay for me c: "the dancer is me" XD c: enjoy if you like please a lot of work like that hard to reach these results (LIKE) if you hate good to avoid this,please... ENJOY :3 FACEBOOK:

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Follow me! Dailymotion (Leaked Content): dailymotion.comjdancefans Instagram: instagram.comjdancefans twitch.tvjdancefans Google+: ---------------------------------- Song: The Fox by Ylvis Difficulty: ???
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A preview of the sing-along version of Disney's award winning "Frozen" in UK cinemas nationwide now!To book your tickets go to: http:www.findanyfilm.comFrozen-Sing-AlongBuy the soundtrack here: Amazon - http:po.stfrozendisneya iTunes - http:po.stfrozendisneyi Due to the fantastic response to the original songs in Disney's "Frozen", audiences are invited to be part of the show as cinemas across the country introduce an all-new sing-along version of Disney's Oscar® and BAFTA®-nominated, Golden Globe®-winning big-screen adventure from 7th February 2014. Fans will be able to join in with the film's stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff with lyrics at the bottom of the screen and a bouncing snowflake to follow along the song.Disney's "Frozen" received two Oscar® nominations, including best animated feature and best original song ("Let It Go") and a BAFTA® nomination for Best Animated Film. Named best animated film by more than a dozen critics associations, the film won a Golden Globe® for best animated feature, two Critics Choice Movie Awards, including best animated feature and best song ("Let It Go"), and a Producers Guild of America Award for outstanding animated feature. "Frozen" features eight original songs from songwriting duo Kristen and Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q"), including the gripping "Let It Go," performed by Broadway star Idina Menzel.Buy the soundtrack here: Amazon - http:po.stfrozendisneya iTunes - http:po.stfrozendisneyi Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind "Tangled" and "Wreck-It Ralph," presents "Frozen," a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. The film is directed by Chris Buck ("Tarzan," "Surf's Up") and Jennifer Lee (screenwriter, "Wreck-It Ralph"), and produced by Peter Del Vecho ("Winnie the Pooh," "The Princess and the Frog"). Featuring music from Tony® winner Robert Lopez ("The Book of Mormon," "Avenue Q") and Kristen Anderson-Lopez ("In Transit"),Frozen is on Digital HD & 3D and Blu-ray, DVD & On-Demand in UK from 31st March with never-before-seen bonus extras to complement the film's gorgeous animation, memorable characters and unforgettable music."Like" us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comDisneyUK Follow us on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comDisney_UK
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Italian and vietnamese subtitles. iTunes: http:smarturl.itthefox-itunes Fra I kveld med Ylvis på TVNorge.Ylvis - [Official music video playlist HD]:øp eller stream sangen: iTunes: http:smarturl.itthefox-itunes Spotify: http:smarturl.itthefox-spotify WiMP: http:smarturl.itthefox-wimp#ylvisMusic video from the Norwegian talk show I kveld med YLVIS.http:www.facebook.comIkveldmedYLVIS?fref=tsMusic by M.EriksenT.E.HermansenV.YlvisåkerB.Ylvisåker Lyrics by V.YlvisåkerB.YlvisåkerC.Løchstøer Produced by StargateSBS Discovery © 2013
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Thank you all everybody, after 2 years with this channel, and actually 3 on youtube (because I lost my first account), I got almost 6000000 views, 5000 subscribers, 1 video with 1000000 views alone and 100 videos!!!! All because of you people! Thank you again and I hope you like this video, because it seems like you liked the first part of it XD. Season 3 beggins now.
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Just Dance 2014 Timber 5 Stars DLC

Watch this video to support me: -- Facebook: http:goo.gluzEe2 - Twitter: http:goo.glJGnct Timber by Pitbull featuring Ke$ha Difficulty: Medium
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FANMADE!!!!! like and subscribe if you like and want more :DDD JUST DANCE PSY - GENTLEMAN FANMADE if you like please a lot of work like that hard to reach these results (LIKE) if you hate good to avoid this,please... ENJOY :3
2,926,645 views | May 16, 2013

Just Dance 3 Ubisoft meets Nintendo Just Mario

Is this the weirdest video I have made in the last 4 years? Possibly! Did it gave me a workout? Totally!
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♫ The Squid ♫ A Minecraft Parody of What Does The Fox Say originally b...

Get the "What Does the Fox Say" Minecraft Parody on iTunes! http:smarturl.itminecraftsongs Make sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed "The Fox" Parody!Order this song on google play and Spotify: Order this song on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify: ►Google Play - http:smarturl.itGPparodiesMODDED ►Spotify - http:smarturl.itMinecraftSpotifyPre-Order J Rice's Original Album "12" on iTunes http:smarturl.itJRICE12The crew of two: J Rice- Music and Vocals and animation (this channel) to the obnoxious amounts of comments about him, Tweet this to SkyDoesMinecraft! http:clicktotweet.comcodedRig support: Weedlion (The amazing steve rig)- zeusfury123 (mob rigs)- anishwij (the dancing zombie rig)- huge shoutout to my friend pyroninjapig who was a huge help in set creation and just overall supporting me.This took lots of time to make, so help spread this video around, it would be highly appreciated. I had some computer issues and time constraints which caused this to come out quite late and some of the middle animation to not as high quality as it could have been. (Particularly around 45s-2 mins ish). I also started this around September 10th, it wasn't copying off of anything. Just takes a long time to animate.Lyrics: Wolf goes woof, cat goes meow. Horses neigh, and bat goes squeak. Cow goes moo. Pig goes oink, and the villager goes hmmm Pigman grunts. ghasts go myahh, and the sheep goes ba ah ahBut there's one sound that no one knows...WHAT DOES THE SQUID SAY!?Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!WHAT THE SQUID SAY!Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!WHAT THE squid SAY!Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho! Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho!WHAT THE squid SAY!Blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub! Blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub! Blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blubWHAT THE squid SAY! Pointy teeth, derpy path, little health, and swimming fast. Giant eyes, undersea, and suddenly you're in a tree . Your skin is blue, so beautiful, like a diamond in disguise.But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by mo-o-o-o-orse? How will you speak to that h-o-o-orse? ...h-o-o-orse? ...h-o-o-orse?WHAT DOES THE squid SAY!? Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow! WHAT THE squid SAY!Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow! WHAT THE squid SAY! A-hee-ahee ha-hee! A-hee-ahee ha-hee! A-hee-ahee ha-hee! WHAT THE squid SAY! A-oo-oo-oo-ooo! A-oo-oo-oo-ooo!What does the squid say?The secret of the squid, ancient mystery. Somewhere deep in the sea, I know you're swimming. What is your sound? Will we ever know? Will always be a mystery; what do you say? You're my guardian angel, hiding under the sea. What is your sound? Will we ever know? I want to, I want to, I want to know!My next project will be an animated "Minecraft asdfmovie7" Main animation program used: Cinema 4d Studio R13Render time: 200ish hoursNote: The reason its in 480p instead of 720p is because the last 2 screenshots at the end were in 480p, the rest is actually still in 720p, you just don't realize it.Extra tags: what does the fox say,ylvis,the fox,minecraft, what does the fox say minecraft,what does the squid say,the fox ylvis,fox,the fox official video,the fox cover,the fox parody,funny videos,viral video,ylvis the fox,what does the fox say ylvis,fox video,the fox ellen,ylvis ellen,the fox song,the fox original,what does the fox say original,what the fox say
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Be a Hero and donate at
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HEY! Play my new mobile game Splatter Up now! It's FREE! FREE iOS Splatter Up: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeiOS FREE Google Play Splatter Up: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeGoogleWhat does the SOCK say!? HAHAHA!MERCH: http:bit.ly18PhFlH T-SHIRTS! http:bit.lyAOMerch MUSIC! http:bit.lyAOMusic AO TOYS! http:bit.lyAOToysSPLATTER UP GAME: FREE iTunes: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeiOS FREE Google Play: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeGoogle iTunes: http:bit.lySplatterUpiOS Google Play: http:bit.lySplatterUpGoogleKITCHEN CARNAGE GAME: FREE iTunes: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageFREE FREE Google Play: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageGPFree iTunes: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnage iTunes iPad: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageHD Google Play: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageGPGET A TEXT WHEN I UPLOAD NEW VIDEOS! http:motube.usrealannoyingorangeFOLLOW ME: TWITTER: http:twitter.comannoyingorange FACEBOOK: http:facebook.comannoyingorange INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comannoyingorange GOOGLE+: MY WEBSITE: http:annoyingorange.comPRODUCED BY: DANEBOE: http:youtube.comdaneboe SPENCER GROVE: http:youtube.comvloggingzombie BOBJENZ: http:youtube.combobjenz AARON MASSEY: http:youtube.compodunkpicturesART: DEREK GONZALEZ: http:youtube.complastiqaANIMATION: Daneboe & Michael WingateWRITTEN BY: DaneBoe
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Facebook: http:goo.gluzEe2 - Twitter: http:goo.glJGnct Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton Difficulty: Medium
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Facebook: http:goo.gluzEe2 - Twitter: http:goo.glJGnct Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr. Difficulty: Medium
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