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From - Posted: Feb 07, 2013 - 62 viewsGame | l.b.x | l.b.x
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For higher res photos + written review: http:www.facebook.commediaset?set=a.307456482636228.63153.177755548939656&type=1
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sorry guys but this is not minecraft. i have been playing this game for a while so i wanted to show u the game :)
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Just testing out the waters. I really don't like Elysion's forward attack : Sorry for the crappy sound too
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The first of the Main Rival battles Hanzou is a Hotblooded Gang leader that has stolen Achilles from the Shop Ban and his band of friends mostly shop at for LBX he uses the LBX Hakai-Oh (Translated: Destruction King) and Ban gets his Main LBX Achilles back but Achilles is the bet for the Battle! Who will reign victorious Ban or Hanzou!Enjoy!
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Hyper Function LBX The Emperor Retail Release - March, 2013 - ¥2,500 --- Blog Post: http:wp.mepJgaa-1r0 Buy from CS Toys: http:tinyurl.com9lc676o Join the Fullscreen Network and become a partner: http:apply.fullscreen.netfullscreen?ref=shukuenshinobi --- The Hyper Function line continues with Kaidou Jin's first LBX: The Emperor. The Emperor, like most most of Jin's LBX in the original series, is a purple powerhouse with a knightly feel. The Emperor was released in March, 2013 for the standard Hyper Function price of ¥2,500. As I mentioned in my previous Hyper Function review, the Hyper Function line takes LBX to a whole new level by making the core model the actual Core Skeleton. From here, the rest of the pieces snap together and form the Armor Frame to transform the Core Skeleton into LBX The Emperor. The feel of this guy is very similar to Achilles from before. No issues with loose joints, and I'm not having any major issues with Armor Frame pieces falling off. The look is incredible. The Emperor was from the start a very menecing LBX, and this really carries through with the Hyper Function. While I can't compare it to the original normal release of The Emperor, the Hyper Function's added detail, playability, and Core + Armor styling makes it worthwhile. If you already have the original, your desire for this will lie in whether you want a more detailed, more solid kit. If you missed out on the original, the Hyper Function is a perfect substitute, if not the preferred kit of choice. At only $15 more than a standard kit, the Hyper Function adds a level of playability and detail the normal kits can't bring, and I really love that. Definitely recommended, especially if you picked up Achilles earlier in the year. Well worth the purchase. --- Awesome Intro thanks to Ryokuya! The RRR Podcast: My Blog: Follow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comShukuenShinobi Like me on Facebook: http:tinyurl.com4nltrauEnjoy! Please like, comment, and subscribe!
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Little Battler Experience Anime Games for PSPPSVita Website http:www.danball-senki.jpw Danball Senki W is the second installment of the Danball Senki series of games, a sequel to the game Danball Senki (PSP).buy it at PSN or**Copyright Statement** All Copyrights and Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, This is for the sole purpose of promotions, entertainment and education value.This gameplay video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way.The year 2051, one year after the final battle against the Innovators. Peace has returned thanks to the world's newest hobby, The Little Battle Experience (LBX for short). Ban Yamano, is now a popular LBX Champion across the globe amongst the LBX battle population. But the peace doesn't last long as a new terrorist organization called the Detector threatens the world by brainjacking LBXs. With his LBX Odin destroyed and Ami and Kazuya mysteriously abducted, Ban gets a new LBX, Elysion and joins up with the karate-girl, Ran Hanasaki and the arcade-otaku, Hiro Oozora to fight against this new threat. Following the battle towards N-City, they meet up with Jessica Kaios, Jin Kaidou and a fully recuperated Yuuya Haibara.As the battle against the Detector continues, a new hidden evil comes to light after discovering the true nature of the Detector's terrorist acts. And what hidden potential lies within the newcomer, Hiro.
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game | LBX RIDING SOUSA比賽in 香港動漫節


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game | Danball Senki Main Theme

Danball Senki Main Theme

ニコニコより  http:www.nicovideo.jpwatchsm14955997
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Danball Senki Review LBX Odin by Bandai ダンボール戦機, オーディーン

Within the Platinum Capsule were blueprints drawn by Junichirou Yamano to create Ban Yamano's one of a kind LBX. With the core skeleton, VX-13, Tiny Orbit began producing A LBX that would exceed the common practice of LBX development. There goal were to create an unique LBX that would transform into a flight mode with the help of an airframe design, making it a one of a kind.Source: http:danball-senki.wikia.comwikiOdin
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Đồ chơi Zinba theo phim hoạt hình cùng tên Zinba. Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết truy cập: website,, hoặc liên hệ hotline : 090.222.1724.
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Mô hình giấy hay còn gọi là papercraft, papermodel, cardmodel... là mô hình của những mẫu vật thật trong cuọc sống quanh ta, được làm từ giấy bìa hay giấy cứng. Là một thú tiêu kiển hobby hay còn là trò cắt dán thủ công cho trẻ con. Hôm nay Lola sẽ giới thiệu với bạn cách làm mô hình Songoku rất ngộ nghĩnh và dễ thương nha. Để biết thêm chi tiết về papercraft các bạn vào đây đọc nha: http:www.lola.vntin-tuckien-thuc-handmadegioi-thieu-chung-ve-ppc-papercraft.htm http:www.lola.vntin-tuckien-thuc-handmadepapercraft--mo-hinh-giay-3d.htmhoặc vào đây để download 1 số mô hình giấy có sẵn trên Lola nè: http:www.lola.vndien-danchia-se-kinh-nghiemthu-vien-lolapaper-craft-hinh-cho-meo.htm http:www.lola.vndien-danchia-se-kinh-nghiemthu-vien-lolapaper-craft-hinh-cho-meo-tt.htmCác bạn cùng gấp mô hình giấy với Lola nha!Facebook fanpage:
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