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Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console HDMI 999 Games

From - Posted: Mar 13, 2018 - 14,234 viewsGame | Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console HDMI 999 Games | Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console HDMI 999 Games
Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console HDMI 999 Games
Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console HDMI 999 Games
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Latest Pandora Box 5S 999 Desktop Arcade Game Console - HDMI - 999 Games✅ Buy from eBay US: https:goo.gljyoHXD✅ Buy from eBay UK: https:goo.glMsdae2—————— FREE Trials: 🆓 Amazon Prime FREE Trial US: http:amzn.to2nD6SIs 🆓 Amazon Prime FREE Trial UK: http:amzn.to2n4GovS——————— My Social Links: 🔵 View My Channel - http:youtube.comChigzTechReviews 🔵 Follow on Twitter - http:twitter.comChigzTechReview 🔵 Follow on Facebook: http:facebook.comChigzTechReviews 🔵 View my Website: 🔵 My Official Email: [email protected] --

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game | Building my Mini Arcade Machine

Building my Mini Arcade Machine

Download design file, full parts list and electronics diagram: http:www.joshendyblog.netmini-arcade-machine-build-detailsHello everyone. I'm back! I've been away from home for work but I've returned, so that means back to working on fun projects and making videos for you guys.This is my mini arcade machine powered by a Raspberry Pi. I've always wanted to make something like this and it seemed like a cool project to get me back in to the swing of things.Stay tuned for more cool projects.Thanks to everyone for subscribing to my channel and I hope you enjoyed the video.Parts listoptions: https:goo.glt9d2ud - 10.1" LCD screen with controller board https:goo.glF3uBgS - A different LCD with controller board built in https:goo.gl49XsQo - LCD with capacitive touch https:goo.glRJZUkt - Raspberry Pi https:goo.gldfHxVf - Arcade buttons https:goo.glfwfHDL - Joystick https:goo.glyS7dYV - Buttons and joystick combo with USB encoder https:goo.gl79y6Xi - Another buttons + joystick USB combo https:goo.glHKzVTe - Yet another buttons + joystick USB combo https:goo.glZPcYlx - 12V 5A power supply https:goo.gluKjTXD - 12V to 5V DC-DC converter (5V output for Raspberry Pi) https:goo.glAJKLOk - Small HDMI extension cable (from pi to LCD) https:goo.gl4Bk3u8 - Micro SD card for Raspberry Pi Music used in this video:"Discovery Hit" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0"Big Rock" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0"Cool Rock" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
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game | TEST PANDORA S BOX 5S 999 jeux pour borne d arcade !

TEST PANDORA S BOX 5S 999 jeux pour borne d arcade !

Je vous présente la pandora's box 5S (ici nommée pandora's key 5s), que banggood m'a envoyé pour effectuer le test. Le lien pour commander ici : https:goo.glTFzuaEAlors que donne cette boite de pandore pour jouer sur ma borne d'arcade ? La réponse en vidéo !Voici la liste des jeux qu'on retrouve sur cette pandora 5s : http:retroactivearcade.cacontent999-in-1.pdfLa vidéo de construction de ma borne d'arcade : facebook : https:www.facebook.comretrojeux Ma chaine clash royale :
1,982 views | Feb 10, 2018
game | ✅ Scanline Generator for LCD arcade monitors Pandora s box bartop

✅ Scanline Generator for LCD arcade monitors Pandora s box bartop

Scanline Generator http:bit.lybgscanlineIn this video, I installed a scan line generator in my arcade bartop to give it the look of an old CRT monitor. I have it plugged up to my Pandora's box 4S JAMMA cart and then into my Acer LCD monitor. It's similar to the SLG3000Back in the day, arcade machines had CRT monitors that would display images that were interlaced. With modern LCD's it's lacking the lines and it just doesn't look as authentic. Pandora's Box Arcade Consoles http:bit.lybgarcadegamesPandora's Box 4S+ 815 games arcade console http:bit.lybg815in1Pandora's Box 4S+ JAMMA box http:bit.lybg800in1
3,969 views | Sep 10, 2017
game | Pandora s box 5 960 in 1 Console 2 players Each 8 Key Button

Pandora s box 5 960 in 1 Console 2 players Each 8 Key Button

The only official purchase address: https:www.aliexpress.comitem2-players-Pandora-s-box-5-960-in-1-Console-Red-Circle-Wolverine-Surface-8-Button32842581499.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000023.15.39103fb4Fwm0OX
1,061 views | Dec 14, 2017

game | Arcade Games at Home with Super Retro Cade Unboxing and Review RIGGS

Arcade Games at Home with Super Retro Cade Unboxing and Review RIGGS

►Subscribe! https:goo.glBuAo7j Buy yours! https:goo.glFNJvRF PromoCode: RIGGS10 to save 10%Buy via Amazon - http:amzn.to2iW1f3dTWITCH: https:www.twitch.tvjohnblueriggsPatreon for perks! - http:www.patreon.comjohnblueriggs One-time donation - https:www.paypal.meriggdgames FB - https:facebook.comriggstalgic Tweet - http:twitter.comjohnblueriggs IG - http:instagram.comjohnblueriggsList of Tools I Use for repros and Open Cart Surgery - https:goo.gleXn6WVJoin the Discord! - https:discord.ggaSubue2Intro music used with permission: https:soundcloud.comaudiosprite87
4,331 views | Dec 09, 2017
game | Pandora s Box 5S with 999 Games Reviewed

Pandora s Box 5S with 999 Games Reviewed

I look at what you get, what is inside the unit and look at the menu, configuration and some games
3,645 views | Dec 27, 2017
game | DIY Mini Arcade Kit Showcase Available Kit Types

DIY Mini Arcade Kit Showcase Available Kit Types

Since the launch of my DIY arcade kit in 2013 I've made a few new models. I have four different Mini Arcade designs available in DIY kits, this is what they look like. All of these kits can fit a Raspberry Pi (B+ ,2,3) and run with RetroPie.More details at my website: http:www.retrobuiltgames.comdiy-kits-shop
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game | Pandora s Box 5s Double Arcade Joystick With Over 999 Retro Games

Pandora s Box 5s Double Arcade Joystick With Over 999 Retro Games

http:amzn.to2zaNdoO : GroGou Arcade Video Game Console 999 Retro Games Pandora's Box 5s Double Arcade Joystick SpeakerMy Thoughts:I'll give you a little disclaimer I first didn't buy this system because i read a few reviews of people saying it wasn't working on there HD TV's. So I decided to take the jump and I brought this 999 games arcade system. I 1st tried it out on my mini projector with it worked good. I then connected it up to my 4k TV which looked amazing, mainly because of my TV is a really good. I then plug it into my large 1080P tv which worked really good. I only connected it up via HDMI, I haven't tried out the VGA ports so I don't know how it works. There are 999 arcade games on this unit. I would say that there were four that I know of that were the same game just in different languages. The buttons and joystick feels great. My son has been playing with me on this system and he has been smashing the buttons. So far it seems to be putting up with the hard game play. This system has two of my all time favorites game contra and SF 3 . This system does comes with two spare button which are easy to replace by just removing three screws and lifting out the top. This is a super fun system that brings this 80's baby back to the classics. Some Of The Games On This Pandoras Box 5'sAlien Vs Predator,,,Asterix,,,,Capcom Sports Club,Captain America $Ave,Contra,,Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong 3,Donkey Kong Junior,,G.I. Joe,Mario Bros,,Marvel Super Heroes,Marvel Super Heroes,Marvel Vs Capcom,Marvel Vs Capcom,Marvel Vs S_Fighter,Mega Man,,Mortal Kombat,,Ms Pacman,,Pac-Man,Pac-Man Plus,,Robocop,,SfII-Championedition,,Simpsons,SNK vs Capcom,Snk Vs Capcom Plus,,Space Invaders Dx,street fighter,Street Fighter Alpha,Streetfighter Alpha2,Streetfighter Alpha3,Street Fighter II M2,Street Fighter II M4,Street Fighter II M5,Street Fighter II M6,Street Fighter II M7,Street Fighter III,Street Fighter III 2Nd,Street Fighter III 3Rd Strike,Street Fighter Zero,Street Fighter Zero2,Street Fighter Zero3,Street Fighter II,,Strider,Super Baseball,Super Bishi Bashi Championship,Super Bobble Bobble,Super Breakout,Super Cobra,Super Contra,Super Dodge Ball,Super doubles Terris,Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix,Super Happy 6In1,Super Macross,Super Mario Bros.,Super Monaco GP,Super musde Bomber,Super Pacman,Super Pang,,Super Stfighter II,Super Stfighter II T,Super Stfighter II X,,Superman,Super-X,,Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,,Teris,,The Glob,,The Punisher,The Simpsons,,Three Wonders,Thunder Strike,,Track&Field,,Twin Cobra,,Twinkle,Vampire Hunter,,Varth,,Wonder Boy,,World Cup 90,World Heroes,,WWF Superstars,WWF WrestleFest,,X-Men,X-Men,X-Men Vs SF,X-Men Vs SFSpecs According the Website:[New version]:Pandora's Box 5s Plus comes with 999 HD classic arcade games. Contact us get the full game list.(contact method like photo 2). [Easy to use]:Just plug and play with LCD TVdesktop computer PC,with VGA + HIDMI dual video signal output,one machine can use two screens at the same time.(Only monitorTV support 800x600 resolution could use HDMI with this product,otherwise only can use the VGA). [Profession games]:All the game after a number of hardware and software technology development staff to optimize the design,and through the high level of enthusuasts players test to ensure that the game authentic. [Real arcade experience]:Double 8-ways arcade joystick and buttons,support 2 players,give you a real arcade experience. [Excellent engineering design]:Ultra slim all-metal chassis and acrylic panel with colorful LED light.Built-in speaker!Filmed With This Gear:PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Mirrorless Camera: http:amzn.to2tcJz7uRode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone: http:amzn.to2txR1t3Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod: http:amzn.to2rGoJuV2017 MacBook Pro : http:amzn.to2sziiiu
1,048 views | Nov 16, 2017
game | Pandora s box 4x PB4X hacked roms

Pandora s box 4x PB4X hacked roms

Added my own games to the original menu.157 UC Cops is now Japanese version with more levels, enemies & music. 162 Shinobi is now Fantasy Zone 2 DX 'FZ 2006'. A better game. 607 Space Harrier is now the original Shinobi 574 Outrun is now Toki 412 Air Duel is now Mag Max 465 Kamen Rider is now Green beret 501 Gun Dealer is now Rygar (Japan) 415 Thundercade is now Thunder Force AC (mild sound issues.) 509 Bowl-o-Rama is now Silkworm 511 Blockjoy is now Renegade 536 Xybots is now Flicky 562 After Burner is now Ninja Spirit 553 Youjuden is now Rainbow Islands (new) 554 Lasso is now Rainbow Islands Extra 556 Mr Flea is now Mr. Heli 561 Jack the Giantkiller is now Rastan 339 Red Hawk is now Haunted Castle (Vampire killer arcade) 340 Mustang is now Mr. Goemon. (Mustang appears twice in the list, so the original board is 799-in-1!) 386 Flying Tiger is Gradius (Nemesis) 387 Gulf Storm is Gradius 2 - GOFER 388 Hotdog Storm is Gradius 3 513 mspacmbe is now Pacland (Japan) 514 hunchback is now Sky Kid 515 newpuc2 is now Metro Cross 516 puckman is now Jailbreak 518 theglob is now Tiger Road (Jap, with better sound hw.) 518 paintroller is now Vigilante (Japan) 570 kazan is now Gallop 571 grobda is now Terra Force 572 pandora is now Xain d' Sleena 573 shuuz is now Alien Syndrome 579 rallybik is now Asterix 580 arabmag is now Wardner 581 sgunner is now WWF Wrestelfest 582 dockman is now Night Slashers 583 bchopper is now Dark Seal 584 rimrockn is now Bionic Commando 585 mviking is now Karnov 586 regulus is now Chelnov 587 Tstrike is now Salamander 588 Trivia is now Sexy Parodius 589 pwrplay is now Gokukyou Parodius 591 spacezap is now Mortal Kombat (Y-Unit, plays semi-ok) 609 calipso is now Surprise Attack (Sound OK now) 610 kicker is now Side Arms 611 argus is now Combat school (Joystick) 612 mrdo is now Sly Spy 613 m660 is now Rolling Thunder 614 vastar is now Rolling Thunder 2 617 matmania is now Cadash 616 upndown is now Indiana Jones (Permanent Freeplay. Otherwise has coin errors.) 618 jungler is now Gauntlet (2 Player) 619 shootbul is now Gauntlet 2 (2 Player) 708 centipede is now Mexico '86 709 digdug is now Atomic Robo kid 710 digdug2 is now Turtle Ship 711 galaga3 is now Rabio Lepus 713 ladybug is now Streets of Rage 2 (Some sound issues) 772 suratk is now Pitfall 2 7xx crap game is now Splatterhouse - Fix Moonwalker, Rolling Thunder missing cus60 - Fix added all CGAVGA titles - Fix added movies Pitfall 2 and Splatterhouse.Update 20-7-2017: Now with CGAVGA titles working PB4(S). PB4(S):!25Q2xL6J!Kjf6xlw-ESzQAvL3iddamAB5qflJV08IMlvN9T2E4U4PB4X (needs update, coming soon.):!X0wnzDSC!LJoxlYw0TgHMFFZ9JBRa6CLAxdOBGv1hDEeencYT6FM
3,713 views | May 26, 2017
game | ✅ Pandora s Box Bartop Mini Arcade Build

✅ Pandora s Box Bartop Mini Arcade Build

800 in 1 Jamma Arcade Video Games PCB Board Kit http:bit.lybg800in1I built this small bartop arcade about 5 years ago and recently upgraded the internals with a Pandora's Box. I also repainted it with a Super Mario theme. A mini bartop arcade machine is the perfect for anyone who wants the features of a full cabinet in a small package. This arcade uses an Acer 17" 4:3 ratio LCD monitor.It was a very time consuming build since I'm not much of a wood guy but it was still fun to build something of your own. 800 in 1 Jamma Arcade Video Games PCB Board Kit http:bit.lybg800in1Pandora Box 4, 645in1 JAMMA board http:bit.lybgpb4board2 Player American bat top set http:bit.lybg2pbattopBartop MDF precut and search for "bartop mdf"Amplifier http:bit.lybgminiampJAMMA wiring harness http:bit.lybgjammaharness
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