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Lego Arcade

From - Posted: Jun 28, 2009 - 12,410,502 viewsGame | Lego Arcade | Lego Arcade
Lego Arcade
Lego Arcade
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NEW CHANNEL: Relive some classic video games from the 1980's with legos. (I didn't include Mario or Donkey Kong because I have already made videos featuring them). The sequel is out "Lego Arcade 2" or just go to my page to easily see it. This Video includes: 1. Frogger 2. Space Invaders 3. Pacman 4. Arkanoid 5. Tron (Light Cycles) 6. Asteroids

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NEW CHANNEL: Once again, you can relive some classic video games from the 1980's with legos. (I didn't include Mario or Donkey Kong because I have already made videos featuring them). If anyone wants to see another video...send me a MESSAGE with the game you want to see. This Video includes: 1. Dig Dug 2. Centipede 3. Pong (Yeah I know it's 70's) 4. Rally-X 5. Galaga I tried using a higher frame rate this time, and listened to suggestions from before. ALL of these videos were requested several times, so I decided to produce them. It took well over 1,000 pictures and exactly 1,395 Lego pieces to make. I hope you enjoy was quite a pain to make...
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Sorry I haven't posted a new Lego video in a while, guys. This is just a compilation of all of the lego arcade games I've done in the past. I wanted to make this video just to say that I haven't forgotten about you guys and that I'll try to post some more original videos soon! ======================== Thank you all so much for watching! Don't forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! It helps me a lot. ======================== If you want to see more of my content, be sure to check out my other social media pages:www.Twitter.comLegobuilder9000 www.Facebook.comLegobuilder9000 ======================== If you want to enjoy non Lego related content by me, see my Minecraft channel here: www.YouTube.comTheLastOriginalAce ======================== Legobuilder9000 Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved... yo
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Stop Motion: Final Project -1,183 Pictures -Made out of clay and lego pieces
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Thank you everyone for all the likes and very interesting comments you all have, whether they are good or bad, write whats on your mind below.[x] 100000 Oct 30 [x] 200000 Dec 7 [x] 300000 Jan 18 [x] 400000 Feb 19 [x] 500000 Mar 22 [x] 1000000 July 31 [x] 1250000 [x] 1500000 [x] 2000000 [x] 2500000 [x] 3000000 [x] 3500000 [x] 4000000 [x] 5000000 [x] 6000000 [ ] 7000000 [ ] 8000000 [ ] 9000000 [ ] 10000000 [ ] 999999999999
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This video showcases my custom designed Ultimate Machine (also known as a Useless Machine) built using the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit. I call it the LuuMa EV3.Watch part 2 here: https:youtu.beg5y1pdPVDx8It's a little bit more elaborate than the traditional ultimate machine, featuring 6 different responses for turning the switch off and 2 evasive maneuvers for trying to prevent the switch from being turned on in the first place.Step by step instructions for building it can be found on my website at: http:jkbrickworks.comluuma-ev3The Mindstorms project file for running the program is also there. Instructions for connecting the ports can be found in the program file (open the content editor if it doesn't open automatically).All the parts required to build the core are from set number 31313 LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit.I had a lot of fun with this one, especially programming the various responses. As always, let me know in the comments what you think, and if there are any other cool mechanical creations you'd like to see built out of LEGO!For sneak peeks and behind the scenes content you can follow me on these other sites.Facebook: http:www.facebook.comJKBrickworks Google+: Twitter: http:twitter.comjasonallemann Instagram: https:instagram.comjasonallemannThanks for watching!Jason
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Taken @ Toy Fair 2011Where to buy Pacman Windup Toy - http:amzn.to1kFq4yq Pacman Coin Bank - http:amzn.to1kFqjtpUPDATE: Seems like there has been an a bunch of comments about this video - so we thought to clarify - this was taken @ Toy Fair 2011 - we were taking video for an article. The guy at the end was someone working at the booth. Normally at Toy Fair this is a time for industry people to make purchases for their own toy stores or companies looking for new ideas etc etc. We agree it was completely rude of the guy because he just took it and didn't even say a word while we were filming and didn't apologize either. It is what it is... either way its a great toy!Check out more at www.bifuteki.comMore gaming at @ twitch.tvbifutekiFollow us as well on twitter @ bifuteki Follow us as well on IG @ bifutekidotcom
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Lego Pool Party is a Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Created By FK Films.
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