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Lego Arcade

From - Posted: Jun 28, 2009 - 15,614,602 viewsGame | Lego Arcade | Lego Arcade
Lego Arcade
Lego Arcade
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NEW CHANNEL: Relive some classic video games from the 1980's with legos. (I didn't include Mario or Donkey Kong because I have already made videos featuring them). The sequel is out "Lego Arcade 2" or just go to my page to easily see it. This Video includes: 1. Frogger 2. Space Invaders 3. Pacman 4. Arkanoid 5. Tron (Light Cycles) 6. Asteroids

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NEW CHANNEL: Once again, you can relive some classic video games from the 1980's with legos. (I didn't include Mario or Donkey Kong because I have already made videos featuring them). If anyone wants to see another video...send me a MESSAGE with the game you want to see. This Video includes: 1. Dig Dug 2. Centipede 3. Pong (Yeah I know it's 70's) 4. Rally-X 5. Galaga I tried using a higher frame rate this time, and listened to suggestions from before. ALL of these videos were requested several times, so I decided to produce them. It took well over 1,000 pictures and exactly 1,395 Lego pieces to make. I hope you enjoy was quite a pain to make...
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