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Lego Dino 5887 DINO DEFENSE HQ Review

From - Posted: Nov 19, 2011 - 711,148 viewsGame | Lego Dino 5887 DINO DEFENSE HQ Review | Lego Dino 5887 DINO DEFENSE HQ Review
Lego Dino 5887 DINO DEFENSE HQ Review
Lego Dino 5887 DINO DEFENSE HQ Review
Game Trailer Duration: 22 minutes 52 seconds 
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► Get limited Custom Lego sets at ► Get this Lego set at http:amzn.to2i7Uuvn ► Watch our Lego videos on Amazon http:amzn.to2i0KwZC ► Build this in ArtiFex Interactive Lego APP @ http:apple.co1JbnpmtProtect the Dino HQ and send the dinos running! At Dino Defense HQ, the heroes are preparing for an epic prehistoric battle! Equipped with a communications center, laboratory and tranquilizer refilling station, it’s a hive of activity. Prepare for the dino attack! Close the gates, fire the tranquilizer weapons and capture the dinos with the crane and net! SET DETAILS • 793 pcs - $99.99 £79.99 €99.99 • Ages 6-12, released NOV 2011 • 4 hero minifigures • Dinosaurs - T-Rex, Raptor and Coelophysis • Vehicles - helicopter and car • Dino Defense HQ features opening gates, moving crane with net, flick missiles, communications centre, laboratory, helicopter landing pad, refilling station and 3 flick missiles • HQ measures 30” (76cm) wide and 22” (56cm) high • Car measures 2” (5cm) wide and 4” (10cm) long • Helicopter measures 7” (17cm) long, 2” (5cm) tall and 12” (5cm) wide • T-Rex stands 16” (43cm) tall • Raptor measures 9” (23cm) tall • Coelophysis measures 5” (15cm) tall2015 Lego Jurassic World Sets @ http:bit.ly1EZ3HgH 75915 Pteranodon Capture  75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush  75917 Raptor Rampage  75918 T. Rex Tracker  75919 Indominus Rex Breakout  75920 Raptor Escape 2012 Lego DINO Sets 5882 Coelophysis Ambush 5883 Pteranodon Tower 5884 Raptor Chase 5885 Triceratops Trapper 5886 T-Rex Hunter 5887 Dino Defense HQ 5888 Ocean Interceptor2005 Dino Attack Dino 2010 7473 Street Sprinter vs. Mutant Lizard  7474 Urban Avenger vs. Raptor  7475 Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards  7476 Iron Predator vs. T-Rex  7477 T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex  7294 Dino Quad  7295 Dino Buggy Chaser  7296 Dino 4WD Trapper  7297 Dino Track Transport  7298 Dino Air Tracker 2001 Jurassic Park III sets 1370 Raptor Rumble Studio  1371 Spinosaurus Attack ► Buy our Custom Lego Sets & Brick Lights @ ► We're a participant in Amazon's Associates Program. This video contain affiliate links, we'll receive a small commission if you click on the product links. Please help support us by purchasing Lego sets at http:amzn.to2j0X19kSUBSCRIBE & Follow us for more! • Facebook http:www.facebook.comArtiFexCreations • Twitter!ArtifexCreation • Flickr • MOC http:www.mocpages.comhome.php23318
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Yeah I made for Sammie Giant Lego Surprise Egg. It is made of Play-Goh ! I can say it is a double surprise: 1st - it is a surprise Egg, and we all know Sammie loves them :), 2nd-this Egg is surprise for Sammie cos he didn't know I was going to make it :) So, watch this video to see what is inside. I can promise there is a lot of good stuff and all is about Lego !!! :) Our FB page: https:www.facebook.comArcadiusKulOur Youtube Plylists:American FUN 2016 https:youtu.beieLH8FGay0w?list=PLTzukL6gEU2QKuluwwpG4Vk5KFBPqXllT Dubai Trip 2016 https:youtu.be2jlr3h1e6Fw?list=PLTzukL6gEU2SqdKl6057lWzjjJKkrUsfePackages - Toys and Sweets https:youtu.bekZqnlv3II9Q?list=PLTzukL6gEU2RVPmiQWT7bdTa85O9RxPfOEggs, Toys, Surprises https:youtu.beuJxcPLj4eEQ?list=PLTzukL6gEU2RPLww8pReAycDwd47iGJeMIndoor Playground Family Fun https:youtu.beZ0pCe0pGDos?list=PLTzukL6gEU2RH0cXxrZp15PjORtERf8BYOutside Playgrounds and Parks https:youtu.beazmtC_OWWnM?list=PLTzukL6gEU2SiisnF9A1-WL_sWFRr6RF7Gummies https:youtu.be9y0l5LLvN84?list=PLTzukL6gEU2Tv1KslxO_QAQpduCsq5xEKAmerica Summer Trip 2015 https:youtu.bekgEdblSDV3M?list=PLTzukL6gEU2QDVb1vrrm4OiQ_3jVt_55ZTheme Parks https:youtu.be7THq3IWjMk4?list=PLTzukL6gEU2TegEjrp1eacWjB7jAx1TLLOutside Fun https:youtu.beYgRvUtrkzvc?list=PLTzukL6gEU2QWW-spNuukLrJrJU7LSjMJOur June 2015 Trip Denmark Germany https:youtu.besWyNNYGo2o0?list=PLTzukL6gEU2RgYoJh_axsgL4vdqc8SFN4Florida Family Trip 2016 https:youtu.beA0nlZ9bGl-U?list=PLTzukL6gEU2S4dI2d3vXUhvDW6fnLSTloEurope Trip Italy etc 2016 https:youtu.beEsL7laOhjbY?list=PLTzukL6gEU2T8-mYyvycXdp12nRdPtk4- ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Our other channels: Gaming: Angry Birds: .About Arcadius Kul Join Arcadius Kul and his son, Sammy, for newest and most exciting toy unboxings on the internet. Sammy wants you to follow him as he opens and plays with some of his favorite characters - Mario, Angry Birds, Minions, Peppa Pig. Watch Sammy open his favorite treat, a Kinder Surprise Egg or tear into a massive Play-Doh eggs to see what Dad has hidden away. Looking for the newest in Legos? Arcadius Kul and Sammy will hunt down every Lego set from Star Wars to Minecraft or Disney at your favorite toy stores. Get ready to have a great time, no matter where Arcadius Kul and Sammy are - amusement parks, family vacations, playgrounds - IT’S ALWAYS A GREAT TIME!
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Finally its here! Some of the video has lighting problems and a weird frame rate so please don't get angry over it. Credit goes to Fan4110 for acting and making the background. I present you, Lego Dinosaurs: The Movie. May 19, 2010 update: Sequel is work in progress.
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Click SUBSCRIBE: http:bit.ly1j3VMDo AND turn on your notifications: http:bit.ly2d6wJ1YLEGO Mosasaurus set 6721 was originally released in 2001 for $10 and it came with 26 pieces.Jurassic World & Park videos: http:bit.ly1FJOStA LEGO Super Hero videos: http:bit.ly1HdbVS2 LEGO Ninjago videos: http:bit.ly1HqX18Q LEGO Star Wars videos: http:bit.ly1FG0kFrCheck out our YouTube channels here: TOY REVIEWS: BrickQueen & BrickTitan: http:bit.ly19HIhzP ANIMATION: BQBT Animations: http:bit.ly1KsUqNN ANIMATED BUILDS: Brick Titan: http:bit.ly1yEDLTf GAMING: ThatKristine + Victor: ‪http:bit.ly1hRI05eAND you can find me on all these other pages too!! Facebook: http:on.fb.me18H1bqg Twitter: http:bit.lyIUkw0j Instagram: ‪http:bit.ly1908zmv Flickr: http:bit.ly1fr7oLS Pinterest: ‪http:bit.ly19HHPByProduction Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound #brickqueen #lego
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