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Let s Play The Simpsons Arcade Complete Playthrough as Bart

From - Posted: Jan 07, 2013 - 3,718 viewsGame | Let s Play The Simpsons Arcade Complete Playthrough as Bart | Let s Play The Simpsons Arcade Complete Playthrough as Bart
Let s Play The Simpsons Arcade Complete Playthrough as Bart
Let s Play The Simpsons Arcade Complete Playthrough as Bart
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Enjoy my videos? Please Like them and Subscribe to my channel. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, so feel free to comment below.My second Monthly Monday LP is a complete playthrough of The Simpsons: Arcade Game for the PS3. I play through the game as Bart, discussing my history with the game. I also touch on my history with The Simpsons and animated shows in general.If you'd like to get in touch or see my latest updates: Twitter = https:twitter.comthejonnymarI do not claim ownership of anything in this video other than my commentary. All copyrighted media is property of their respective owners. Videos are commentary in nature, as defined under the 'Fair Use' policy of copyright.

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🚨 NEW MERCH! http:amzn.toannoyingorange 🚨 ➤ NEWEST VIDEO: http:bit.ly30MinsAO ➤ AO GAMING CHANNEL! ▸ http:bit.lyAOGaming ➤ Don't be an apple! Subscribe! It's FREE! ▸ http:bit.lyAOSubKITCHEN CARNAGE MOBILE GAME!!! iOS: http:apple.co1GLnKuz iOS iPAD: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageHD ANDROID: http:bit.lyKitchenCarnageAmzSPLATTER UP MOBILE GAME!!! iOS: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeiOS ANDROID: http:bit.lySplatterUpFreeGooglePLAY MINECRAFT WITH US EVERYDAY AT IP: mc.orangecraft.netT-SHIRTSMERCH: http:bit.lyAOTshirts MUSIC: http:bit.lyAOMusic AO TOYS: http:bit.lyANOToys AO COMICS: http:bit.lyAOComicsFOLLOW ME: TWITTER: http:twitter.comannoyingorange FACEBOOK: http:facebook.comannoyingorange INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comannoyingorange GOOGLE+: http:bit.lyAOGooglePYouTube VINE: http:vine.coannoyingorange#annoyingorange #puns #animation
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The Simpsons Arcade Game The Co op Mode

Playing the Konami classic, Chris and Seth play as Bart and Homer rescuing Maggie from Mr. Burns in The Simpsons Arcade Game for the Xbox Live Arcade. Doh!
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Hey everyone on this episode of Play it Through its Rygar! #cornshaq #gamereview #playstation #nintendo #videogamereview #videogames #review #reviewer #gamereviewer
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The Simpsons Game is an actionplatformer video game based on the animated television series The Simpsons and loosely on the film, made for the Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. The game was developed, published, and distributed by Electronic Arts. It was released in North America in October 2007 and worldwide in November 2007. It features an original storyline written by Simpsons writers Tim Long, Matt Selman, and Matt Warburton. In the self-referential plot, the family discovers that they are forced to participate in another The Simpsons video game. Similar to the show, the game pokes fun at popular culture, other video games, and Electronic Arts, its publisher.The game follows the five Simpson family members—Homer, Marge (with Maggie), Bart, and Lisa—who learn they are part of a video game and are given superpowers to resolve several situations. Eventually, they must save their 8-bit predecessors from Will Wright, and the creator of their video game character selves, Matt Groening. The Simpson family travels to four scenarios in parodies of other games to collect key cards used to infiltrate their creator's mansion and ultimately to save their predecessors from destruction.Gameplay:Players of The Simpsons Game are able to control four of the five members of the Simpson family, each with their own unique abilities. Two different family members are playable in each level, aside from the "Land of Chocolate" tutorial level, in which only Homer is playable. The game contains sixteen levels, called episodes, and each requires specific powers to complete. For example, in the fourth episode, "Lisa the Tree Hugger", the player is required to use Lisa's "Hand of Buddha" power to move large objects, and Bart's slingshot to shut down machines. Enemies unique to each episode are featured, with the exception of the final level, in which enemies that have already been defeated are "recycled" with different colors.Several challenges are made available after all episodes are completed. These include finding all the collectibles for each character, finding all the video game clichés, and in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS versions, completing a certain task related to each episode's plot in a time trial.The Simpsons Game's head-up display features health meters for both characters in each level, and an attack meter and special power meter for the character currently controlled by the player. The game features a two player co-op mode, which has a split screen and allows each player to control one of the two characters featured on that level.The DS version of the game offers several features that are not available in the other versions. Several minigames are available to unlock and play, most which are updated versions of arcade games such as Frogger and Space Invaders, the latter which references the aliens Kang and Kodos from the The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. A virtual pet is also accessible, called "Pet Homer", which allows players to feed, entertain, and save Homer from threats such as choking and heart attacks. walkthrough,Playthrough,letsplay,lets play
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H. Jon Benjamin as Tabitha in Suburgatory. He is best known for his voice as Bob on Bob's Burgers and Sterling Archer on Archer
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1991 The Simpsons Arcade Old School Game Playthrough Retro GameThe Simpsons Arcade Game is an arcade beat 'em up developed by Konami released in 1991, and the first video game based on The Simpsons franchise. The voice actors of the immediate family (Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, and Yeardley Smith) provide voices for their respective characters. It uses the same engine[citation needed] and therefore has similar overall gameplay as the 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, also made by Konami. The game was ported to the Commodore 64 and MS-DOS soon after its launch in the arcades. The game was released on Xbox Live Arcade on February 3, 2012 and was released for the PlayStation Network on February 7, 2012. -------------------------------------------------------------visit us at:
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Arcade Longplay 180 OutRun Played By: T-0815 Route A: 00:10 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Desert ⇒ Wilderness ⇒ Vineyard Route B: 06:58 BGM: Splash Wave Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Alps ⇒ Old Capital ⇒ Death Valley Route C: 13:31 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Gateway ⇒ Alps ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Desolation Hill Route D: 20:11 BGM: Magical Sound Shower Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Wheat Field ⇒ Autobahn Route E: 26:49 BGM: Passing Breeze Beach ⇒ Devil's Canyon ⇒ Cloudy Mountain ⇒ Seaside Town ⇒ Lakeside Note: Longplay contains all routes and endings.
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