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Pokemon X and Y Lumiose City Creepy Ghost Girl

In Lumiose City you'll find this girl. Who is she? I have no idea. Does anyone?
981 views | Oct 27, 2013

The Ghost Girl In Lumiose City?

I have finally found her!! She's in the northern part, or in the top part of the pokéball shown on the map. You'll have to go to an office building where the...
108 views | Sep 01, 2014

Pokemom x and y review lumiose city ghost girl

It's a mysterious myth.
212 views | Jan 05, 2014

Meeting the Creepy Ghost Girl Pokemon X Y

Update: My current theory is that she has something to do with the new (unconfirmed as of now) legendary pokemon Hoopa or a possible future Darkrai event. Me...
36,824 views | Oct 15, 2013

Lumiose city ghost girl Pokemon X and Y

We take a look at the clues regarding the lumiose city ghost girl.
709 views | Nov 27, 2013

Pokemon X Y Ghost Girl in Lumiose City

As we wonder around the big Lumiose city we encounter something :p I didnt find this someone else did :D.
458 views | Nov 09, 2013

Pokemon X and Y the spooky ghost girl in lumiose city

Sorry for not saying in video (I'm dragonX30 and if u liked the video hit like and subscribe down below)thanks for watching.
45 views | Aug 02, 2014

Lumiose City Ghost Girl Mystery Pokémon X and Y

Come solve the mystery with me! My tumblr: My friends: GridshockGames.
640 views | Nov 02, 2013


via YouTube Capture.
582 views | Nov 03, 2013

Top 10 Pokémon X Y Mysteries

Follow me on Twitter! http:twitter.comTamashiiHiroka Become a fan on Facebook! http:www.facebook.comTamashiiHiroka I also now have a Tumblr! http:tam...
1,395,885 views | Oct 26, 2013

Pokemon x ghost girl in lumiose city if any one can tell me why please...

I found a ghost in Pokemon x All rights go to Nintendo, I am not the owner of this title.
408 views | Oct 21, 2013

Wierd stuff about the lumiose ghost girl in pokemon y

somebody tell me are these two people (the man and the ghost) linked.
121 views | Dec 26, 2013

Pokémon X, Part 42 The Rest of Lumiose City!] Welcome to Marriland's Pokémon X (& Y) AdventureWalkthrough! In this episode, I check out the rest of Lumiose City now that the p...
72,252 views | Oct 15, 2013

Lumiose City Ghost Girl and Possible Theories

she's kinda creepy.
94 views | Feb 04, 2014

Pokemon X and Y Scary ghost girl Easter egg Hex Maniac trainer

I'm pretty sure everybody already knows about this but I might as well upload about it anyways! Please support this series by commenting or liking this video...
24,813 views | Oct 22, 2013

Pokemon X And Y 3DS XL How To Become Fashionable Lumiose City Boutique...

This is a video of Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. In this video I am showing you how to become fashionable with a female character. This video also includes...
66,385 views | Oct 23, 2013

Lumiose Ghost Girl Clues to her story episode 1

via YouTube Capture.
63 views | Jan 06, 2014

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