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Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection

From - Posted: Sep 28, 2012 - 13,045 viewsGame | Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection | Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
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Should you slide your line to stop blitzes in Madden 13?

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This is a video on how to get down and avoid tackles with your QB. Madden 16 Offensive Guide: https:payhip.combjrt2 Madden 16 Defensive Guide: https:payhip.combkjcG►Madden 16 Trash Talking Playlist: https:goo.glDmJYcH ►Madden 16 Offensive Scheme: https:goo.glHcFesM ►Madden 16 Video Playlist: https:goo.gl43SbwC ►Nba 2k15 Trash Talking Playlist: https:goo.gljPLaH4►MY GAMERTAG, EMAIL, TWITTER, AND TWITCH CHANNEL:►Channel: ►Twitter: https:twitter.comMaddenTalk247 ►Email me Questions: ►Twitch: twitch.tvmaddentalk247 ►Xbox One GT: MaddenTalk247
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Purchase Madden 13 For Ps3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U and Playstation Vita Here: http:goo.gl8Oa2ihttp:maddenmoments.comIn this video I go over my Virgin Gaming 400k tournament defense. I cover defending over powered stretch runs, SHUTTING DOWN one of the most annoying plays from the Bunch Formation, and Making the Snugs Gun formation useless, all off of one defensive formation and play...The 4-3 Under Cover 3. The reason I like this formation and stay in it about 60-70 percent of the game, is it discourages the run, keeps your big hitters (depending on your team) on the field, and offers pressure options after we shutdown our opponents deadliest plays and formations. I go over how to make your defenders cover routes and plays like the Bench and Seam plays from Snugs, Verticals from the Bunch, and countering other zone flooding concepts!KEYS TO SUCCESS: Take away the middle of the field, I run alot of zones to middle coverage and user the middle 90 percent of the time. Use blue flat zones and purple buzz zones to stop zone flooding. Show your opponent your max cover defense and hit them with a blitz they won't see coming. Always user the middle, and try spotlighting WRs as well.
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I just wanted to touch on this just in case anyone is running across any problems. to stop A-gap blitzes all you have to do is slide protect and you are good to go. If you have any questions make sure you follow me on twitter.www.twitter.commr_ncredable
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Madden 13 Offensive Tutorial Madden 13 Beginners offensive guide How to playmaker in madden 13 How to hot route in madden How to slide in maddenHot Routes: Curl - down on dpad Streak - up on dpad 5 N Right - right on dpad 5 N Left - left on dpadLine Of Scrimmage: Drag - down on right stick Fade (Goaline Fade inside 10) - up on right stick ZigWhip - towards sideline on right stick Slant - towards midfield on right stickBackfield: Delay Route - down on right stick Wheel - up on right stick Flat right - right on right stick Flat left - left on left stickPlaymaker: Hold L2LT and move right stick in direction you want to move nearest receiverSlide: Tap dive (squareX) with QB or WR or Defensive Back- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hit Me up on Twitter: http:goo.glJ66x0 Stay up to date on Facebook: http:goo.gl6eIqv Subscribe for more tips & gameplays: http:goo.gllQbLiBlast Off Houston offensive ebook purchase link http:goo.glQEZGd Defensive Confusion ebook purchase link http:goo.glWqnAk
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ZFarls and SGibs show you their favorite deep ballow route from gun spread "zona shallow" play in the Cardinals playbooks
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AGAIN Huge Thanks to EA for sponsoring the WHOLE trip, and remember guys, nothing is 100% verified gameplay wise! Regardless, I do hope you guys enjoy. Take care!Thanks for watching my stupid videos! Leave me a like if you think I'm a goobus.Social Medias: https:twitter.comofficialgodsyt https:www.instagram.commaddenmobilegodsMusic: Outro: Low Life Trap Remix (Apato remix)Welcome guys! Sometimes, I will play games like NBA Live Mobile and NBA 2K17. I really like Draft Champions for Madden 17 and, as you can tell by the name, literally everything Madden Mobile. Hope you enjoy!
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Similar to the last lesson, how to do offensive hot routes, I'm going to spare the description of how to perform each hot route. That will be shown in the video, so I'll just explain what each hot routes actually does in the same order as it appears in the video.Remember that each of these hot routes is performed by pressing down on the D-Pad first, as we're hot routing individual players.Hook zone -- Hook zones protect against crossing routes, such as a double drag route or a double slant routes over the middle of the field. That concept of these route combos is to get the defender to cheat on one route over the other, and then throw to the open receiver.Flat zone -- this zone covers the flats. It automatically goes to the side of the field your defender is on. If you're hot routing a safety, and want him to go to the far side of the field, move him over then attempt to hot route him. You can manually move him back to the other side to disguise and slow down his coverage.Curl to Flat route -- This route is best used to protect against the corner routes. Those routes are one of the most powerful routes, so look to put a defensive end in this route to help break up the timing of the pass.Blitz -- You do this by pressing down on the D-Pad twice. This comes into handy if you want to blitz a player that isn't normally blitzing by default, such as the blitz we set up in the novice section. You can also change the angle at which a player blitzes, which will allow you to occupy a certain lineman to allow a defender to come through untouched. QB Spy -- This route is best used when playing maximum coverage defense. If you do not put at least one spy on the field, the quarterback is free to run until the coverage comes down to get him. This is best used to keep him in the pocket and forcing him to throw into double coverage.Deep zone -- This is best used to add coverage to man coverage. This will play straight back, and will allow your defender to sit on the first down yard line. This is also used to cover streaks when you do not want to press the receiver.QB Contain -- This is obvious. If the QB rolls out to one side, the defender in this zone will hunt him down. He will not rush unless the QB rolls out.Web: Twitter: http:twitter.comVirginGaming Facebook: http:facebook.comVirginGaming
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Looking for some help in your running game? In 2 quick minutes we will help you along the path to a better rushing attack in Madden 13.Happy Gaming!
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