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Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection

From - Posted: Sep 28, 2012 - 13,030 viewsGame | Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection | Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
Madden 13 Tips Slide Protection
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Should you slide your line to stop blitzes in Madden 13?

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Making everything look the same on defense is the key to playing effective defense. You know this by now. You know that coverage and blitzes look the same. You are about to learn how to make our run stopping defense look the same as those other plays. Now, we have to find an effective run stopping defense out of the same formation, 4-6. Traditionally in Madden, creating a gap and shooting it ourselves is and always has been the best way to stop the run. Two things to recall here, we have a 97 speed free safety, and we have a Strong Safety that has big hit power. This, among other things is why we used the Bengals, remember?What we're going to do is create a gap and shoot it with our 97 speed safety. If the running back takes off to the right, our hard hitting strong safety will be there to clean up that mess. Trust me, he doesn't want to go right. If he goes left or center, he's ours and we have to make a play ourselves. This tutorial plays off of many tutorials you've seen by now. You know why we put people in the positions we do, you know why and how to make everything look the same on defense, and you know that the running back is our player to cover manually. We need excellent players with very specific attributes, because this style of defense requires you to make a play by yourself. As for the play itself? Spread the line, crash them out, and show blitz by using the strategy pad or quick links. This will create a gap right up the center for you to shoot through.Setup: Spread the line (LBL1 + Up) Crash them out (LBL1 + Up on the RS) Show Blitz (Up + Left)Web: Twitter: http:twitter.comVirginGaming Facebook: http:facebook.comVirginGaming
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Purchase Madden 13 For Ps3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U and Playstation Vita on Amazon: http:goo.gl8Oa2ihttp:maddenmoments.comI am always improving, no matter how great anyone gets, you have to improve on what you have because someone else catches up. But you can't build on sand, you need a strong foundation and it starts with the basics. Top 5 Tips to improve your offense:1. Avoid Negative Yards on 2nd Down - Of course you always want to avoid negative yards, but especially on 2nd down. Don't take away a good first down or ruin your chances on 3rd down.2. Practices Your Plays in Many Different Situations - Be ready for anything, your play beats cover 2 but how does it hold up vs Cover 3, or the blitz, etc. The last thing you want is to get into a game and that play that was beating the cpu's 2 man under not work for you.3. Take a Sack or Throw it Away - Whats better, you take a sack and punt the ball away or throwing a pick 6 or an INT returned to the 2 yard line. Don't beat yourself, be patient and try again the next time around. 4. Run the Ball - Even if your linemen suck, you have the worst linemen, or don't know any good run plays. Take time off the clock, if you go three and out you are technically giving time to your opponent. Mix it in at least 4-5 times a game.5. Slide your Offensive Linemen - I love to block a RB and slide my line away from him, it messes up 99 percent of the nanos and blitz you will face. Also, if you slide your line to a linemen that is giving you problems, it can buy you a second or two in the passing game.
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Madden 12 sliding tutorial and playmaker tutorial. I explain how to slide with your QB and WR along with how to playmaker your nearest receiver to an open spot on the field. These two tactics can really be effective by allowing you to limit your turnovers and give you more options offensively to work with. These are during play strategies that you can use and should help take your game to the next level.Thanks for watching leave a like if you found this helpful Be sure to subscribe for more madden and ncaa football tips, tutorials, reviews, previews, and game plays Leave in the comments what you want to see in the future from me and my channel and any ?s you have about NCAA 13 buttons or anything related to that- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Me on Twitter: http:goo.glJ66x0 Like on Facebook: http:goo.gl6eIqv Subscribe: http:goo.glyITZaCheck Out My Defensive Fury ebook here http:goo.gldptjz
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It is a sad, sad day for Football (or American Awesome Ball for you of the non-United States persuasion), but a great day for you!
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Madden 13 Gameplay by @imav3riq Check out my other channel - http:YouTube.comiMAVERIQ Madden 16 Trent vs Juice Playlist - https:goo.glYrL3VNGo Follow My Live Stream: Twitch.tvimav3riqSnapChat ► DionDoes Twitter ►http:goo.gl1ezO8U Instagram ►http:goo.glFaFYCz Facebook ► http:goo.glh2xh02Thanks to everyone that is taking the time to like and favorite these videos. It may seem like something small to you... but you taking the 2 seconds out of your day to show support to the video with a like and a favorite is the positive feedback that keeps me motivated to make more videos and the catalyst that helps my channel grow. Also be sure to subscribe to follow the series. Thanks again for all of the support, It really means a lot. God first, God Bless! #G1GBTHANKS TO ALL MY BEAT MAKERSBlanq Beatz - https:goo.gl2UQxXM CreativeHitz - http:goo.gliMX9dq HollywoodLegend - http:goo.glQTfOlaiMAV3RIQ = I am a #MAV3RIQWhat is a MAV3RIQ? [mav-er-ik, mav-rik] - An unorthodox or independent-minded person. A nonconformist, individualist; free thinker. Someone committed to living a life without limits!
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Ever played MADDEN? If so, you're probably in this video. Check out Madden on Xbox One: http:bit.lyMadden25Game ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME - http:smarturl.itDPGameiPhone ► VISIT our NEW STORE - http:bit.lyDude_Perfect_Store ► WATCH more STEREOTYPES - http:bit.lyStereotypesPlaylistSome of our biggest videos ever are coming out soon so stay tuned so you won't miss a thing! Subscribe here: http:bit.lyDudePerfectIn between videos we hang out with you guys on Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and Twitter so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too!http:Instagram.comDudePerfect http:Facebook.comDudePerfect http:Vine.coDudePerfect http:Twitter.comDudePerfectA special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Game and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - http:smarturl.itDPGameiPhone Dude Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - http:amzn.toOYdZ2sClick here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: http:bit.lyAboutDPBonus points if you're still reading this! Comment "stereotypes ftw" to prove your awesomeness! As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude PerfectBusiness or Media, please contact us at:
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Madden 13 Offensive Tutorial Madden 13 Beginners offensive guide How to playmaker in madden 13 How to hot route in madden How to slide in maddenHot Routes: Curl - down on dpad Streak - up on dpad 5 N Right - right on dpad 5 N Left - left on dpadLine Of Scrimmage: Drag - down on right stick Fade (Goaline Fade inside 10) - up on right stick ZigWhip - towards sideline on right stick Slant - towards midfield on right stickBackfield: Delay Route - down on right stick Wheel - up on right stick Flat right - right on right stick Flat left - left on left stickPlaymaker: Hold L2LT and move right stick in direction you want to move nearest receiverSlide: Tap dive (squareX) with QB or WR or Defensive Back- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hit Me up on Twitter: http:goo.glJ66x0 Stay up to date on Facebook: http:goo.gl6eIqv Subscribe for more tips & gameplays: http:goo.gllQbLiBlast Off Houston offensive ebook purchase link http:goo.glQEZGd Defensive Confusion ebook purchase link http:goo.glWqnAk
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Purchase Madden 13 For Ps3, Xbox, Wii, Wii U and Playstation Vita Here: http:goo.gl8Oa2iMadden 13 Trick Plays That Will Make Your Friends CryLike Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of War, All warfare is based on deception. American Football has always had some of the best trick plays. Madden isn't really the same about trick plays though. There are "glitches" and other exploits but here are 5 legit trick plays that will make your friends grab their hair!Plays Covered: HB Pass, Flea Flicker, PA CTR Waggle, PA Jet Sweep, HB Draw (Over Powered)1. HB Pass - San Francisco & Detroit PlaybookThis play reminds me of the old Arizona Cardinals WR Pass. The ball is snapped and a toss is made by the QB to the HB. The defenders all chase the Running back leaving a lot of WRs open! Setups: Slide the Line to the HB Passing Side Send the TE on a streak Hot Route the right of screen WR to an out route Send the fullback to the opposite side on a flat or wheel route Always look to hit the fullback as the zones will vacate from him.2. Flea Flicker (I Form Normal) - San Francisco Playbook They actually give you time to do this play this year! Good old flea flicker with a Madden 13 twist.Setups: Vs Press Corners- Hike the ball Wait for the right of screen WR to stutter step on his route and bullet pass to him. Vs Off Corners- Hot Route The right of screen WR to a fade Hike and wait, pass lead inside to the fade up field for a user catch.3. PA CTR Waggle - San Francisco Playbook This is straight cheese. No blitz but a CB Blitz will get the QB on this play! This play will allow your QB right out of the pocket uncontested and with free space and blockers in front for a QB Run. Setups: Hike the ball and run to the outside of the tackle. Throw the ball or take off running downfield. 4. PA Jet Sweep - Run n' Gun This play is actually a legit concept. The QB is the primary target but if covered the other routes are all great and easy to throw for your HB. The HB Fakes the handoff on the sweep, and you can hit your QB for a glitchy pass.Reads: Hike the ball, the HB on the sweep is always an option Vs Off CBs Hit the QB everytime. Vs Pressed Cover look for the FB in the backfield on the short in route. 5. I Form Tight Pair Twin TE Draw - (Run Heavy Playbook) EDIT: THANK YOU GUYS FOR LETTING ME KNOW THIS IS IN THE RUN HEAVY Sorry for this one guys, I know it exists because it was ran on me by an opponent over and over. This draw is really overpowered and honestly the last thing i expected to happen from this formation. I cannot find it in a regular playbook which means it must be in a legendary playbook. If you find it let me know in the comments!My Madden 13 Arizona Cardinals eBook http:maddenmoments.commadden-13-custom-playbooks-arizona-cardinals-ebook Madden 13 eGuides http:maddenmoments.comelite-madden-13-eguides-get-better-at-madden-13 Free Madden 13 Guides
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Looking for some help in your running game? In 2 quick minutes we will help you along the path to a better rushing attack in Madden 13.Happy Gaming!
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Yes, I know this isn't a game-winning touchdown, nail-biting win. I believe I hold the record now for most INT in a online ranked match, but if you post or see someone else post a video beating this please send me the link!No Copyright Intended. All beats are used for non-profit entertainment purposes only.
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Madden 13 Tips Special Deep Ball Route

ZFarls and SGibs show you their favorite deep ballow route from gun spread "zona shallow" play in the Cardinals playbooks
3,855 views | Oct 05, 2012

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