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Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Racing Game DigInfo

From - Posted: Feb 23, 2011 - 20,358 viewsGame | Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Racing Game DigInfo | Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Racing Game DigInfo
Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Racing Game DigInfo
Maximum Heat 3D Arcade Racing Game DigInfo
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DigInfo TV - 1822011 Namco Bandai Games Maximum Heat

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Need For Speed: Rivals PC 720p HD maximum heat level police pursuit run gameplay with keyboard. I manage to accumulate 600,000 speed points in this run. I'm using the almost stock 2014 Porsche Cayman S (981) in this run. It seems that the maximum multiplyer and heat level is at 10 but the pre-alpha stage has 11. But starting from heat level 8, you start facing the mighty Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-SV , Mclaren F1 LM, Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, Koenigsegg Agera R and Hennessey Venom GT Cop cars! That's where it gets intense, and they start shock ram and Electrostatic Field and EMP you.This proofs that you don't really need to a fast car or lots of upgrades to survive heat level 10. You have to be smart and choose the right pursuit tech. And it's obvious Turbo and Jammer is the right pursuit tech for you to survive high heat level police chases. However once you fully upgraded your cars, or have Tier 34 cars, you can easily survive heat level 10.Check out my NFS Rivals playlist which consists Racer career progression using fully upgraded cars and Cop Career (Undercover) as well as multiplayer videos. parts on the Cayman S are: Level 4 Durability and Level 1 Acceleration upgrade. Pursuit Techs are level 1 Turbo and level 1 Jammer.Tips on how to reach heat level 10. First you need to get to heat level 10 quickly. The best way is to play Interceptor events, you can finish the event quickly using Turbo after the cop faced the wrong direction. Keep repeating until it's very difficult to escape at high heat levels. And then start heading towards the Canyon.Tips on how to survive: The main killer in these high heat level pursuits are spikes strips, both on roadblocks and aerial spikes from the helicopter. If any of your tires got hit, it slows you down so much that you get surrounded very quickly and it's not a good sign. Once any of the cop cars hit you, you can't use Turbo and eventually they bust you. Therefore use Jammers to counter the spikes. If you still get hit, use Turbo or all your Nitrous to avoid being surrounded until you could re-inflate your tires. Keep drifting even the slightest corner to make sure your nitrous is always available when you need it. And keep slamming and ramming the cops, preferably at the rear so you won't take damage, it will give you the nitrous you need.Jammer usage: If you have level 4 Jammer, you don't have to worry about the usage. But if you are at level 1 like mine, use Jammer only if you get EMP targetted or you can't avoid the roadblock spike strips. If you can weave through the spike strip roadblocks, then don't use Jammer. The cops will hit their own spikes slowing down and eventually will wreck themselves, and you can escape! If you use Jammer unnecessary, you will allow the cops to have a spike strips free path, and you won't have any Jammer left when you need it.Turbo usage: You don't have to worry with level 4 Turbo. Use Turbo only to prevent from being surrounded. Turbo one amazing emergency escape plan, if you can use it. You this escape tactic plan with Turbo, by causing the Cops to stop or make a U-turn, Turbo away quickly will give you plenty of room to breathe and even escape. But remember, you can't use Turbo if you keep taking damage.
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Get More Info & Pricing at: | RedLine GT Game Theater Automobile Racing + Air Flight Full Immersion 3D Simulator Machine from BMI Gaming and Chicago Gaming Company.RedLine GT Game Theater Home Simulator Machine Features :State-Of-The-Art REAL 3D Auto Racing is now available using 3D-Capable TV and Grand Turismo 5 + other 3D ready games | Arcade-Quality Cabinetry - Made in Chicago, USA by the premier manufacturer of coin-operated games | 5-Way, Fully Adjustable Cockpit allows player to adjust for optimal comfort in seconds; Adjustments include Seat Slider, Quick-Tilt Seat and Telescoping Steering Wheel | Logitech G27 Driving Controls: Most advanced driving controls on the market - Includes True Force Feedback Steering, Tri-Pedal Assembly (Gas Pedal, Brake Pedal and Clutch Pedal) plus a Six (6) Speed Pro Shifter | Immersive Audio With Custom-Build Five (5) Channel, 170 Watt Audio Amplifier, coupled with Four (4) Quality Speakers immerse player in rich vibrant Digital Audio | Rapid-Adjust Pedals allow player to move the pedals forward back before locking into place, and the Quick Set Armrests raises armrests instantly and locks in place | High Energy, 100 Watt Vibration Transducer rattles players physically, reproducing every nuance of the road | Awesome Blue LEDs illuminate the undercarriage creating a blue halo effect under the game ! | Game Control Switch : Press a button and instantly switch Driving Flight Simulator Controls from a PC to PlayStation 3 | Play PC Games, and with the push of a button, play PS3 games without unplugging cables | Rear Storage Area - Can accommodate a Personal Computer if desired, or serve as extra storage area for your favorite games and gaming peripherals Keyboard Drawer for quick access to optional Keyboard and Mouse.The RedLine GT Driving Simulator does not come with Monitor or PlayStation 3 Console or PC (required) - You will need to buy a inexpensive Flat Panel TV (42" Recommended) plus a PlayStation 3 or Personal Computer of your choice - Then Hookup & Go !Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V Monitor : User Supplied LCD, LED or Plasma Flat Panel Players : 1 Player Racing and Flight Simulator MachineRedline GT Game Theater Assembled Dimensions : Height: 35", Width: 35", Length: 82", Weight: 501 Lbs Ships In 2 Pieces, Seat + Housing to fit through any standard doorway 32" or more.Get pricing and more information on this fine product and over 1600 other arcade, amusement and vending products at :
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DigInfo - Related Link: Drawing the its name and inspiration from the early days of plane aviation, The Suzuki's Biplane was designed to give the rider a sensation of flight and an increased sense of freedom. The Biplane design uses a V-4 engine with a girder fork in the front and rim mounted disc brakes. The cylinder heads and exhaust headers are visible on the rear sides which mimics the design of the classic airplane. The exhuast is hidden under the cowling and the link-type rear suspension can be seen just below the seat. A futuristic display panel is built into the top of the bike instead of conventional meters and since this is only a concept bike there are no plans for commercialization as of yet.
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Get detailed info & buy wholesale at: | X Rider Compact Portable 3D - 4D Theater Motion Simulator Motion Theater Ride From and Simuline
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The History of Racing Games!Welcome to part 1 of my 2 part series covering the history of racing video games. Titles covered in this video: 1973- Space Race - Atari 1973- Astro Race - Taito 1974- Speed Race - Taito 1975- Wheels - Midway 1974- Gran Trak 10 - Atari 1976- Crashing Race - Taito 1976- Road Race - Sega 1976- Moto Cross - Sega 1976- Man T.T - Sega 1976- Fonz - Sega 1976- Night Driver - Atari 1977- Night Racer - Micronetics 1977- Twin Course T.T - Sega 1978- Road Champion - Taito 1979- Head On - Sega Gremlin 1979- Monaco GP -Sega 1979- The Driver - Kasco 1980- Rally X - Namco 1981- Turbo -Sega 1982- Pole Position - Namco 1983- Pole Position 2 - Namco 1983- TX1 - Tatsumi 1983- Change Lanes -Taito 1983- Turnin Turbo Dashboard- Tomy 1984- GP WORLD - Sega 1984- Laser Grand Prix - Taito 1984- Top Gear - Universal 1984- Cosmos Circuit - Taito 1984- Kick Start - Taito 1984- Buggy Challenge - Taito 1984- Excitebike - Nintendo 1984- Jumping Cross - SNK 1984- Mad Crasher - SNK 1984- Seicross - Nichibutsu 1984- Road Fighter - Konami 1984- The Battle-Road - Irem 1984- Plazma Line - Technosoft 1984- REVS - Geoff Crammond 1985- HANG ON - Sega 1986- Turbo Esprit - Durell 1986- Out Run - Sega 1986- WEC Le Mans - Konami 1987- Final Lap - Namco 1987- Rad Racer - Square 1987- Roadblasters - Atari 1987- Test Drive - ACCOLADE 1988- Chase HQ - Taito 1988- Paris Dakar Rally Special - CBS Sony 1988- Winning Run Namco - 1989- Hard Drivin - Atari 1989- Idianapolous 500 - Papyrus Design Group 1989- Super Monacoo GP - SegaDon't forget to get in touch with me on: Instagram: http:instagram.comletstestdrive Facebook: https:www.facebook.comLetsTestDrive Twitter: https:twitter.comLetsTestDriveSong credits: Holfix - Stroll in the Sun ( Chiptune Remix ) https:goo.glgJvZcq
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