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Military Channel P90

From - Posted: Jun 23, 2010 - 18,842 viewsGame | Military Channel P90 | Military Channel P90
Military Channel P90
Military Channel P90
Game Trailer Duration: 1 minutes 32 seconds 
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A demonstration of the Belgian FN P90 personal defense weapon, featuring a bull pup design, light recoil, and excellent handling.

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Chad does a Review and final thoughts on the FNH PS90 and the FNH 5.7 pistol. **Had to be re-uploaded**
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Most of this video was recorded with an Iphone 4s, produced in sony vegas pro 9.
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Review of the Echo1 E90 (P90) airsoft gun. It is a bullpup style aeg featuring a polymer lower receiver and a metal upper receiver. Box includes 1x 9.6v battery, 2x 68rd plastic midcap magazines, 1x gun. This p90 is best used for indoor gameplay, but an out of box velocity nearing 400fps will be too high for most cqb fields. The receivers feature caliber markings as well as E1 brandings. Echo1 did a good job at making a very solid p90 and it is one of the more popular p90's on the market. I normally do not like bullpup style guns because they are usually ugly to look at and very uncomfortable to hold. The p90, however, is very pleasant to wield and easy to maneuver around tight corners.Upgrades: Core sp90 spring Core double o-ring pom air nozzle ZCI 14 metal tooth red piston
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This weapon is featured in the new "Olympus Has Fallen" film with Gerard Butler where he plays a Secret Service agent. The P90 is trusted by military and law enforcement circles all around the globe, to include protecting our own President and other officials. The Secret Service uses the P90 extensively. Developed in 1991, the P90 is still a newer design by today's standards, but I strongly believe it is here to stay. Thanks for YouTube Hotline: 770-692-9326Moss Pawn and Gun 6382 Old Dixie Hwy Jonesboro, GA, http:www.reelmen8888.spreadshirt.comhttp:www.facebook.comiraqveteran8888official
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game | 東京マルイ P 90 電動ガン Marui FN P90 Airsoft gun レビュー

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東京マルイ P-90の通常分解、マガジンチェンジ、ドットサイト、命中精度、早撃ち、初速などをレビュー。記事 http:machsakai.commarui-fn-p90-aeg-review今日の一言。 すいません、 書くの忘れていましたよ。 P90思ったより良かったです。 やっとオリジナルやれてよかったです。 久しぶりにCODやりたくなりましたよ〜。明日は 「サバゲーでマック堺が気をつける5つのこと」 です。 よかったら、ご覧下さいませ。●マック堺のyoutubeチャンネル登録●★よくある質問と答え Q.エアガンは買っていますか?   A.メーカーやショップさんからの借り物が多いですQ.好きなエアガンは  A.ハイキャパですQ.XXXをレビューして欲しいのですが  A.リクエストは受け付けていません。m(_ _)m。Q.おすすめのエアガンはありますか? をご覧ください。Q.コメントに返事がないのですが・・・。  A.返信のリンクがないものがあり、お返事できません。   Google+の連携ができていないと返信できないようです。Q.どこで撮影していますか。  A.法的に問題ない場所です。そこら辺で適当にうっているわけではありません。  エアガンを撃つ際には、サバゲーフィールドや許可を得た場所のみで撃つことをおすすめします。★動画レビュー一覧  http:machsakai.comairsoftご視聴ありがとうございます。 よかったら、関連動画もご覧頂ければと思います。 追加情報はホームページにもございます。 ほぼ毎日夜6時頃に動画をアップロードしています。 役に立つエアガンの情報や、エアガンレビュー、エアガン競技について 紹介したいと思います。●安全管理の動画●●面白い射撃動画のリンク●★マック堺の紹介 http:machsakai.commachsakai-intro ★マック堺のホームページ ★マック堺のツイッター https:twitter.commachsakai ★マック堺のFacebook https:www.facebook.comMachsakai1 ★マック堺のニコニコ動画 http:com.nicovideo.jpcommunityco2255046 ★マック堺のGoogle+★動画レビュー一覧 http:machsakai.comairsoft★マック堺部について。http:machsakai.commachsakaibu★マック堺の本★マック堺のアプリ,d.dGc★マック堺の支援 の右の支援より。
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From - the PS90 experts. In this video we explain how to price a PS90 carbine based on model and condition. 30 to 50 round magazine conversion is also explained.
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Military Arms Channel - shoot email or Follow us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comcory07ink Also Follow us on twitter:!Cory07ink http:instagram.comcory07inkMusic from
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Custom Paint camouflage P90 airsoft gun

result : 8:00a little info on a new technique i learned from a friend who paints cars like this, thought it might be cool to try on a gun, and IT IS... i'm still experimenting with colors, tapping and pressing the foil maybe combining it with other painting techniques to get some really unique and ultra cool results. base gun used: Jing Gong P90voor de nederlandstalige kijkers, dit is een project dat ik verder zal uitbouwen naar een cqboutdoor platform met een X1 red dot, tightbore barrel en nog enige andere upgrades, dat uiteindelijk zal verkocht worden, eventueel wordt deze geveild als er genoeg geinteresseerden zijn. ik hoop hier ook een klein beetje winst te maken die zal gebruikt worden om een nieuw project te financieren.
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game | P90 First Person Shooter in Real Life

P90 First Person Shooter in Real Life

P90 First Person Shooter in Real Life Super Slow Motion Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more videos. Twitter: http:twitter.comRichardRyan Facebook: http:www.facebook.comRichardRyan P90 Real Life First Person The FN P90 is a selective fire personal defense weapon (PDW) designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium.[4] The P90's name is taken from 1990, the year it was introduced.[3] The P90 was created in response to NATO requests for a replacement for 9×19mm Parabellum firearms; it was designed as a compact but powerful firearm for vehicle crews, operators of crew-served weapons, support personnel, special forces and counter-terrorist groups.[4][8] The P90 was designed by science technology education tech FN in conjunction with the FN Five-seven pistol and 5.7×28mm ammunition.[3] Development of the P90 began in 1986, and production commenced in 1990, whereupon the 5.7×28mm ammunition was redesigned and shortened.[1] A modified version of the P90 with a magazine adapted to use the new ammunition was introduced in 1993, and the Five-seven pistol was subsequently introduced as a companion weapon using the same 5.7×28mm ammunition.[9] The P90 was developed and initially marketed as a personal defense weapon, but it could also be considered a submachine gun or compact assault rifle.[10] Featuring a compact bullpup design with an integrated reflex sight and fully ambidextrous controls, the P90 is an unconventional weapon with a futuristic appearance.[10] Its design incorporates several innovations such as a unique top-mounted magazine and FN's small caliber, high velocity 5.7×28mm ammunition.[10] The P90 is currently in service with science technology education tech military and police forces in over 40 countries throughout the world.[11] In the United States, the P90 is in use with over 200 law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service.[12] The standard P90 is restricted to military and law enforcement customers, but since 2005, a semi-automatic carbine version has been offered to civilian shooters as the PS90.[13] P90 P90 P90 P90 The P90 was developed by FN between 1986 and 1990 in conjunction with the 5.7×28mm cartridge. FN's goal was to replace the pistol-caliber submachine guns which were in use at the time by military and law enforcement personnel, as it had become evident that such weapons were ineffective against body armor.[5][14] Initially the weapon was designed to use a 5.7×28mm cartridge called the SS90, which propelled a 1.5-g (23 grain) plastic-core projectile from the P90 at a muzzle velocity of roughly 850 ms (2,800 fts).[5] The first P90 prototypes firing this ammunition were created in 1987, and over 3,000 submachine guns were produced in this configuration until 1993, in a low-rate trial production mode.[15][16] Shortly after its introduction, the P90 was adopted and used in service with the Belgian special forces group in the 1991 Gulf War.[1] Following the P90's introduction, FN revised the 5.7×28mm ammunition.[9] The new variation, designated the SS190, used a projectile 2.7 mm (0.11 in) shorter in length than that of the SS90.[5] This allowed it to be used more conveniently in the 5.7×28mm FN Five-seven pistol, which was under development at that time.[9] The SS190 projectile also had a heavier weight, and a more conventional construction with an aluminum and steel core.[5][9] The first prototypes of the SS190 were created in 1992, and the design was finalized in 1993, replacing the SS90.[9] A modified version of the P90, with a magazine adapted to use the shortened ammunition, was then introduced in the same year.[9] Several special cartridge variations were also developed, such as the L191 tracer round and the SB193 subsonic round for use with a sound-suppressed P90.[6] Further development of the P90 platform led to the creation of the P90 TR variant, which has a MIL-STD-1913 triple rail interface for mounting accessories. This variant was introduced in late 1999 and continues to be offered alongside the standard P90.[17] More recently, the P90 has been offered to civilian shooters as the PS90, a semi-automatic carbine intended for personal protection and sporting use.[18] Dual WIelding Dual Wielding Dual Wielding Dual Wielding First Person shooter Real Life First Person Shooter in Real life First Person Shooter in Real life First Person Shooter in Real life "Richard Ryan" "Richard Ryan" "Richard Ryan" "Richard Ryan"
4,832 views | Apr 26, 2011

game | Los Subfusiles P90, UZI y MP7 documental

Los Subfusiles P90, UZI y MP7 documental

Blog Guerreros de Elite: P-90, es una arma de fuego (blowback -- delayed) con sistema de disparo automático - semiautomático y un seguro. Su construcción es en gran parte de polímero lo que la hace relativamente liviana. Todos los modelos salvo el PS90 (versión civil) cuenta con un cañón con 6 estrías dextrógiras. El subfusil P90 utiliza una amplia gama de municiones para ser relativamente un arma nueva, una de las más usadas es la munición SS190 cuya particularidad al tener un núcleo dual se desestabiliza al momento del impacto con un ser vivo, por lo cual la "sobre penetración" es improbable. La presión en la recámara ronda las 50,000 psi.El HK MP7 es un subfusil que utiliza una munición poco común: 4,6 x 30.El diseño se basa en los requisitos de la OTAN en 1989 para un arma lo bastante portátil como una pistola, a la vez que tenga la suficiente potencia para penetrar chalecos antibalas.Su competencia directa es el P90, fabricado por la compañía belga FN Herstal.La composición del arma es en su mayoría hecha de polímeros, su velocidad de fuego es mayor que la de los fusiles de asalto. La capacidad de su cargador varía de 20 a 40 balas.Además, el arma tiene rieles Picatinny para montar visores, así como punteros láser, linternas y se le puede instalar un silenciador.La proliferación de chalecos antibalas de gran calidad ha provocado que las armas que disparan munición de pistola (tales como el MP5 inicial o la USP, ambas de HK) dejen de ser efectivas. En respuesta a esto HK diseñó el MP7, capaz de traspasar blindajes, y lo suficientemente pequeño para ser usado en lugar de una pistola o un subfusil.El Uzi (en hebreo: עוזי) es un subfusil de origen israelí, diseñado y fabricado inicialmente por Israel Military Industries (IMI). Pertenece a la familia de armas de fuego que empezaron a compactar y aligerar el peso de los subfusiles. Las versiones más pequeñas y las más novedosas son consideradas como pistolas automáticas. El Uzi fue una de las primeras armas en emplear un cerrojo telescópico, que permite insertar el cargador en el pistolete y acortar su longitud, un diseño que no había sido visto desde la pistola ametralladora Tipo 2 japonesa.
3,340 views | Feb 18, 2014
game | Showdown Air Combat MiG 15 Intro

Showdown Air Combat MiG 15 Intro

At the beginning of the Korean War, U.S. planes devastate North Korean ground forces. But everything changes when North Korea unveils its new secret weapon.
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