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Military Channel P90

From - Posted: Jun 23, 2010 - 18,868 viewsGame | Military Channel P90 | Military Channel P90
Military Channel P90
Military Channel P90
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A demonstration of the Belgian FN P90 personal defense weapon, featuring a bull pup design, light recoil, and excellent handling.

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Click2Tweet: http:clicktotweet.comd9xiL My 2nd Channel: My Shirts: http:tinyurl.comcy7fh2h Twitter: http:twitter.comTHEFPSHOW FaceBook: http:www.facebook.comFPSRUSSIA Filmed & Edited by: blue SUV we blew up has a funny story behind it. I bought it 2 years ago for $3000 which was a pretty good deal considering my friends and I put over 50,000 miles on it in those 2 years. So when I began filming this video I had a cheap 4 door white car that ran pretty well. Id bought it for $800 and knew it was no prize but it was perfect for driving in a field for 5 minutes then getting blown to bits. Unfortunately one of the guys who works for me decided to take it for "a little spin" just before we were to film the videos last segment. He somehow managed to blow up the engine and I was left with 2 options: I could either scrap the video concept and pay for another day of filming which would be very costly. Or I could blow up the SUV which btw the guy who broke the original car had been driving for over a month. Unfortunately for him the decision was easy, we got his stuff out, through in 13lbs of explosives and a few gallons of fuel and said goodbye to the Montero.
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