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MLP Fighting Is Magic Gameplay part 4 Sweet Apple Acre

From - Posted: Jan 28, 2013 - 5,005 viewsGame | MLP Fighting Is Magic Gameplay part 4 Sweet Apple Acre | MLP Fighting Is Magic Gameplay part 4 Sweet Apple Acre
MLP Fighting Is Magic Gameplay part 4 Sweet Apple Acre
MLP Fighting Is Magic Gameplay part 4 Sweet Apple Acre
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In this part I will show you guys Sweet Apple Acre. I didn't want to play ths game all by myself again, but none of my friends wanted to play with me:( (Those who doesn't live far away). Hope you will enjoy this video as much I enjoy playing this game. I can guarantee that I will make more of this when I get my friends to play with me :) Sorry for the Steam notification sounds, forgot to go offline :/ I'll do it next time :DChannel link: Link:

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Первые бои в Fighting Is Magic Земные пони на 20 круче

Тут можно не только посмотреть видео, но и поставить лайк под ним! первых боёв:Мои первые бои с Lone Wolf'ом (Ярославом) в игре про пони.Группа в steam: https:steamcommunity.comgroupsFaUsTsworld Группа Вконтакте: http:vk.comFaUsTsWorldРекомендовано смотреть в 720HD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­---------------------------- Песни: AcousticBrony - My Little Pony_ Friendship Is Magic Opening (Pop-Punk Cover 2.0) Justice - DANCE Игра: Fighting is magic Скачать игру(Пишите в ЛС, если файл удалён): http:narod.rudisk60361544001.70cd5f064d553a3bef4c03c3b7f923baFightingIsMagic.rar.html Destination IP: 2616841813 Движения: http:cs402218.userapi.comv40221890318a44a_3NQUdZ6Y.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­---------------------------- Помогите наивному человеку: -Кошельки: WebmoneyR: R429157231134 WebmoneyZ: Z167424845886 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ: -Чем обрабатываешь видео? Vegas Pro 11.0 -Чем снимаешь видео? Fraps -Откуда Fighting Is Magic скачать? Все ссылки выше! -Вы играли за одним компьютером или мультиплеер? Играли по мультиплееру, IP выше. -Какая твоя любимая пони? :3 Флаттершай :3 -Почему в игре много багов? Это альфа версия игры. -У меня ошибка "There was no response from the selected user.", что делать? Это временно, мне помогает перезагрузка компьютера. -Игра сильно глючит, а комп должен тянуть, игра ведь пустяковая. Глючит из-за большого пинга у одного из игороков. Выключи торрент, закачки, если и дальше будет глючить, то дело в твоём сопернике.
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My Little Pony Fighting is Magic story mode Pinkie Pie theme and Pinka...

` :) I'm still learning this!!! I recorded this video (in the long version) for my friends in particular for Natalia , Dominik, Grezarka and other :* Greetings to all my BFF ;D
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My Little Pony Is of Hasbro inc. Hasbro copyright not deleted video please, just for fun not to infringe their rights Hasbro. My Little Pony Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition by Mr. Pretty Kitty. Information Miniature: Font by kustren Link: http:kustren.deviantart.comartFont-MLP-Style-por-Kustren-Version-Beta-final-399256530?q=gallery%3Akustren&qo=0 Fighting is Magic Background by turbo740 Link: http:turbo740.deviantart.comartBackground-Texture-347838072 Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition Logo Vector by sitrirokoia Link: http:sitrirokoia.deviantart.comartFighting-is-Magic-Tribute-Edition-Logo-Vector-447832135"TAGS (Ignore)" "My Little pony" friendship is magic" "my little pony la magia de la amistad" "fluttershy" "pinkie pie" "lesbian horse" "fighting is magic" "mane6" "rc88" "rainbow crash88" "hurricane fluttershy" "phineas and ferb" "rarity" "angel bunny" "tribute edition" "my little pony equesria girls" "dream of fluttlershy" "my little pony filli vanilli" "tiarawhy" "games ponies" "super rainbow dash" "sonic and rainbow" "sweetie bot" "fighing is magic derpy" "spike fluttershy" "rarity" "rainbow dash" "applejack" "twilight sparkle" "sonic and miku" "mario and kirby" "my little pony rule 34" "my little pony fluttershy" "my little pony"
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UPDATE: We have a tumblr to view updates o3o http:mrprettykitty.tumblr.comIf you want to ask a question, please use the tumblr to ask. (it's way easier to keep up with them there)Song at the beginning: https:soundcloud.commr-pretty-kittyda-song-from-the-release-video------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here it is!! My little Pony: Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition!!Oh my, it took me forever to make this video. All of the combos seen here can be done on arcade stick or keyboard. (I did most of them myself on keyboard)Combo Contributors: Brawl (3rd4th AJ Section), Patthecat (4th Twi Section), Hamit (2nd Fluttershy Section), Mr.Pretty Kitty (Everything else ;-; )- "Thank you" to all the testersCombo ContributionsPlease be aware, these aren't the only combos available for each character. I was sure to involve a bit of easier combos as well as some more advanced ones. There is PLENTY left to see and do. I also left out a lot of skills in some combos so you'll be pressed to learn new things on your own. ;)If you're wondering why some stages look a little different, it's because they are actually Low-Resolution versions of the original stages. YES, the original stages are still there. You can choose which resolution you want in the options menu. This is more for those that get lagearthquakesstutter when using the higher res stages.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Combo Notations will be posted on a forum for all to seelearn-by-heart. ;)Thank you for checking out the build and I hope you enjoy the work we put into it.MLP Tribute Edition DL: http:tinyurl.comMLP-FiM-TEBe sure to read the entire article!Song used at the beginning of the Fluttershy Segment: New Game - Nitro Fun(Developers are in no way affiliated with Mane6)
109,869 views | Feb 28, 2014

Let s Play MLP Fighting is magic Part 5

I told my brother if he would play and he said "sure, why not".The music you heard in between battles was made by can listen to it here: people that this is a beta and not the full game. This game is created by MANE 6 Development team. The My Little Pony franchise belongs to Hasbro.I am not profiting from this video at all, these videos are for fun.Remember to visit our gaming channel: like feedback good or bad, so comment away.Bro-hoof from a different direction. (\
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