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Mobile Wallets Are Here Demo of Deutsche Telekom Payment Solution

From - Posted: Oct 04, 2012 - 5,634 viewsGame | Mobile Wallets Are Here Demo of Deutsche Telekom Payment Solution | Mobile Wallets Are Here Demo of Deutsche Telekom Payment Solution
Mobile Wallets Are Here Demo of Deutsche Telekom Payment Solution
Mobile Wallets Are Here Demo of Deutsche Telekom Payment Solution
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NFC mobile wallet Moible payments are well on their way, just because the US isn't ready doesn't mean that other countries aren't forging the way. MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom aka T-Mobile have rolled out an NFC wallet solution in Poland and Germany will follow the beiginning of next year. We got to check out a demo and see the NFC service in action on a Galaxy S3.

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bitcoin:1BpdNjCNWvngMukzxRQVbpxgvji7eVHay?label=Donations You can get NFC tags from our store if you choose: http:facebook.comgeekblogtv http:twitter.comgeekblogtv
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Mobile phone replaces PIN debit card at supermarket: Logicas unique project with the world’s first mobile integration of two different applications of the NFC technology being tested in real-life conditions. This was the first use of NFC in financial transactions whereby the mobile phone acted as replacement for the traditional online debit card (in this case, PIN). Additionally, users are offered a taste of the wide range of other possible applications by also being able to use the mobile phone as a repository of bottle return refunds. This enabled the user to wirelessly receive, save, transfer and use their refunds. To view more content on Logica's innovation visit: To know more about this solution and Logica's innovation capabilities visit: http:www.logica.cominnovation
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My Wallet ist eine Technik, die das Bezahlen ohne Bargeld möglich macht. Vorteil: Im Geschäft gibt es keine langen Schlangen an der Kasse mehr, der Kunde wiederum erspart sich ein buntes Sammelsurium an Kreditkarten. My Wallet bedeutet: ein Handy, viele Arten zu bezahlen.NFC ist das beliebteste Verfahren von My Wallet: Die Near Field Communication, kurz NFC, funkt über sehr kurze Distanzen die Bezahlinformationen vom Smartphone zum Point of Sale. Der Kunde hält sein Smartphone an das NFC-Gerät, die beiden tauschen Informationen aus, das Geld wechselt den Besitzer.Wer kein Smartphone mit NFC hat, nutzt einfach einen NFC-Sticker, der auf das Handy aufgeklebt wird. Die Technik ist dieselbe, der Sticker ist einfach nur mobil. Derzeit bietet My Wallet Bezahlsysteme von Airplus, Mastercard und Wirecard . Sie arbeiten mit der Telekom zusammen, weitere Partnerschaften sind geplant. Künftig lassen sich in My Wallet zudem Kinokarten hinterlegen, Fahrscheine speichern und Quittungen archivieren. Damit ersetzt das System eine komplette Brieftasche. Im nächsten Schritt lassen sich mit My Wallet selbst Türen öffnen. Die Anwendung wird zur Schlüsseltechnik.Vorteile der digitalen Geldbörse My Wallet:- Keine langen Warteschlangen an der Kasse - Bequemes Bezahlen ohne Bargeld - Elektronischer Geldverkehr erspart dem Händler Zeit - Kreditkarten und Bonuskarten werden überflüssig - Tickets, Kinokarten, Eintrittskarten sind immer zur HandBezahlen im Vorbeigehen: NFC -- so funkt die Technik http:dreisechsnull.telekom.denfc-zahlen-im-vorbeigehenMein Einkaufswagen geht mit mir shoppen: NFC verbindet Smartphone und Warenangebot
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Coin - - was featured on Wall Street Journal, The Verge, AllThingsD, Time, NBC, Today Show, CNET, VentureBeat, GigaOm, Entrepreneur, Forbes, ABC News, FastCompany, Engagdet, Inc, Gizmodo, Mashable, BGR, TheNextWeb, PandoDaily, and more! http:blogs.wsj.comdigits20131114startup-coin-offers-one-credit-card-to-rule-them-all http:www.theverge.com201311145103820coin-electronic-card-to-hold-all-your-credit-cards http:allthingsd.com20131114finally-a-new-way-to-pay-in-stores-that-people-might-actually-use http:techland.time.com20131114costanza-wallet-load-all-your-credit-cards-into-one-coin-smart-card http:www.nbcnews.comtechnologymaster-card-coin-combines-debit-credit-others-one-2D11591259 http:news.cnet.com8301-1035_3-57612054-94inside-coins-techie-vision-for-the-all-in-one-credit-card http:venturebeat.com20131114tired-of-a-fat-wallet-coin-lets-you-hold-all-your-cards-in-a-single-connected-card http:gigaom.com20131114meet-coin-a-startup-creating-a-universal-credit-card http:www.entrepreneur.comarticle229937 http:www.forbes.comsitesnatalierobehmed20131114coin-tries-to-make-credit-cards-history http:abcnews.go.comTechnologycoin-combines-credit-debit-gift-cards-gadgetstory?id=20899931 http:www.fastcompany.com3021654fast-feedsay-goodbye-to-bulky-wallets-coin-is-the-one-card-to-rule-them-all http:www.crowdfundinsider.com20131126342-one-card-replace-coin-crowdfunding-now http:www.engadget.com20131114coin-credit-card?ncid=rss_truncated http:gizmodo.comthis-single-card-wants-to-replace-your-entire-wallet-fu-1463853897 http:mashable.com20131114coin-super-credit-card http:bgr.com20131114coin-preorders-announcement-payment-solution http:thenextweb.comgadgets20131114meet-coin-single-card-replaces-every-swipeable-card-wallet-purse?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheNextWebPolska+(The+Next+Web+Polska) http:pandodaily.com20131114coin-bets-that-the-future-of-payments-can-be-found-by-improving-credit-cards-not-replacing-themLaptopMag http:blog.laptopmag.comcoin-card-replacementThis Startup Built One Credit Card That Can Store All Your Other Cards That Make Your Wallet Super Thick And Annoying http:www.businessinsider.comcoin-payments-app-2013-11TechnoBuffalo http:www.technobuffalo.com20131114coin-wants-to-shrink-your-wallet-into-a-single-cardSlate http:www.slate.comblogsfuture_tense20131115could_this_card_replace_all_your_other_credit_cards.htmlCSMonitor http:www.csmonitor.comInnovation20131114Coin-Finally-a-solution-to-the-overpacked-mega-walletHuffington Post http:www.huffingtonpost.com20131114coin_n_4276894.htmlGizmodo AU http:www.ubergizmo.com201311coin-hopes-to-replace-all-your-cards-with-a-single-solutionTech Hive http:www.techhive.comarticle2063359fat-wallets-begone-coin-combines-your-payment-plastic-into-a-single-smart-card.htmlApp Advice http:appadvice.comappnn201311coin-could-compete-with-apples-iwatch-to-become-the-mobile-product-of-2014LA Times http:www.latimes.combusinesstechnologyla-fi-tn-coin-smartcard-credit-card-crowdfunding-20131115,0,7540692.story#axzz2kdQDwUjKDiscovery News http:news.discovery.comtechgear-and-gadgetscoin-card-replaces-everything-in-your-wallet-131115.htmPCMag http:www.pcmag.comarticle20,2817,2427169,00.aspCoolMaterial http:coolmaterial.comtechcoin-all-in-one-credit-cardThe Ultra Linx http:theultralinx.com201311coin-putting-cards.htmlTechnorati http:technorati.comtechnologyarticlecoin-could-be-the-one-cardHomeGrownRadio http:homegrownradio.netcoin-the-all-in-one-cardBitShare http:bitshare.cmpost66987470601use-one-coin-for-all-your-cardsApple-Ninja http:apple-ninja.comone-card-to-rule-them-allGotta Be Mobile http:www.gottabemobile.com20131114coin-replaces-credit-cards-one-single-cardTechSpot http:www.techspot.comnews54696-coin-is-the-all-in-one-credit-card-designed-to-slim-down-your-wallet.htmlCIO-Today http:www.cio-today.comstory.xhtml?story_id=0320035AUG68Dvice http:www.dvice.com2013-11-14coin-one-card-rule-all-your-credit-debit-and-loyalty-cardsEliteDaily http:elitedaily.comnewstechnologycoin-universal-remote-equivalent-credit-cards-will-change-payDesignBoom http:www.designboom.comtechnologycoin-bluetooth-payment-system-combines-all-cards-into-one-11-15-2013Remove the Labels http:www.removethelabels.com20131115coin-replace-every-one-credit-cardsWP Central http:www.wpcentral.comwindows-phone-8-coin-appMade by Sandwich Video starring Adam Lisagor.
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Apple has revealed its mobile payments play, and it features NFC and Touch ID, as many expected. Essentially, with the new iPhones, a user holds their phone near a payment terminal, and the payment card they’ve set as a default is called up, prompting a Touch ID action where the user authenticates their transaction.Subscribe to TechCrunch today: http:bit.ly18J0X2e
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