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My Arcade Collection

From - Posted: Aug 29, 2009 - 44,660 viewsGame | My Arcade Collection | My Arcade Collection
My Arcade Collection
My Arcade Collection
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Just a brief showing of the games I have. I need to take the time and clean up my game room. I have 8 machines total. One which is my custom Vewlix Xbox 360 built machine which I built basically to play Street Fighter 4. I also have an oringal Stern Time Pilot cocktail that houses60-1 Jamma Board. I have a Dedicated Ultimate MK3 and MK4 cabinets. I have MK2 board inside of the MK4 because I burned up my MK4 a couple years ago learning how to work on the arcade machines. My 2 Killer instinct machines are in original Street Fighter 2 cabs. My Blitz 99 is inside of an original NBA Jam cab if I'm not mistaken. The One machine that is not complete is an original Street Fighter 2 cab. I am using it as a mame machine but haven't had the urge to finish the install. I have all the parts, but I need to assemble it again as I removed it from the MK4 dedicated cab.

Like to get lastest games everyday!
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