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najtrudniejsza gra świata hack world hardest game hack

From - Posted: Nov 05, 2012 - 67 viewsGame | najtrudniejsza gra świata hack world hardest game hack | najtrudniejsza gra świata hack world hardest game hack
najtrudniejsza gra świata hack world hardest game hack
najtrudniejsza gra świata hack world hardest game hack
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użyłem sothink swf quicker i use sothink swf quicker

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WORLD RECORD Hexagoner Super Hexagon

So here is the situation. I haven't played this stage for quite some time. Since getting my previous record on it, I have improved dramatically. I spend Aprox 3 mins longer in the final stage than I did with my Hyper Hexagonest run. I have set a new world record. Thank you very much for watching.Lets lob off the first 3 mins of this run so the clock would theoretically start at the Hyper Hexagonest stage, we are now left with a 756 second run. Comparing that to my run starting on Hyper Hexagonest of 549 we see that I theoretically beat that time by 207 seconds. When recording that Hyper Hexagonest record run, I beat my old time by 188 seconds. A jump of 188 seconds to 207 seconds isn't that much. Factor in the fact that I haven't played the Hexagoner stage for quite some time and the outcome of this world record setting run is not very surprising :)And oh yes, I'm willing to bet that 16 thousand second run is completely cheated. Nice try there buddy.
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the worlds hardest game 1 & 2 where hacked. enjoy. the hack allowed you to walk thru walls. some of the hack was not well coded and you may encounter unwanted things such as: not being able to walk thru walls after entering the accual level, dissapering randomly off the screen, on the last level being unable to make the third coin reach the green spot like the other 2 coins and many more. enjoy
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Filmik pokazuje, jak radzę sobie z najtrudniejszą grą na świecie. Nic nie było wycinane, wszystkie śmierci zostały nagrane. :DKto pobije mój rekord?:DKomentujcie. Do zobaczenia :PLink do parta 22
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Jak przejść najtrudniejszą grę na świecie ? HACK

http:hdo01.blogspot.com200909najtrudniejsza-gra-swiata-hack.html Niema wirusów ;)
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