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NEW 2013 Zombie Survival Sandbox PC Game!!!! The Dead Linger!!! Alpha

From - Posted: Jul 09, 2013 - 5,081 viewsGame | NEW 2013 Zombie Survival Sandbox PC Game!!!! The Dead Linger!!! Alpha | NEW 2013 Zombie Survival Sandbox PC Game!!!! The Dead Linger!!! Alpha
NEW 2013 Zombie Survival Sandbox PC Game!!!! The Dead Linger!!! Alpha
NEW 2013 Zombie Survival Sandbox PC Game!!!! The Dead Linger!!! Alpha
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Today we are checking out the Zombie Survival sandbox Pc Game called The Dead Linger. This game is a work in progress and will probably be on a different engine by release. That being said I can already see this game will bring fresh new ideas to the table. www.audiomicro.comRPMNetworks

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