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News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer

From - Posted: Nov 29, 2014 - 223,690 viewsGame | News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer | News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer
News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer
News About Next Metroid Game Wii U 2015 Episode 8 Metroid Wii U 3DS 2015 Reveal Trailer
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Like the Video? Follow MP on Twitter! https:twitter.comMacintyreProducEpisode 8 of my News about the next Metroid Game for Wii U. Will Metroid Dread return? Or will brand new Metroid title be revealed in 2015? Watch my video to find out! Samus Aran will return in 2015! Sources Usedhttp:www.gamespot.comarticles3ds-metroid-game-concept-art-surfaces-report1100-6422163 http:www.screwattack.comnewsnext-level-games-worked-new-metroid-title-switching-luigi%E2%80%99s-mansion-dark-moon http:mynintendonews.com20140907trusted-source-says-next-level-games-was-working-on-a-metroid-title http:www.vg247.com20140908metroid-pitch-prototype-cancelled-nintendo http:www.computerandvideogames.com476031luigis-mansion-2-studio-pitched-new-metroid http:nintendoeverything.comsource-says-next-level-games-metroid-prototype-is-real-was-pretty-fun http:www.ecumenicalnews.comarticlemetroid-wii-u-release-resurfaces-developers-go-on-hiring-spree-26134 http:www.giantbomb.comshinya-takahashi3040-38959Click here for Episode 7 here for Episode 6 here for Episode 5 here for Episode 4 here for Episode 3 here for Episode 2 here for Episode 1

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We got excited when Nintendo announced they want to start getting into movies. When they announced that they were doing them all animated, we felt that was a good idea, but we believe there were two important franchises they should consider live action...Zelda and Metroid! Both properties would really lend themselves to awesome live action movies if they were done correctly. We had already made a Zelda fan film, so we knew we had to make one for Metroid as well. With a solid actress, solid story and incredible visuals, Metroid would really lend itself to an awesome sci-fi film and we think Nintendo should make a real one.In 2015 when we were making our Legend of Zelda fan trailer, we noticed our Zelda cosplayer had the most incredible Samus cosplay we had ever seen, and we knew that we had to do collaborate on our next fan film (be sure to check her out on "Pigtails and Powertools Cosplay" https:www.facebook.comPigtails-and-Power-Tools-Cosplay-Creations-498874520248730). Her cosplay is the MVP of the video no mistake.We hope you enjoy the short film. It was a no budget production but we really enjoyed putting it together. There aren't enough Metroid fan films out there. We loved the one that Rainfall productions did with The Sky Calls and we were excited to add another one to the internet.Check out The Discovery Space Center: If you want a real life Star Trek-like experience, they're the place to go!Credits:Crew: Devan Davidson Brandon Davidson Gary Szabo CarlyCast Ainsley Bircher: Samus Check out her Cosplay at https:www.facebook.comPigtails-and-Power-Tools-Cosplay-Creations-498874520248730 Jason Tran: Space Pirate Carly: Chozo Check out her cosplay at https:www.facebook.comRomanCandleCosplaySpecial thanks to Carly and Brady who helped out behind the scenes! And Derek Davidson for his help in getting the project started.Follow us here on:Youtube: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comIdeasforHoll... Twitter: https:twitter.comIdeas4Hollywood Instagram: https:www.instagram.comideas4hollywood3D Model Credits (from Perun Class Destroyer by Chris Kuhn Shipyard by Greyoxide Roach by Danimal SAD-Drone by Duion Spaceship Manta Ray by Bitterulf Massive UFO by Dimitris C(I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.)
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Podemos apreciar el upscaleo y la suavizada que le hace la Wiiu a los títulos de Wii.Recuerda visitarnos en nuestro sitio web No dejes de suscribirte :D
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Like the video? Follow MP on Twitter! https:twitter.comMacintyreProducThe evolution, retrospective, and history regarding the Metroid video game series. Ever since the first Metroid game was released, a crescendo of new gaming mechanics was unveiled to the world. Other games such as Metroid 2 the return of Samus, Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, and Metroid Fusion has lead the way and the foundation to the latter half of the Metroid series. Games such as Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime Hunters, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, and Metroid Other M has certainly made an impression on the gaming community. So much so that I decided to give my take on the gaming series. CANNOT WAIT FOR METROID WII U Music Usedhttp:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten502964 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten528239 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten516766 2 remake (AM2R) http:metroid2remake.blogspot.comThe Legend of Zelda TheoriesZelda is EVIL? Hyrulean Civil Truth behind the Shadow the Antichrist? Check out our Wednesday Podcast series, where we co-host the Treesicle Team (TreesicleTube) along with other youtube
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The million dollar question. What will happen to the Metroid series? Or better yet, what are the possibilities of Metroid on Nintendo’s future console, the NX? To answer these set of questions it is best that we analyze the future of the franchise methodically. In other words to take a step back to discuss what is possibly Nintendo’s best kept secret, Metroid NX. Will Retro Studios resume their role as Metroid developer? Is Next Level Game’s Metroid Prime Federation Force an indication for the future? All of these questions may be answered at E3 2016Voice Credits Credits http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten574968 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten511708 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten575233
2,199 views | Jan 01, 2016
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Metroid 15 43 World Record

I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo. (Click "show more" for video comments.) Metroid for NES, finished on console in 15:43.9 (15:36.2 from control of Samus) on March 16 2013 by Chris 'cak' Knight. Verified by Speed Demos Archive: http:forum.speeddemosarchive.compostmetroid__april_15th_2013.html . Please read the FAQ (click "Show more") before asking questions. Thanks for watching!Q: Are you sure this is the world record? I thought I saw a faster time posted somewhere. A: This is the fastest known time in the "any% glitchless" category. However, there are other, faster categories. "Any% glitched" uses the door glitch to skip bombs, and "any% Up+A" also uses a teleport code to avoid backtracking in the game.Q: How did you suddenly obtain 75 missiles? A: By defeating Kraid.Q: Was this played on emulator or tool-assisted in any way? A: No. This video was verified to be authentic by Speed Demos Archive, a website which only accepts videos played on intended hardware in real time without cheats.Q: How did you record this? A: VCR + DVD + Anrichan softwareQ: Why did Samus briefly disappear in some places? A: When Samus is hit by an enemy or rides an elevator, she flickers (disappears and reappears) at a rate of 60.1 fps. Youtube's video rate is less than half that, so instead of flickering, it looks like Samus is either solid or disappears altogether. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to download a higher quality version of the video at http:speeddemosarchive.comMetroid.html#1bossQ: How did you shoot so fast? Did you use turbo? A: Hold "B" and tap "Select". This doesn't work as well when you have missiles.Q: You skipped A: You don't have to defeat both minibosses to enter Tourian (final area of the game), you just have to get across the lava pit in the statue room. There is another way to do it besides shooting the statues to make the bridge appear. Start the video at 12:30 to see what I mean.Q: How did you calculate the video time? A: 15:43.9 from pressing start at title screen to losing character control at final elevator in Tourian.Q: You jumped in mid-air in the Mother Brain roomelsewhere. What's up with that? A: That is a little known technique called "morph jump". You morph into a ball, roll off a cliff, then unmorph and jump while still in mid-air. It only works if Samus isn't moving forwardbackward after unmorphing.Q: How many missiles are needed to clear the Mother Brain room? A: 40 to destroy the Zebetites (forcefields) and 33 to defeat Mother Brain.Q: Why didn't you use Up+A codedeath abusedoor glitchetc.? A: Because I felt that those techniques took away from the fun factor, and many people wouldn't enjoy watching a speedrun containing them. Basically, this was intended to be a glitch-free speedrun.Q: But isn't morph jumping a glitch? What about Select mashing? A: Technically-speaking, no one knows except the programmers. However, it was decided years ago by Twin Galaxies and Speed Demos Archive that those strategies were acceptable for the glitchless any% category. As a result, every Metroid speedrunner in the world uses them, regardless of category.
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Like the video? Follow M. Productions on Twitter! https:twitter.comMacintyreProducMetroid Prime: Federation Force and Metroid Prime: Blast Ball what should we expect? What is Nintendo planning for the Metroid Series? What should we exactly expect at the Entertainment Electronic Expo next year in 2016? What is Retro Studios working on? Will we ever have a Metroid game on the Wii U? Or should we start expecting a Metroid NX? We discuss these topics in the discussion! Enjoy!Discussion members https:www.change.orgpnintendo-petition-for-cancelation-of-metroid-prime-federation-force http:www.gamnesia.comnewsa-multiplayer-metroid-title-for-dsi-was-cancelled-due-to-hardware-limitatio#.VYLn0flVhHy http:nintendoeverything.commetroid-prime-producer-wants-to-make-another-game-building-around-the-story-of-sylux-and-samus http:www.gamnesia.comnewsnintendo-has-not-begun-work-on-a-new-metroid-prime-it-would-likely-be-on-nx#.VYLn6flVhHy http:www.gamnesia.comnewskensuke-tanabe-wants-to-continue-where-he-left-off-in-metroid-prime-3#.VYLn7PlVhHy http:mynintendonews.com20150617samus-will-make-an-appearance-in-metroid-prime-federation-force-producer-tanabe-reveals http:www.nintendolife.comnews201506talking_point_metroid_prime_federation_force_and_entitled_furyEnding
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Like the video? Follow MP on Twitter! https:twitter.comMacintyreProducSamus Aran everyone’s favorite heroin of legend. However there lays a tragedy in her tale. She isn’t like other Nintendo characters. So how will the story of Samus end? Will she die? Or will she be replaced. Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure….I’m FLIPPING EXCITED FOR METROID WII U. Creators Notes: It was really hard to find good Samus Artwork amongst all the perverted ones all over the internet. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE AWESOME DEVIANT ARTISTS!Other Sources http:metroid.wikia.comwikiGalactic_Federation http:metroid.wikia.comwikiPirate_Homeworld http:www.ign.comboardsthreadstheory-time-why-samus-starts-each-game-without-her-powerups.453856959 http:www.gamesradar.comnintendo-theories http:www.giantbomb.comprofilethemasterdsblogmetroid-conspiracy-theory104837 http:www.ign.comarticles20110722six-things-you-didnt-know-about-metroids-samus-aran?page=2 http:metroid.wikia.comwikiSolomon_AranMusic http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten560899 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten225482 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten32403 http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten575526Footage Usedhttp:css.gamebanana.comsprays64393 http:galleryhip.comspace-pirate-ship-metroid.html http:evilgeeks.com20140320evil-geeks-womens-history-month-samus-aran http:omegalife.deviantart.comartChild-Samus-179057309 http:acapitalwasteland.blogspot.com201210rebooting-samus-relationship-between.html http:rpowell77.deviantart.comartMetroid-Bosses-Mother-Brain-Ridley-Kraid-370475645 http:www.metroid-database.comfeaturestimeline.php http:www.tumblr.comsearchGalactic+Federation+Troopers http:imgkid.commother-brain-metroid-prime.shtml http:3ihard.deviantart.comartPhazon-Mines-178697159 http:darkcloud013.deviantart.comartSpace-Pirates-357082882 http:3ihard.deviantart.comartOracle-of-Chozo-164523580 http:rebelgamer86.deviantart.comartYoung-Samus-w-G36C-Holo-302053478 http:linesandcolors.com20071009andrew-jones http:www.metroid-database.combestiarybestiary.php?b=245 http:www.metroid-database.combestiarybestiary.php?b=79 http:www.metroidwiki.orgwikiChozoI hope you enjoyed this video! The Evolution of Fire is EVIL? Zelda Check out our Wednesday Podcast series, where we co-host the Treesicle Team (TreesicleTube) along with other youtube
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Traducciones del manga, manuales de instrucciones y comic de nintendo power en: http:www.metroid-database.comTrducción de la descripción de Phantoon: http:metroid.wikia.comwikiPhantoonSakamoto contestando preguntas frecuentes: http:www.metroid-database.comfeaturesfaq3.php#stage03Edit: No estoy especialmente satisfecho con este vídeo: De entrada abarca muchos temas pero no explora a fondo ninguno y como la mitad del vídeo acabo siendo despotricar sobre el Other M. La verdad es que soy demasiado duro con este juego. Por vuestros comentarios sé que a muchos de vosotros os gusta este juego y muchos habeis sugerido explicaciones a la "contradicción" que menciono cerca del final. muchas gracias por vuestro tiempo. Si hay algo que sí que veo positivo de este vídeo es que en el se explican algunas cosas que en el propio Other M no se explican ya que vienen en el manga.
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Aquí les dejo estas curiosidades. Facebook: https:www.facebook.comanhelemilioPagina en facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesAnhelemilio569810389705338?fref=tsSi quieres, pregunta lo que quieras: http:ask.fmAnhelemmilio"Todo material publicado en este vídeo es [c] de sus respectivos autores y es utilizado con fines informativos bajo los estatutos constitucionales de libertad de prensa"
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Ein Metroid-Spiel ohne Metroids?! - Der Morph Ball ist nur aus Unfähigkeit entstanden?! - Und es gibt eine unzensierte japanische Version von Super Metroid?!... ▬▬▬▬▬ ► Kanal: ► Facebook: http:www.fb.meMineZoneGermany ► Twitter: http:twitter.comMineZoneGermany ▬▬▬▬▬ ► Vorherige Folge: http:goo.glUoqtLy ► Playlist: http:goo.glCujbH0 ► Erste Folge: http:goo.gleTk992 ▬▬▬▬▬ ► NES Metroid-Gameplay von: ► Played by: Monty Mole ► Super Metroid-Gameplay von: ► Played by: Tsunao
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Super Smash Bros ALL INTROS 1999 2014 Wii U, 3DS, Wii, GCN, N64

ALL SMASH BROS INTROS! The fan-favorite fighting game Super Smash Bros started way back in 1999! In anticipation of the upcoming Wii U edition, see all the intro movies over the history of the series here!
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Samus Aran Metroid The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Metroid legend, the tale of Samus Aran. Understand this stoic Nintendo bounty hunter's story, where she came from and how she became the complete bad ass we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Samus, the story you never knew. Please let us know about future video game characters you'd like us to cover in the comments below! Want more content like this? Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and Subscribe here on Youtube to get the latest videos!Twitter: https:twitter.comTreesicleTeam Facebook: https:www.facebook.comtreesicle Subscribe: http:bit.ly1eOQjzn
2,028 views | Apr 11, 2014

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