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Nintendo 3DS Video Camera Mode Review Test with Sample shots

From - Posted: Dec 06, 2011 - 41,417 viewsGame | Nintendo 3DS Video Camera Mode Review Test with Sample shots | Nintendo 3DS Video Camera Mode Review Test with Sample shots
Nintendo 3DS Video Camera Mode Review Test with Sample shots
Nintendo 3DS Video Camera Mode Review Test with Sample shots
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Nintendo have just released the new Firmware update for the 3DS, and Blunty's here to put one of the more interesting new features through it's paces in a hands on test and review, included amongst the new features is the ability to use the 3D Camera, and the 2D front facing camera, to record Video, either "live" like a camcorder or webcam, or interval shooting (Time-lapse) and Stop-motion modes. You can also apply live video colour effects like B&W, Sepia, Solarize and negative.The format of the AVI video files it records is; 480 × 240 pixels - 20 FPS - Motion JPEG OpenDML ADPCM, 1 channels (Mono), 16000 Hz

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