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Oldies Demolition Racer Intro Opening PSX PC

From - Posted: Jul 05, 2013 - 387 viewsGame | Oldies Demolition Racer Intro Opening PSX PC | Oldies Demolition Racer Intro Opening PSX PC
Oldies Demolition Racer Intro Opening PSX PC
Oldies Demolition Racer Intro Opening PSX PC
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Demolition Racer was a game developed by Pitbull Syndicate. It is a racing game that combines destruction and driving tactics in a fast paced racing environment. It is very similar to the popular series Destruction Derby. The game's soundtrack features music from bands such as Cirrus, Empirion and Fear Factory.

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Source Format: FLAC Youtube Format: AC-3 (256 kbps)01. Empirion - Demolition Racer 02. Empirion - Clear The Area 04:30 03. Empirion - Gamma 09:02 04. Empirion - The Dark Inside Me 14:02 05. Fear Factory - Descent (Falling Deeper Mix) 18:14 06. Fear Factory - Will This Never End 22:45 07. Fear Factory - Full Metal Contact 26:18 08. Fear Factory - Machine Debaser 28:50 09. Fear Factory - Edgecrusher (Urban Assault Mix) 33:08 10. Fear Factory - Descent (Falling Deeper Mix Instrumental) 37:20 11. Cirrus - Abba Zabba 41:50 12. Cirrus - Break The Madness 46:37 13. Cirrus - Stop and Panic 51:04 14. Cirrus - The Answer 54:37 15. Brujeria - Los Ninos 1:00:17 16. Brujeria - Pancho Villa 1:03:26 17. Coffee Boys - Get Up 1:07:04 18. Coffee Boys - Keep Steppin 1:11:06 19. Coffee Boys - Catch Me If You Can 1:15:01 20. Coffee Boys - Out Of The Woods 1:18:53
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Desensitized by the values of life Maligned and despaired by government lies Revenge is so strong I taste it on my tongue My gun will be Your angel of mercy Dislocated by the eyes of disdain Abused beyond recognition I can't cope with The madness abounding Blasts in my head Of gunfire resounding Firing relentless Killing the senses I've got no more goddamn regrets I've got no more goddamn respect I am the thorn In your eye Am the thorn In your eye I am the thorn In your eye Am the thorn In your eye Revenge is so strong I taste it on my tongue My gun will be Your angel of mercy I've got no more goddamn regrets I've got no more goddamn respect I've got no more goddamn regrets I've got no more goddamn respect I've got no more goddamn regrets I've got no more goddamn respect Regret respect Regret respect Regret respect Regret respect
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