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game | BeamNG Drive Porsche 911 GT2 v4.1 Crash Testing 29

BeamNG Drive Porsche 911 GT2 v4.1 Crash Testing 29

Read description Download Link Below.https:www.facebook.comOfficialInsanegazhttps:twitter.comINSANEGAZ_GTANo "Real" cars or "People" were harmed in the making of this film.All mods can be found on the BeamNG website - http:www.beamng.comcontentMusic - 1st - Hornet By George Ellinas - http:ccmixter.orgfilesGeorge_Ellinas159242nd - Art Now By Alex Beroza - http:ccmixter.orgfilesAlexBeroza30344#Insanegaz #BeamNG #Crashtesting
2,900 views | Sep 26, 2013
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Sidewalk Cops 3 The Litterer

In this episode of Sidewalk Cops, Gabe and Micah track down and capture a chronic litterbug in order to make our public walkways a cleaner and safer place. Subscribe for more Sidewalk Cops episodes!Happy Riding!Follow us on Facebook! https:www.facebook.compagesSidewalk-Cops https:www.facebook.comGabeAndGarrettBehind The Scenes Sidewalk Cops 3! Cops 5 - The Fire Starter Cops 4 - The Car Thief for watching The Gabe and Garrett Channel!
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game | 20 Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise Cars 2 Thomas Spongebob Disney Pixar

20 Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise Cars 2 Thomas Spongebob Disney Pixar

I'm unboxing 20 Surprise Eggs, lot of surprise eggs.Hi everyone! Today we are going to show you a couple surprise eggs for you that we will unbox! Let's find out who are the best surprise eggs from these: Kinder Surprise then Kinder Joy and we have Cars 2 Surprise chocolate eggs, as well. But these are not the only ones in the video, here are some more: First of all there is thomas & friends chocolate eggs and Toy Story Surprise Egg then Disney Princess Surprise egg but also Spongebob Super Surprise and The lion king egg.Musics from Kevin MacLeod ( http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
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Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab na rampie

Mitsubishi L200 - przejazd po rampie podczas pikniku 4x4 w Kaliszu. Pokaz możliwości napędów Super Select. 5 czerwiec 2010.
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game | RC ADVENTURES 1 12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator 1 14 8x8 Armageddon Dump Truck

RC ADVENTURES 1 12 Scale Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator 1 14 8x8 Armage...

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.lyJOovvU - The Yard Man was bustin' our nuts all day - but we followed the rules, and kept the rigs moving. Amazing what you can accomplish with a few hours of dedication. I had a blown out tire on the Dump truck mid-way, but was able to fix it off camera. Good thing to, because we had to get those stones moved before the Boss got back. I'm getting much better with the excavator now - glad to see the progression is coming along nicely. For those inquiring minds - Yes, I drove both rigs - and filmed todays Adventure!I know lots of folks ask me questions about these rigs - and where I get them - so please see the info below for all of your questions Answers! For now, I have to get outside for more diggin'!Heads UP: Decals seen in video are NOT iNCLUDED with the RC's.. they are mine.. These Rigs are powered by GENSACE Lipo Batteries - http:www.Hobbypartz.comFrom the RC4WD Website: http:store.rc4wd.comRC ADVENTURES™RCSparks Studio™ © 2013 Medic Media Productions Inc.. All rights reserved. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film by any means whatsoever - including without limitation electronic transmission via internet or e-mail, or re-uploading existing videos & re-uploading such material on any website anywhere in the world — is strictly prohibited without prior the written consent of Medic Media Productions Inc. Please note that the RCSparks Studio does not sell RC Products. The RCSparks Studio an independent promotor of a great hobby! I am not directly affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers in this video. the RCSparks Studio is not liable for any damage or loss through the use of products or techniques shown - Use at your own risk! This film and the RC ADVENTURES film series on YouTube is intended for entertainment purposes only.
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game | Monster Truck Destroyer All 12 levels Walkthrough

Monster Truck Destroyer All 12 levels Walkthrough

Ever wanted to drive a monster truck but just couldn't? Maybe because you couldn't afford one or just couldn't drive one because you're underage. Then play Monster Truck Destroyer. An awesome side scrolling game that lets you drive a monster truck. Destroy everything in sight to gain points from cars, obstacles and other foreign object. Hell even getting bombs and running over human puppets that scream gives you points. Complete 12 different levels of destruction bliss and unlock 3 other monster trucks. But remember to do it quick because if time runs out your gonna have monster truck scrap metal. This video preview contains walkthrough of all 12 levels
1,184 views | Jul 19, 2012



Best of Truck, Wheel Loader, Fire Engines, Rc Caterpillar, man, Liebherr !! THE BEST LIVE ACTION CHANNEL. Subscribe now for more Videos! ►►► Subscribe: Tractor Fendt, John Deere and Challenger for the next Video! Amazing LKW, rc JBc 2017Thanks a lot for sharing, commenting, subscribing and thumbs up. All this models work hard on the mine, and makes so much fun! All models are self made or rebuild. Check out my other videos!
3,100 views | Mar 16, 2013
game | Sidewalk Cops 4 The Car Thief

Sidewalk Cops 4 The Car Thief

In this episode of Sidewalk Cops, Sidewalk Police Officers Gabe and Micah track down a repeat-offender car thief who also steals anything he can get his hands on. Car chases, head on collisions, intense foot chases, Skylanders banter, it's all here, shot in full 1080p HD! It's Grand Theft Auto! Buckle up for some fun action! If you'd like to buy the police car, here's a link for your convenience: Walmart: http:go.magik.lyml1jf5If you'd like to see more Sidewalk Cops episodes, please "like" and "subscribe" and "comment" what you'd like to see in future episodes!Thank you SO much for watching the Gabe and Garrett channel!Follow us on Social Media!Facebook: https:www.facebook.comGabeAndGarrettInstagram: https:instagram.comgabe_and_garrettSidewalk Cops 5 - The Fire Starter Cops 3 - The Litterer
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game | 꼬마버스 타요 1기 16화 최고의 중장비

꼬마버스 타요 1기 16화 최고의 중장비

하나의 심부름으로 공사장을 찾은 타요는 중장비들에게 너무 멋있다며 호들갑을 떤다. 그러자 서로 자신이 더 멋있다며 티격태격하는 중장비들. 결국 타요를 심판으로 최고의 중장비를 가리는 시합을 하기로 한다. 그런데 타요가 중장비에는 어울리지 않는 퀴즈와 방귀 뀌기 같은 엉뚱한 시합만 시키자 중장비들은 . 마지막으로 타이어로 드럼통을 쓰러트리는 시합을 하게 되는데, 시합이 과열되는 바람에 공사장 벽이 무너지고 주변 도로가 난장판이 된다. 그러자 신속하게 힘을 합쳐 상황을 복구하는 중장비들. 타요와 중장비들은 서로 협동 할 때가 가장 멋지다는 것을 깨닫는다.
2,679 views | Mar 07, 2012

game | Models Brno 2013

Models Brno 2013

Traditional RC-models exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.http:www.drracer.eut13020130319_ModelyBrnoindex.htmlFollow at: https:www.starpower.costardavidrehor https:www.facebook.comcwx37 https:twitter.comcwx37
1,561 views | Mar 20, 2013
game | A little Dude who loves anything John Deere

A little Dude who loves anything John Deere

Hayden drives his LX173.. He's 4 in this video..Updated, Hayden at 6 with a JD4310 and utility trailer. - http:youtu.be0hzJ9sWIPJ0Check this out - it's little dudes YouTube channel !
2,546 views | May 10, 2010
game | BeamNG Drive 1987 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTi Beta Crash Testing 50

BeamNG Drive 1987 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTi Beta Crash Testing 50

Read description Download Link Below.No "Real" cars or "People" were harmed in the making of this film.BeamNG - http:www.beamng.comMods Used - Alpha access required for download. 1987 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI - http:www.beamng.comthreads4922-(RELEASE-1-12)-87-Volkswagen-Golf-Mk2-GTIGymkhana 3 Covet - http:www.beamng.comthreads5747-Gymkhana-3-CovetMod Maps UsedInsane Tests [Released] - http:www.beamng.comthreads2467-Insane-TestingCliff 2.0 - http:www.beamng.comthreads3703-Cliff-2-0-(update)Music - Ballroom Memoirs By #BeamNG #Crashtesting
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game | Motocross Urban Fever Game Walkthrough all 1 9 races

Motocross Urban Fever Game Walkthrough all 1 9 races

It's a fact that if you get on a motorcycle, sooner or later you're going to get hurt. That goes double when you're racing them. And that in turn is doubled again when you try to do stunts. And then we have the racing and the stunts that you see in Motocross Urban Fever and it's a wonder that your avatar hasn't shattered every single bone in his body. But that's the advantage, with this game, you'll be able to do all those stunts without worrying about hurting a single hair on your head.Motocross Urban Fever brings you to the urban racetrack, with large ramps, buildings everywhere, litter and debris in your way, and various other obstacles and features. In this game, you'll be racing against two other guys on motorbikes, who you race against depends on who you choose as your own racer. The three are Miniclip Fury (blue and gold), Flying Lizard (Green), and Flaming Skull (black and red). The choice is purely aesthetic, so you can go with whichever racer you prefer.Speaking of aesthetics, let's look at the overall game. Generally, the game looks gorgeous, with a great deal of detail going into the environment. You've got storefronts with goods displayed, graffiti on walls, street lamps shining light, barrels burning, and so on and so forth. All this comes together to produce a great urban environment.More than this though, you've also got the sound effects. You can hear every rev, every impact, and every turn. More than that, you can also hear the background sounds of the city, like police cars in the distance. Each time you make a jump you're treated to a comment by the announcer, though these can get repetitive at times. Of note is that these sounds can change depending on where you are. Up on the streets amongst skyscrapers? Everything's fairly normal. Go underground in a subway? You get nice reverb that you'd expect from an enclosed environment.But a game, no matter how good it looks or how great it sounds, isn't much unless it plays well. Each track in Motocross Urban Fever has different objectives. The first simply requires you to finish the race while the second requires you to grab 15 Miniclip Ms. Other race objectives will vary, giving you a great deal of variety in the game, enough that you're going to keep entertained throughout the entire game.In addition, the races themselves are all plotted out rather well, with the sharp turns that you'd expect in a big city, obstacles placed naturally and logically, and amazing jumps that send you skywards. The AI is also pretty good, and while challenging, is not impossible to beat. Newcomers to racing games will be hard-pressed to win, but they'll feel rewarded. More experienced players will still feel challenged, enough to not write the game off as being too easy to win.All in all, this is a great looking game that also plays extremely well. Be sure to not miss out on Motocross Urban Fever!
4,181 views | Oct 12, 2013
game | Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Gameplay High Quality

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Gameplay High Quality

Gameplay of Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver on the Pc
3,638 views | Jul 28, 2008
game | Turbo Racing Game Walkthrough all 5 races in easy mode

Turbo Racing Game Walkthrough all 5 races in easy mode

Turbo Racing gives you, as the name would suggest, the opportunity to do some racing. Also as the name would suggest, it's fast-paced and worthy of the "turbo" name.At first glance, the game looks like your average racing game. While it does certainly hold a lot the same with your typical online racer, it has its own qualities that bring something fresh to the table.The first thing you'll notice is that the game looks great. Everything is rendered in impressive 3D, with the cars animating nicely, reflections shining off their custom paint jobs, and the tracks featuring great detail that really brings you into the race. Of all the graphics, the cars are certainly the best. You won't find any palette switches here, as all the different cars that you race against are all of different make allowing for some great visual variety. Almost as impressive are the tracks. While not quite as detailed or as perfect as the cars, they are certainly up to par. The street lamps illuminate your path, dust flies up as you make sharp turns, and the obstacles whizzing by you all add to the atmosphere of the game. What's more, the tracks change with every level, so while you may be racing across dark and dusty back-roads on one track, you might be dodging oncoming traffic in the urban jungle on another.More than the graphics though, the game sounds great. You can hear every rev of the engine, every screeching turn of your car, and every skid of your tires. The music is great as well, being fast-paced and catchy, easily putting you into the right mood for racing. And if you're unfortunate enough to have driving skills not unlike those of a blind man on a high-stakes grand prix racing event, you'll also hear each crash and dent that you hit while you race.Playing the game is simple enough, like many other racing games you'll drive around with the arrow keys. Unfortunately, there's no way to change gears here, so you won't be executing any fancy maneuvers like J-turns or drifting. You do, however, have access to nitrous which you can use with the X key. This gives you a boost that'll come in handy during the tighter and closer parts of the race.The game does play like other racers, but it adds variety not only with its graphics, but with its gameplay as well. The AI may be a bit weak, but it should still offer enough challenge to new gamers. Despite that though, the races are still fairly fast paced and throw obstacle after obstacle at you so it'll still be an interesting and enjoyable game for most.All in all, Turbo Racing does live up to its name with its fast-paced racing and breakneck tracks. If you've got the time, you should definitely check it out, as it's not a game to miss!
1,035 views | Oct 26, 2013

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