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OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game

From - Posted: Jan 07, 2011 - 393,787 viewsGame | OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game | OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
Game Trailer Duration: 2 minutes 59 seconds 
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Garnet Hertz's video game concept car combines a car-shaped arcade game cabinet with a real world electric vehicle to produce a video game system that actually drives. OutRun offers a unique mixed reality simulation as one physically drives through an 8-bit video game. The windshield of the system features custom software that transforms the real world into an 8-bit video game, enabling the user to have limitless gameplay opportunities while driving. Hertz has designed OutRun to de-simulate the driving component of a video game: where game simulations strive to be increasingly realistic (usually focused on graphics), this system pursues "real" driving through the game. Additionally, playing off the game-like experience one can have driving with an automobile navigation system, OutRun explores the consequences of using only a computer model of the world as a navigation tool for driving.More info: http:conceptlab.comoutrun

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当時ゲーセンを熱くしたアウトランのテクニックを紹介。 動画はMAMEを使用していますが、全て実機のテクニックです。 英文はGoogle翻訳なので意味が通じないかもしれません。^^; mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comロケットスタート 293kmh StartStep 1  ギアをHiに入れる。  Into Hi gear.  タコメーターを緑のゲージMAXに合わせる。  MAX green to match the tachometer gauge.Step 2  スタートと同時にアクセル全開、ギアを素早くLow、Hiと入れる。  Full throttle at the same time as the start and put Low, and Hi gear quickly.Step 3  タコメーターが赤のゲージ1つになっていれば成功。  Success if it is one of a red tachometer gauge.ギアガチャ(煙り出し) GearGachaStep 1  ギアを素早くLow、Hiと入れてホイールスピンさせる。  Wheel spin to put Low, and Hi gear quickly.  ホイールスピンで1秒間スピードをキープすることができる。  Be able to keep the wheel spin speed in one second.Step 2  ホイールスピン状態で道路から車を半分出して、ギアを素早くLow、Hiと入れる。  Out half a car from the road in wheel spin, Add Low, and Hi gear quickly.  約7秒間スピードをキープすることができる。  Be able to keep the speed about seven seconds.294kmスタート 294kmh StartStep 1  ギアをHiに入れる。  Into Hi gear.  タコメーターを緑のゲージMAXに合わせる。  MAX green to match the tachometer gauge.Step 2  スタートと同時にアクセル全開、ギアを素早くLow、Hiと入れる。  Full throttle at the same time as the start and put Low, and Hi gear quickly.Step 3  タコメーターが赤のゲージ1つで止まったら、さらにギアを数回素早くLow、Hiと入れる。  Tachometer gauge has stopped at a red one and put Low, and Hi gear several times more quickly.  タコメーターの赤のゲージがさらに上がり、ギアガチャすることで294kmhになる。  To be 294 km h that the red tachometer gauge is increased further, to GearGacha.
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by MadMattyOutrun Online Arcade is pretty much just a cutdownversion of Outrun2SP with Online leaderboards. I dont care for the online aspect of the game, but i think its the only ps3 native outrun game.Its been a long time since ive played this and the controls a very sensitive and twitchy so took a few goes to even stay on the road lol. The video shows a run through of all 15 tracks using the 15 cource mode.More of a bonus addition is the Heart attack mode. Not a great run as I take the wrong track at the end possably due to loss of concentration and that messes me up as I wasnt ready for what was shown. I've never managed to Get AAA score, only AAB. very frustrating ;)19:00 Heart Attack modeAll in all, its a good game (which isnt available anymore) but I would have liked a full outrun game with unlocks, full jukebox and stuff like coast to coast.
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#1 might ruin your childhood...► Read along with the text version: http:top15s.netshowthread.php7-Top-15-SCARIEST-Video-Game-GlitchesWritten by: Jonah PetruicThe list of the video games containing the scary glitches: Sherlock Holmes Nemesis Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fallout 3 Red Dead Redemption Fallout: New Vegas Fear 2 Skyrim Dead Space 2 Luigi's Mansion Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Hitman: Blood Money Pokemon Red and Blue Sims 3 Super Smash Bros. BrawlMusic: "Controlled Chaos" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
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Hard Drivin' (c) 1988 Atari Games. This was the world first driving simulator to use 3-D polygon graphics. You may have noticed that the Credit Screen lists Doug Milliken as a Test Driver (See Staff section). He is listed as a Test Driver because Atari didn't want anyone to know what he really did. Hard Drivin' had to be as accurate as possible. That meant doing an accurate car model to mathematically describe the physics of how the parts of the car (engine, transmission, springs, shock absorbers, tires, etc.) react to each other, to the road and to the driver's inputs. The pioneer in the field (in the 1950s) was William Milliken of Milliken Research. His son, Doug, has continued his father's work. Doug is probably the world's leading expert in car modeling. Doug and his father wrote the book on car modeling. Patents that come out of Hard Drivin' are : 5, 005, 148 : 'Driving simulator with moving painted dashboard'. 5, 354, 202 : 'System and method for driver training'. 5, 577, 913 : 'System and method for driver training with multiple driver competition'. Note : There were 15 officially released versions, counting 11 cockpit and 4 compact versions, including various British, German and Japanese versions. - SERIES - 1. Hard Drivin' (1988) 2. Race Drivin' (1990) 3. Hard Drivin' II - Drive Harder (1991, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga) 4. Hard Drivin's Airborne (1993) 5. Street Drivin' (1993) - STAFF - Project leader, game designer, sound system, mech designer, force shifter, analog HW : Rick Moncrief Techician, mech, designer, sound recording, dashboard shift, game designer : Erik Durfey Software designer, game designer, car model, force feedback steering, SW tools : Max Behensky Hardware designer, self test, instant replay, integer 3D algorithms, game designer : Jed Margolin Game programming, display software, championship lap, game designer : Stephanie Mott Cabinet designers : Mike Jang, Ken Hata Graphics : Sam Comstock, Kris Moser, Deborah Short, Alan Murphy Display math software : Jim Morris ADDN'L programming : Gary Stark, Mike Albaugh, Ed Rotberg ADDN'L hardware : Don Paauw Marketing : Linda Benzler, Mary Fujihara Sales : Shane Breaks Mechanical designers : Jacques Acknin, Milt Loper, Geoff Barker Test drivers : Doug Milliken, Dave Shepperd Music : Don Diekneite Management : Dan Van Elderen, Lyle Rains, Hide Nakajima
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Magical Sound Shower 1986 can be heard here: 28:02I wanted to Celebrate the sequel to my favorite oldschool sprite scaling racer, OutRun: OutRun 2. I did so by digitally recording this game, and convert the image quality to 1080P. It's recorded with the Elgato gamecapture HD.The backwards compatibility issues are sometimes quite visible, as not only the frame rate suffers, but also sometimes, the stages loads in to late, leaving your car driving over a invisible road for one or two seconds.Sorry for the bad gameplay. I did not practice before recording, and i've lost the edge a bit :-D But this video was never meant to show off my skills, but to celebrate the best sequel i have ever played.What i recorded: - All endings and all stages from the OutRun 2 arcade game in arcade mode. - The two bonus tracks that can be played: Scud race and Daytona USA 2 tracks. - Small part of the bonus game, the first Arcade version of OutRun.Due to the badly working back compatibility from the Xbox 360, the frame rate is not as fluid as the original game, and the emulation of the 1986 version is hardly playable, and has disrupted sprites, and twitchy gameplay, so i quit the recording after i reached stage 2 on OutRun. If you do want to see the complete run on all the OutRun stages, you can find a video on my channel where i finish all stages and endings from OutRun on the Sega Saturn.Game info below from Wikipedia: In 2004, OutRun 2 was ported to the Xbox. The task of coding shared by Sega AM2 and UK-based developers Sumo Digital, who were able to condense the game from the 512MB platform to 64MB. They succeeded in doing so, with a European release on 1 October 2004 followed by the U.S. release on October 25, 2004. The port preserves the look and feel of the arcade original, but with the additions of 480p anamorphic widescreen support and tweaks to make it more suitable for home play. The arcade game was imported to provide a game type for the port, named simply "OutRun Arcade". This joins two other game types: OutRun Challenge, which includes 101 'missions' distributed over the 15 stages; and OutRun Xbox Live. The Tracks from Scud Race and Daytona USA 2 can be unlocked as a bonus. In addition, some content from the arcade game is locked away alongside new, unique content, such as extra cars, extra music tracks, and even the original Out Run game itself. This content is unlocked as the player completes the OutRun Challenge missions. Some slight changes were made to the Arcade version such as the 3D model for the newer Testarossa Spider being replaced with a customised Testarossa from 1984. The Japanese version of the game was slightly altered further, fixing some glitches and altering the bonus stages. Another difference is the character Holly wears an all-new costume this time and the character Clarissa wears her original costume from the Japanese arcade version (basically the same except it is more revealing than the costume used for the western versions). Jennifer and Alberto are the only ones who did not wear different costumes. On June 12, 2007 this game was added to the Xbox 360 backward compatibility list.
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Subscribe ►► Twitter ►► http:www.twitter.comblkdog7This is an in-depth video review of my Donkey Kong cabinet. Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo in 1981 and is my absolute favorite arcade game. I love it! In this video I'll show you the inside of the cabinet including the PCB, power supply, control panel, etc. Also in this video I'll show you how I play Donkey Kong and how to get 100k points. ENJOY! ====================================Subscribe for new videos every Sunday! me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comblkdog7My other Youtube channel: Twitch channel: http:www.twitch.tvblkdog7My podcasts: http:www.yousuckshow.comMy Band, The Kill Screens:
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Garnet Hertz tells us about his brilliant Outrun golf buggy that brings the classic Sega game to life, at the Nordic Exceptional Trendshop in Aarhus, Denmark. Don't miss out on our TNW Conference USA 2014: http:thenextweb.comconferenceusa
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