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OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game

From - Posted: Jan 07, 2011 - 413,786 viewsGame | OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game | OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
OutRun Augmented Reality Driving Video Game
Game Trailer Duration: 2 minutes 59 seconds 
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Garnet Hertz's video game concept car combines a car-shaped arcade game cabinet with a real world electric vehicle to produce a video game system that actually drives. OutRun offers a unique mixed reality simulation as one physically drives through an 8-bit video game. The windshield of the system features custom software that transforms the real world into an 8-bit video game, enabling the user to have limitless gameplay opportunities while driving. Hertz has designed OutRun to de-simulate the driving component of a video game: where game simulations strive to be increasingly realistic (usually focused on graphics), this system pursues "real" driving through the game. Additionally, playing off the game-like experience one can have driving with an automobile navigation system, OutRun explores the consequences of using only a computer model of the world as a navigation tool for driving.More info: http:conceptlab.comoutrun

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Make sure you check out my newer Scud Race split comparison video where I compare it to the Japanese version of Xbox Outrun 2 (in 60 fps! ) which has got quite a few differences to the European and North American Version 2 video is a re-made, better quality, version of my original comparison between the Scud Race bonus course from the original Xbox version of Outrun 2 and the actual individual stages from Scud Race itself that they are based on. Scud Race is running on Supermodel SVN 270.I wanted to remake this because I made the original video with a trial version of some video editing software, which meant I had to cut a few corners here and there. My biggest issue was that I wasn't able to properly sync up the individual Scud Race stages with their equivalent section in Outrun 2 as they were reached, something I can do now. The old one was also 4:3 resolution and I wanted to make it 16:9. I've also swapped out the some of the Scud Race gameplay with some new video (The Beginner Night and Expert stages).The Japanese version of Xbox Outrun 2's Scud Race themed bonus track had some cosmetic improvements made to it to make it closer to the arcade version, one example of which is the addition of the planes flying overhead in the 'Beginner Night Stage' area and additional colour added to the planes on the ground. There are more - If you're interested in seeing them in action check out my new comparison video where I run the Euro and Japanese version of the tracks's a shame they didn't include the rolling start from the Beginner Day stage, though, that would've made it extra arcade authentic.Also, check out me playing against a friend in a 2 player system link game on these
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Not a particularly good run, I'll agree. I'm just not that good at the game, it seems, although I have my moments. The route taken is Right, Right, Left, and then I run out of time. Audio may be slightly out of synch, too, as I had to record audio and video separately, and sync them manually. I'm full of excuses, me.
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