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Overwatch The Mobile Phone Game

From - Posted: Dec 29, 2016 - 716,912 viewsGame | Overwatch The Mobile Phone Game | Overwatch The Mobile Phone Game
Overwatch The Mobile Phone Game
Overwatch The Mobile Phone Game
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Overwatch mobile game for android that appears to have just taken images and placed them on screen. There’s supposed to be an Overwatch mobile clone apk but this one is just available in the google play store. I wouldn’t recommend downloading it. Also check out Overwatch Pharah McCree and Doomfist backstory guides. 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beXDtp7J-iWtk📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwGameplay: Kodzo - https:youtu.beJcGl23AylrE

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game | Overwatch the Chinese Ripoff Edition

Overwatch the Chinese Ripoff Edition

Overwatch the Bootleg Edition. With all the classic heroes you know and love but at a very low resolution. They only have their versions of Tracer Reaper Bastion Widowmaker Pharah Reinhardt. I wish they had the rest of them in here like Junkrat Mei Genji Hanzo Soldier 76 CAMPAIGN to LITERALLY DESTROY video games: https:youtu.beZ84_W1zRdDI ☃☃ Sub here: http:goo.gla64mH9 ------------------------------------------ ✪ TWITTER : https:twitter.comohnickel ✪ INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comohnickel►Download the album at: babo: https:twitter.combabo97051 Check out FeaturePoints from the sponsored Ark video: http:featu.reOHNICKELThe team envisioned the characters akin to superheroes in this narrative, each with their own abilities, background and personality that could stand on their own, but could also fit into the larger story; this notion translated into the characters being agents for the game, which Metzen said still captures the "heroism and vibe" that superhero stories carry. The team did not want to have any characters that served solely as villains in the game, but did develop some of the characters, like Soldier: 76, to have an unsure purpose within the narrative. Kaplan credits artist Arnold Tsang from coming up with the preliminary designs of all the heroes in the game.[31] The narrative and characters themselves were then developed through an iterative process between the gameplay developers, artists, and promotional media as they worked to bring the narrative together. One example given was that of Doomfist, a character introduced into one of the game's promotional videos where his gauntlet was on display. This led to the creation of one of the maps that expanded upon the Doomfist concept, making that a title passed down between others in the past, and seeding some of the existing heroes' backstory has having connections to the Doomfist title. Though they have no plans to introduce Doomfist as a playable character, this process gave them a sufficient starting point to work from should they introduce Doomfist in the future. Other examples of similar iterative expansion to the characters given by Metzen and Chu include the heroes Genji and Hanzo who were characters borne out of an initial single character concept and leading to them being rivals of each other, and the introduction of Lucio as a means to expand upon the loosely connected Vishkar Corporation concept that was part of Symmetra's backstory. Character animations were created by Blizzard's David Gibson. To help give more personality to the 3D-rendered animation, Gibson applied traditional methods used in 2D limited animation, such as smear animation, instead of relying on motion blur effects, creating more exaggerated animations that support the feel of the game. While the developers were aiming to avoid sexualization of the characters, there was some criticism of the female characters of the game during its development. Anita Sarkeesian commented on the lack of diversity in the female heroes' body types from the game's first twelve revealed characters,[49] while Nathan Grayson of Kotaku remarked that "Overwatch's women are mostly super slim and clad in cat suits." In response to these criticisms and to reassert their commitment to diversity and avoiding sexualization, the team developed a new female character, Zarya, a Tank class character with an atypical body shape.[50] Following promotional images featuring the female character Tracer in March 2016, a thread on Blizzard's official forums drew attention to one of Tracer's victory poses, which was critiqued by a user as out of character and oversexualized. Games Director, Jeff Kaplan, apologized for the pose, stating "The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, under-appreciated or misrepresented," and confirmed that Blizzard planned to replace the pose. Kaplan's response drew mixed reactions from the gaming community, with many claiming Blizzard had forgone its creative control over the game and censored its content to placate one offended user, while others praised Blizzard's willingness to listen to the community and adhere to standards for portraying a character according to their personality. Jeff Kaplan later stated that the team was already unsure of the pose and was thinking of changing it. The following week, a replacement pose was released, although it was noted to be similar to the original pose.[52][53] The replacement pose was alleged to be influenced by a Billy De Vorss cheesecake pin-up illustration. The pose was replaced during the game's beta period, before the game's launch. - characters summary via wikipedia
4,912 views | Jun 22, 2016
game | Overwatch VR

Overwatch VR

Overwatch virtual reality with Soldier 76. Korean school builds an Overwatch VR rig with a VR headset that you can control with your body. Overwatch pro matches would be a lot different with this on. Also a Splatoon story 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beXDtp7J-iWtk📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwHuman Mint: https:twitter.comhumanmint20 Pool Drop: https:www.gofundme.com36jtpcg https:youtu.bejWBoXdGu4QE VR: https:youtu.beLrcyZ_7xOWYGameplay: Rod -
1,034 views | Jan 04, 2017
game | The Overwatch Clones

The Overwatch Clones

Everyone trying to rip off Overwatch... http:www.twitter.comForceStrategy http:www.twitch.tvForceStrategyGamingFootage captured on my Doghouse PC: Use code Force for a free SSD
2,000 views | Sep 16, 2016

game | Overwatch Tracer is Gay

Overwatch Tracer is Gay

The new Overwatch comic is out featuring Tracer, Widowmaker, Hanzo and the majority of the Overwatch cast and we get a bit of insight on everything. Most people seem to be focusing on the Tracer aspects of it but there are a lot of other Overwatch characters that are worth talking about there too. Hopefully some of this information will be the basis for future Overwatch animated shorts. 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beJzIan9YhzGU📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwReflections: https:playoverwatch.comen-usblog20411766Gameplay: Rod - https:youtu.beR4pzJpC5S2Q
1,364 views | Dec 21, 2016
game | Overwatch Genji Mercy’s Relationship

Overwatch Genji Mercy’s Relationship

Overwatch's Genji & Mercy have had some voice lines interactions in the PTR that suggest their relationship with one another. Genji also has a voice line with Hanzo. New PS4 games. Gabe Newell Talks about Valve 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beXDtp7J-iWtk📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwGabe Newell AMA: https:www.reddit.comrThe_Gabencomments5olhj4hi_im_gabe_newell_amaHuge thanks to goldhardt for allowing us to use their illustration for this video: http:goldhardt.tumblr.compost151481411036since-new-emotes-came-can-you-try-gency-sitting#NotesGameplay: Kodzo - https:youtu.bevNYehyzNTME
3,331 views | Jan 18, 2017


Today we've got a bunch of FUNNY MOMENTS, FAILS & CRAZY MOMENTS on Overwatch! ➥Join the Community: ► Submit your Overwatch Plays to or email them to►Want to see more funnies, fails and crazy moments? Check out part 18: https:youtu.beQ_AYlv97ZG8 Check out part 19: https:youtu.be0cDfiaJ5PWM➥Video Clip Sources: https:gfycat.comFirsthandDiscreteAnkolewatusi - fastest reinhardt ever https:gfycat.comIllinformedBrilliantCockerspaniel - fastest reinhardt ever 2 - Genji funny climbing wall moment by RicoLeHippo https:gfycat.comPepperyConfusedAndeancondor - hot to flank as reinhardt http:plays.tvvideo5858264d64ddaf78d6getting-the-mei-achi-ft-annedries?from=search&search=overwatch - getting the mei achievment as mei - bob shoot by PlanOfLogic https:gfycat.comSpryQuickFennecfox - sneaky lucio contesting point https:gfycat.comBlankMiserableAmazonparrot - funny junkrat potg - 360 grapple kill on widowmaker by SyntaxError http:plays.tvvideo58535f3dde0ef3a279may-be-best-roadhog-ever-walk-planet-most-insane-roadhog-play-ive-ever-made-seen?from=search&search=overwatch - one of the best roadhog plays ever https:gfycat.comWaryNeighboringHamadryas - crazy hanzo kill - across map ana granade kill by Lodbrok http:plays.tvvideo58498ec4a748312f57hook-fixed-?from=search&search=overwatch - funny roadhog hook moment by iddqd http:plays.tvvideo58584fbba61af16ec4-funny-outplay-mybrainistoobig?from=search&hashtags=funny&search=overwatch - sneaky hanzo play on 3v3 map http:plays.tvvideo5843dc097ec6144a7bits-op?from=search&search=overwatch - widowmaker solo carry - winston solo carrys the team to victory by Lojomok https:gfycat.comMeatyCompetentCaiman - 720 roadhog hook https:gfycat.comUnequaledGenerousGavial - accidental roadhog hook on soldier instead of mccree http:plays.tvvideo5862a40a84b4f75636accidental-kill-8u - accidental sombra kill as genji - roadhog hooks ult by Evergrey06 - mccree killing spree on console by Luanpsvo https:gfycat.comSaltyIllGermanshorthairedpointer - mccree derp moment https:gfycat.comRareScaryAngora - reinhardt pin fail https:gfycat.comPoliteHeavyIsopod - crazy lucky hanzo kill - tracer just chillin, friendly moment by X-PSYCHOO - mercy takes an arrow to the eye - reaper teleport fail by Drenn - genji fail by Spikekuznak http:plays.tvvideo58454a62e02e5b048fwell-then-ill-just-push-it-in-?from=search&search=overwatch - iddqd solo carry as tracer https:gfycat.comJoyfulDelightfulGardensnake - junkrat getting tebagged by zenyatta https:gfycat.comMajorUnrulyAnhinga - how to play bastion https:gfycat.comBlandDimpledGalago - heroic reinhardt e http:plays.tvvideo5861250f7577e4a8f1my-best-junkrat-action-for-the-playstv-staff-d?from=search&search=overwatch - junkrat solo carry by DEGUN http:plays.tvvideo5856b46edbf80962f2how-to-get-ult-in-7-seconds?from=search&search=overwatch - super quick symmetra ultiamte https:gfycat.comActualWelloffBedlingtonterrier - sombra gets denied by bastion https:gfycat.comTanFakeBillygoat - symmetra 1v3 - widowmaker 360 headshot https:clips.twitch.tvtimthetatmanEncouragingStingrayHassaanChop - timthetatman ana sleeps behind her https:clips.twitch.tvkadievLuckyFerretBionicBunion - wtf reinhardt charge https:gfycat.comMetallicClassicDikdik - funny lootbox moment http:plays.tvvideo57fd55c2e9cbd72674scooby-doo-is-that-you-overwatch-scoobydoo-funny?from=search&hashtags=funny&search=overwatch - scooby doo is that you? ➥If there is ANY problems with the usage of these clips please get in contact with me at and we will get it resolved ASAP! No need for any drama (:►Music Whistlin Tune - Richard Hardelstein Scott Liggett ES_As Long As We Dance (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund ES_Sleeping With A Vampire (Instrumental Version) - Daniel KadawathaThanks & Enjoy - Overwatch Plays♥
4,433 views | Dec 29, 2016

game | Overwatch for Android Phones

Overwatch for Android Phones

Overwatch games for mobile phones specifically on Android. There are probably more Overwatch games for mobile phones out there but the se ones are pretty funny. One for McCree, Mercy, POTG & Hanzo. 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beXDtp7J-iWtk📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwGameplay: Rod - https:youtu.bee0ClAU1IG9s
4,132 views | Jan 08, 2017


Today we've got a bunch of FUNNY MOMENTS, FAILS & CRAZY MOMENTS on Overwatch! ➥Join the Community: ► Submit your Overwatch Plays to or email them to Thanks to Bwelch0 & Cantallupi for their help with this video :)➥Upcomer App:►Want to see more funnies, fails and crazy moments? Check out part 25: https:youtu.beHZbVAOGtEws Check out part 26: https:youtu.behaQ8uEK0P9E➥Video Clip Sources: https:gfycat.comUntimelyBossyAfricanharrierhawk - support 76 https:gfycat.comSelfreliantBoringKodiakbear - winston decides its not worth it.. https:gfycat.comAmusingUnfoldedFossa an unfortunate series of events https:gfycat.comFlakyAcademicAssassinbug - surprise mfker from pharah – trolling in OGN https:gfycat.comTartNaturalCow - winston vs symmetra teleport https:gfycat.comSecondhandOrangeAmericanredsquirrel - bm fail on mccree https:gfycat.comFarElasticBlueshark - widow takes an arrow to the head http:streamable.comj77tk - Reinhardt play goes wrong https:gfycat.comReliableElectricAmurminnow - reinhardt vs hanzo funny play https:gfycat.comSelfreliantImpoliteChick - zarya map trick fail https:gfycat.comAlienatedWeirdAntbear - reinhardt running bug – sneakily capturing the flag by SomeIdiot https:gfycat.comSilentGraveAmericancrayfish - when nobody will go get the widow https:gfycat.comThoseGlassGreyhounddog - mccree beats mccree to death https:gfycat.comAromaticMajorIndianpalmsquirrel - reinhardt charges lucio through the wall https:gfycat.comObviousFaintIslandcanary - almost getting hooked by roadhog https:gfycat.comSphericalFoolishAppaloosa - calculated reinhardt charge https:gfycat.comGoodnaturedFlickeringGoosefish - the moveable bastion turret https:www.twitch.tvtimthetatman – ridiculous roadhog hook vs timthetatman https:www.twitch.tvtimthetatman - timthetatman will eat your heart https:www.twitch.tvdspstanky – dpsstanky vs suicidal reinhardt https:gfycat.comRadiantSimplisticDromedary - trying to capture the flag in a sneaky way as lucio – switching team in the middle of a game wtf moment by Mei Main https:gfycat.comConventionalSilkyGermanspitz - Mccree and ana overkill on zarya https:www.twitch.tvaimbotcalvin - almost getting hit by roadhog hook https:gfycat.comWeightyConcernedAmurratsnake - sombra trying to be sneaky – Lucio will survive by Guideb https:gfycat.comAmusedThinIndianhare - boom headshot https:www.twitch.tvishadaha - streamer falls off chair https:www.twitch.tvglobal_f_warmer - streamer hates overwatch ➥If there is ANY problems with the usage of these clips please get in contact with me at and we will get it resolved ASAP! No need for any drama (:Thanks & Enjoy - Overwatch Plays♥
2,707 views | Jan 30, 2017
game | Overwatch The 24th Hero

Overwatch The 24th Hero

Overwatch GD Jeff Kaplan implied that Doomfist is not, so we look at Overwatch Greek - Liao - Athena possibilities. Overwatch gameplay 🔥 GIVEAWAY LINK - https:gleam.ioxEZdHsteam-giveaway 🔥👁️ Underwatch: http:bit.ly2luCttF🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel 👾 discord - https:discord.ggnVdzJZw🎚️ my album - https:ohnickel.bandcamp.comNeogaf forum with more information: http:www.neogaf.comforumshowthread.php?t=1345365Overwatch Gameplay: DryBonez - https:youtu.bekg2KBtS43Bcgullible
3,590 views | Feb 19, 2017

game | Overwatch the Chinese Bootleg Edition

Overwatch the Chinese Bootleg Edition

Overwatch has another ripoff edition in Chinese featuring versions of Reinhardt Genji Tjorborn Hanzo w Overwatch Gameplay 🔥 GIVEAWAY LINK - https:gleam.ioxEZdHsteam-giveaway📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZw🎚️ my album - https:ohnickel.bandcamp.comResident Evil 7 Speedrun: https:youtu.bemJOabbFwwE8ValveVR: http:www.polygon.comvirtual-reality201721014580932valve-is-working-on-three-full-vr-gamesGameplay: John9 - https:youtu.beohEN4-Z63dE
3,378 views | Feb 12, 2017
game | Overwatch Mini Movie All Cinematic Trailers 1080p HD

Overwatch Mini Movie All Cinematic Trailers 1080p HD

HALO WARS 2 ALL CUTSCENES: GLP on Twitter - http:twitter.comglittlep Follow GLP on Instagram - http:instagram.comglplaygr0und Like GLP on Facebook - http:facebook.comgLpLaygroundWATCH MORE MINI MOVIES (CINEMATIC TRAILERS) HERE: out the extended version that includes "HERO" and "ANA" here is almost here. Although Blizzard has decided not to have a campaign to the game, they have been releasing amazing story content through other avenues, particularly through cinematic trailers. Hope you enjoy this compilation the Overwatch cinematic trailers!Our 2nd Channel GLP TV:
4,179 views | May 17, 2016
game | Overwatch Lucky Moments Crazy Kills

Overwatch Lucky Moments Crazy Kills

Overwatch Luckiest Plays & Funny Moments • Subscribe: https:goo.glv5mXiL • Submit your epic plays:• Credits (Big thanks to everyone!) :https:gfycat.comEqualRecentDesertpupfish - edilier20082 https:gfycat.comUnknownLastGypsymoth - Wokorenome https:gfycat.comSparklingQuaintBarnacle - DoM1n https:gfycat.comQuerulousWeightyBernesemountaindog - Killu https:gfycat.comPointedWelldocumentedCrocodileskink - Corxo https:gfycat.comCreepyQuaintDoctorfish - Doobz007 https:gfycat.comAncientSameBrahmanbull - Myllarguten https:gfycat.comDeepCompleteChital - Hauntedmac https:gfycat.comDistantImaginativeBoar - SprintSail https:gfycat.comMeatyWarpedErne - genjibooty - Pursuit_Former - Emputzica - TheGamingDuck - Lexa Woods - Duketator - xWunGuyx - Royal Crustle - rainyday_blues - Lee-Man 64 - Kilij- - Peaaanuuutz - Tactical Chaos - Bluewolf12114 - Black Knight142 - DarthTauntaun - Pablo Rivas - Quiixmo - Alojim27 - RomotoG - Virus610 - dpaz233 - affeCted - JDCD2330 - Caboun3 - asd2 - Ivan - Niyte - Loihao - Maverique - Fristtac - TheBerkman - Mactavish - Shineysshiney - LiL_Panda_Klef http:bit.ly2hudaqK - Xenoglassia• Music: ES_Wreak Havoc 05 - Håkan Eriksson ES_Red Chili Jam 4 - Victor Ohlsson ES_My Time - Jan Chmelar ES_Fly And The Family Wonder 8 - Anders Bothén ES_Boogieland 9 - Stefan Netsman Each track belongs to Epidemic Sound: http:www.epidemicsound.comOutro: MARSHO - SUM Link: https:youtu.behLnOfSnCZckThumbnail Source: http:crownedkings.deviantart.comartHanzo-569195696Licensed under Creative Commons (By Attribution 4.0): https:creativecommons.orglicensesby4.0Overwatch footage with permission by Blizzard Entertainment: http:us.blizzard.comen-uscompanylegalvideopolicy.html
2,290 views | Dec 28, 2016

game | Overwatch Sombra Glitch

Overwatch Sombra Glitch

Weird glitches in Overwatch that involves Sombra and Pharah on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. There is Overwatch gameplay to show how these were done. Olan Roger’s Final Space becomes a TV show, Einshine leaves his 1 Million subscriber channel. 🔥 OVERWATCH GAMEPLAY 🔥 https:youtu.beJzIan9YhzGU💦GIVEAWAY LINK: https:gleam.iocompetitionsJDUfQ-steam-giftcard📷 instagram - http:instagram.comohnickel 🐦 TWITTER - https:twitter.comohnickel 🐵 facebook - http:fb.comohnickel👾 discord (for news submission) - https:discord.ggnVdzJZwFintastic FIN Christ C. https:youtu.beeQ0-r8NkGmABob Hansler: https:youtu.beC2-7AHBRRa4 https:www.gofundme.combob-hanslers-medical-fundShinePHD: https:youtu.besJnvirNPUnoGameplay: Thicc
1,756 views | Dec 07, 2016


Hey everyone! Today we're going to play some awesome Gun Game matches! and I hope you guys enjoy!DONATE HERE!☃️ ☃️ ☃️ https:youtube.streamlabs.comUCjRMxmxocd3NbSc4xx7ypIQHit that Like button, Comment and subscribe! :DDondoPls#1674▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ MY CHANNELS ▸ Gaming - https:goo.glkCXqEW ▸ Minecraft - https:goo.gljqdaES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ FOLLOW ME ▸ Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comAlexirCraft ▸ Follow My Instagram: https:goo.glO5dQ23 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ CHECK OUT Dasha:
2,652 views | Dec 29, 2016
game | The Most Shameless Overwatch Rip Off Ever Made

The Most Shameless Overwatch Rip Off Ever Made

Overwatch is an incredibly successful Hero Shooter that was released by Blizzard EntertainmentActivision this year, As with any successful emerging genre though you have scumbag developers trying to make Shameless copys of the original to sell on as their own, Introducing The Legend Of Titan, probably the Worst most Shameless and Blatant Copy of a game you'll ever see, This Rip-Off is a mobile game currently in development in China by a developer called 265G, To all the people who call Paladins an Overwatch Clone you haven't seen nothing yet...As much as you may think this Overwatch clone will be shut down imminently we've seen time and time again that Chinese Mobile game devs get away with this because the law in China is different to over in the west and almost always side with the Chinese side, Let me know your thoughts on this Scumbag Overwatch Clone in the comments below! ____________________________________________---Links---Twitter is the best place to keep updated and contact me, I post often and reply to a lot of people - Twitter: https:twitter.comThe_Lazy_PeonTwitch TV: http:www.twitch.tvthe_lazy_peon Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTheLazyPeon ____________________________________________Recently I was linked a video which shocked me, a trailer for a Chinease Overwatch Rip-Off that seems to have literally just re skinned the heroes and maps to try and sell on as a mobile game called "The Legend Of Titan" a name which is also Plagiarism, In this video I show you the similarities between heroes as well as give you my reaction to the Trailer for what will surely go down as The Most Shameless Overwatch Rip-Off Ever Made. If you'd like to suggest a topic for a future discussion, gameplay, guide, review, top 10, let's play or first impressions then please comment or tweet me via the links above. ____________________________________________---Legal footnotes---Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesb... ____________________________________The Most Shameless Overwatch Rip-Off Ever Made
3,615 views | Jun 16, 2016

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