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Party Zone Pinball Gameplay Game Galaxy Arcade

From - Posted: May 12, 2013 - 2,248 viewsGame | Party Zone Pinball Gameplay Game Galaxy Arcade | Party Zone Pinball Gameplay Game Galaxy Arcade
Party Zone Pinball Gameplay Game Galaxy Arcade
Party Zone Pinball Gameplay Game Galaxy Arcade
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This is me playing Game's Galaxy's Party Zone pinball.Game Galaxy is middle Tennessee's last real arcade. Players from all over the state congregate here to compete in Street Fighter and pinball tournaments. The casual player also has dozens classic arcade video machines and console games to play, including over 20 of the greatest pinball titles ever made. Door charges are listed on the website. Most games are on free play and are in clean, working condition. Game Galaxy is located across from Freeland Chevrolet in Antioch, Tennessee at 5346 Hickory Hollow Pkwy Nashville, TN 37013. Its owner, Jason Wilson, has one of the biggest video game and arcade machine collections in the world and Game Galaxy is his gift to the passionate gaming community who miss the days of real arcades. There are NO redemption games here. Come by and find your place in gaming heaven!Website: Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesGame-Galaxy-Arcade204834345061 Twitter:!Game_GalaxyAlso be sure to check out their Huntsville, AL location! http:gamegalaxyarcade.comgame-listing-for-huntsville-al-madison-square-mall

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CGR Pinball presents a tutorial of TAXI! (No, I wasn't trying to hail a cab, I was introducing the video.) It's a late-eighties Williams table with some great twangy Genesis-esque sound, fast gameplay, and fantastic production art. You've got passengers in need of a cab, and they're willing to pay out POINTS if you get them where they need to go. Your driver this evening is Bowen Kerins.Find more pinball action, including reviews, tutorials, and spectacular scores at connect with us at: http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom http:www.gplus.toClassicGameRoom http:www.Twitter.comClassicGameRoom
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This is the best game Sega made (IMO) with Starship Troopers at #2 and South Park at #3. Unbelievably in this game I managed to complete all modes (due to some fluke bounces into the mode start hole) getting "Master Alarm" mode which doesn't happen often, I also got a 13 ball multiball! Considering that I lost the ball without touching it it was a surprise. The actual 13 ball multiball (skip to 4.00 for the start of it) is a total waste of time as you just drain 8 of them in 3 seconds but its great fun and a fantastic feature, love it!! I also like the start of standard multiball as the shaker motor cuts in and the sound effects are great. You can't hear them when the 13 ball starts but if you skip to 9.25 for the start of normal 3-ball.
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The best pinball machine Data East produced, I have been after one of these for a while after playing it at a show and am really enjoying it. I love the multiball where you have to shoot the death star to light the ramp for jackpot and then shoot then open gate on the death star to destroy it, not the most complicated game but good for a quick bash! I also love the retro bumper caps that move up and down when they fire, it reminds me of older games I have owned like Elvira. The music is a bit over the top (like most Data East's) but I can live with it, I think this will be staying for a while!
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