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Payday The Heist Mission 3 Panic Room

From - Posted: Oct 23, 2011 - 2,102 viewsGame | Payday The Heist Mission 3 Panic Room | Payday The Heist Mission 3 Panic Room
Payday The Heist Mission 3 Panic Room
Payday The Heist Mission 3 Panic Room
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Ok so here's me playing Payday: The Heist Mission "Panic Room".

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http:store.steampowered.comapp207816 http:overkillsoundtracks.bandcamp.com0:00 "Breaking News" (soundtrack exclusive track) 2:04 "Gun Metal Grey" (Theme from First World Bank) 6:22 "Double Cross" (Theme from Heat Street) 9:57 "Home Invasion" (Theme from Counterfeit) 13:33 "Busted" (Heist Failed) 16:40 "Stone Cold" (Theme from Green Bridge) 21:40 "Three Way Deal" (Theme from Undercover) 25:54 "Phoney Money" (Theme from Panic Room part 1) 28:25 "The Take" (Theme from Panic Room part 2) 32:12 "See You at the Safe House" (Heist Successful) 34:27 "Code Silver (theme from No Mercy) 39:16 "Crime Wave" (Theme from Slaughterhouse) 42:38 "Breach of Security (theme from Diamond Heist) 46:51 "Criminal Intent"(Main Menu) 50:05 "Preparations" (Load-out Menu) 52:56 "I Will Give You My All" by Simon Viklund 55:53 "Payday for You and Me" feat. Shawn Davis with band
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T-SHIRTS! http:districtlines.comnerdcubed Second Channel! Dad³ Channel! Nerd³ Twitter! https:twitter.comDannerdcubed Nerd³ Site! Robbing. Not really a Solo activity.Game link: http:www.overkillsoftware.compayday Steam Link: http:store.steampowered.comapp24240End theme by the incredible Dan Bull: other music is in-game music. It makes me want to set fire to that picture...
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