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phim hoat hinh 3D megaman x8

From - Posted: Mar 21, 2013 - 93,711 viewsGame | phim hoat hinh 3D megaman x8 | phim hoat hinh 3D megaman x8
phim hoat hinh 3D megaman x8
phim hoat hinh 3D megaman x8
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Megaman X8 Final Boss Sigma and Lumine in hard mode
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Mega Man X4 X

This time with better quality than that shitty one I have uploaded. Using X Collections to play through Mega Man X4 The volume may be a little loud. The initial recording had low volume. I just realized that this one is actually a pretty good Mega Man game, sans the lulzy voice acting (especially X) Throughout the run: -Dash and jumping -Boss weakness abused for the first time through. At boss redux, I do a buster beatdown-weakness abuse thing. -A few deaths here and there Notes: Sky Lagoon: easy stage. Egregion was easy. Boss music is friggin' epic!! Shame is it wasted. =( Web Spider: easy stage. I get the boots upgrade and I don't sit still. "Negotiating"...what? Split Mushroom: death at the area with the Heart Tank. Was trying to get to it. Wasn't thinking. Abused weakness. Cyber Peacock: bumrushed the hell out of the first part. Soul Body makes it LOL to get S Rank. Helmet upgrade makes the game easy due to infinite Weapon Energy. Cyber Peacock running into me. -_- Storm Owl: Stom. Ahooooohl. Ride Armor allows me to bumrush. Died 2 times in the second area getting the Buster upgrade(s). Tricky stuff. Spammed Aiming Laser cursor. Memorial Hall: Colonel - easy fight. Magma Dragoon: bumrushing. Didn't opt to use Ride Armor against Dragoon. Fun fact: localization used "Irregular" on the boss intro. "Irregular" is what we know as "Maverick". After completing the stage, I head to Web Spider's stage to get a Heart Tank. Frost Walrus: Cameos from two bosses. Took top path because. Backtracked a bit for the Heart Tank. Abused Rising Fire on mid-boss. Everything was straightforward in the second part. Jet Stingray: Land Chaser stage. Still remembered on how to get the Heart Tank (been like almost 2 years since I played this game.) On the second section, Jet Stingray was being an ass while I was trying to net the E-Tank, which I did without dying. o_o "Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!" Slash Beast: straightforward stage. Plasma Shot raeping the midboss. Went back to Magma Dragoon's stage to the body upgrade. Space Port: straightforward. Wanted to use a few special weapons, but Twin Slasher (my favorite) wasn't getting the job done. So much fail on Colonel. It is Frost Tower's fault. Shit's hard to use. Final Weapon 1: First section is straightforward. Double fight managed. Weakness is Double Cyclone, but that will only make shit worse. "Destroy! Evil slash!" For the second section, I take the top path. Apparently, the General has a weakness: Twin Slasher. I found out REALLY late that charged Twin Slasher goes through things. -_- Final Weapon 2: Had distractions, so that is why the E-Tanks are empty. -_- (and this could've been in one part, but nooooooo). 8 boss redux. Buster beatdown with some boss weakness abuse. Showdown with baldy (I like X4's Sigma. Dat scythe.) At Sigma 1, Rising Fire HAS to be abused. "Are you ready for round 2!?" Simple AI and made the scythe get stuck on the walls. At Sigma 3, I was failing so hard. It's the weakness, man. For the "Gun Sigma", his weakness is Soul Body, but is pretty hard to hit with. For "Head Sigma", Ground Hunter is his weakness, but it is sometimes hard to use (especially the attack that sucks...literally.)
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**EDIT** HOLY FUCK YOU GUYS, nearly 400,000 views?!!?!? Also, I know EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER'S UNCLE wants these models... I have bad news. Sadly the creator TOOK THEM DOWN so only Japanese people can get them. =\ Sucks, I know, but some idiot on a forum called EITC or something edited and distributed an edit which was a big no no, so.... yeah. You can't get them anymore. ...unless you find someone who is willing to give them to you. *cough*So this was mainly MMD practice for me with KurooniX's AMAZINGLY AWESOME Mega Man X models!! I learned a lot doing this MMD video, which is going to help for the MMX - Animated project I am working on with some other fans to.. well... that's for another time I believe.With this video, I learned the following things in MMD: -Import several models at once -Load a Motion Data file -Edit Motion Data file - (X falling from mid-air at the end unlike the original, where the model goes back to a default stand.) -Loading a WAV file for music -Animating other models in a lifelike fashion based on what is happening in the video (Axl and Zero's reactions to X's.... love strut? XD What else do you call HUMPING THE AIR... XD XD XD) -How to export to AVI successfully for import into Windows Movie Maker (to add the CRASH at the end when X hits the ground) Also, I edited the original GEDDAN music by pitch - not by too much, but I wanted it to sound like I would imagine X would sound like if he were to ever sing. (...god help us if that ever happens.) That was done in Audacity. MMX Models made by KurooniX! (Thank you again, Kurooni-san!) Background stage made by amiamy111 on DeviantArt Crashing sound made by sagetyrtle on (crash.wav) (was edited slightly in audacity again but original is by him.) Axl's and Zero's motion data by myself X's falling on his butt at the end, again, myself.Enjoy!
4,094 views | May 30, 2012
game | Vietsub Wild Fang Janne Da Arc Megaman X8

Vietsub Wild Fang Janne Da Arc Megaman X8

Snow of Darkness - Tuyết Bóng Đêm Chỉnh lại Quality (480p) ở phần bánh răng để video được sắc nét _This video is not belong to me, I just use it for vietsub
3,380 views | Nov 09, 2013

game | PS2 Long Play Megaman X8 100 AAA All Item Hunt Hard Mode in 1 32 by Xmaverickhunter

PS2 Long Play Megaman X8 100 AAA All Item Hunt Hard Mode in 1 32 by Xm...

Creo Hice el mejor tiempo que existe en "hard mode" otros jugadores han hecho 1h28m o 1h12m pero sin tomar los upgrades y con dificultad fácil ó normal. Yo siempre pienso que un walktrough debe hacerse al 100%, con la máxima dificultad, realizando tácticas originales y nuevas, sin que te den un solo rasguño y stages en el menor tiempo posible.Llevo jugando este juego desde hace años, y se que puedo bajarle el record a unos 5 minutos menos, pero seria básicamente el mismo vídeo pero con otro orden de stages, habrá quienes piensen que no tengo 100% por la sigma-blade, pero para el juego que obtengas los chips basta, no necesariamente tienes que comprarlo; la prueba esta que al final del vídeo el dato dice 100% con AAA de rango final.En esta primera version v1 me enfoque a mostrar cosas curiosas, por ejemplo: *Axl puede alcanzar el chip desde la primera ocasión en Intro Stage. 3:50 *X puede cruzar el stage de optic sunflower con AAA sin "NINGUN ADITAMENTO 5:42" *Abatir el subboss de white central con 1 solo combo sin permitirle retornar 13:50 *Es posible perseguir de cerca a gigavolt sin aumentar la tabla de energia 19:46 *Se puede cancelar un ataque Burn Ruster para ahorrar tiempo 29:10 *X puede levitar 34:50 *Falso Hitbox de los cubos con picos 42:20 *Bug para tomar chip con la Rider armor "es un clasico" 48:55 *Vencer en 15 segundo a un boss con la rider 49:59 *Dash continuos en el aire (Requiere sincronización perfecta) 52:52 *Tenshouha of money!!! 1:07:25 (Quizas el mejor glitch de todos) *Axl invulnerable! 1:14:33 (Hay muchos que no conocían esto) *Eliminar el impenetrable campo de Balas de Sigma 1:24:40 *60% de damage en 5 segundo con zero 1:30:25Como detalle adicional cambia la música de background [BGM]; para ese juego es muy fácil hacerlo y tengo un tutorial en respuesta de video para que los curiosos también personalicen su mmx8. Espero les haya gustado el video y dejen un comentario. & Larga Vida a Megaman!
1,325 views | Apr 17, 2012
game | Dragon Ball Z x Megaman X EPISODIO 4 Stop Motion

Dragon Ball Z x Megaman X EPISODIO 4 Stop Motion

Pagina de FB: https:www.facebook.comAnimeStopMotionsZEPISODIO 4: EL NUEVO OBJETIVO DE OMEGA ZERO Continuamos con el episodio 4 de Dragon Ball Z x Megaman X, ojala les guste No olviden darle like si les gusto, compartir y suscribirse
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Everything you need to know about this game!
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Megaman X8 All items Location

Since I upload this video (a long time), I didn't expected the amount of views it has now Sorry If i didn't put some timestamps to make the search more easier. Here the exact time of items location:Primrose 00:00 - 00:19 Head Part I 01:03 - 01:08 Rare Metal (Zero's B Fan) 01:11 - 01:33 Rare Metal (Zero's K Knuckle)Noah Park (REVISIT) 01:34 - 01:42 Rare Metal (Weapon Bottle Full) 01:43 - 01:54 Rare Metal (Axl's Shock Absorber) "HEAD PART I NEEDED" 01:55 - 02:15 Buster Parts IMetal Valley 02:26 - 02:39 Rare Metal (Life Bottle Full) 03:24 - 03:38 Rare Metal (Zero's Double Barrier) SPECIAL NOTE* In order to obtain the rare metal, you need to activate the switch before the mechaniloid destroy it at 03:16 03:40 - 03: 55 Body Parts I 04:30 - 04:43 Rare Metal (Metal Discount)Pitch Black 05:10 - 05:45 Rare Metal (Life Tank) YOU NEED TO COPY THE DNA OF THE BROWN REPLOID IN ORDER TO ACCESS THE ROOM 05:52 - 06:05 Body Parts H 06:20 - 06:33 Rare Metal (Axl's Shield Armor) YOU NEED TO TURN ON THE LIGHTS OF THE STAGE 06:34 - 06:45 Rare Metal (Zero's D Glaive) YOU NEED TO TURN ON THE LIGHTS OF THE STAGEBooster Forest 07:00 - 07:20 Foot Parts I 08:00 - 08:13 Rare Metal (X's Weapon Converter) YOU NEED TO COPY THE DNA OF THE "MORPH BALL" REPLOID 08:24 - 09:15 Rare Metal (Axl's Double Barrier) 09:25 - 09:54 Rare Metal (Zero's Shield Armor)Inferno 09:56 - 10:20 Foot Parts H 10:37 - 10:52 Rare Metal (Weapon Tank) 10:53 - 11:20 Rare Metal (Zero's T Breaker) YOU NEED TO COPY THE DNA OF THE FLYING REPLOID 11:24 - 11:34 Rare Metal (X's Double Barrier)Troia Base 11:35 - 11:40 Rare Metal (Zero's Weapon Converter) 11:42 - 11:55 Buster Parts H 12:20 - 12:27 Rare Metal (Life Sub-Tank) SPECIAL NOTE: To obtain this rare metal, you need to finish the tests with a S-rank 12:30 - 12:45 Rare Metal (Metal Generator) SPECIAL NOTE: To obtain this rare metal, you must finish ALL the test with a S-rankCentral White 12:47 - 13:05 Head Parts H 13:22 - 13:30 Rare Metal (Axl's Weapon Converter)
3,519 views | Oct 27, 2010

game | Megaman X6 vs Nightmare Zero Secret Portal

Megaman X6 vs Nightmare Zero Secret Portal

I know his weakness is Z-Saber.The Zero Nightmare is an off-colored (purple armor with teal eyes and purple hair) Nightmare similar to Zero created by Gate, through use of Zero's DNA. He is seemingly incomplete and mentally insane, one moment claiming that X has gone Maverick when he throws it in his face that he isn't the real Zero, then the next moment incoherently shouting out "BLUE LIGHT... MUST KILL!", among other phrases. He is the first boss of the hidden areas. His attacks and moves are similar to those of Zero in Mega Man X5. When he is defeated, Zero will become a playable character. He is weak to the Z-Saber. The music in his battle is the same music featured during the X vs. Zero fight in X5.Over Powered Gamer:
3,110 views | Jun 14, 2011
game | Mega Man X4 Zero

Mega Man X4 Zero

The animated cutscenes look like something from the 90's. ... ... Oh wait...An excerpt from my life: -Me: playing X4. Friend is watching me play- -You learned Shippuuga- Me: "S. M. Button. Small move button?" Friend: "No. Special move button." I think my older bro was there as well. He said the same thing as my friend.
2,532 views | Apr 13, 2011
game | Các chiêu thức skills của X và Zero Megaman X5

Các chiêu thức skills của X và Zero Megaman X5

Link download http:www.adrive.compublicGGwpvfmegaman.x5.rar Nếu bạn xài Win 7 hoặc báo thiếu filed3dx9_26.dll, bạn có thể down file này theo link để bổ sung http:www.dll-files.comdllindexdll-files.shtml?d3dx9_26----------------------Nhiệm vụ------------------------------------------------------------ Có 2 nhiệm vụ chính là Enigma và Shuttle, chủ yếu để phá hủy Eurasia + Enigma: đi 4 màn bên trái để lấy 4 bộ phận cho khẩu đại bác để bắn + Shuttle: đi 4 màn bên phải để lấy 4 bộ phận cho phi thuyền. Zero sẽ lái phi thuyền- Bạn có 16 giờ để hoàn thành nhiệm vụ, chỉ cần thành công 1 trong 2 nhiệm vụ chính là được. Nếu hết 16 giờ, Zero sẽ bị biến thành Maverick. Nếu nhiệm vụ Enigma thành công, bạn sẽ đi thẳng vào những màn cuối mà không cần thực hiện nhiệm vụ Shuttle. Do đó, nếu bạn muốn đánh Maverick Zero, bạn hãy để cho 2 nhiệm vụ thất bại bằng cách bắn Enigma và phóng Shuttle khi chưa đủ bộ phận.- Các nhiệm vụ thành công hay thất bại là random, bạn có thể save và load lại để có kết quả như ý. Tuy nhiên cũng có khi chưa có đủ bộ phận mà bạn bắn thì nó vẫn thành công, không hiểu tại sao?Những màn cuối, dĩ nhiên là khó, nhưng không có gì đáng nói, các bạn tự tìm hiểu. Do đó, mình đưa link video các trận đấu khó để tham khảo: Và đây là trận đấu của một con ma game: (trang phục)---------------------------------------------------- Fourth Armor (Force Armor): Đây là bộ giáp từ X4, bạn sẽ có nó ngay từ màn intro nếu chọn X. Nếu bạn chọn Zero đi màn intro thì Zero sẽ có Z-buster, không có Force Armor và ngược lại, nên chọn X.- Falcon Armor: Bay tự do trên không được 1 lúc lâu, không có air-dash. Buster mỏng nhưng mạnh với 1 số đối tượng và khi sạc có thể bắn xuyên tường. Không thể sạc vũ khí đặc biệt (đoạn video 00:41)- Gaea Armor: Def khá, không sợ gai. Bám dính vào tường mà không bị trượt, kể cả tường gai. Không có vũ khí đặc biệt, không thể gắn part. Dash chậm, không thể air-dash. Buster có tầm bắn ngắn nhưng mạnh, sạc nhanh, có thể bắn được đạn của đối phương. Các khối vuông hình chữ V: có thể dash để di chuyển chúng, hoặc sạc buster để phá hủy (đoạn video 01:38)- Ultimate Armor: Cũng giống phiên bản trước nhưng khác màu. Chỉ số def cao. Chiêu "mũi tên" rất lợi hại (đoạn video 02:46)- Zero thì chỉ có Black Zero: Có sẵn 3 part là Shock Buffer, Virus Buster và Shot Eraser, nhưng không có Saber Plus như nhiều người vẫn lầm tưởng. Chỉ số def cao. Nhiều năng lượng cho vũ khí đặc biệt (đoạn video 03:16)----------------------Mời các bạn xem tiếp phần Parts và Items ở link sau -------------------
3,608 views | Aug 30, 2012

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