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Phóng máy bay giấy

From - Posted: Oct 18, 2011 - 50,421 viewsGame | Phóng máy bay giấy | Phong may bay giay
Phóng máy bay giấy
Phong may bay giay
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Phóng máy bay giấy từ toà nhà Fleminton

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Paper Planes How to make a Paper Airplane that Flies Far Best Paper Ai...

How to make a paper airplane that flies far? This tutorial shows how to make the best paper airplane in the world of paper planes.✖ Stay connected! » Facebook: http:www.facebook.comOrigamiPaperAirplanes » Google+: » Instagram: http:www.instagram.comMahirCecen1 » Twitter: http:www.twitter.comMahirCecen1 » Pinterest: http:www.pinterest.comMahirCecenTwice a month, I upload a new tutorial with exotic and plain paper airplane designs that fly far, fast and straight. Stay tuned for those future paper planes and subscribe to my channel on YouTube: ►► http:goo.glNDQiiT ◄◄The Wraith paper airplane in this tutorial is my creation: It was inspired by another paper airplane that is built similar and therefore a modified origami air plane. Due the shown test flights you can count on the fact that this paper airplane is guaranteed airworthy.Used Material: You have to use any type of European DIN A4 - 80 gm², 29 cm x 21 cm - that is ordinary office paper used for the printer or copier. The paper should not be heavier or lighter than the given 80 gm² - experiment if you wish so.Guide and tips for folding: The instructions are shown step by step and important and difficult steps are explained in detail (Activate annotations for explanations!). I recommend to process all steps mentally before starting to fold. The lines created by the folds have to be used for orientation during folding the next steps. All folds have to be extremely symmetrical! Always smooth the paper to prevent waves.Guide and tips for throwing: You have the most beautiful flight performance on dry and windless days: Unfortunately paper is very susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind. Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, each paper airplane must be held and thrown in the right way as well. In general, the best grip position is the center of gravity. Nevertheless, it is important to try different grip positions to get the best result possible. In order to achieve the desired flight effect, it is necessary that the paper plane is thrown with different intensities (lightly, hard..) and in different angles (often between 30° and 45°).Only a paper airplane, that is precisely folded and thrown in the correct way, will reach its maximized ability to overcome larger distances.Safety note: Throw this paper airplane only when there is nobody in flight range to avoid collisions. ;)►► PLEASE READ: ◄◄ If you support me, it is easier for me to create more and better paper planes and videos, which in turn is only good for you. Therefore, I ask you for your valuable support: The following guidelines will ensure that I can continue to carry out my work and constantly improve the quality. Please (please!) complete some steps.Subscribe. ►► http:goo.glNDQiiT ◄◄ Like the video. Comment - I will respond. Read the description. Follow me on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. I post differently on every channel. Share the video. Build this paper airplane, then make a photo and upload it to Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. Tag me, so I can comment and like your photo. Add this video to favourites and your other playlists. Feel free to donate - Even a cent helps.I do this, because I love to do it. But money always helps. Feel free to donate me as much as this is worth to you. ►► http:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Q2F8AJRMTXDWL ◄◄Thanks for showing love. I am soo thankful for that! As always I am happy to have amazing people like you here. I would love to see you in my next video!You may also like this paper airplane that was folded with a similar technique: Ranger: Paper Airplane Tutorial: ► Dragon: ◄Next Paper Airplane Tutorial: ► Dragon: ◄Last Paper Airplane Tutorial: Canard:© Copyright 2013-2014 Mahir Cecen. All rights reserved.
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