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Pinkie Pie s Smile Song MLP FiM Tenor Sax Cover

From - Posted: May 08, 2012 - 575 viewsGame | Pinkie Pie s Smile Song MLP FiM Tenor Sax Cover | Pinkie Pie s Smile Song MLP FiM Tenor Sax Cover
Pinkie Pie s Smile Song MLP FiM Tenor Sax Cover
Pinkie Pie s Smile Song MLP FiM Tenor Sax Cover
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Ever wish ponies just sang what was happening in the video? Well now they do, in this third installment of pony literal videos, The Smile Song by Pinkie Pie!Female vocals are by yours truly. :)I am very VERY proud of how this one turned out, and I hope you all like it! I spent about two and a half hours on the lyrics all-together. And I had some help with the lyrics from my friend Ryan. He helped with the "evil scientist dad" bit. Thank you!!!My lovely friend SG mixed the audio for me and sang in the chorus! He even did the Cranky line at the end. He's super talented, check out his channel! finally Roshi made the lyrics video for me. He also sang in the chorus! He is one of my dubbing buddies here on youtube! SUBSCRIBE NOW! on a concept by Dustin McLean: http:www.dustfilms.comAlright, and here are the lyrics:I don't look where I prance. (Unicorn!) Please move out of the way. (Wussup Bon Bon?) You should not be under a tree if you would like a tan~Those kids are cast aside. (losers.) So I shall sing to you. (You're short.) Well, you look bored so I will give you a piggy back ride.Now I have some splinters in my butt. Run Mac, run. She thinks it's funny that I kidnapped them. That's messed up....I'll leave you in the cart on Mac's joy ride. I sure hope that you don't die!I stole their cheap jump rope. (My rope!) But they do not complain. (That works.) So who would like a big group hug? No they just want to play. (Brohoof!)Applebloom's a loner. Don't get mad at the jump rope. Sit on my back, bounce up and down, now you've got vertigo.I walk downtown with all of my friends. (We're happy!) Applejack is really not a good artist... I will paint some cool graffiti just for fun. Look it's my face and the sun!Who in the heck turned off the sun shine? I bet it was my clone. Now she will help me to find our evil scientist dad.I am extremely determined to get rid of these blue streaks. It took like three weeks to plan this choreography.I go back to the prancing. Want to join my flash mob? This group is not yet big enough so I'll run and look for more.We hop from roof to roof just like ninjas. Break fourth wall. I walk by the mayor and jump through this portal. Reference joke.I get to ride on someone's back for once. Don't stare at the sun too long.Everypony join the random parade. We can make this totally epic. They really want to join our parade.That's the cue for the chorus!We have joined in this random parade. We've waited to open these windows. We have made this totally epic. Pinkie pie is best pony!I sing louder than the rest. Because I am much more important. This song is only about me. Close up, singing, happy, spinning.Mob! My flash mob ruled. I like donkeys.(Chorus part while Pinkie sings louder.) We sing in our big circle of friendship. and we also sway from left to right. No we are not important at all. We even get cut- Close up, singing, happy, spinning. Mob! Ruled!_________________________________Check out my website and social media!www.lizziefreeman.comhttps:www.facebook.comLizzieFreemanVAhttps:twitter.comLizzieRFreeman
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Love is in Bloom! Subscribe for more vids!
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The chase scene to Yakety Sax music from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (The Ticket Master episode.)
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♥ Pinkie Pie Smile ♥ Lyrics ♥

Hi Guys!!.. This is something I made for all of you upsetdepressedangry folks..It's never that bad a situation, and if it is then someone will just want you to smile no matter what! Along with Pinkie Pie wanting you to aswell C: So smile, smile, smile! Everyone deserves to be happy! ^-^ Besides Hitler, he was a bad man =w=Just another lyric video I made for Pinkie Pie's song, Smile as my personality really matches Pinkie Pie and she's just basically awesome xD I hope you enjoy!~♥..I own nothing, all pictures belong to their rightful owner along with the song! Please comment, rate, subscribe, like
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My piano cover of the Smile Song, from My Little Pony (MLP), sung by Pinkie Pie! Its not a true cover because I tried to be as close to the original as possible.Tell me what you think andor what you'd like me to do next!Aka Smile, Smile, Smile
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SUBSCRIBE http:bit.lyBriansThingYT SHOP http:shop.spreadshirt.comBriansThing [email protected] My tenor sax cover of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. The song has a great beat! In this video I was extremely fortunate to play test a new Ever-Ton mouthpiece (made in Brazil!) and I really loved how it played. I liked the fact that it was not quite as bright as my old metal Dukoff mouthpiece, yet I was still able to cut through when needed and the response was excellent. Overall I was really impressed with the tone quality it produced right away. The reed I used with it was a fibracell 3.5 reed. I am going to continue to experiment with different reeds on the new mouthpiece to see if anything sticks out to me. Ever-Ton links:'s links: http:www.facebook.comBriansThing http:www.twitter.comBriansThing http:www.instagram.comBriansThing iTunes: http:bit.lyiTunesBriansThing Amazon: http:bit.lyAmazonBriansThing Google Play: http:bit.lyGoogleBriansThing
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Relatively simple cover of Daniel Ingram's "The Smile Song" on Soprano and Tenor Saxes. Released in honor of 200 twitter follows. Check us out at or on twitter (@researchismagic)!Soundcloud Link: https:soundcloud.comresearch-is-magicthe-smile-song-sax-cover
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