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Canterlot Siege

Quick little tower defense style Brony game today. Plan is for Ponymon Dawn Version to start up again tomorrow, so look out for that! Also, might look out fo...
10,250 views | Aug 19, 2012

Canterlot Siege 3 Map 1

Version 1.0 Despite a technical error, success! So far it appears Sunset Shimmer is the weakest of the towers, although this is largely based on my few hours...
18,440 views | Jul 10, 2014

Canterlot Siege 2 Elemental Mode

Version 1.8 Elemental Normal Mode It's time to tackle the new Elemental mode. Behold the ridiculously buffed Super Iron Will! Play it yourself here: http:f...
7,446 views | Dec 17, 2013

Canterlot Siege 2 Map 4 Octavia Solo

Version 1.42 Among other balance changes, this version adds an easy mode which reduces the overall HP of the enemies and gives you an extra 25 starting bits....
9,277 views | Nov 08, 2013

Gameplay Canterlot Siege ¡Primer video del 2013!

Comenzó el año y con él, un nuevo video, espero que les guste este juego flash tanto como a mi, animense a probarlo: Enlace directo al juego http:futzi01.d...
175 views | Jan 08, 2013

Let s Play Canterlot Siege 2 Deutsch HD Flash

MLP feat. ein beliebiges Defender Game, ich selbst spiele kaum defender Games was man auch glaube ich merkt, viel spaß bei der verteidigung von Canterlot Pla...
72 views | Aug 10, 2014

Canterlot Siege Gameplay

Rate, Comment, And Subscribe If you have any questions about Flutterwar don't be afraid to ask! :D.
34 views | Apr 06, 2013

Canterlot Siege 1 Mapa 1 Desbloqueando modo Play Advanced

Continuação do Detonado de Canterlot Siege 1, agora no Mapa 1, desbloqueando o Modo Avançado!! (Play Advanced)!! Divirtam-se :D Curta minha página no faceboo...
132 views | Sep 13, 2014

Canterlot Siege 3 Map 8 Egopolis

Version 1.7 I feel I've been playing a bit too complacently lately. In retrospect, this and the previous video could have used more planning, given that Endu...
7,352 views | Aug 24, 2014

Canterlot Siege Map 3 Advanced 1.5

Flutterdash edition. In case anyone doubted RD's overpowered-ness, this shows you why she's the best pony in this game, see my tier list below for more. From...
6,784 views | Sep 24, 2012

Canterlot Siege 3 Map 4 Rover Solo

Version 1.2 Rover is considerably nerfed in the next version, so I decided to make this his overpowered form's send-off video. Play it yourself here: http:...
5,589 views | Jul 20, 2014

Let s Play Canterlot Siege 2 v1.71 Map 1 Flawless Defense

And here we have my run-through of Canterlot Siege 2 - Map 1. I use primarily fully-upgraded Octavias and non-superpowered Bon Bons to deal the damage. I pla...
280 views | Nov 29, 2013

Let s Play! Canterlot Siege 2! 101

Gypsy Bard Intro: http:www.safr.orgwp-contentuploads201207GypsyBardExtended.mp3 If anyone remembers, I did a video about this game. Its perfectly free...
35 views | Jan 08, 2014

Let s Play Canterlot Siege 3 Inversion

Link to Game: http:futzi01.deviantart.comartCanterlot-Siege-3-Inversion-466615443 List of games I have for requesting purposes: http:pastebin.comRWpBj...
24 views | Sep 03, 2014

Canterlot Siege fim flash game by futzi01 Defeating Nightmare Moon

Single play, in the easiest map, to show you just how not be beaten in round four. Full flash game can be found here http:futzi01.deviantart.comartCanter...
449 views | Nov 25, 2012

Canterlot Siege 3 Map 3

Version 1.1 This time, I showcase the changes of the Night Guard's super upgrade, and show that despite a nerf, Rover is still very strong. Sunset Shimmer go...
9,984 views | Jul 15, 2014

Canterlot Siege MLP FiM Tower Defense!

Me: Like this! You: bit.lyS14EwY Me: Yeah you do, mutha BLOOOP! You: Oh! I'll go to ToastedSprits! Me: At ! You: Ok! Gam...
851 views | Jan 01, 2013

Let s Play Ponies Canterlot Siege 2 Holyshit LPP is Back!

It's the return of Let's Play Ponies! Now with my very sexy face! (ladies, contain your orgasms) Continuing on where I left off about a year and a half ago, ...
113 views | Nov 25, 2013

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