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Pokemon X and Y ROM 3DS Emulator Download November 2014

From - Posted: Oct 14, 2013 - 14,649 viewsGame | Pokemon X and Y ROM 3DS Emulator Download November 2014 | Pokemon X and Y ROM 3DS Emulator Download November 2014
Pokemon X and Y ROM 3DS Emulator Download November 2014
Pokemon X and Y ROM 3DS Emulator Download November 2014
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Pokemon X and Y Download 3DS English ROM: Download Pokemon X And Y ROM + 3DS Emulator Here: This is the only working pokemon x and y rom + 3ds emulator Before I get started with my spcheel, let me just say that the shear number of likes that this video is getting speaks for itself. You can download pokemon x and y right now hassle free and without a hitch. With that said, I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys may have. By all means, send me a PM, especially if the download links go down, in which case I will reupload the download links to pokemon x and pokemon y. So without any further ado, enjoy Pokemon X and Y!So just to be clear, if you liked the video, please like the video to show others that the rom is working and fully functional! Also, don't forget to hit that subscribe button!Well, here it is guys; a 100% legit and fully working version of Pokemon X and Y 3DS. I know for a fact that it works because I've been playing it for the past 7 hours nonstop! Details: File Name: [Compressed] File Size: 972.27 MB OR File Name: [Compressed] File Size: 973.29 MBDownload Pokemon X and Y before it gets deleted! You asked for it and we delivered. My inbox literally was flooded with PMS asking for the download ever since I filmed myself playing the game early a couple days ago, and so I decided to share the love with y'all! Get it while it's still hot, folks, Download Pokemon X and Y English Rom today for free! There are NO SURVEYS last time I checked but that may have changed (the website owner puts them up every now and then to prevent his server from getting flooded with bots and leechers). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the games. Hell, you might as well download both the Pokemon X Rom AND the Pokemon Y Rom while you're at it! By the way, this one has the English and Antipiracy patch pre-applied so all you have to do is fire up your emulator or 3DS and you're ready to catch 'em all! So download Pokemon X and Y asap before it gets taken down. :OIf I helped you guys in any way, feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe!That's right, we're dead serious. We're providing the leaked download link to the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y English Patched ROM. Sharing is caring, so we thought that it'd be a great idea to spread this game before the official release date so you guys won't have to wait until its official released to play the new game to your heart's content! But if I were you, I would download the games ASAP because we can't promise any uptime whatsoever. Among the plethora of new Pokémon are the two brand-spanking new legendary beasts that are set to appear in Pokémon Y and Pokémon X. The fairy type legendary, Xerneas, is gifted with new powers and the attack move "geomancy," which shoots a rainbow colored eruption emanating from the earth. In addition, another one of its abilities is Fairy Aura, which grants powers to other fairy type Pokémon on the player's team. On the other hand, Yveltal is a pseudo-flyingdark mishmash type Pokémon that wields a new move pool of its own, including Oblivion Wing, which fires off a concentrated red light from the sky itself! It doesn't get any cooler than that, folks! Not to mention Dark Aura, Yveltal's new special ability, which is tailor-made to counteract Xerneas' Fairy Aura.The links might get taken down by Pokémon officials or Game Freak as soon as they find out about the leak, so hurry up and download download the Pokemon X and Y English Patched ROM already!The download link for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have finally been leaked out. At last, the English Patched ROM of the game has been leaked and we've had a chance to play it. In all honesty, we don't have words to convey just how awesome it is. But who needs words when you can just download the game in under a minute?I should also mention that this video is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. No copyright infringement was intended. Thanks for watching, guys! Please comment, rate, favourite, and subscribe. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below.Extra Tags: pokemon x and y rom download pokemon x and y rom pokemon x rom pokemon x and y leaked pokemon x and y rom gameplay pokemon x and y rom leaked pokemon x rom download pokemon x and y leaked rom pokemon x & y download poekmon x and y rom how to download pokemon x and y is there a pokemon x and y rom pokemon x and y rom english pokemon x and y leaked pictures pokemon x and y beta rom pokemon x and y pokemon y and x rom pokemon x and y leaked info how to play 3ds roms on 3ds pokemon x and y download rom pokemon y rom pokemon x and y download pokemon x and y roms pokemon x download pokemon x and y leak pokemon x and y rom download gameplay 3ds emulator 3ds emulator downloadThanks a ton for watching guys! I'd appreciate it if you liked this video, favourited it, and subscribed! And before someone asks

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http:teespring.comitsacritagainn --- NEW IT'SACRIT SHIRT! :)We've got a brand new UU team, and we're going head to head with my best friend NIPPS! Can we crush 2,000 likes?!My opponent: our last UU team went 23, and we've got a new one! I asked Nipps to be the first opponent for this team, and he's bringing some crazy stuff! Enjoy!Keep It Shady!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Links and Important Things:Music: SECOND CHANNEL: Channel: http:youtube.comshadypenguinnMy Twitter: https:twitter.comshadypenguinnMy Twitch: http:twitch.tvshadypenguinn------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pokemon Owned By Nintendo GameFreak. This video is owned by ShadyPenguinn, unless imagesmusic specified in above description.Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes, the art of battling.
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Follow me on Twitter - https:twitter.comPheonixmaster1 READ THIS FIRST IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT!READ this if you have any doubt:Basics: - You can breed two pokemon only if they are of opposite gender and belong to same egg group. - Day Care center in Pokemon X and Y is on Route 7 - Keeping a pokemon with Flame BodyMagma Armour reduces the steps taken to hatch the egg by 50%. - Egg Group category page (Bulbapedia) - http:bit.ly177t7Th - Ditto can breed with every single pokemon in the game except legedaries - Ditto cannot breed with DittoBreeding for Competitive Battles: ► GETTING PERFECT NATURE- Everstone ALWAYS passes down the nature of the parent holding it. - You can find Everstone in Geosenge Town to North-West house of pokemon center - You can find Everstone on wild gravellers (Victory Road)► PASSING HIDDEN ABILITY- You can pokemon with Hidden Ability sometimes in Horders and Friend Safari - Now Males can also pass down the hidden ability (MAN POWER!!) - But male pokemon have some chance to pass the hidden ability - A male pokemon can ONLY pass Hidden ability if it breeds with a DITTO,ONLY WITH DITTO► EGG MOVES- Pokemon can learn egg moves only if they breed with a Specific pokemon from their egg group which knows that move - Parents of both gender can pass down egg moves if they know it - You cannot pass TM moves anymore - For knowing which pokemon gets which egg moves please refer to Bulbapedia http:bulbapedia.bulbagarden.netwikiMain_Page► IV BREEDING (HOW TO GET FLAWLESS POKEMON)~What are IVs? IVs are individual values which are like genes in pokemon.Every pokemon have 6 IVs one for each stat,they can be between 0 to 31.Max IV is 31.~What do IVs do? IVs influence a pokemon's main stats if a pokemon has 31 in Attack,it will hit very hard but if it has 0 in Attack,It won't be able to cause much Damage.~What are Flawless pokemon? A PERFECT pokemon which has 4-5 Max IVs in stat it uses most is called 'Flawless' pokemon a.k.a Perfect pokemon,if your pokemon is flawless it will have stats to his MAX potential and it will be competitively successful.~What is destiny knot? If one of the parents holds this item,it will ALWAYS pass down five IVs to the child.This item will help you to chain IVs and get a PERFECT pokemon.~What is Friend Safari? Friend Safari is place in Kiloude city,which you have access to only after beating Elite 4. The more friends you have registered,the more pokemon you will able to find here.You can even find pokemon with their hidden ability here.You can get great parents for you flawless pokemon here like Ditto.Every pokemon that you find here is GUARANTEED to have two Max IVs in any 26 stats.They can even have 3-4 Max IVs but that kinda depends on your luck. ~How to check IVs? Talk to guy in Kiloude City's pokemon center.Stats which appreciates have 31 IVs.HOW TO GET POKEMON WITH MAX IVs.• Step.1: Choose a pokemon to breed. • Step 2: You need to get Destiny Knot,go to Cyllage City's hotel to get it. • Step 3: Dittos play main role in Getting perfect IV pokemon.If you have a Friend a 'Normal' type friend safari you could find Ditto in the third slot of their safari. • Step 4: Breed your chosen pokemon with ditto which has Max IVs which you would like you to have in your final product for eg. Atk for Tyranitar,Sp.A for Greninja,Speed for fast pokemon like Alakazam,Talonflame etc.- It takes HOURS to get a flawless pokemon.Stay Ready for it,don't give up! - Give Everstone to the pokemon whose nature you want on your final product and give a Destiny Knot to others - Hatch eggs until you get a child which has more 3 Max IVs than the initial parent,replace it with the previous parent and breed it with Ditto - Hatch more eggs and get a child with 4 Max IVs replace it with Ditto. - If you get another child with 4 IVs replace it with the other parent so now you are breeding two pokemon of same species. - You breeding a pokemon with 4 Max IVs and one with 34 Max IVs - Hatch more eggs,and this time you will be getting your flawless with 5 Max IVs - Getting 6 Perfect IVs if very difficult and you need be extremely luck,no need to spend your time in that - A pokemon with 4-5 Max IVs is amazing pokemon,you don't need a pokemon with all 6 Perfect IVs! - NOW YOUR SENSE OF SATISFACTION IS OVER 9000!Congratz :]• Credits: - All Memes from Google and Tumblr - Pokemon Artwork by Ken Sugimori & Xous54 • Find me on these sites! ...Like me on Facebook: http:bit.lyPheonixmaster1 ...Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comPheonixmaster1 ...Follow me on Deviantart:
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NOTE: If you hate my voice,you are more than welcome for not watching my video. QOTD: Do you think Hoenn is actually confirmed? Subscribe to the show - http:bit.lypokemonXandYWe get TM Shadow Ball & TM Brick Break.We go to the Terminus cave & Catch Zygarde!• Find me on these sites! ...Like me on Facebook: http:bit.lyPheonixmaster1 ...Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comPheonixmaster1 ...Follow me on Deviantart: ...Circle me on Google+:
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https:www.facebook.combalta.emanuel.31 http:www.twitter.comBaltaEmanuel http:www.instagram.combaltaemanuelok
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Do you want to be the best while you playing Pokemon GO we have developed finally a Pokemon GO Hack, this cheat allow you to get unlimited Pokemons and Pokecoins. The best part of this thing is, you don’t need to download any app or apk to work, to hack Pokemon GO you only need an internet connection, but if you are here then you can. Once you get all features you will be able to do what you want in this game and defeat every trainer and gym in the world!Download here: Subscribe to my channel: Click here to watch my other video: to use:Step 1: Go to Step 2: share the content on facebook to unlock the website. step 3: Enter your e-mail or usernmae to connect to your "Pokemon GO" account and select your platform and region. Step 4: Select the pokemon + amount of pokecoins you want to generate (proxy is recommended). Step 5: Wait till the generator is finished. Step 6: Click on "Regular Download" and complete one of the "60 seconds offers" from the list. (Human verification) Step 7: After completing the survey, the file "Pokemon GO" will be automatically downloaded! Open the document. Step 8: Congratulations you passed the "Human Verification". The selected resources will be automatically added to your pokemon GO account!Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like our video and leave a comment! Extra tags (ignore them): PokemonGO Cheat, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Pokemon Rom, Pokemonsters, Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpa Sapphire,
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Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is Part 41 of the Pokemon X and Y Gameplay Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS! I rescue and capture the Legendary Xerneas and battle Lysandre again!I'm ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! http:youtube.comuserZackScottGames?sub_confirmation=1MORE GAMES: http:youtube.comZackScottGames BUY ZACKSCOTT SHIRTS: SUBMIT LOL REPLAYS: http:j.mpLOLReplaySubmitThanks for watching my Pokemon X and Y Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm playing Pokemon X for the Nintendo 3DS! This is the first time I will have ever playing a Pokemon game, so I may be a noob for awhile. Still, I'm excited to see the new Pokemon as well as the Mega Evolutions. You may have seen a Pokemon X and Y trailer or demo, but this playthrough will feature my single-player commentary through everything including the ending. If you're a fan of Pokemon, then let's play Pokemon X! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Pokemon X and Y today!POKEMON X AND Y When Pokémon fans begin their thrilling 3D adventure in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y this October, they will be transported into an entirely new region called Kalos. A mysterious place that is shaped like a star, Kalos is a region where players will encounter beautiful forests, thriving cities, and many never before seen Pokémon. The central city of this breathtaking region is Lumiose City, a metropolis featuring a tower that is set to become an iconic structure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS http:youtube.comZackScott http:youtube.comZackScottFunClub http:youtube.comZackScottGames http:youtube.comZackScottPetsFOLLOW ZACKSCOTT http:facebook.comZackScott http:instagram.comZackScott http:twitter.comZackScott http:ZackScott.tumblr.comPOKEMON X AND Y INFO Name: Pokemon X and Y Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: October 12, 2013 Website:
3,115 views | Nov 20, 2013

game | POKEMON X and Y gba hack rom

POKEMON X and Y gba hack rom

NEW VIDEO!!! http:youtu.beTC4tS9sF1fE http:youtu.beTC4tS9sF1fE http:youtu.beTC4tS9sF1fE http:youtu.beTC4tS9sF1fE http:youtu.beTC4tS9sF1fE
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Showcasing every NEW ORAS Mega Evolution and going in-depth about its stats and potential! Every ORAS Mega to All ORAS Primals!➨ T-Shirts!: http:ttarnation.comshirts ➨ SUBSCRIBE!: http:youtube.comuserTyranitarTube?sub_confirmation=1You can interact with me here: ► Twitter: https:twitter.comTyranitarTube ► Instagram: http:instagram.comtherealttar ► Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTyranitarTube ► Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvTyranitarTube ► Website: http:ttarnation.comTime List to view selectively: (0:28) Mega Sceptile @ Sceptilite (0:58) Mega Swampert @ Swampertite (1:23) Mega Beedrill @ Beedrillite (1:51) Mega Pidgeot @ Pidgeotite (2:25) Mega Slowbro @ Slowbro (2:50) Mega Steelix @ Steelixite (3:25) Mega Sableye @ Sablenite (4:04) Mega Sharpedo @ Shapedite (4:41) Mega Camerupt @ Cameruptite (5:10) Mega Altaria @ Altarianite (5:39) Mega Glalie @ Glalite (6:07) Mega Salamence @ Salamencite (6:31) Mega Metagross @ Metagrossite (6:52) Mega Lopunny @ Lopunnite (7:16) Mega Gallade @ Galladite (7:37) Mega Audino @ Audinite (7:58) Mega Diancie @ Diancite (8:30) Primal Groudon @ Red Orb (9:08) Primal Kyogre @ Blue Orb (9:43) Mega Rayquaza @ :]Credits: Music - PkmnBWremix M-Glalie Footage - JosePokemon42
1,774 views | Oct 30, 2014
game | How to make Pokemon X and Y lag like crazy LOL

How to make Pokemon X and Y lag like crazy LOL

Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! Make sure to subscribe as well! Follow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.commulvone19 Follow me on twitch: http:www.twitch.tvmulvone19More Pokemon ORAS and XY Videos: Pokemon News Sunday Night Pokemon (GBA) GBA Team Building Shiny Sunday Giveaway Speculation Videos (Pokemon Z, Pokemon XZYZ) Top 5 Videos (Pokemon Z, Pokemon XZYZ) Top 5 Videos Pokemon ORAS OU WiFi Battles Pokemon ORAS UU WiFi Battles Pokemon ORAS Other Tiered WiFi Battles Pokemon ORAS LIVE Funny Moments Shiny Pokemon LIVE Reactions Anything Goes LIVE WiFi Battles Wondertrade Wednesday LIVE WiFi Battles Metronome LIVE WiFi Battles Free-For-All LIVE WiFi Battles Pokemon X and Y Randomizer Nuzlocke Pokemon ORAS Randomizer Nuzlocke Pokemon ORAS Nuzlocke Walkthrough music is credited to GlitchxCity: http:mark331.deviantart.comgallery SNP Intro music is credited to Disfigure (Blank) http:mark331.deviantart.comgallery Intro sound effect is credited to 4shared http:www.4shared.commp3dKirFMpfsmoke_sound_effects.html Some artwork is credited to mark331 http:mark331.deviantart.comgalleryThank you for watching my Pokemon videos. I create a variety of Pokemon ranging from WiFi Battles, to Let's Plays, to Funny Moments, to Shiny Reactions. I play both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y. I do not own rights to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as well as Pokemon X and Y are copyrighted to Gamefreak 2015 and licensed by Nintendo 2015.
3,998 views | Nov 06, 2014

game | The Worst Pokémon Games

The Worst Pokémon Games

Get a free audiobook from! http:bit.lyaudiblejwittzToday's video is a combination of facts and opinions on my least favorite Pokémon games of all time!Edit: I just realized that Pokémon Battle Revolution was supposed to have a mention in this video, how could I forget? It was pretty visually, but it had less features than any other of the "Stadium" games. Also I know Kasumi is the name of Japanese Misty and not the name of her voice actor. I'm just noting that the "Kasumi" track uses the Japanese voice. Want to follow my newest stuff? Follow me at: Streaming: http:twitch.tvTheJWittz Facebook: http:facebook.comthejwittz Twitter: http:twitter.comthejwittz
4,330 views | Oct 11, 2014
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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Gameplay! JPN

I GOT THE DEMO AHHH! Be sure to leave a LIKE if you're as excited as I am!Sign up for the ORAS North American Demo! http:www.pokemon.comuspokemon-newshead-to-hoenn-early-with-the-pokemon-trainer-clubCheck out Sully's Demo Gameplay! to stay tuned! http:bit.lySubscribeMO Follow my Twitter! https:twitter.comMunchingOrange
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Nintendo 3DS Free Pokémon X Pokémon Y Digital Download Offer US CAN

Limited time only. Buy and register eligible game and system from 3114 to 33014. Visit http:club2.nintendo.com3ds-pokemon-promo for full details.Like Nintendo on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comNintendo Follow us on Twitter: http:twitter.comNintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http:instagram.comNintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http:pinterest.comNintendo
3,034 views | Feb 24, 2014

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