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Powerpuff girls VS Rowdyruff boys

From - Posted: Aug 20, 2010 - 3,060,698 viewsGame | Powerpuff girls VS Rowdyruff boys | Powerpuff girls VS Rowdyruff boys
Powerpuff girls VS Rowdyruff boys
Powerpuff girls VS Rowdyruff boys
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The Powerpuff Girls 1998 Girls vs The Rowdyruff Boys 1080p

The Rowdyruff Boys are the male but wicked counterparts of The Powerpuff Girls, created by Mojo Jojo. They were made by flushing armpit hair, snails from the cafeteria, and the tail of the talking dog down a jail cell toilet that contained the apparent potency of Chemical X (snips, n' snails, n' puppy-dog tails). They have very similar abilities to the Powerpuff Girls, but they all possess very easily targeted weaknesses, originally an aversion to Cooties (fixed by HIM), shrinkage when their egos are damaged, and an obsession with destruction that can lead to their own downfall.In a sense they can be seen as a dark reflection of the Powerpuff Girls, seeing as how Mojo Jojo had a hand in the creation of the Girls as well as the Boys. The key difference being that while the Powerpuff Girls were created by accident when Mojo Jojo (still Jojo) shoved Professor Utonium accidentally breaking the bottle of Chemical X, the Rowdyruff Boys were created by Mojo on purpose. Mojo also has the opposite feelings for the Rowdyruff Boys in that he sees them as his children, while he outright despises the Powerpuff Girls.The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The show centers on Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three girls with superpowers, as well as their father, the brainy scientist Professor Utonium, who all live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA. The girls are frequently called upon by the town's childlike and naive mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers.McCracken originally developed the show in 1992 as a cartoon short entitled Whoopass Stew! while in his second year at CalArts. Following a name change, Cartoon Network featured the first Powerpuff Girls pilots in its animation showcase program What a Cartoon! in 1995 and 1996. The series made its official debut as a Cartoon Cartoon on November 18, 1998, with the final episode airing on March 25, 2005. A total of 78 episodes were aired in addition to two pilot shorts, a Christmas special, and a feature film. In addition, a tenth anniversary special was made in 2008. A CGI special was also made in 2014 without McCracken's input.The series has been nominated for six Emmy Awards, nine Annie Awards, and a Kids' Choice Award during its run. Spin-off media include an anime, three CD soundtracks, a home video collection, and a series of video games, as well as various licensed merchandise. The series has received generally positive reception and won four awards.
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Edit: I REALLY WANTED TO PUT THIS UP AND GET IT OVER WITH SO THERE ARE NO CREDITS, BUT THIS IS THE VERY LAST PART. NO MORE. AND I'M SORRY FOR THE TYPOS.FUN FACT: 0:00 to 1:20 were drawn 3 times. First my hard drive crashed, then the 2nd drawings my computer wouldn't allow on Windows Live Movie Maker. Also, the 2nd time I drew them I had a scene with Boomer & Berserk where they did the same scene as Bubs, Boomer and the building in the RRB's first appearance. Songs: Fort Minor - Remember The Name If you can't hang - Sleeping with Sirens Just Tonight - The Pretty Reckless Backseat Serenade - All Time Low Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless Paradise - Craig Owens Monster - Paramore Like Whoa - Aly & Aj With ears to see and eyes to hear - Sleeping with sirens Dead walker Texas ranger - Sleeping with Sirens Me against The World - Simple Plan What happened to Emotion? - Forever the Sickest KidsI would like to give credit to rosevillemom1, if they had never posted the actual comic of the first appearance than I never would have gotten the motivation to make this. Thank you! If these links don't work try and find the previous parts on my channel OR in the recommended to the side.REAL COMIC of The Powerpunk girls (Their first appearance):On rosevillemom1 channelPLAYLIST OF ALL THE PARTS: FACT: Back in 2012 I was just going to upload what I had, which was only 2-3 minutes long. I finished June 4, 2013. I'm sorry it's been over a year. Trust me, I really didn't want to loose my house and go through all that crap. Also, I KNOW some of the eye lid colors aren't the right shade of purple.
4,748 views | Jun 04, 2013
game | Powerpuff Girls Rowdyruff Boys Bad Romance

Powerpuff Girls Rowdyruff Boys Bad Romance

I own nothing but the video that I made. The pictures were found on Google, and the short clips were from https:youtu.beLS6qWF3H1Pg , I didn't copy exactly what the person in that video in the link above did, I just simply used the video clips from the episode of that ppg and rrb is from.
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Here is the second version of my previous video with different music and a little more pictures. Enjoy. No bad comments please DISCLAIMER: I Own Nothing
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Remix of The Rowdyruff Boys episode of Powerpuff Girls to Drum N Bass.
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Come visit my sims 3 webpage! http:mypage.thesims3.commypageThekittymix no copyright infringement intended! Enjoy!
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game | the rowdyruff boys are my best friends

the rowdyruff boys are my best friends

we were bored thats why we did this Do u have a best friend? people have been asking where we got these pictures, 1st of all we don't remember where we got the pictures we believe (we aren't 100% sure) that the website was called for the last time the song is called Best friends by toybox
1,914 views | Jan 27, 2009
game | Powerpuff TEENS Mall Adventure

Powerpuff TEENS Mall Adventure

The Powerpuff GirlsOn a MALL ADVENTURE!You guys said you wanted more so....All voices still @ MePPGs STILL @ Craig McCrackenWOAH 172,000!?I can't even keep track of all these views anymore, holy crap.Edit: Over 3 million views, wow. With all this attention I feel like I should point out that, yes this was a real episode. It wasn't a spin-off it was from the actual show. If you want to watch the real episode, it was called 'The City of Clipsville'. I didn't like how that particular scene depicted the girls so on a whim I decided to record my own dialogue. That's right, I changed the lines to make them less OOC. If you watch the original clip, the girls sound much more bimbo-y which I believe was the intention. Just thought I should let you all know! If I had known it would get so much attention, I probably would have put more thought into the video but, hindsight. Thank you for watching this video!
4,186 views | Apr 16, 2009
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a vid of Blossom and Brick with the song Romeo and Juliet ^_^Update: Song by S.O.A.P (Titled Romeo and Juliet)
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Cos i used to love them haha
1,362 views | Jan 18, 2010
game | Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys Comics

Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys Comics

I own nothing to the song! Enjoy! Made within 25 minutes! Rate, comment, and subscribe!!!
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The Powerpuff Girls Octi Gone Clip

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game | The Powerpuff Characters Ending Hearts Complete .

The Powerpuff Characters Ending Hearts Complete .

The Powerpuff Characters are: 1.The Powerpuff Girls(OldNew) 2.The Rowdyruff Boys 3.The Powerpunk Girls 4.The Rowdyright Boys 5.The Powerslut Girls 6.The Strongershine GirlsOther Powerpuff Girls a.Bunny (OldNew) b.Bell c.Bullet 7.The Powerplus Girls 8.The Rowdyrage Girls 9.The Fusionpuff Girls 10.The Rowdyrouge Girls 11.The Rarelyrogue Girls 12.The Powerplump Girls 13.Bunny Saves the Day 14.Stray Bullet 15.The Powerpuff Boys 16.The Rowdyruff Girls 17.The Powerslut Boys 18.Powerpuff BaseDo you Enjoy Video? Yes.Not Only ''The Powerpuff Girls'' But still have more and a lots of Powerpuffs Characters. It's True.
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game | we re all missing the Powerpuff girls Z

we re all missing the Powerpuff girls Z

This is just a little video a made as a tribute to the PPGZ and how it ended. Plz comment and rate. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY.
2,918 views | Jul 20, 2007


I made Rowdyruff Boys Cookies. These male counterparts of Powerpuff girls are easy and fun to make. I hope you enjoy the video.I love to bake, decorate cookies, cakes, cupcakes. Have a suggestion for a video, leave me a note below or email at [email protected] Thanks for watching.INSTAGRAM - http:instagram.comhanielas FACEBOOK - https:www.facebook.compagesHanielas130417213664312 TWITTER - https:twitter.comHanielas BLOG - PINTEREST - http:pinterest.comHanielas YOU TUBE - GOOGLE + - TO THIN ROYAL ICING http:bit.ly1QdsAHW HOW TO SET UP COOKIE DECORATING WORK STATION http:bit.ly1Usnlr1 WHAT IS SANDING SUGAR http:bit.ly1QlFN2A MY FAVORITES COOKIE MAKING AND COOKIE DECORATING http:bit.ly1pi4VNL HOW TO SET UP INEXPENSIVE COOKIE AIRBRUSHING STATION http:bit.ly1VLIniGRECIPES USED IN THIS VIDEOSUGAR COOKIE RECIPE http:bit.ly1QF2bQg CHOCOLATE COOKIE RECIPE http:bit.ly1KV0jHn GINGERBREAD COOKIE RECIPE FOR CUT OUT COOKIES AND 3D STRUCTURES http:bit.ly1T3wkzi GINGERBREAD DOUGH RECIPE - FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY - though fully edible, in this recipe I use more spices and I use shortening to make this recipe, normally I prefer using butter if making cookies for eating. After baking cookies become hardcrisp. http:bit.ly1n8aZa0 ROYAL ICING http:bit.ly1XTd2vZTOOLS USED IN THIS VIDEO NEEDLE TOOL by PME http:amzn.to2gs1UWz DISPOSABLE PIPING BAGS http:amzn.to1QPJy2D DISPOSABLE PIPING BAGS -extra large http:amzn.to1QPJy2D BAKING SHEETS my favorite brand to use http:amzn.to1oQHhIp PARCHMENT PAPER - I love this one, it doesn't curl up http:amzn.to1RxuJys AMERICOLOR EDIBLE MARKERS http:amzn.to1Qdt4Or SUPER FINE TIP EDIBLE MARKER by Rainbow Dust http:amzn.to1WRExor EDIBLE MARKERS by FooDoodlers http:amzn.to1T3wpTK EDIBLE MARKERS by FooDoodlers - fine tip http:amzn.to1OFDRMR AIRBRUSH - I use this one in my videos http:amzn.to1KV0HW6 AIRBRUSH COLORS http:amzn.to1QPJArb METALLIC AIRBRUSH COLORS http:amzn.to21BtYZZ AMERICOLOR ELECTRIC FOOD COLORINGS http:amzn.to1OFDTVc AMERICOLORS FOOD COLORINGS http:amzn.to1n8bvVq STAINLESS STEEL NEEDLE TOOL http:amzn.to1TI844IMusic Courtesy of Audio Network FTC Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this written post. If you click through and make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Don't worry though, I only link to things I love and tried myself in my videos.
4,602 views | Jan 07, 2017

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