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PS Vita Hacked? Homebrew PS Vita Jailbreak Exploit Hack

From - Posted: Aug 03, 2016 - 40,548 viewsGame | PS Vita Hacked? Homebrew PS Vita Jailbreak Exploit Hack | PS Vita Hacked? Homebrew PS Vita Jailbreak Exploit Hack
PS Vita Hacked? Homebrew PS Vita Jailbreak Exploit Hack
PS Vita Hacked? Homebrew PS Vita Jailbreak Exploit Hack
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FeverGaming - Can You Hack the PlayStation Vita? With the new homebrew installation software, you can jailbreak your PS Vita and exploit the system allowing you to play homebrew games and other emulators on the PS Vita with firmware 3.60Comment down below if you have hacked your PS Vita and what games are you currently playing on it?Playing Pokemon and Super Mario (GBA Emulator) Vita How To Tutorial:►Snapchat: FeverGaming ►Twitter: http:twitter.comTheFeverGaming ►Instagram: http:instagram.comFeverGaming ►Facebook: https:www.facebook.comTheFeverGaming ►Merchandise: ►Send me your fan art on my Twitter!

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game | PS Vita Homebrew How to Install HENkaku vitaQuake v.1.3

PS Vita Homebrew How to Install HENkaku vitaQuake v.1.3

***ADDRESS CHANGE*** Use this instead: https:Henkaku.meIn this video we show you how to install HENkaku & vitaQuake v.1.3 - This amazing Homebrew Enabler for the Playstation Vita REALLY is Simple and Easy to install! HENkaku only works with the system software 3.60 and has to be re-installed if you power off your PS Vita.HENkaku will allow you to access the complete file system of the PS Vita memory card and install Homebrews on your Vita including Retro Emulators and full on games like Quake. It will not allow you to play back up PS Vita games.Big thanks to Team molecule (Davee, Yifan Lu, xyz & Proxima) for the hard work you put in to make this easy for us!For more information visit https:Henkaku.meThanks for watching - Please drop us a thumbs up and a comment!More HENkaku videos coming soon!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------● Recent Video - TGS Gaming News Part 5 -● Playlist:● Help our channel grow ● ➜ Like, Favorite & Share with your friends; ➜ Comment on it, your feedback is really valuable;● Connect with us ● ➜ Facebook: http:on.fb.me1h0426t ➜ Twitter: http:bit.ly17skjNN ➜ Twitch: Twitch.tvTGSHD ➜ Website -
1,694 views | Jul 31, 2016
game | PSvita 3.60 Exploit HENkaku Installation and Usage Guide

PSvita 3.60 Exploit HENkaku Installation and Usage Guide

PSvita 3.60 Exploit: HENkaku Installation and Usage GuideUpdate your PSvita manually to 3.60: https:www.modzlink.comtutorial-psvitaps-tv-how-to-manually-update-to-3-60***UPDATE**** is the new website you need to use has been taken down by @xyz***UPDATE***Today I'm going to show you how install and use the recently released HENkaku exploit by team Molecule(yifanlu, Davee, Proxima, xyz)Henkaku is the PSvita 3.60 Homebrew enabler.Discuss this on the forums: http:forum.modzlink.comthread146psvita-exploit-henkaku-installation-usage---------------------------------------------- To do this you will needA 3.60 PSvita: http:amzn.to2atJKE7 A memory Card: http:amzn.to2atKuJg A computer with an internet connection Filezilla: https:filezilla-project.orgdownload.phpOther links used in the Showcase(apps): https:henkaku.meshowcase Doom Wads: http:goo.glyp22Q8---------------------------------------------- Enjoyed the video or found it helpful? feel generous? you can donate on the main channel page. Thanks for watching! items on our store! http:modzlink.comshopBecome our Patron: https:www.patreon.commodzlinkHide your IP address, anonymize yourself and secure your online traffic with a PIA VPN! https:www.privateinternetaccess.compagesbuy-vpnpcturnPurchase items on to support us! http:amzn.to2fCShUoInterested in solar electric projects? Check out Electric Photon! http:electricphoton.comNeed computer server support or repair? Contact PC Turnaround! http:pcturnaround.comHave some free time? Check out my gaming channel as well! Gaming Channel: https:goo.glYkfFlb ----------------------------------------------For other news, unboxings, reviews, tutorials, customizations, repairs and more visit: http:www.ModzLink.comFollow ModzLink on these social networks.FB: http:www.facebook.compage.ModzLink Twitter: http:www.twitter.comModzLink G+: http:goo.glHVyIS Instagram: http:www.instagram.comModzLinkAny video tutorials are created for educational purposes only. ModzLink does not condone the use of any electronics for malicious or piracy related activity.------------------------------------------------MusicAll the music used in the video is DRM free music provided by youtube.-------------------------------------------------
4,813 views | Aug 02, 2016
game | PS Vita 3.61 3.63 Jailbreak with hacked custom emulator bubbles.

PS Vita 3.61 3.63 Jailbreak with hacked custom emulator bubbles.

If you updated or missed out we still can help you get these bubbles on FW3.61 and FW3.63. Email me at [email protected] or visit our forums here for more info. http:forum.hackinformer.comviewtopic.php?f=72&t=647custom bubbles on FW3.63 https:youtu.be_UGR8Hr9uNU
2,055 views | Sep 16, 2016

game | MODIFICA PlayStation VITA FW 3.60 HENkaku TUTORIAL ITA


E arrivato il momento di spolverare la vostra PS Vita e di installare vari HomeBrew NATIVI grazie al hack HENkaku! ATTENZIONE ! E necessario avere la console aggiornata alla versione 3.60, non è compatibile con una versione inferiore e non lo sarà con una maggioreOgni volta che si spegnerà la console (anche quando si scarica la batteria) dovrete ripetere la procedura di installazione, oppure cliccare comodamente il tasto arancione "Install" presente nella bolla del molecular shellOvviamente non mi assumo nessuna responsabilità in caso di eventuali danni*** L'indirizzo web è cambiato, ora è: ***[VIDEO] HomeBrew PSP su PS Vita: FileZilla Client: https:filezilla-project.orgdownload.php?show_all=1Download Homebrew: http:adf.ly1cpPNF************************** - Link Utili -TeamSpeak (clicca il link): alfygame.altervista.orgts3.php IP Manuale: teamforceita.xhost.ovhFacebook: http:www.facebook.comAlfyGameTENS Twitter :!AlfyGameTENS Google+: ------------------------------------------- Italian VideoGamer Network (Community): PAGINA Facebook di Italian VideoGamer Network : https:www.facebook.comItalianVideoGamerNetwork
1,568 views | Aug 01, 2016
game | PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW PS Vita Hacked Jailbreak 2016

PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW PS Vita Hacked Jailbreak 2016

PS Vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW - PS Vita HackedJailbreak [2016] - Playstation vita Jailbreak 3.60 CFW – Jailbreak Ps vita 3.60 CFW TutorialDownload Jailbreak: http:sh.stH3JSARequirement:- USB Cable Our Jailbreak Software1. Turn off your PS Vita and attach the power adapter. Allow it to charge. The SONY PlayStation Vita should be charged at least 50% or more than 50% before you can continue hacking. 2. Now turn the PS Vita on and the LED light should be GREEN. Go over to the Settings tab and scroll to the System Settings then press “x”. Inside the System Settings scroll down and select the “Format Memory Stick”. 3. Connect a USB cable on your PS Vita to your PC and initiate USB Mode. 4. After copying the 3.60 CFW firmware update to your SONY PlayStation Vita “Game” folder, disconnect the USB cable and go to the game tab on your Play station Vita. Select Memory stick then click update. Allow your PS Vita to update then it will restart. 5) Download the game which u want and Have Fun!Subscribe Channel: https:youtu.bezvV5tS8N4KA Facebook Page: http:sh.stH3JXl
4,421 views | Jul 12, 2016
game | PlayStation Vita OFW 3.60 Henkaku Jailbreak

PlayStation Vita OFW 3.60 Henkaku Jailbreak

PlayStation Vita firmware 3.60 has officially been jailbroken vita a new internet browser exploit called Henkaku. This jailbreak allows you to play all PS Vita games on your PS TV as well as run homebrew.FileZilla: VPK download: bit.lypstvwhitelistTwitter: https:twitter.comluis_GVN Instagram: https:instagram.comluisgvn Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvgamingvlognetwork Facebook: http:on.fb.me1XoboSH Snapchat: Alamillaluis Amazon Wishlist: http:amzn.comw1LC1S62JYVEVM Email: luis(at)gamingvlognetwork.comWii U: Luis-GVN 3DS: 0473-7775-6576 PS4PS3Vita: Luismacintosh Xbox: Luismacintosh Steam: Luismacintosh
3,570 views | Jul 31, 2016

game | Top 20 Upcoming PS Vita Games 2017

Top 20 Upcoming PS Vita Games 2017

We have picked our top 20 upcoming PS Vita games we are most looking forward to in 2017.What are your most anticipated PS Vita games of 2017? Let us know in the comments!Check out all upcoming PS Vita games in 2017: http:www.iplaypsvita.comupcoming-ps-vita-games-2017Order the latest PS Vita games from our partner Play-Asia: you like what we do, please support us on Patreon: https:www.patreon.comiplaypsvitaGet the latest PS Vita news from I Play PS Vita: http:www.iplaypsvita.comFollow I Play PS Vita:Twitter: https:twitter.comIPlayPSVita Facebook: https:www.facebook.comIPlayPSVita Google+: Instagram: https:instagram.comiplaypsvitaCredits of the music:Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release] ➞ Spotify http:smarturl.itTobu_Spotify ➞ SoundCloud https:soundcloud.com7obu ➞ Facebook https:www.facebook.comtobuofficial ➞ Twitter https:twitter.comtobuofficial ➞ YouTube ➞ Spotify http:open.spotify.comartist6fEZjgt9MHR4Hp3MiBRZHX ➞ Facebook https:www.facebook.comofficialitro ➞ Twitter https:twitter.comitromsc ➞ YouTube ➞ SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comitroSilent Partner - Jupiter Tracks - Invisible
4,028 views | Jan 05, 2017
game | PS Vita CFW Hack Play ISO Game Backups on PS Vita HENkaku 2016 Updated

PS Vita CFW Hack Play ISO Game Backups on PS Vita HENkaku 2016 Updated

Updated for system version 3.60 HENkaku guides. If you have versions : 3.55 - 3.52 - 3.51- 3.50 - 3.36 - 3.35 - 3.18 - 3.15 - 3.12 - 3.10 - 3.01 - 3.00 and older you should probably update on 3.60 (Not higher!)--Always Updated-- --Guides for Software (HENkaku,Bubbles,TN-V,etc): --Guides for Hardware (Black Fin Dongle)*NEW*: video is for educational purposes only.~My Links: -WebsiteBlog : -Facebook : http:Facebook.comGodmanGen -Twitter : http:Twitter.comGodmanGen -YouTube : http:YouTube.comGodmanGen or http:YouTube.comDJGodmanDJ -Google+ : -Ελληνική Κοινότητα PSVita : http:PSVitaGR.NetAny unauthorized copy or re-upload of this video is prohibited. No part of this video may be reproduced, or used in any form or by any means without permission. Copyright © 2014 GodmanGen | DJGodmanDJCredits: Special thanks to TheSmashDoctor for the PS Vita! Song: Rameses B - Night Sky (Non Copyrighted Music)
2,332 views | Oct 04, 2012
game | HENkaku PS Vita Hack for Emulators and Homebrew Software

HENkaku PS Vita Hack for Emulators and Homebrew Software

HENkaku is developed by molecule. It is installed from the built-in web browser on your PS Vita and allows you to install homebrew software for the system.https:henkaku.xyzmgba.vpk https:s3.amazonaws.commgbamGBA-nightly-latest-vita.7zMore information: http:yifan.lu20160728henkaku-vita-homebrew-for-everyone
2,398 views | Jul 29, 2016

game | Top 25 Best PS Vita Games of All Time

Top 25 Best PS Vita Games of All Time

The PlayStation Vita has slowly built up one of the most impressive game libraries of any console, period. In this video, we go down the very best the system has to offer.✔ SUBSCRIBE -
4,745 views | Sep 26, 2015
game | How to Hack Any Playstation Vita On 3.60

How to Hack Any Playstation Vita On 3.60

A great console just got even better.Links: Henkaku's website:https:henkaku.xyzusage VPK files:http:haxxey.comvpkmirror#My links: Twitter: https:twitter.comTheDMonroeShow Tumblr: Patreon: https:www.patreon.comuser?u=2972316&ty=h&u=2972316 Twitch: https:www.twitch.tvthedmonroeshow
2,600 views | Aug 09, 2016
game | Vitamin PS Vita Game Dumper for FW 3.60 enables Piracy!

Vitamin PS Vita Game Dumper for FW 3.60 enables Piracy!

Vitamin, by team FreeK, is a PS Vita game dumper for Firmware 3.60 an requires the HENkaku hack.Vitamin enables you to dump PSV games into the VPK format, which can be installer via VitaShell to run legit PSV games as custom bubbles.This basically enables piracy for PS Vita games.Use at your own risk: https:bitbucket.orgTheOfficialFloWvitamindownloads (official version!)P.S. My test-run on the Crunchyroll App did not work, because I did not dump the update files as well.You have to dump update files as well, if your game has any.
1,993 views | Aug 29, 2016

game | PSVita Hack! Testing SFXTekken, AttackOnTitan, Isaac, MK, DBZ, Injustice, Blazblue, GuiltyGear AC !

PSVita Hack! Testing SFXTekken, AttackOnTitan, Isaac, MK, DBZ, Injusti...

In conclusion all games work great!Street Fighter X Tekken Attack on Titan Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus The Birth of Issac: Rebirth Mario Mod Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Mortal Kombat BlazBlue InjusticeCheck out GamersRebirthDL for more news and updates (@GamersRebirthDL): https:twitter.comGamersRebirthDL?s=01***************************** FALLOUT 4 Mods & Amazing Computer Graphics Check This Channel Out!!!
1,534 views | Sep 11, 2016
game | NEW PS VITA 2 2017

NEW PS VITA 2 2017

NEW PS VITA 2016? PlayStation Vita 2 Is Sony about to unveil a new PS Vita? Sony will be holding a special press event conference in New York City on September 7. PlayStation News Daily with MonkeyFlop MonkeyFlop Gear!!! http:shop.spreadshirt.commonkeyflopMy Sponsors: FREE Video Games for a Month.You can try 30 days FREE with this link http:gameflyoffer.commonkeyflop you can cancel at anytime. Try Loot Crate & Get 10% OFF http:www.trylootcrate.commonkeyflop JOIN MACHINIMA Today https:console.machinima.comrcESNYN-EQLOVMy Setup Main PC http:amzn.to29vUwZW PC Monitor http:amzn.to29vU9hU Desk top Speakers http:amzn.to29vUhOs Asus Gaming Laptop http:amzn.to29qk2xw Mac http:amzn.to29DPTxQ Main Mic http:amzn.to29YMKX8 Backup http:amzn.to29pZwwo My first Mic http:amzn.to29pZggP Capture Card http:amzn.to29vUYHn 4K Camera http:amzn.to29qjTu4 Camera Mic http:amzn.to29zO6sZ Web Cam http:amzn.to29p7TwH PS4 http:amzn.to29vTJbk PS VITA http:amzn.to29qkFHz PS3 http:amzn.to29pYKQ3 Headset http:amzn.to29v6MN0 I am affiliated with Amazon & EbayConnect with me: https:twitter.commonkeyflop https:www.facebook.commonkeyflop http:instagram.commonkeyflop1 http:www.vine.comonkeyflop http:www.twitch.tvmonkeyflop SNAPCHAT scott_doh My Second Channel!! MonkeyFlop XBOXLIVE: GorillaFlopRecommended Playlists! PS4 Tutorial Playlist https:goo.glOkzhNL NERD NEWS PLAYLIST PS PLUS NEWS: https:goo.gl9EBSGK PlayStation Discounts https:goo.glX9vosE Create PSN Account for different Region https:goo.glutMJvn US EU JapanHELP ME CREATE MORE CONTENT Donate Via PayPal: https:goo.glbB65zj Thank you for watching your feedback is very important PlayStation News & Leaked Info PS4 PSVR PS PLUS 2016 2017 MonkeyFlop GAME ON1 Source http:www.geek.comgamesis-sony-about-to-unveil-a-new-ps-vita-1665633
1,970 views | Aug 11, 2016
game | 10 Video Games You re Not Allowed To Play

10 Video Games You re Not Allowed To Play

top 10 video games that are banned around the world Subscribe to our channel: http:goo.gl9CwQhgFor copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Videos You Might Like 10 Things Most People Can't Do With Their Body 10 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught Live On Twitch Gaming Since the ESRB was first put into action in 1994, games have undergone a massive evolution, growing into complex, layered narratives with deep stories that are looking to be taken more seriously. This has caused something of a rift in the content evaluation of games, with developers seeking to have their games examined through the liberal-minded prism of books and movies while ratings boards have shown reluctance to open the floodgates when it comes to a medium so predominantly enjoyed by young consumers. Take the case of 2014 Nintendo 3DS release “Bravely Default”, for example. The Japanese game received conditional censorship in Europe on the grounds that it alter the skimpy outfits of its main character and up her age from 15 to 18. Some, however, pointed out that such restrictions were not placed on Vladimir Nabokov’s classic “Lolita”, nor its two film adaptations.Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: https:twitter.comTheRichest_Com Instagram: http:instagram.comtherichestFor more videos and articles visit:
3,163 views | Sep 11, 2016

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