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RadarScope for iPhone Video Tutorial

From - Posted: Jan 02, 2009 - 8,762 viewsGame | RadarScope for iPhone Video Tutorial | RadarScope for iPhone Video Tutorial
RadarScope for iPhone Video Tutorial
RadarScope for iPhone Video Tutorial
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This is my top ten list of my fav. weather apps i use when storm chasing. Thanks Weather, The Weather Channel Max, RadarScope, AeroWeather, Daylight, wxPlant, ThunderTime, TWC, Radar, Radio NOAA, Weather Bug and Storm Alert
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NEW Apple iPhone 6 FINAL Leaks Rumors

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Hidden Features of iOS 7

On stage at WWDC 2013 Apple mentioned many new hidden features in iOS and showed them off as well. However, there were still some really nifty features that were not shown to the public as well. Here are some of the ones we think are the coolest!If you would like to use iOS 7 on your device now head on over to: iosbetas.comThanks for watching!
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This is the awesome coverage provided by James Span, Jason Simpson, and all the behind-the-scenes members of the ABC3340 weather team, providing detailed coverage about where exactly this devastating tornado is. No other weather team is able to present the weather with the knowledge of the small details, like nearby businesses, small communities, etc that let people know EXACTLY where the storm is at any given moment.
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This is the best weather app i think money can buy. Its great radar and shows so much detail. Just great all around. Anyone who is into weather NEEDS this app. Please FOLLOW on TWITTER and instagram @stormchaser93 !! Thanks
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FULL EPISODE Tornado Chasers, 2013 Season, Episode 5 Warning, Part 1

** Download the highest resolution version as well as other episodes of our 2012 and 2013 seasons of Tornado Chasers, featuring the most extreme storm chasers in the world, at http:tvnweather.comondemand Episode 5 Description: With twisters targeting the OKC metro area, Jim Cantore joins forces with Reed to provide real-time warnings. A breakneck chase through the populated city of Edmond leads to the team's first intercept in Dominator 3.Tornado Chasers, 2013 Season, NEW Episode 5, "Warning! Part 1"
515,701 views | Nov 05, 2013

RadarScope in search of the hook echo

Oklahoma: home of earthquakes and tornadoes. In this tutorial, I cover a bit about spotting hook echoes on radar and also the difference between base velocity and storm relative velocity using live data from the November 7th round of severe weather that hit Oklahoma.
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this is what i saw.
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Apple Byte The iPhone 6 is in the China

http:cnet.comapple-byte China has working iPhone 6 clones for sale, iPads might be causing rashes, and the worst game ever is the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. Trust me.
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iPhone 6 dummy body - Our best look at Apple's next flagship!UrAvgConsumer video: http:youtu.benGwa_uEr6_4Sonny Dickson: https:twitter.comSonnyDicksonVideo Gear I use: http:amzn.comlmR3B571T7PT4PWMIntroOutro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over~ http:twitter.comMKBHD http:facebook.comMarquesBrownlee http:facebook.comMKBHD http:instagram.comMKBHD
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iPhone 6 4.7" sapphire display review & scratch test!The 4.7" Apple iPhone 6 will have a sapphire crystal display made by $GTAT. Sapphire crystal is used in high-end watches & camera lenses already. Let's put it through its paces!The iPhone 6 model: http:youtu.beAVpfhoi_uOMSonny Dickson: http:twitter.comSonnyDicksonVideo Gear I use: http:amzn.comlmR3B571T7PT4PWMIntro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over~ http:twitter.comMKBHD http:facebook.comMarquesBrownlee http:facebook.comMKBHD http:instagram.comMKBHD
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5 31 2013 Brandon Sullivan Hit By Tornado Debris Northwest of Union Ci... storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright got caught in the tornado and slammed with debris northwest of Union City, OK as the tornado hit a barn and exploded in front of them.Clip 1 and Clip 2: Twin Tornadoes form over open field. Tornado is back lit with great nat sound audio of Brandon describing what is happening. Clip 3: Interior shots of chasers trying to escape the tornado and screaming to get out of the way as the inflow of the storm pulls them back.Clip 4: Time Code 1:40:21 POV Camera out of front of the vehicle of the most incredible footage ever caught by an UN-Armored chase vehicle. The tornado hits a farm and throws debris into the air. Sheet metal hits the front of the vehicle and another vehicle goes past them and flys into the air and into the ditch. After the SUV fly's past them on the left, a massive hail bail smashes into the front of there Jeep as they continue to drive to try to get out of the heart of the tornado. Clip 5 Time Code: 3;11;06 Different POV Camera of what just happened in Clip 4 but with a wider shot. Footage shows debris smashing their windshield. Clip 6 Time Code 3:37;28 Interior Camera of everything that just happened inside of their vehicle. Video Copyright © Contact to license this footage.
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iPhone 5S Complete Beginners Guide

This iPhone 5S Beginners Guide covers Everything about the iPhone 5S, from Touch ID to the Control Panel, this 14 Chapter Video Guide has Everything you need to become an iPhone 5S Expert.Stay Up To Date with AppFind! Subscribe on YouTube: http:bit.lyappfind-subscribe Like on Facebook: http:facebook.comAppFind Follow on Twitter: http:twitter.comAppFindOfficial Read our Website: Tags: iPhone 5S Complete Beginners Guide Help Tutorial Apple Touch ID iPhone 5C control center expert overviewContent Claim: All Video Clips and Sound have been either produced or licensed by AppFind. I use my own video clips and audio clips along with royalty free video clips bought from video hive, and royalty free sound from Adobe. I review the new iPhone 5S and show off the Complete Beginners Guide.
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Here is ESCORT Live™, the world's first connected, real time radar and laser defense network that employs the eyes and alerts of countless 'scout' drivers, the connected reach of the nation's smartphone network and the intelligent processing power of the ESCORT Live™ host working in tandem to give drivers the ability to accurately know where every threat awaits ... even before they leave their driveway! Coming soon to your favorite app store! http:www.escortradar.comescort-live
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http:cnet.comapple-byte Extreme bending and scratch tests shows how unbreakable and unscratchable the iPhone 6's sapphire front panel proves to be.
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