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Rainbow dash gets raped

From - Posted: Oct 23, 2011 - 3,819 viewsGame | Rainbow dash gets raped | Rainbow dash gets raped
Rainbow dash gets raped
Rainbow dash gets raped
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WaWor's channel: Soulero - BeliefThe story I sent him: one day there was a Vlaew was still angry and pissed that he killed few of them and ponies too.He checks on a computer at dustbowl with few remains dead body still there,that bantuatha was here but he found a new home,Vlaew gets a new message and it say "this is a epic video go and watch it!" Vlaew clicks a link and he sees something wrong, moment later after he watches rainbow dash to death,looks at the title say "cupcake" and then he snap with a rageface and then pinkamena suddely apper right behind him "SURRPRIESE!" Vlaew screams like a girl and jumps right at pinkamena and poncue her,she had no idea whats Vlaew problem and Vlaew spoked with demon voice "I PROMISE YOU EYE WITHOUT END" pinkamena looks at the Vlaew's eye and see with all random scary pic and then pinkamena was trun into a dead rottem meat,pinkamena is dead but then Vlaew got hit by a ball he looks behind and see scout,rainbow dash,lryademon,and soldier acting like a robot "oh im sorry didn't mean to hit ya" the scout said "YOU DARE CHALLNAGE ME!?!" the Vlaew said as a angry voice,they all looks scared and Vlaew is about to acttck! While Vlaew is murrdering them.Bantuatha,Spyixe with a spy hat,Lil' miss Rarity,and molestia they were wondering around in dustbowl as bantuatha remabers it but then he sees rainbow dash gets rip apart by Vlaew and he still killing them Bantautha is too scared to see dead rainbow dash as he first time he cupcakes and then he say "well FUCK THIS!" and he rans off with spyixe,molestia was about to rape Vlaew but Vlaew head crack behind and say "what are you looking at?" Vlaew said,Molestia was moving back and flys away,Lil' miss Rarity picked up a Saxxy from a dead battlelord from duke nukem forever she seem to be alone and noticed they were run away becuase if they don't they will die too "mama coming!" Lil' miss Rarity said and runs away to them with a saxxy, Vlaew seem still kept killing them and the Pinkamena will never haerd from again. the end at the text screen but then a surrprise scearmer at the end screen and say "YOU ARE DED SURPIRSE BIG NOT". the end for real.
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