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rarity is delicious

From - Posted: Jan 12, 2012 - 433 viewsGame | rarity is delicious | rarity is delicious
rarity is delicious
rarity is delicious
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The Death Of Spike

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
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game | Why Spike and Rarity Are Not A Couple

Why Spike and Rarity Are Not A Couple

Alright, this video is about Spike and Rarity and why they are not together, nor will be. If you have any valid reasons on why they are togethercould be together, then post it in the comments. This video isn't meant to be offensive in anyway. (Just to clarify, I am a Brony, so I do like the show and am getting tired of always hearing that their relationship is now canon.)
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And unpixilated!In "Suited for Success", she gets overworked when the other ponies weren't liking her designs for their dresses for the Galloping Gala, so she slaved herself to please them. As for fun, there was a fashion show for the most recognized fashion critic of Equestria to judge them. But when the friends modified Rarity's plans way too much, it made their dresses bad in tastes, mocking an emotionally-worn, fatigued Rarity into depression.Any darker, this could air on Adult Swim.
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Paintings - Avtandil Makharoblidze Lirics: My dear Lorenzo you take my hand And understand the tears that I have cried We light the candles and pour the wine and laugh as if you'll never leave my side you take me in your arms and tell me that I'll always be the only one and then you're gone you come to see me on a Saturday presenting peonies knowing just what to say we dance until the break of dawn I turn my back and then you're gone Swirling in a sea of stars Twirling to the strum of guitars No one tangos quite the way you do But now my dancing days with you are through You think I miss you each time you disappear Maybe I used to but it's becoming clear I know your tricks I 've heard your songs You swear your love and then you're gone Remember last time it was a perfect day You took me sailing and then you sailed away Now here you are outside my door you want back in just like before Well save your breath don't make me yawn You've had your chance now just be gone
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MLP YTP Rarity cannot afford to pay the rent this time

oh no
3,886 views | Jun 03, 2014
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mlp comic heart s desire spike x rarity

comic made by Karzahnii, video made by Gon Shumaran
1,287 views | Feb 19, 2012
game | Lol melee sniper

Lol melee sniper

Already have a video of being a camping sniper so I decided to switch it up a bit with a nifty set up. Jarate = makes all hits mini crits Bushwacka = makes all mini crits into CRITICAL HITS The combo = massive damage for anyone trying to melee me.
3,913 views | Jan 11, 2012

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