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rarity is delicious

From - Posted: Jan 12, 2012 - 418 viewsGame | rarity is delicious | rarity is delicious
rarity is delicious
rarity is delicious
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Alright, this video is about Spike and Rarity and why they are not together, nor will be. If you have any valid reasons on why they are togethercould be together, then post it in the comments. This video isn't meant to be offensive in anyway. (Just to clarify, I am a Brony, so I do like the show and am getting tired of always hearing that their relationship is now canon.)
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The Grand Galloping Collab

Special thanks to Chemistryguy for help with the Johnny Cash intro....and all of the contributors for the whole collab. List of participants and my MAIN account:
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Pokemon It s Always You and Me Full Music Video

I'm back with my second video ^_^ This is the music video of the full version song "It's Always You and Me" Hope you like it! Note : I do not own anything, the song and the clips belong to the original owners
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3:43 - Step in Time (from the beginning of Mary Poppins) 4:58 - Through The Fire And Flames, by DragonforceNo doubt my most packed video. Seriously, I downloaded every episode for this one. And yes, I do love this show. It just does everything right! Enjoy! Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust, not me!
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READ THE DESCRIPTION!!! READ THE DESCRIPTION!!Hey guys, Rater45 here with an updated official trade book!! Take a look and see if you want anything.PM me for offers and link me to your binders, However, I will not look at your binder if it is over 8 minutes long!When Trading if you do NOT get a reply back on a trade for 2 days, assume that I do not accept your offer.Like I said in my updates video, I will be blocking spam comment!! PM me if you have an offer!! Questions will be accepted as comments!! I ALSO PLAY POKEMON!! Any pokemon stuff u have, I want. I will value them low though unless it is a card like Darkrai or Mewtwo EX. COMMON TOKEN CARDS!! A HIGH THROW IN WANT!!!WANTS!! I CHECK BINDERS!!Money (I am Selling cards) Any good trait bait Any Staples Turbo Pack Holos Champion Pack holos Holos from Abyss Rising (Be specific on what u have) Any Spellbook cards (PM me a list of what u have) Grapha Dragon Lord Of Darkworld (Any rarity) Snoww The Gates of Dark World Eradicator Epidemic Virus (Any rairty) Inzektor Exa-Beetle Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Ultra rare only) Photon Strike Bounzer CardCar D Hieratic dragon of Atum Reckless Greed Wind up Shark Inzector Hornet Skill Drain Snowman Eater (any rarity) Maxx C (Any rarity) Card Trooper (ultra only) Foolish burial (DT or super) Book Of Moon (DT, super, or ultra) Safe Zone Forbidden Lance (any rarity) Shard Of Greed Number 20 Giga Brilliant Number 30 Acid Golem Gladiator Beast Retiari Chain Disappearance Tour Guide From The Underworld (Any rarity) Wind Up Zenmaines Blue Eyes White Dragon (DDS ONLY) Tri-Horn Dragon Wind Up Zenmaighty (any rarity) Tour Bus From the Under World Solar Recharge (Ultra or Ulti only) Rescue Rabbit (Any rarity) Torrential Tribute (Holo only) Laggia (any rarity) Wind Up Rabbit (Any rarity) Dolkka (Any rarity) Judgement Dragon (ultimate) Dimensional prison (any rarity) Fiendish Chain (super only) Brionac (any rarity) Pot Of Duality (any rarity low want) Mist Wurm Thunder King Rai- Oh (any rarity) Doomcaliber Knight (any rarity) Solemn Warning (any rarity low want) Solemn Judgment (super and higher) Effect Veiler (Any rarity) Black Rose Dragon (ulti or higher) Stardust Dragon (Ulti or Ghost) Naturia Beast Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo (any rarity low want) Ally Of Justice Catastor (any rarity) Scrap Dragon (Ultra or up) Dark Hole (super or ultra) Black Luster Solider- Envoy Of the Beginning (any rarity) Mystical Space Typhoon (Gold or above) Infernity Barrier Mirror Force (Ultra) Monster Reborn (any rarity) Gladiator Beast War Chariot (super only) Heavy Storm (super or above) Bottomless Trap Hole (gold or super) Debris Dragon (super) Steelswarm Roach Leviair the Sea Dragon (prefer ultra but offer anyway) Dark Armed Dragon (Secret or Ulti) Ghost rares (ANY) Ban Forbidden cards (PM me me the ones you have with rarity)YUGIOH SUPPLIES I NEED!!!New or Great Condition Card Sleeves Monster or Ultra Pro Binder in Great- Mint condition Dice Yugioh Playing Mats (no paper mats) Stamps Deck Boxes (Has to be in Mint- Near mint)
215 views | Nov 22, 2012

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