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Retro Review Deus Ex PC Game Review

From - Posted: Nov 22, 2013 - 135,896 viewsGame | Retro Review Deus Ex PC Game Review | Retro Review Deus Ex PC Game Review
Retro Review Deus Ex PC Game Review
Retro Review Deus Ex PC Game Review
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Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlivesDeus Ex is a cyberpunk-themed action-role playing video game — combining first-person shooter, stealth and role-playing elements — developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000. First published for personal computers running Windows, Deus Ex was later ported to Macintosh systems, as well as the PlayStation 2 game console. Set in a dystopian world during the year 2052, the central plot follows rookie United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition agent JC Denton, as he sets out to combat terrorist forces, which have become increasingly prevalent in a world slipping ever further into chaos. As the plot unfolds, Denton becomes entangled in a deep and ancient conspiracy, encountering organizations such as Majestic 12, the Illuminati, and the Hong Kong Triads throughout his journey.The game received universal critical and industry acclaim, including repeatedly being named "Best PC Game of All Time" in PC Gamer's "Top 100 PC Games" (last in 2011) and in a poll carried out by UK gaming magazine PC Zone. It was a frequent candidate for and winner of Game of the Year awards, drawing praise for its pioneering designs in player choice and multiple narrative paths. It has sold more than 1 million copies, as of April 23, 2009. The game has spawned both a sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War (released in December 2003, for both Microsoft Windows and the Xbox video game console), and a prequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (released in August 2011).

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game | Deus Ex Invisible War PC Game Review

Deus Ex Invisible War PC Game Review

Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comGgdograa Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http:www.reddit.comrGggmanlivesDeus Ex: Invisible War is a cyberpunk-themed first-person action role-playing video game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive. Released simultaneously for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox on December 2, 2003, the game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Deus Ex. The game takes place in 2072, twenty years after Deus Ex, in a world being rebuilt after a catastrophic event called "The Collapse". Following a terrorist attack that destroys the city of Chicago, the player assumes the role of Alex D, a trainee at the Tarsus Academy, whose support is sought by several organizations. As the game progresses, the player learns of conspiratorial factions which seek to drastically change the world.Invisible War was designed to allow player choice in both plot and gameplay, with branching plot lines and emergent gameplay elements. Upon its release, the game received high critical acclaim for its graphics, gameplay and freedom of choice, but criticism was directed towards below-par enemy AI and design choices that made the game seem over simplified. As of April 2011, the game has sold over 1.2 million copies. The game was eventually followed by a 2011 prequel to both it and the original game called Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
3,930 views | Mar 25, 2016
game | System Shock 2 PC Game Review

System Shock 2 PC Game Review

System Shock 2 is an action role-playing survival horror video game for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and GNULinux. The title was designed by Ken Levine and co-developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios. Originally intended to be a standalone title, its story was changed during production into a sequel to the 1994 PC game System Shock; the alterations were made when Electronic Arts—who owned the System Shock franchise rights—signed on as publisher. System Shock 2 was released on August 11, 1999, in North America.The game takes place on board a starship in a cyberpunk depiction of 2114. The player assumes the role of a lone soldier trying to stem the outbreak of a genetic infection that has devastated the ship. Like System Shock, gameplay consists of first-person shooting and exploration. It also incorporates role-playing system elements, in which the player can develop unique skills and traits, such as hacking and psionic abilities.System Shock 2 received positive reviews when released, but failed to meet commercial sales expectations. Many critics later determined that the game was highly influential in subsequent game design, particularly on first person shooters, and considered it far ahead of its time. It has been included in several "greatest games of all time" lists. In 2006, Computer and Video Games reported that System Shock 3 may be under development, but conclusive details have not surfaced about its project's status. In 2007, Irrational Games released a self-proclaimed spiritual successor to the System Shock series, titled BioShock, to critical acclaim and strong sales.
2,014 views | Aug 09, 2014
game | Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Review

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines Review

Support me on Patreon: http:tinyurl.comzd48qvf Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlivesVampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines, abbreviated as Bloodlines or VTMB, is a role-playing video game for Windows developed by Troika Games in 2004. Like Activision's Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption, Bloodlines is set in White Wolf, Inc.'s Vampire: The Masquerade universe also known as the World of Darkness (WoD), but it is not a sequel to the earlier game. The game allows the player to choose one of several different vampire clans and progress through the game according to the different strengths and weaknesses of the player's character, as in its paper and pencil role-playing origins.Although Bloodlines divided critics at the time of release, it retains a popular cult following. It is also notable for being the first third-party game to use Valve's Source engine. The game can be played from either the first-person or third-person perspective. It is also Troika Games' third title and the last to be made before Troika closed down in February 2005.The storyline of the game is dynamic. This comes not only from the presence of numerous optional quests, but also from the existence of several different endings. The game begins with the player character's death and transformation into a vampire in late October 2004. The plot revolves around a mysterious archaeological artifact called the Ankaran Sarcophagus, believed to contain the body of an ancient vampire (Antediluvian) in torpor. As the various factions of L.A. conspire to obtain this artifact, or to foil each other's attempts to do so, the player must decide whom to trust: Prince Sebastian LaCroix, Regent Maximillian Strauss, the Anarchs, the Kuei-Jin, or only himherself.However, the in-game storyline does not change regardless of what is done, and all the core missions still need to be completed. For example, if the player decides to side with the Anarchs, they will still need to obey Prince LaCroix, as they are told to act like they are still loyal. The only storyline-affecting choice is when the character chooses his or her allegiance near the end of the game, though prior choices can affect which of these allegiances are available.(Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines)
4,106 views | Jan 17, 2013

game | Deus Ex Human Revolution PC Game Review

Deus Ex Human Revolution PC Game Review

Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comGgdograa Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http:www.reddit.comrGggmanlivesYou play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who's been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America's most experimental biotechnology firms. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes.
2,444 views | Mar 28, 2016
game | Half Life PC Game Review The best FPS ever made?

Half Life PC Game Review The best FPS ever made?

Half-Life (stylized as HλLF-LIFE) is a science fiction video game developed by Valve Corporation, the company's debut product and the first in the Half-Life series. First released in 1998 by Sierra Studios for Windows PCs, the game was also released for the PlayStation 2; Mac OS X and Linux ports became available in January 2013. In Half-Life, players assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of a secret underground research facility whose research and experiments into teleportation technology have gone disastrously wrong.Valve, set up by former Microsoft employees, had difficulty finding a publisher for the game, with many believing that it was too ambitious a project. Sierra On-Line eventually signed the game after expressing interest in making a 3D action game. The game had its first major public appearance at the 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Designed for Windows, the game's engine, GoldSrc, was a heavily modified version of id Software's Quake game engine with code portions from the id Tech 2 engine.On its release, the game received universal acclaim, with critics praising the seamlessly flowing narrative, presentation and realistic gameplay, and it won over fifty PC Game of the Year awards. Its gameplay influenced the design of first-person shooters for years after its release, and it is widely considered to be one of the greatest games of all time. IGN ranked Half-Life as the number one greatest first-person shooter of all time, stating that "When you look at the history of first-person shooters, it all breaks down pretty cleanly into pre-Half-Life and post-Half-Life eras." Half-Life had sold eight million copies by 16 November 2004, and 9.3 million copies by December 2008. By 14 July 2007, the Half-Life franchise as a whole had sold over 20 million units. Half-Life was followed by the 2004 sequel Half-Life 2, which also received universal critical acclaim.
3,616 views | Aug 30, 2014
game | Mod Corner Pol .Wad

Mod Corner Pol .Wad

Join the Sonny Jim Army on Discord: https:discord.ggw2JhHv6 Support me on Patreon: http:tinyurl.comzd48qvf Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comGgdograa Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http:www.reddit.comrGggmanlives
3,355 views | Jan 18, 2017

game | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl PC Game Review

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl PC Game Review

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlivesS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is a first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by GSC Game World and published by THQ.The game is set in an alternative reality, where a second nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone in the near future and causes strange changes in the area around it. The game has a non-linear storyline and features gameplay elements such as trading and two-way communication with NPCs. The game includes role-playing and first person shooter elements.The background and some terminology of the game ("The Zone", "Stalker") is borrowed from the popular science fiction novella Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky and the 1979 Andrei Tarkovsky film Stalker that was loosely based on it, as well as Stalker, the film's subsequent novelization by the original authors. The term "Stalkers" was later used for the scientists and engineers who explored the interior of Chernobyl's "sarcophagus" after its hasty construction in 1986. In addition, 'The Zone' is also a term used to refer to the 30 kilometer Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, established after the accident.In S.T.A.L.K.E.R, the player assumes the identity of an amnesiac "Stalker", an illegal explorerartifact scavenger in "The Zone", dubbed "The Marked One". "The Zone" is the location of an alternate reality version of the Zone of alienation surrounding the Chernobyl Power Plant after a second, fictitious meltdown, which further contaminated the surrounding area with radiation and caused strange otherworldly changes in local fauna, flora and the laws of physics. "Stalker" in the context of the film refers to the older meaning of the word as a tracker and hunter of game or guide.On July 11, 2007, GSC Game World announced a prequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, which was released on September 15, 2008. On April 30, 2009, GSC Game World announced a sequel, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, which was released worldwide in February 2010.
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game | Retro Review Thief The Dark Project Thief II The Metal Age PC Game Review

Retro Review Thief The Dark Project Thief II The Metal Age PC Game Rev...

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlivesThief: The Dark Project is an action-adventure stealth game developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows. Set in a medieval steampunk metropolis called the City, the game follows Garrett, a master thief trained by a secret society. An expanded edition of the game, Thief Gold, was released in 1999.Thief was the first stealth game to use both light and sound as gameplay mechanics, and the first to always feature a first-person perspective. Its use of this perspective for non-confrontational gameplay challenged the first-person shooter market; Eidos Interactive even officially described the game as a strategy-action hybrid.[2] The game's design combines complex artificial intelligence with simulation systems to allow for emergent gameplay. Thief's influence can be seen in later stealth games, such as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Hitman series.The game received critical acclaim and has been placed on numerous hall-of-fame lists. With sales of near two million units by the year 2000, it is Looking Glass Studios' most commercially successful game. Thief was followed by three games—Thief II: The Metal Age (2000), Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004) and an upcoming reboot, Thief—developed by Looking Glass Studios, ION Storm and Eidos Montreal, respectively.Thief II: The Metal Age is an action-adventure stealth game developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 1998's Thief: The Dark Project. Set in and around a steampunk fantasy metropolis called the City, the game's plot follows Garrett, a master thief, as he works to uncover a conspiracy. The player assumes the role of Garrett and undertakes missions that range from theft to kidnapping and sabotage.While designing Thief II, the developers sought to build on its predecessor's foundation. They emphasized the urban stealth elements that were used occasionally in the original game, and minimized sections that included supernatural opponents. As with its predecessor and System Shock 2, the game was built with the Dark Engine, which was modified to provide better graphics.Thief II received positive reviews from critics, and its commercial reception was strong. However, Looking Glass faced extreme debt problems and revenue from Thief II was processed slowly, which led to the company's closure in 2000. ION Storm and Eidos released a follow-up to Thief II, entitled Thief: Deadly Shadows, in 2004.
2,375 views | Sep 13, 2013
game | System Shock Enhanced Edition PC Game Review

System Shock Enhanced Edition PC Game Review

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http:www.reddit.comrGggmanlives Discount games: http:bit.ly1KuwmwP Buy the game here: http:www.gog.comgamesystem_shock_enhanced_editionYou're a renowned hacker, the most notorious cyberspace thief in the corporate world. Caught during a risky break-in, you become indentured to Diego, a greedy Trioptium exec who bankrolls a rare cyberjack implant operation. After six months in a healing coma, you awaken to the twisted aftermath of a terrible disaster. Where are the surgeons? Why is the station in such disrepair? Slowly, the chilling realization that something is very wrong creeps over you.Once a prime corporate research facility, Citadel now teems with mindless cyborgs, robots and terribly mutated beings, all programmed to serve SHODAN, a ruthless A.I. There's scarcely time to think before it unleashes the first terror... Exactly twenty one years after its first release, System Shock is back!The Enhanced Edition adds a modern touch to this true classic gem, without taking anything from its unmistakable atmosphere. See for yourself that the game that has been called the benchmark for intelligent first-person gaming, has lost nothing of its ability to keep you on the edge of your seat.
2,926 views | Sep 24, 2015

game | Unreal Gold PC Game Review

Unreal Gold PC Game Review

Unreal is a first-person shooter video game developed by Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes and published by GT Interactive in May 1998. It was powered by an original gameplay and physics engine that now bears the game's name, one that had been in development for over three years in founder Tim Sweeney's garage before the game was released.Since the release of Unreal, the franchise has had one sequel and two different series based on the Unreal universe. One official bonus pack, the Epic-released Fusion Map Pack, can be downloaded free of charge. Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali was released in June 1999, and added new missions to the single player campaign of Unreal. Unreal and Return to Na Pali would later be bundled together as Unreal Gold. Additionally, the games were updated to run on the Unreal Tournament version of the game engine.
4,258 views | Sep 20, 2014
game | Retro Review Daikatana PC Game Review

Retro Review Daikatana PC Game Review

Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlivesJohn Romero's Daikatana, or simply Daikatana, is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive. Released on May 23, 2000 for Windows, it was led by John Romero. The game is known as one of the major commercial failures of the video game industry. Daikatana was later ported to the Nintendo 64. A different version of the game was developed for the Game Boy Color, with a version for the PlayStation cancelled during development.Daikatana takes place during the year 2455 AD, in a world suffering from a major pandemic caused by a man named Kage Mishima. It is revealed that the current dystopian world, which Mishima rules over with an iron fist, is not what the world is destined to be, and is an alternate timeline created through the use of a magical sword called the Daikatana, which allows its wielder to travel through time. The protagonist takes the form of a martial arts instructor named Hiro Miyamoto. Hiro, along with partners Superfly Johnson and Mikiko Ebihara, attempts to recover the Daikatana and return the Earth to the way it's meant to be, travelling to ancient Greece (1200 BC), medieval Norway (560 AD), near future Los Angeles (2030 AD) and futuristic Kyoto (2455 AD) in the process.Daikatana is composed of twenty-four levels divided into four episodes. The number of maps per level varies, but is generally about three. Each episode represents a different location and time period: futuristic Japan, ancient Greece, the Dark Ages in Norway and near-future San Francisco. Gameplay tends towards fast-paced combat, although an attempt at introducing problem-solving elements was also included.One element that Daikatana stressed was the important role of the protagonist's two "sidekicks". The death of these sidekicks resulted in the failure of the mission, and their assistance was sometimes required for the completion of puzzles. Due to poor AI implementation, the sidekicks, who were one of the game's selling points, became a focus of criticism.(Daikatana)
1,115 views | Aug 31, 2013
game | No One Lives Forever Review

No One Lives Forever Review

Support me on Patreon: http:tinyurl.comzd48qvf Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Download the game here: http:nolfrevival.tkThe Operative: No One Lives Forever (commonly shortened to No One Lives Forever, abbreviated NOLF) is a first-person shooter video game with stealth gameplay elements, developed by Monolith Productions and published by Fox Interactive, released for Windows in 2000. The game was also ported later to the PlayStation 2 and Mac OS X. A story-driven game set in the 1960s, No One Lives Forever has been critically acclaimed for, among other things, its stylistic representation of the era in the spirit of many spy films and television series of that decade, as well as for its humor. Players control female protagonist Cate Archer, who works for a secret organization that watches over world peace. In addition to a range of firearms, the game also contains several gadgets, which are disguised as ordinary female fashion items.At the time of its release, many reviewers felt that No One Lives Forever was the best first-person shooter since 1998's critically acclaimed Half-Life. After receiving several Game of the Year awards in the press, a special Game of the Year Edition was released in 2001, which included an additional mission. The Operative: No One Lives Forever was followed by a sequel entitled No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way released in 2002, and a spin-off that takes place during the time between the first two games entitled Contract J.A.C.K. released in 2003, both developed by Monolith.This footage was captured using FRAPS.(No One Lives Forever)
2,070 views | Mar 24, 2013

game | Retro Review Red Faction PC Game Review

Retro Review Red Faction PC Game Review

Red Faction is a first-person shooter video game developed by Volition, Inc. and published by THQ. It was released for PlayStation 2, Windows and Mac OS in 2001. A version for the Nokia N-Gage was developed by Monkeystone Games. The game was inspired by several works of contemporary Science Fiction, most notably the movie Total Recall among others.Red Faction takes place on Mars in the late 21st century. The player controls a miner named Parker who helps lead a rebellion against the Ultor Corporation. The premiere feature of the game is its "Geo-Mod" technology, short for "geometry modification", which provided destructible environments, allowing the player to destroy certain sections of the scenery in the game. For example, instead of opening a door, a player could blast through the rock surrounding the door.
3,708 views | Nov 29, 2013
game | Serious Sam 3 BFE PC Game Review

Serious Sam 3 BFE PC Game Review

Join the Sonny Jim Army on Discord: https:discord.ggw2JhHv6 Support me on Patreon: http:tinyurl.comzd48qvf Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comGgdograa Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsgggmanlives Reddit Fanpage: http:www.reddit.comrGggmanlivesSerious Sam 3: BFE is a first-person shooter video game developed by Croatia-based indie development studio Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. It is part of the Serious Sam series and the prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter. The game takes place in 22nd century Egypt, during Mental's invasion on Earth, as implied in The First Encounter. The game features a 16-player online, as well as 4-player splitscreen co-op campaign mode. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows on 22 November 2011. The OS X support for the game followed shortly after and was released on 23 April 2012. The Linux version of the game started being worked on after a high amount of requests, where the first Linux-related update was the porting of the game's dedicated server. The game itself, however, was released one day after Valve Corporation opened the beta branch for "Steam for Linux", namely 20 December 2012.
2,238 views | Jan 14, 2017
game | Deus Ex The Fall PC Game Review

Deus Ex The Fall PC Game Review

Deus Ex: The Fall is a cyberpunk action role-playing-stealth video game and the fourth in the Deus Ex series. The game is the first to be released for mobile platforms, and its story is closely related to that of the 2011 game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.In their safe house in Costa Rica, Ben Saxon and Anna Kelso are hiding from the Illuminati, their henchman Jaron Namir, and his covert black ops unit, the Tyrants. Anna mourns the death of her superior, Matt Ryan, who was killed by the Tyrants. Ben recalls the loss of his squadmate, Sam Duarte, in the Australian civil war, and how Duarte's death lead to Ben's recruitment, and ultimately his falling out, with the Tyrants.Both Anna and Ben are beginning to suffer the effects of mechanical augmentation rejection because of a global shortage of Neuropozyne, an anti-rejection drug that augmented humans must take to avoid augmentation rejection. Following advice from the mysterious Janus, Saxon travels to Panama City to acquire more. In Panama, he is offered an alternative: Riezene, a cheaper anti-rejection drug still being tested, while at the same time being sold on the streets. Ben eventually acquires Neuropozyne for himself and Anna from local LIMB doctor Camila Cardoso after he investigates the black market for Riezene, discovering that his old employer, Belltower PMC, is supervising illegal and dangerous population testing of Riezene on behalf of its manufacturer, Zaaphire Biotech.Aided by Alex Vega, a disgruntled Belltower pilot, Ben tries to warn an inspector of the World Health Organisation about Belltower's involvement. However once he reaches the inspector, Ben witnesses his assassination at the hands of a new Tyrant operative, Sam Duarte, who hesitantly spares Saxon and escapes. Shocked, Ben warns Anna not to return to the safe house. Determined to follow the trail, he infiltrates Belltower's base of operations to rendezvous with Alex. They depart Panama, heading for Zaaphire Biotech headquarters in Canberra, Australia.In the epilogue, Jaron Namir and Sam Duarte apologize to their Illuminati handler, assuring him that Saxon will die. The game closes with a "to be continued" message.
3,911 views | Mar 21, 2014

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