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Retro Sonic Walkthrough

From - Posted: Jun 03, 2016 - 95,455 viewsGame | Retro Sonic Walkthrough | Retro Sonic Walkthrough
Retro Sonic Walkthrough
Retro Sonic Walkthrough
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Retro Sonic is a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame by Christian Whitehead, who is behind the Android ports of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.Download: http:www.mediafire.comdownload5qwiwc7d49w3vu9

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Sonic eXtended Genesis, aka Sonic XG, is a game being created by Sir Euan and Nitemare, and has gone through many different variations in the past.At one point in time, the fangame was going to be merged with Retro Sonic and Sonic Nexus in order to create Retro Sonic Nexus,a decision made in 2007, but is again being developed as a separate title.Download: http:info.sonicretro.orgSonic_XG
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Sonic Nexus was a game being created by Nexus Team, headed by Slingerland. At SAGE 2006, he acquired two more team members in Damizean and DimensionWarped, also of SFGHQ. The game currently uses the Retro Sonic engine by The Taxman. The game began development in the summer of 2006 and had three demo releases, two at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo and one during the summer of 2008. It is a critically acclaimed fangame, garnering comments such as, "absolute perfection of the classic Sonic style" from SAGE visitors and various tech blogs. The character lineup consisted of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.In 2011, The Taxman announced that in early 2010 the merged game Retro Sonic XG merged with Sonic Nexus, forming the newly merged title Retro Sonic Nexus. Most of the levels from Nexus were added to the game with the XG style. Some levels unfortunately didn't make the cut to be in the merged game due to similar levels being in each game.http:info.sonicretro.orgSonic_Nexus
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Sonic 1: Burned Edition is a hack which turns all the Sonic the Hedgehog levels to burned versions. Made by Painto maniak.Download: http:shc.sonicresearch.orghistory1516
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Original video by Team Zarumo: Brazilian Translation: Team Chaotix BRVideo feito por um fã Russo. Dublado e editado por Evaldo Junior. Esse cara tá ou tá mandando ver nas dublagens e edição?Todos os personagens são de direitos autorais da SEGA(c). All Characters are copyrighted of SEGA(c). Visite nossa fan-page: https:www.facebook.comSonicTeamBrasil ou mande um e-mail para: [email protected]ê pode visitar o nosso blog: você pode visitar o melhor site de Sonic do Brasil: Que é nosso parceirão e verdadeiramente posta notícias do Sonic e mantém contato direto com a SEGA ao invés de ficar tentando fazer o dono do site ficar mais famoso que o próprio Sonic.Visite também o site oficial de mercadorias do Sonic: http:sonicmerchandise.comE vejam os quadrinhos do Nem, que é um cara muito legal e parceiro. parceiro mesmo, nível super Saiyajin 2 com armadura de ouro e reforçada pelas esmeraldas do caos. faça parte do fórum oficial da SEGA (sério, para saber que a gente existe seria bom que os brasileiros participassem do fórum oficial da SEGA): http:forums.sega.comVídeo produzido pela Team Chaotix Br. A dublagem, adaptação e tradução deste vídeo foi autorizada pelo autor do vídeo através de conversa informal ou particular. Caso o vídeo seja de autoria da Team Chaotix Br, é declarado que todos os personagens usados são de direito de seus respectivos donos licenciados. A Team Chaotix Br tem preferência a usar os personagens da franquia de jogos da SEGA ©.Que Deus os abençoe. Confira a mensagem da SEGA sobre monetização do Youtube:"We never give explicit permission to use our intellectual property. We reserve the right to take necessary actions when our properties are used inappropriately, maligned or distributed for profit. However, in North America and Europe we typically will not take action on YouTube videos or similar content. Monetization of Youtube videos is not something we consider, but we will demand the removal of any leaked footage as well as content that uses our properties in a malicious or inappropriate way. We will also typically not take action against works for personal use, school projects, portfolios, etc, as long as the work is not distributed for profit and our ownership of the copyright is acknowledged. Additionally, if you live in these territories and you have a YouTube video that was removed, please get in touch with our community team at [email protected] so that we can look into it for you. Thank you, Chris SEGA of America Customer Service"
1,166 views | May 11, 2016
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====================================== * Thanks for watching! * ===============Сharacter============== ► Sonic - 0:42 ► Tails - 5:04 ► Knuckles - 10:52 ► Amy - 15:29 ► Shadow - 20:14 ===============Download=============== The game was created by Danuha2526. Download: [The game was deleted and renamed to "Sonic: Calm Before the Storm" https:youtu.bewRweQZucUz4] Mirror: http:www.mediafire.comfilec3i4kxydmxycpznSonic+Classic+Adventure+%28Demo%29.rar ======================================
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Sonic the Hedgehog has been cursed! Now, when he collects rings, his rings counter counts DOWN instead of up! And if he collects a ring when he has a counter of 0, it's lights out. Sonic 1 never seemed so... Intimidating. Made by Campbellsonic.Download: http:shc.sonicresearch.orgsonicentry27Join our Discord server: https:dc.railgun.worksqjat5kefvo
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Sonic Mania Models Low Poly Evolution of Characters in Games Episode 4

After 23 years, a brand new classic Sonic released, and surprisingly, it featured 3D models ala the Sega Saturn era. In this episode of Low Poly, we check out those models and see if Team Mania achieved their goal of creating a game that possibly would have released on the Saturn.Models - Sonic - 0:28 Tails - 2:31 Knuckles - 3:23 Special Stage Assets - 4:32 Special Stage U.F.O - 5:26 Special Stage Ring - 6:00 Eggman's Tower - 6:21 Titanic Monarch Robot (Unused) - 6:57Special thanks - https:twitter.comItsEasyActually - 3DS Max Scripts https:twitter.combsthlc - .rsdk Unpacker https:twitter.comFranksmash_ - Ripping the meshesSupport me on Patreon - https:www.patreon.comAstartshowA+Start with Andy Please Like, Favourite and Subscribe if you enjoyed this episode and feel free to leave any questions or game suggestions in the comments below. Thanks guys!Follow us on Twitter - https:twitter.comAStartShow Like us on Facebook - http:facebook.comAStartShow
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Doctor Robotnik s Plan B Walkthrough

Doctor Robotnik's Plan B is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by Painto.Features: - 7 new boss fights - the zones consist only of these, as nobody feels like playing S1 over again wit just new bosses. The bosses are using (mostly) original zone boss weapon in more or less direct way, except for SBZ, which originally didn't had a boss. - Normal and Time Attack mode - added these after suggestion from my Team, so the game has a bitmore replay value. In Normal mode you get 5 lives, while in Time Attack you have infinite amount of these. The progress isn't saved so if you get a Game Over, you need to play it again (Normal mode only, as TA doesn't have Game Over's). - Best Times menu, where you can check the best times in each boss. Times are saved only when playing on Time Attack mode or from Level Select. After beating the TA mode fully you will also see the Times from current run until you return to Main Menu. - New ending - it's accessible by either beating the game or selectable on the Main Menu (it's selectable after beating the game once). -Level select, which allows you to play a selected boss in TA mode. Goes back to SEGA screen after results card (this differs between modes). Like Ending, selectable after beating the game once. -Title screen has edited minor elements.Download: http:team.iamthepainto.plplanBRobotniksPlanB.bin
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This is a Sonic 3 & Knuckles hack made by TheBlad768.Download: https:youtu.beAL2RF734PRYJoin our Discord server: https:dc.railgun.worksqjat5kefvo
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Pacguy decided that it would be fun to add the Cappy capture mechanic from Super Mario Odyssey to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Then this happened.Download: http:sonicresearch.orgcommunityindex.php?threadssuper-sonic-odyssey-demo.5271Join our Discord server: https:dc.railgun.worksqjat5kefvo
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Labyrinth Zone is a Sonic Mania stage mod made by jubbalub.Wade through the water in the flooded caves of the Labyrinth Zone. Dangerous traps are littered throughout the maze. In Act 2, explore the ruins of an ancient civilization left undiscovered for many centuries. While you're marveling at the architecture, don't forget to grab an air bubble!Download: https:gamebanana.commaps200014Join our Discord server: https:dc.railgun.worksqjat5kefvo
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Sonic the Hedgehog in Undertale is a fangame made by ErizoAzul !.Download: https:youtu.beCMiswY4vlfw
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